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Bijan for Men by Bijan

Bijan Pakzad immigrated from Iran, eventually opening his own boutique in Beverly Hills. The men's and women's fragrance that bear his name originally came in unique, circular bottles that won a FiFi award for best packaging and examples are on display at the Smithsonian. Current formulations now come in a different 'b' shaped bottle.

Bijan for Men has some supposed fans of some stature, namely at some points George Lucas, Bill Clinton, and Jack Nicholson. Luckily this came out in 1981, so after Stanley Kubrick's movie masterpiece, The Shining (sorry Steven King, truth is truth). The thought of Nicholson as Jack Torrance wafting this warm classic amongst the halls of the Overlook Hotel while terrorizing his family and hacking up the late great Scatman Crothers...

Per it's era, Bijan for Men has a loud opening where the bergamot, lavender, and rosemary jump out. Thereafter it settles in where the patchouli, nutmeg, vetiver and sandalwood blend well with the base of musk, amber and vanilla to create this 'golden glow' that leans towards 'classic' rather than 'dated'. To be clear most people would smell this and guess "1980s". I don't think this is a warm weather scent, but it does speak well for itself as a quality formal scent, although likely better for a more mature person. It isn't a monster but it definitely is representative of it's era in regards to strength and longevity so be mindful. It is not 'youthful' smelling at all.

As far as office wear goes, I think the strength of Bijan deserves a warning about over applying, and a recommendation to 'read the room' before choosing this. This is a pleasant and surprisingly inexpensive classic. For those who enjoy discovering and experiencing the classics Bijan is a worthy add. Thumbs up.
11th June, 2021

New West for Him by Aramis

I find myself thinking about camping in the Sierras right as the air has turned more dry and arid as the temperature rises and the rainfall ends. The needles of the trees are still abundantly green and have moisture but because of the lack of humidity have started to evaporate and the combination of tree sap and terpenes is this amazing sweetened fresh, dry forest smell that is captured in New West. Very impressive and I could probably give myself a circular argument on whether Havana or New West is the better scent. They both are so great and I actually will profess to liking the 'gentlemen's collection' packaging and find the current editions just fine and have no desire to seek out vintage. It does kind of share an opening with it's sibling scent, Havana, only to veer towards opposite coasts. With Havana you can rock the Miami-Rum vibe and with New West you have the Yosemite-SoCal vibe. That is a win-win for sure. Along with Havana there was a period of time these two scents were discontinued and became coveted and expensive. Ironically now they are available in the $20 range which makes them no brainers and nearly a must add. New West translates well to the present day and doesn't smell dated. Havana might be a little more challenging but in a way that only makes it more fun to wear. New West is a great add to have a warmer season fragrance that is unique and odds are fairly uncommon that will hold it's own even in a wardrobe of more expensive options. Thumbs up.
04th June, 2021

Club de Nuit Sillage by Armaf

It is surprising to me that people haven't jumped on this yet, as the vast praise from fragrance lovers for Club De Nuit Intense Man's quality resemblance to Aventus and Club De Nuit Milestone's worthiness to Creed Millesime Imperial have drawn much praise. Adding in Tres Nuit as an 'homage' to GIT(not as exact as the
Club De Nuit line) and Armaf has done a tremendous courtesy for those who have affinity for Creed fragrances and level of quality but a serious lack of affinity for the price.

I have Creed Silver Mountain Water in 3 different batches from 2017-2020. CDNSillage sits right in the mix. If you didn't tell me which was which I wouldn't be able to differentiate the Armaf from the SMW. And like CDNMilestone it is EDP strength which also works in it's favor. Also it's a 3.6oz/105ml bottle for under $50us.

So yeah if you think the only way to get full bottles of Aventus, Millesime Imperial and Silver Mountain Water for $150 involves fakes from the Russian Federation, do yourself a favor and simply check out Armaf's Club De Nuit series. I would love to see Armaf take on Royal Oud and Virgin Island Water...just a suggestion. If they do, I'm ALL IN. Thumbs up!
02nd June, 2021 (last edited: 12th June, 2021)
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Mackie for Men by Bob Mackie

