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Flor y Canto by Arquiste

Yesterday I culled through my summer flowers to prepare for winter and snow. I cut the marigold blossoms off the plants and put them in a glass in my kitchen. The sweet smell of the flower heads was all over my hands and I started wishing for a marigold fragrance. I briefly looked for primary tagetes and calendula notes in scents but got sidetracked. I’d recently secured some Arquiste scents and noticed that one of them featured a marigold note. While I get tuberose throughout, the main note to me is marigold. A sweet, almost cloying marigold, at times almost reminiscent of Jil Sander, No. 4 - but not so syrupy sweet. Not a long lasting fragrance but wearable for when I want to add a little depth to my florals.
13th October, 2020

Angie by Rosie Jane Cosmetics

A lovely gardenia soliflore (yes, more gardenia-like vs. tuberose). Unfortunately it didn’t last long at all which is why the neutral rating.
22nd September, 2020

Leila Lou by Rosie Jane Cosmetics

Tried this with Rosie Jane’s Angie on the other arm. Initially loved the gardenia-drenched, lush Angie more (being a gardenia/tuberose die-hard) but it slid off my left arm pretty quickly. I kept finding myself returning to my right arm to inhale the lovely jasmine (another of my loves) And musk of Leila Lou. It started out briefly with the greens ( they were lovely), then immediately opened a hefty nectarine note (reminded me of a Jo Malone nectarine fragrance my daughter once loved), then turned into a loud pear/nectarine fruit combo that almost prompted me to wash my arm. But, being hungry,I left it and descended downstairs, only to be enthralled with it after breakfast. A great way to start my day.
22nd September, 2020
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Carolina Herrera by Carolina Herrera

I have worn this scent on and off since it first came out I have tried hundreds of perfumes over the years and I continually return to this as my signature fragrance. I’m quite fond of tuberose (obviously) but love the jasmine/hyacinth/ honeysuckle/LOTV accord that accompanies it. It is linear, as others note, but since I love it, I’m ok with that. I don’t wear it as much in the summer as winter, and more at night now that I’m retired. It is a big, heady tuberose but so much more, in my opinion.
26th August, 2020

Jardin de le Nôtre by Historiae

I’d bought a small purse-sized bottle of this somewhere, sometime and promptly forgot about it. Recently discovered it and tried it out and was very pleasantly surprised. I’m a green/floral die-hard and like this because it smells like a big bouquet of flowers and leaves. I really only pick out LOTV but mostly I revel in the lovely mix. It dries down a bit salty but I actually like it all the way through. I understand from Yellowtone that the calone- melon/aquatic note is a 90ies-typical note. I’ll have to find more!
24th August, 2020 (last edited: 26th September, 2020)

Arabie by Serge Lutens

I’m a die-hard floral, green and woody person but I keep a bottle of this in my top drawer. I rarely wear it - I just love to smell it. All those yummy spices and dried fruit scents transport me immediately to a North African market. I can feel the hot sun, see the market vendors, and taste the Tagine dishes. I don’t want to smell like a Moroccan market but I really enjoy the ride!
24th August, 2020