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Vetiver by Just Jack

One of the better Just Jack clone fragrances. Very similiar to Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver. Very bright and fresh, citrusy scent. I'd categorize this as a day scent, and more of a warm weather fragrance.

For the price (9€/50ml) this is surprisingly good. The bottle design on 50ml is a bit cheapish, but 100ml bottle is quite good for the price and feels thick and good to the hand. Sprayer is quite weak so you might want to consider spraying and extra spray over your normal routine.

The scent 8/10
Longevity/projection 7/10
Price/value 10/10
11th September, 2020

Y Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

Nothing much I can add to the other positive reviews. Very crown pleasing, compliment pulling fragrance that is a bit on the sweeter side - but not overly sweet, so you can really use this as an every day fragrance too.

Very versatile, suitable for almost any situation.

Good longevity, ~8 hours, project well for two hours. Only downside is that it is a bit expesive for what it gives.

The scent 8/10
Longevity/projection 8/10
Price/value 6/10
11th September, 2020

Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

A more wearable version of original Encre Noire. Better suited for day/office wear.

As with original Encre Noire, not a blind-buy fragrance although all the hype and positive reviews. Sample it first. It is not for everyone, as it still retains much of the dark vetiver - even though it is brightened by citruses.

Longevity is quite average, 4-6 hours, as is the projection/sillage too. First one hour projects somewhat averagish.

The scent 7/10
Longevity/projection 6/10
Price/value 9/10 - I got my 100ml for 17,90€
11th September, 2020
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Bentley for Men Intense by Bentley

Not for everyone. It is a strong, masculine scent. Actually, I do love it but I find myself wearing it rarely - only with people I know the fragrance wont offend.

So, it's biggest upside is also the biggest downside.

Long lasting (on my skin over 10 hours), strong projection (over 2 hours), very strong notes. Quality is excellent for the price.

Absolutely sample it. Do not blind buy it, even though it is very hyped by reviewers.

The scent 9/10 - Make sure you know the notes!
Longevity/projection 9/10
Price/value 9/10
11th September, 2020

Uomo by Roberto Cavalli

Deep, dark, a bit sweet fragrance for colder season and a night out. Very well received and complimented.

Overall, very nice quality for the price. Longevity is good, ~8 hours on my skin, with an above average projection for close to two hours.

The scent 8/10
Projection/sillage 8/10
Price/value 7/10
11th September, 2020

Cool Water by Davidoff

A fresh classic. Still, in 2020, this one does not smell dated to me. Sure, nothing super special about it - just a nice, clean every day fresh scent.

Low priced and long lasting. I get longevity of a full work day (8 hours) and above average projection for close to 2 hours.

No wonder it has been a top seller for decades.

The scent 8/10
Projection/sillage 7/10
Price/value 9/10
11th September, 2020

Adventure for Him by Just Jack

A surprisingly good Aventus clone, considering the price.

The scent is close enough to Aventus, and better than many of the most popular "inspired by" Aventus fragrances.

I am getting about 6 hours of longevity and average projection for the first 1,5 hours.

Presentation on the new CR by Just Jack fragrances is good for the price. Bottles feel good quality and look good. The sprayer is weak and you will likely need to spray an extra spray over your normal routine.

The scent 8/10 - An ok Aventus clone, for the price
Longevity/sillage 6/10 - Average
Price/value 9/10
11th September, 2020

Tweed by Just Jack

Quite a nice alternative for Green Irish Tweed. Close enough to the original. I am sure everyone knows what the scent profile is: Very fresh.

Longevity on my skin is 4-6 hours, of which mild projection for the first hour. It is ok for a 9€ fragrance.

The presentation is ok for the price. Bottle does feel nice and good quality. Sprayer is very weak and you'll likely need one extra spray on top of your normal routine with this one.

The scent 7/10 - A nice alternative for GIT
Longevity 5/10 - Quite average
Projection/Sillage 4/10 - Slightly below average
Price/Value 9/10
11th September, 2020

Silver Cliff by Just Jack

Every other Just Jack fragrance is better than this one. I was very disappointed with this one, because some of the JJ fragrances are actually pretty good for the price.

Silver Cliff has no longevity at all. I sprayed it three sprays on two different spots and it's gone in less than one hour. I've tested it multiple times now.

The scent itself is ok, and price is very cheap, still it is a waste of money because of no longevity at all. Only usable as a after shower freshener when you dont want any longevity at all.

Do not waste your money on this one. But also dont judge all Just Jack fragrances by this one - some of them are actually quite good.

The Scent 6/10 (ok clone)
Longevity 1/10
Sillage 1/10
Price/value 1/10

11th September, 2020

Hearts & Daggers for Men by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

A safe, fresh summer daily. Too bad the longevity isnt that good - 2-3 hours. Very inoffensive and as such safe for office wear. I will happily use up my bottle but will not restock.

You can find similiar scents with better longevity for a cheaper price, so keep that in mind and sample it.
26th February, 2020

Glacier Fire by Oriflame

A nice, clean, fresh summer fragrance. Very safe for office & daytime wear. This is the kind of fragrance I grab if I dont feel like spraying anything more special.

Overall, I paid 15€ for 100ml bottle, at this price point it is great value for the money.
26th February, 2020

Oud Touch by Franck Olivier

Crazy heavy projection, sillage and longevity.

Go with only 1 spray or absolutely max 2 sprays, or you will become a walking chemical weapon. This stuff is STRONG.

I'm not a heavy, dark oud fan, so this one is not for my liking. If you DO love oud, maybe this is something you'll love.

The projection and longevity are unbelievable for the price.
26th February, 2020