Well at least it isn't 'Vic Mackey for Men', as I don't want to smell like a crooked LA strike team cop(Michael Chiklis in The Shield). I may adjust my neutral rating but so far it's a thumb's up for the opening, neutral middle, and thumb's down for the base. Keeping in mind this is a $12 'freshie' from 1993, which I spent $16 and got the body wash combo it's basically the same price as Aspen, which I will totally recommend over this. The opening sits between Aspen and Cool Water, not as 'green' as Aspen and not as 'blue' as Cool Water. The lime/grapefruit/mandarin is actually a superb fresh opening that I really like. It's where Mackie goes after that that is the issue. It's like the opening is nice ocean boardwalk, then the middle is walking into a bowling alley that hasn't been remodeled since 1993, and the base is walking into the lounge of said bowling alley that smells half a decade older. I love the opening, I can kind of dig the 'dated' smelling middle as an unintentional artistic olfactory time machine. I know they didn't create this thinking it would be a time machine fragrance 30 years later but it somehow smells like 1993. I think if that was the sum of Mackie for Men I would go thumbs up even if it's for early 1990s bowling alley potpourri. As another review mentioned it tends to dry down into a base that is a bit sour and less pleasant, I guess it turns into a 'stale freshie' at the end, which doesn't give Mackie for Men much versatility or practicality. As someone that really loves Cool Water and Aspen I wear those in public and work settings when I would NOT recommend doing so with Mackie. If you are going thrifting at Goodwill or hitting some garage sales this makes an excellent choice. At it's bargain basement price it's something to blind buy with a sense of adventure and low expectations. Pleased with the purchase, but neutral on the overall fragrance.
15th May, 2021

Fire Island by Bond No. 9

A fine attempt to create an elevated impression of fine 'euro' tanning oil. I think it succeeds at that. Does that make this more or less a 'novelty' scent? I would answer, yes. Still it is wonderfully done, and I give solid thumbs up with caveats. I could never wear this enough to be bottle worthy, and would not generally impose this on nor want to smell this on coworkers. However for me this is a fragrance absolutely worthy of a decant. I did happen to go to high school across from a beach. This was in the 1980's and there was plenty of tanning oil and lots of different 'baking' in the sun(maybe layer this with Black Afghano for true accuracy). In very small, very occasional, and very appropriately timed doses the smell of tanning oil can be transformative, almost psychedelic. I actually got both Fire Island and Jones Beach. Fire Island is high end tanning oil(pun intended) while Jones Beach is sun-kissed skin after the oil has faded(seriously, I know, weird...right? But that's a different review).

During one of the early sunny warm days of the year I worked in the yard and got some fresh air and sunshine(responsibly). Afterwards I took a shower, using some Seagrass and Driftwood body wash then applied a few sprays of Fire Island. Relaxing that evening in my chair this fragrance was so perfect, so amazing for that moment of zen. Clean, refreshed, content...and beachy! In my living room. In my recliner. At night. I never would have worn actual tanning oil in that situation, or actually any situation anymore for that matter. Being able to capture it like this is art in perfumery.

My plan is to enjoy this just a few times after similar sun drenched days through the summer which will create a 'scent imprint' saving enough for a few strategic 'therapy' wears during the winter. Helluva lot cheaper than airfare and accommodations!
12th May, 2021

Havana by Aramis

Havana is the first scent I love so much that I purchased a back up. It's currently such a great deal as part of the 'Gentlemen's Collection' that I couldn't resist considering it's under $20 from the major online discounters. Don't judge this masterpiece based on the opening, which is kind of a mess. There are a lot of notes listed but the middle bay rum that rides through till the base of tobacco and woodiness may be the most prominent notes. Living in the Pacific NW, does Havana bring Cuba here when I wear it? Heck yeah! I felt having a 'bay rum' fragrance would be good for the collection and this totally covers that and more. In the long run this will be in my top 10. As long as the price holds(I don't think it will) it is a blind buy as I guarantee there are plenty of basenote-ers that will take it, me included. BTW, this is not one of those scents to wear once, freak out over the opening and post a trash review. Get to know this fragrance and fall in love. Viva Havana! Thumbs up!
01st May, 2021

