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Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

Sung Homme has become my go to work fragrance. For my workplace, I want to wear something that smells good and clean and I don't want it to super obvious that I'm wearing a fragrance. What I want at work is for people to think I smell freshly showered, pleasant and inoffensive. Sung Homme checks off all of those boxes. To my nose it is smells an uncanny amount like a bar of Irish Spring soap.

I get great performance out of this. I apply 3 sprays in the morning (1 to each side of the neck and 1 on the shirt) and I still get wafts of this when I'm headed home from work 10 hours later.

I can't see myself wearing this as a date night or pub night fragrance, but I have others for those occasions. I paid $16 Canadian for a 100mL bottle of this and couldn't be happier.

If you haven't tried it and want a soapy, clean, cheap fragrance for work or other casual settings absolutely pick up a bottle of this underrated cheapie.
02nd July, 2019

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Rive Gauche pour Homme, my signature fragrance. I grew up loving the smell of my grandfathers shaving cream and aftershave, so perhaps I'm a little biased towards RG but for me this fragrance is pure heaven and the best smell I've ever put my nose to.

It is the perfect mix of old school shaving creams and aftershaves; not the cheap Gillettes, Old Spices and Bruts (although I love those too) but the luxury kind. Rive Gauche smells like the kind of shaving cream and aftershave a wet shave enthusiast would use.

Rive Gauche is a soapy, fresh fougere with just the right amount of each and every note. Just the right amount of anise, lavender, cloves and patchouli with a touch of vetiver to prevent this from smelling too old fashioned. No note leans too strong and the result is a beautiful, timeless fragrance that can be worn in just about any occasion at just about any time of the year (steer clear of days above 32C/90F).

Many will say this is 40+ fragrance to be worn by a formal, clean-shaven man but it's all about how you rock it; I'm a 30 year old, t-shirt and jeans wearing guy with a great big beard and I think I pull it off just fine :p
08th June, 2019