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Pure White Cologne / Original Cologne by Creed

Right off the bat It’s quite light , the immediate opening reminds me of aventus but not the same ,has some kind of soapiness (clean clothes kind) but very subtle , smells of very authentic flower (neroli maybe) which isn’t feminine at all IMO , smells very authentic and high quality, this to me gives me the feeling of being in an open field in a beautiful day

This didn’t really amaze me at first sniff , but i seem to like it the more i wear it .

Longevity seems quite good (surprisingly) , but projection is quite soft and doesn’t even stay that way for longer than an hour and then become a little bit more than a skin scent , but on clothes it seems to be good enough (just the way i want it, not loud , not too soft)
02nd June, 2020

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

Now this is a 10/10 , just wow.
The scent to me is a very airy clean and crisp musk and mandarin , i can kind of see what people mean by saying it has a “metallic vibe” (most likely musk)
Its musk is very beautiful three dimensional musk , very airy , delicate, clean , and sophisticated .

To me SMW is all about the musk and mandarin , at first i get a blast of tasty citrusy mandarin , seconds later the musk joins it making this beautiful symphony.
Neither note dominate the other , they work hand in hand just as their dancing together.
Hours later when it Dries down , the mandarin is more subdued, the musk stays almost the same .

On me SMW is all about the intoxicating sillage , can’t smell it directly on my hand , I can’t force it to do its show , it’s the master of the show , hours later (5-6) when i think it died , i get whiffs of it and continue to do the same for a long time .
Rating :
Scent : 10/10 (unique and very high quality, clones don’t stand any chance)
Sillage : 10/10 (this is the best sillage of a fragrance ever IMO)
Projection : 8/10 projection lasts a very long time (5 hours later i get a compliment)
Longivity: 9/10 (at least 8+)
31st May, 2020