Viking by Creed

I like Viking just fine. It's a nice scent. The mint note in this is beautiful and well framed. I wasn't fragrance aware back in the time frame that Creed was finally releasing a follow up to Aventus but having worn Aventus I get that the hype and status of that fragrance was almost an impossible act to follow. Creed had made their 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' with Aventus and they were just not likely to come up with a 'White Album' as the successor. They basically released 'Magical Mystery Tour'. So it was 'fine' or even 'pretty good overall', but not able to live up to it's predecessor. It is a delightfully elevated barbershop homage that definitely works. It's just that for most, it's just not a justifiable 'need' at Creed prices. How amazing would that mint note be in toothpaste or sports cream? It would be delightful, and you would have to spend $100 for a small tube and everyone would balk except for those with too much disposable income, a category I don't fit in. It's an easy thumbs up for me, but Viking finishes behind too many other better Creed scents like Silver Mountain Water, Virgin Island Water, Royal Water, Royal Oud, Green Irish Tweed and Himalaya for starters and likely Bois Du Portugal and Millesime Imperial as well(I'm still getting to know those two). If you are into exploring the world of fragrance and Creed in particular this is a very recommended sample/decant. I feel like sticking up for this fragrance considering it arrived in such a uniquely challenging market and was doomed to live up to it's former sibling.
27th April, 2021

Virgin Island Water by Creed

Virgin Island Water(2007)

I had to get a decant of this, it just sounded like an amazing summer scent that I had to try. I was fairly certain I would love it( and I do) but figured I would end up with TommyB St Barts as a cheaper option. As a Silver Mountain Water and Royal Oud fan and owner I didn't need to find another bottle worthy Creed. At all.
Wow. They 'put the lime in the coconut' for the top and it is fantastic. Gorgeous. So natural and well done. I get the 'suntan lotion-y' references but it's way more elevated and elegant and that type of description is way too simplistic and doesn't do justice to this fragrance.
As it melds into the musk/white rum/sugar cane the coconut and bit of lime hang around for surprising longevity. I was impressed at how long this lasts. It is not 'light' nor 'weak'. It exudes class and quality.
Can you bottle the feel of a tropical island vacay? With VIW I say absolutely. Obviously this works as a summer scent. Of course it would work occasionally at home in the depths of winter as a cheer up fragrance. I personally wouldn't have an issue rocking this in a casual office setting but probably not more formal settings.
I did order a full bottle. I couldn't help it. Having smelled VIW first, I loved it so much I knew any cheaper imitations would be so lacking.
Since I have a lot of vintage, heavier frags and not much in the way of lighter, more modern 'blue juice' I am totally willing to work with a core of VIW, Havana, and Voyage for the warmer months ahead. Thumbs up.
19th April, 2021

PS by Paul Sebastian

Warm, dry, powdery, spiced vanilla glow. Perfect.

In a great American entrepreneur success story two guys from Jersey create and market a scent on their own and it works out.
I have deep love for Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne. Only Paco Rabanne sits ahead of this for me as far as the best the 1970s had to offer and qualifies as a must have for life in my wardrobe. Its composition presents as classic, not simply'vintage' and is less challenging for those worried about the risk of older frags smelling 'icky' or painfully 'dated'. Also it is absurdly affordable which makes PS one of the best values in all of perfumery.
So to summarize...
Warm, dry, powdery, spiced vanilla glow. Perfect.
22nd February, 2021

Cool Water by Davidoff

Fresh and blue, absolutely perfect and beautiful.
I am incredibly biased when it comes to Cool Water. I love this unabashedly and will defend it's greatness whole heartedly. I wore Cool Water circa 1990- it was really my third fragrance I ever wore after Brut/Brut 33, Polo, and Drakkar Noir. I'm 50 now and due to too many factors to explain I wasn't into fragrances from the mid 1990s until last year. I don't know what kind of 'game' I have now, but there was that time in my early 20s that I seemed to have a little and Cool Water never let me down. Current formula may smell more like a 'knock off' of the original but it's insanely affordable. When I bought this the first time the guy at the fragrance counter kept referring to this as "LPR(liquid panty remover)" and as pathetic and cheesy as it sounds now, 21 year old me sure believed it to be true. I never was victim to the overuse of this and although I think I tired of it in the late 1990s, fast forward 20 years and this is still a revelation. As one of the most important fragrances of all time it must be experienced. Blind buy worthy for that alone. Thumbs UP.
19th February, 2021

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

Zino was a fragrance that proved it's worth giving a few wears and some time to fully appreciate a scent before dismissing an initial turn-off. When I first applied, it made me think of a raisin bran type cereal left out until it soaks up all the milk, leaving a sickly-sweet smell that I couldn't fathom actually wanting to smell like. I thought Zino would be the first fragrance I simply wanted to give away. Luckily now, I appreciate the scent as a 'spiced wine'/dry vanillic rose with complexity and I find when I'm in the mood Zino is a unique, classy and amazingly enjoyable scent. Those collecting classics will appreciate Zino and it's uniqueness. Currently inexpensive to the point that a decant is a bad value vs just buying a bottle. If discontinuation ever changes price/availability this would definitely be a try before buy fragrance. Still, this is a unique, interesting, fun, classic fragrance. Thumbs up.
19th February, 2021

