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Beaver (2016) by Zoologist Perfumes

Beaver's leather-and-linden presentation is quite lovely and refreshing. Unfortunately, it tends to evaoporate off my skin incredibly quickly, and I'm lucky if I get more than three hours out of a spray. That's an incredibly short lifespan for a leathery fragrance and fairly disappointing. If this was slightly more robust, and longer-lasting, it would be one of the best leathers available.
10th June, 2021

Hyrax by Zoologist Perfumes

It's a milder version of Hyde, and not unpleasant, but there is something contradictory in presenting such bold smoky notes in such a subdued manner. It probably be more a winner if it was bolder.
10th June, 2021

Dodo (2020) by Zoologist Perfumes

Zoologist's description is lovely, but the experience is more pedestrian. This is the dingy restaurant in Tom Ford's London: there's a sort of rank, lingering undertone of scallions and cilantro, and it mingles uncertainly amongst the fruity top notes. This is a pervasive scent that will linger on the skin, wanted or not. This has all the great makings of a meal...but not a perfume. This one laid an egg for me.
03rd June, 2021
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Macaque by Zoologist Perfumes

One of Zoologist's better fragrances. The citrus and florals are immediate, but not obnoxious, and the drydown is quite pleasant. This isn't a particularly strong scent, and it lasts fewer than six hours; it would have rated higher for me if it had. 4/5

Reviewed: 2021 "Yuzu Edition"
31st May, 2021 (last edited: 03rd June, 2021)

Rhinoceros (2020) by Zoologist Perfumes

I certainly get the smoky red tobacco and incense...and that's about all there is here. It's not unpleasant, but it is a radically different formulation than Rhinoceros 2014, and much of what I loved about that, including the leather notes, is missing here. Not unpleasant, but not particularly unique, either.
31st May, 2021

Snowy Owl by Zoologist Perfumes

"It smells like a barn", a friend who grew up on a farm said to me. "No, it's wet hay" said another.

I sort of disagree: the scent is really like a wet bale of straw that's been sitting in the field all winter, and is now getting moldy. You pick up some of it off, and realize that it's kind of slimy, so you decide not to use it for bedding. That's what this is. It's not a terrible fragrance, but I don't get any of Zoologist's reference points from this. Maybe I'd wear it if I went on a trail ride.
31st May, 2021

Albatross by House of Matriarch

It's fine...but marine and salty notes are buried beneath powdery florals that dry down to a pleasant, unmemorable odour. One of my least favourite marine/aquatic frags; it's perfectly fine, but I'm much happier with Oud Minerale or Squid.
03rd October, 2020

Cyllene by La Curie

It's the smell of the commercial greenhouse you visit eagerly in Spring before it's warm enough to plant your garden; an intoxicating mixture of florals with damp, rich earth and a general mossiness. Not as animalistic as Faunus, or with as much hemlock as Geist, but it's a close relative of both, and probably the best of all of them. I'm going to save this for the depth of winter when I'm desperate for the scent of green growth and spring flowers.
21st August, 2020

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford

This is a nicely dry, dark, and spicy masculine scent that's thankfully not sweet. I certainly agree that this evokes the scent of "hot peppers" -- or at least their dried and smoked seeds -- but that's a pretty compelling profile. Recommended if you prefer the drier and more bitter end of the TF spectrum.
02nd August, 2020

Encre Noire by Lalique

Opening blast of sharp, jagged peppermint overwhelms more pleasant cedar undertones. I thought it might just have interacted poorly with my skin chemistry; I spritzed a (female) co-worker, who grimaced and said "it's very antiseptic -- something you'd find at the dentist's". She's right, too.

The jarring opening notes take a good while to fade. The drydown is very pleasant, and subtler, more complex tones emerge. It's just not worth it, though, to power through the first three hours smelling like cheap toothpaste. Very disappointed in this.
27th May, 2020

Bois du Portugal by Creed

I've been desperately trying to like this fragrance since I bought a bottle last year. While I enjoy the opening notes, the scent quickly becomes claustrophobic and, to my nose, very Madam with a pinch of mothball. I was expecting a more masculine scent, and I dislike the florals here. I do wear it about once a month, but it's just not up to par for me with the other classic Creed fragrances.
08th May, 2020 (last edited: 16th May, 2020)