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17 Nandan Road by Ulrich Lang

A very light and addictive scent! I can't stop sniffing my arm when I'm wearing this. The scent is ideal for the late spring and summer, because of the uplifting quality. It's a green and fresh scent accompanied by the soft suède making it really smooth.

The notes are blended nicely or are absent, because I can't detect all the notes. The notes that I especially get are the lemons, bergamot, osmanthus and suède.

The only disappointment is the performance. It doesn't last long at all. When I put this on the scent disappeares after 1,5 / 2 hours. If the performance was better it would have gotten a higher rating.
25th May, 2020

Black to Black by Mancera

My first fragrance of Mancera and a total blind buy, but worth every euro! Upon first spray I was sold. It immediately reminded of a sauna scent. Giving off a comforting, pleasant and sophisticated smell that lasts a very long time.

After reading and seeing other reviews I already knew this was going to be a beast of a fragrance and a very nice oud and rose combination that I didn’t have in my collection, except for a couple of samples from Orens Parfum (Moire de Kahla) and Fragrance du Bois (Parisian Oud) until now.

To me the scent, unlike to some other reviews, is rather linear throughout the day. It doesn’t change at all. The notes that I get are the oud, rose and saffron. I unfortunately don’t smell the patchouli, leather and other notes. This might be because they are blended very well or because the dominant smell of the oud, rose and saffron. Nonetheless I really like this fragrance. You really just need one spray for the whole day. The scent will linger around you and can be noticed easily.
26th December, 2019