Spice & Black Vanilla by Cremo

Cremo has amazing fragrances for the price, typically around $22 for 3.4oz/100ml. I have four and they all are really nice. Spice and Black Vanilla is inexpensive Spicebomb Extreme, and it does it accurately, albeit longevity is relative to the price point. In the long run I may try to collect all 8 or so of their fragrance line as I have yet to be disappointed by any of the four I have(Blue Cedar/Cypress, Bourbon/Oak, Silver Water and Birch, and Spice/Black Vanilla). Definite Thumbs Up for Cremo.
07th February, 2021

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

I wore Drakkar Noir in High School around 1996-1988 and switched to Cool Water around 1990. I hadn't smelled this fragrance since, and had no idea what it smelled like. 30 years later here I am getting a chance to smell this once again. I do find that it is likeable, not loveable. It also seems weaker in reformulation which is to be expected. I don't catch the citrus in the top, mostly lavender and herbals than the middle/bottom notes are all a blendy scent that is Drakkar Noir to me. As I am currently in reminisce mode, I am enjoying the reaquaintance with this fragrance. I don't think I will need to wear it often, but it doesn't smell dated to me and since the memory of this once ubiquitous scent has faded for many I can enjoy an occasional wear as long as I don't dress like a time traveler from the late 80s and use terms like 'rad', 'bitchin', and 'righteous'. Thumbs up. Word.
02nd February, 2021
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Burberry London for Men by Burberry

I'm glad that Zealot Crusader pointed out the strength and quality of the tobacco note in Burberry London as the beautiful cherry tobacco dries down quickly into a superior rich tobacco note that I really like. Along with CK1 Shock for Him this is an outstanding Christmas/Autumn fragrance. Longevity on me was not stellar, so I have a travel spray for portability so I could re-apply if I was out shopping or spending holiday time with extended family. For less tobacco I would go with CK1 Shock, but both are fall/winter winners and not overtly expensive so with the amount of reviews and if the notes appeal to you this would be FB and blind buy worthy. Thumbs up(and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas/Hannukah, etc...)!
28th November, 2020

Signature : Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla by Axe / Lynx

This has a pleasant vanilla and for $4 it certainly qualifies as the best and most upscale of the Axe line. However that is like being the nicest looking Hyundai Accent. If that's the ride you're stuck with then being the best looking Hyundai helps. A little.
15th November, 2020

Aspen for Men by Coty

I took a travel size Aspen to New Orleans for a winter business conference around Y2K(I just had to type it that way- remember when planes were supposed to drop from the sky and power grids were toast?). I wasn't wearing fragrances at the time but this really fit the atmosphere as it was cool and rainy just like my home in the Pacific NW. Needless to say, I had an amazing time(Bourbon St!) and this gave me a scent imprint that I still remember. Good times. As far as the fragrance itself, simply put Aspen is ultra cheap Green Irish Tweed. Cool Water is a way better option if you are choosing, both in the quality and complexity of the scent, and in performance. However, Aspen may qualify as the cheapest fragrance that is collection worthy. We're talking the $10 range for 4.2 oz which makes it a no brainer for those that have room for this. Thumbs Up.
15th November, 2020

Halston Z-14 by Halston

To think this won a FiFi Award in it's original form is amazing to me, as I have a spanking new bottle of the current cheapie formulation. 'Big Red' gum would be an improvement as I would love to pick up more cinnamon. I hate to say this but it does have a lemon furniture polish note that didn't bother me as much until 5 wears in but it's front and center. Looking at the notes, it reads like an amazing fragrance. It simply isn't. When I wear this I feel like I cheated on chores as I smell like this and yet my furniture hasn't been dusted. I have a tough time imagining what this 'should' smell like as an award winning version. I like Halston 1-12 in its current iteration just fine, however. Thumbs Down.
15th November, 2020

