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Harrods Aoud by Roja Dove

As exceptional as Roja usually is, this is a rather disappointing fragrance, at least based on expectations. It falls under the same sort of misnomer as Creed's Royal Oud. They are both cedar-based, and any notice of oud is abstract at best. If you like cedar, then it is a great fragrance, but should have been called something else. It gets a positive for that.

For Harrod's Aoud, a light air of incense sits closer than any oud notes. The biggest difference between the two is that Royal Oud has a sharper cedar bite upon opening, but Harrod's Aoud has a bit more density and strength. The subtle nuances of cinnamon, vanilla, and resins become ever-so-slightly apparent as the scent progresses, and sit comfortably in the background, but are hardly worth commenting on.

Both fragrances appear to appeal to the oud trend. If they were strictly aiming to stay true to oud, they would both want to smell more like Xerjoff's Zafar, an oud-incense-cedar lover's paradise.

Unfortunately, this one feels more like a shameless pander to a luxury department store than a true fragrant creation. It still smells great, but the cheap tactics drop it down a point.
12th August, 2020

Jadab by So Oud

It's ok. Stephane Humbert Lucas' fragrances are different...different in the sense that the quality is apparent, and the scents are always unique, but of the 3 or 4 I've smelled, I would never say any of them are great. This one, of course, fits the same bill. Up front, it has an opening reminiscent of exotic oud fragrances (not the Tom Ford Oud Woods or Acqua di Parma Colonia Ouds, those are not exotic in the least), with some sweet vanillic spices and light, distant florals, and a hint of acidic bite from citrus. It smells heavily synthetic which always loses points, an aspect that hinders his other fragrances as well. That being said, SHL fragrances have great lasting power, so the overwhelming upfront strength can skew the perception. As it dries down, the impression of oud disappears and you're left with something similar to Xerjoff's Ivory Route; a smooth, creamy blanket of generic spice notes, slightly woody, with faint florals coming and going. It's quite nice. And so the circle goes with SHL fragrances, you can see why they are intriguing.

The review below is complete nonsense, written like a highschool fanboy that can't generate a coherent analysis of anything, but sure loves to jump on trendy bandwagons and shout it from the mountaintops with such phrases as "FB", "nuff said" and "wonderful juice". They might even list the notes on the Basenotes pyramid, and demand that you try it after admitting they have a dull nose! That stuff is for Fragrantica. And I get unlimited female attention already (just not from those coveted Uber drivers), no fragrances or accessories needed. The fragrances are worn for me.
31st July, 2020

Ocean Leather by Memo

This just doesn't work. Everything about it is off, from the actual scent, to the name and bottle. A whale? Ocean leather? It doesn't even make sense before you smell it. And it smells exactly like the name...oceanic notes mixed with leather notes. The aquatic notes are fairly standard. The leather notes remind me of By Kilian's Dark Lord, which is a balmy-green leather. It's not fresh Italian leather, and it's not the ultra-rustic and natural leather of Creed's Cuir de Russie. It smells more like hobby leather used to make homemade bags and slippers.

It's my first Memo, and probably the last, especially since 2 completely inexperienced hipsters think they can start a fragrance company, slap Paris on it, and charge $300+ a bottle. It seems a lot of these companies are popping up (looking at you D.S. & Durga). I don't like the imagery, philosophy, or scents. Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it.
30th July, 2020
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Eros Flame by Versace

Upon open, the tangerine note is quite obvious, softened with some vanilla and tonka. And that's about all the fragrance is. When the tangerine disappears, it's all vanilla and tonka. It smells cheap throughout the entire progression. At first I didn't mind the tangerine despite the cheap quality, but it's Dollar Store compared to something like Zegna's Sicilian Mandarin.

The downside of getting into the Rojas and Zegnas and Tom Fords and Creeds and Xerjoffs and Spirit of Dubais is it becomes very hard to smell these cheap mass-appeal fragrances, clearly intended for younger people who can feel special saying "It's Versace." I don't mean that in a snobby way, after all most of us started there. But that doesn't make it untrue. Smelling things like this and L'homme de la Nuit Eau Electrique now give me a headache as if I'm smelling public washroom hand soap.
24th March, 2020