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

CDNI for plebian noses like mine is matter of factly, plenty 'Aventus like' as to not require the expense of Creed. I tend to only be able to pick up 'big' notes and whether I wear Aventus or CDNI I get pineapple either way. I was a little disappointed in that as it was comparing these two that made me question the sophistication of my olfactory system overall. That being said this is a great value to allow 'an' Aventus experience without having to pay for actual Aventus. Thumbs Up.
14th November, 2020

cK one Shock for Him by Calvin Klein

This has to represent one of the best buys for a beautiful autumn/holiday fragrance I could ever imagine. From opening to drydown it's an absolute winner for me. Get it while it's available cheap, and get the big bottle. There is a rich note in the opening that isn't cherry or rose but I'm having trouble with a good descriptive term for it. Nonetheless it is delightful. The last few wears for me have really made me relish the dry down. The choclatey tobacco musk is beautiful. For me I can spray this heavier than other frags which gives me longevity. Thank goodness for us now that this has to be one of the dumbest marketed fragrances ever. I took black sharpie and colored out the absurd green 'shock' on my bottle which was a welcome visual improvement. It's fall in the Northern Hemisphere; if you don't have this and you want a great autumn/holiday frag a la Burberry London get this NOW. Absolutely two Thumbs Up.
14th November, 2020

Halston 1-12 by Halston

Considering where we are at with reformulations of z-14 and 1-12, at least both are available ridiculously cheap. I paid $10 each which for 1-12 is a great buy. I'll leave z-14 for it's own review.
I really like 1-12, it is definitely understated with just a touch of the citrus in the opening drying down into a very pleasant musk glow. It definitely smells like the 1970s, but not in a macho way. For me there is a weird note resemblance to restaurant soda machine water 'funk' that you only pick up from fountain water and soda from say an A&W or other vintage restaurant with lots of orange and brown decor I know that's odd but I thought I would throw that in just in case someone else gets that. I like 1-12, though it's not worth a deep hunt for or a must have. Thumbs Up.
14th November, 2020

Noble VII Rock Rose by Clive Christian

Any fragrance this expensive is hard to promote as bottle worthy for peasants such as myself. However as a Rose fragrance for 'nobility' it is amazing. I had a vague notion of finding the perfect masculine rose fragrance and this certainly fits the bill, even though there are a gazillion others I have not tried. For me I don't pick up much of an opening it seems to just have this perfect not to sweet, not to dry rose all the way through drydown. Even as a 'masculine' rose it is so beautifully done I imagine this working as a unisex fragrance although I would want to keep it for myself rather than smell it on partner. Unless I find another opportunity to buy this for muuuchhh less than it's typical asking price I'll enjoy it while I have it and explore other options or decant/splits. Rich, elegant rose. Thumbs Up.
14th November, 2020

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

I have to keep this simple as this fragrance impresses me less and less each time I wear it. Curve never made an impression on me to begin with and Mambo isn't an improvement at all. It dries down into some sort of synthetic 'blah' fairly quickly and the opening is synthetic and pathetic. No matter how many notes they attribute to this, good luck picking anything 'organic' out of this blob. Thumbs Down.
14th November, 2020

Aramis by Aramis

I pretty much went from Brut33(middle school), Drakkar Noir(High School), and then Cool Water as a young adult. Pretty telling as to the time period! However I somehow had small bottles of Aramis, Polo, and Canoe as well. I never could figure out or wear Aramis, I would smell it on occasion in the bottle as a youngster and it smelled strong and harsh to my young nose. Almost 30 years later I found it in the back of a bathroom cabinet and threw it out as I was not into fragrances - yet. I had to laugh at myself this year as I built my collection and decided I had to have Aramis in it. Ironically I am now so drawn to classic masculine frags, and old enough to pull them off. I probably will always have Aramis around even though I don't wear it frequently, and likely would choose Azzaro if I had to(hopefully I don't have to). Kudos to Aramis for hanging on to any worthy relevance in 2020. Not many/any other castoreum containing frags from the 1960s-1970s can claim that. Thumbs Up.
12th November, 2020

Ted Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

Ted Lapidous pour Homme(1978)
I oversprayed this the first time I tried this and those who know this scent will maybe chuckle but other than some vintage Paco Rabanne this is the only vintage original I have. It was like all the sudden a '78 T-top Trans Am pulled up and some macho guy with a gaudy open collar shirt and a leather vest got out and decided I needed a hug. I didn't. He squeezed the breath out of me. Needless to say I was eager to bail on that wearing. Approaching this more cautiously this time out I have to say I am impressed. The opening is really fantastic I pick up a perfectly placed rum note amongst the sage and aldehydes and the leather and musk is really well done. I mean it screams 1978 but does it well. If I ever had the means to search out other disco'd 70's gems I could only hope they would turn out smelling this good. Thumbs Up!
10th October, 2020

Spicebomb Night Vision Eau de Toilette by Viktor & Rolf

It's funny to me but there seems to be two big points in the other reviews whether up, down, or neutral. That Spicebomb Night Vison is 'generic' because it kinda is, and not Spicebomb at all because it really isn't.They don't say that it doesn't smell good, even in the less favorable reviews because it does indeed smell good. The problem is with it marketed as a Spicebomb flanker, you're paying for another fancy bottle what you could truthfully get similiar scents for what, half the price? I love Spicebomb/Extreme and even though I get the criticism for Night Vision and agree with alot of it I'm going with my nose on this one because other factors aside it smells good. Thumbs up.
08th October, 2020

Eros by Versace

The opening of mint/apple plus a touch of lemon is exceptional and hangs around, eventually giving way to some vanilla in the drydown. I had no preconceptions of Eros going in and was pleasantly surprised. It does strike me as youthful and a good upgrade choice for young men looking to smell classier than drug store body sprays and fragrances. I consider it small bottle worthy and will likely consider repurchase when it's gone. It is a scent that is fresh enough for spring/summer and rich enough for fall/winter. Good for the office if not over sprayed and definitely indicated for date and club use. Thumbs up.
06th October, 2020

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I have to confess that I'm a huge fan of Cool Water and Aspen. I wore them in the early 90's and having revisited/re-purchased them after 20 years of my fragrance hibernation I thought I would scoff at these ubiquitous, over-worn and in the case of CW, insanely over-flanked fragrances. Instead I found I still love them unabashedly. As I explore my love of the House of Creed and wear my way through a decant of Green Irish Tweed I wondered how that all would effect my impression of GIT.

Green Irish Tweed(1985)
I was suprised at the lack of any lemon in the opening, it seemed muted in the opening, only to reappear within the iris/ambergris after awhile. What I thought would be a dissappointing dry down did brighten back up to that CW/Aspen comparison we all hear about ad nauseum. To add my free 2 cents it resembles Aspen more than CW. This is a pleasing classy fragrance whose quality, depth, and ability to project longer and more organically make it a far superior to it's cheaper, infamous comparatives. Considering I have big bottles of Cool Water and Aspen(for about $36 for both) and a small budget for the dozens of bottle worthy scents I want I can't see Green Irish Tweed as FB worthy, yet. It is a must try classic, however, and complete thumbs up.
05th October, 2020

Blue Cedar & Cypress by Cremo

Cremo as a company is known for their shaving products, beard oils, etc...they represent their line as 'barbershop quality' and if I wet-shaved or had a beard/stache to maintain I would be interested in their products. I am an advocate for their body washes and colognes and used them regularly. I would stay away from any other fragrance products(wipes, deodorants) to extend any of their fragrances as they are sadly, weak and worthless.

Blue Cedar and Cypress
I have four of the Cremo cologne line(Silver Water and Birch, Spice and Black Vanilla, Bourbon and Oak, and Blue Cedar and Cypress). BCnC came across to me as the most 'synthetic' and I wear it the least of the four, although I like it for few wears. It is a lemony blast opening then a linear 'chemical laundry detergent' finish that represents wood. As an after shave/after shower fresh and inexpensive barbershop cologne it works well. As Cremo tends to tribute-sketch their fragrances after more renowned scents, I understand this is as well, although I can't recall which one. Cremo colognes are packaged in basic clear bottles, which I always prefer to see the product and level and cost around $20. Personally I recommend Spice and Black Vanilla or Bourbon and Oak as better entries into their line but still an enjoyable cheapie and a Thumbs Up.
04th October, 2020

Intense Black by Lomani

Lomani Intense Black(2014)

Originally this was a price and proximity blind buy, and a successful one. Finding out it is a worthy clone to Royal Oud by Creed is outstanding. I liked Intense Black straight off. Nice opening, the bergamot/lemon is sharp but not bracing, then the cedar and the oud/musk dry down is very synesthetically...'black' which I find very classy. For under $20 it is def Thumbs Up.
03rd October, 2020

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

SMW really was the spark that revived my sense of smell and made me realize just how much I had neglected it for decades. My job required me to visit homes, thousands of them and I subconciously became anosmic. Food, mold, pets of all sorts will do that.

Silver Mountain Water(1995)
Tea, Blackcurrant, musk. Those notes stand out to me and the metallic/inky reference is there. It isn't macho, isn't bright and loud, but has a sophisticated subtle depth. It is a unique unisex fragrance that isn't for everyone, but deserves to be experienced. Thumbs up
02nd October, 2020 (last edited: 01st December, 2020)