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Ted Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

Ted Lapidous pour Homme(1978)
I oversprayed this the first time I tried this and those who know this scent will maybe chuckle but other than some vintage Paco Rabanne this is the only vintage original I have. It was like all the sudden a '78 T-top Trans Am pulled up and some macho guy with a gaudy open collar shirt and a leather vest got out and decided I needed a hug. I didn't. He squeezed the breath out of me. Needless to say I was eager to bail on that wearing. Approaching this more cautiously this time out I have to say I am impressed. The opening is really fantastic I pick up a perfectly placed rum note amongst the sage and aldehydes and the leather and musk is really well done. I mean it screams 1978 but does it well. If I ever had the means to search out other disco'd 70's gems I could only hope they would turn out smelling this good. Thumbs Up!
10th October, 2020

Spicebomb Night Vision by Viktor & Rolf

It's funny to me but there seems to be two big points in the other reviews whether up, down, or neutral. That Spicebomb Night Vison is 'generic' because it kinda is, and not Spicebomb at all because it really isn't.They don't say that it doesn't smell good, even in the less favorable reviews because it does indeed smell good. The problem is with it marketed as a Spicebomb flanker, you're paying for another fancy bottle what you could truthfully get similiar scents for what, half the price? I love Spicebomb/Extreme and even though I get the criticism for Night Vision and agree with alot of it I'm going with my nose on this one because other factors aside it smells good. Thumbs up.
08th October, 2020

Eros by Versace

The opening of mint/apple plus a touch of lemon is exceptional and hangs around, eventually giving way to some vanilla in the drydown. I had no preconceptions of Eros going in and was pleasantly surprised. It does strike me as youthful and a good upgrade choice for young men looking to smell classier than drug store body sprays and fragrances. I consider it small bottle worthy and will likely consider repurchase when it's gone. It is a scent that is fresh enough for spring/summer and rich enough for fall/winter. Good for the office if not over sprayed and definitely indicated for date and club use. Thumbs up.
06th October, 2020
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Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I have to confess that I'm a huge fan of Cool Water and Aspen. I wore them in the early 90's and having revisited/re-purchased them after 20 years of my fragrance hibernation I thought I would scoff at these ubiquitous, over-worn and in the case of CW, insanely over-flanked fragrances. Instead I found I still love them unabashedly. As I explore my love of the House of Creed and wear my way through a decant of Green Irish Tweed I wondered how that all would effect my impression of GIT.

Green Irish Tweed(1985)
I was suprised at the lack of any lemon in the opening, it seemed muted in the opening, only to reappear within the iris/ambergris after awhile. What I thought would be a dissappointing dry down did brighten back up to that CW/Aspen comparison we all hear about ad nauseum. To add my free 2 cents it resembles Aspen more than CW. This is a pleasing classy fragrance whose quality, depth, and ability to project longer and more organically make it a far superior to it's cheaper, infamous comparatives. Considering I have big bottles of Cool Water and Aspen(for about $36 for both) and a small budget for the dozens of bottle worthy scents I want I can't see Green Irish Tweed as FB worthy, yet. It is a must try classic, however, and complete thumbs up.
05th October, 2020

Blue Cedar & Cypress by Cremo

Cremo as a company is known for their shaving products, beard oils, etc...they represent their line as 'barbershop quality' and if I wet-shaved or had a beard/stache to maintain I would be interested in their products. I am an advocate for their body washes and colognes and used them regularly. I would stay away from any other fragrance products(wipes, deodorants) to extend any of their fragrances as they are sadly, weak and worthless.

Blue Cedar and Cypress
I have four of the Cremo cologne line(Silver Water and Birch, Spice and Black Vanilla, Bourbon and Oak, and Blue Cedar and Cypress). BCnC came across to me as the most 'synthetic' and I wear it the least of the four, although I like it for few wears. It is a lemony blast opening then a linear 'chemical laundry detergent' finish that represents wood. As an after shave/after shower fresh and inexpensive barbershop cologne it works well. As Cremo tends to tribute-sketch their fragrances after more renowned scents, I understand this is as well, although I can't recall which one. Cremo colognes are packaged in basic clear bottles, which I always prefer to see the product and level and cost around $20. Personally I recommend Spice and Black Vanilla or Bourbon and Oak as better entries into their line but still an enjoyable cheapie and a Thumbs Up.
04th October, 2020

Intense Black by Lomani

Lomani Intense Black(2014)

Originally this was a price and proximity blind buy, and a successful one. Finding out it is a worthy clone to Royal Oud by Creed is outstanding. I liked Intense Black straight off. Nice opening, the bergamot/lemon is sharp but not bracing, then the cedar and the oud/musk dry down is very synesthetically...'black' which I find very classy. For under $20 it is def Thumbs Up.
03rd October, 2020

Silver Water & Birch by Cremo

Cremo's Silver Water and Birch.

Cheap reflection of Creeds Silver Mountain Water if you consider recreating a classic oil painting using big, blocky kid crayons. I am a big fan of Cremo colognes and have several so that is not a slam. I like this cologne and for around $22 it helps extend my actual SMW. I intend to try Armafs 'Derby Club House Blanche'as a likely better clone, as I have Armafs Club de Nuit Intense Man and that is a great Aventus clone, for those of us that either can't afford Creed or struggle to imagine affording another one when it runs out. Thumbs up.
02nd October, 2020

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

SMW really was the spark that revived my sense of smell and made me realize just how much I had neglected it for decades. My job required me to visit homes, thousands of them and I subconciously became anosmic. Food, mold, pets of all sorts will do that.

Silver Mountain Water(1995)
Tea, Blackcurrant, musk. Those notes stand out to me and the metallic/inky reference is there. It isn't macho, isn't bright and loud, but has a sophisticated subtle depth. It is a unique unisex fragrance that isn't for everyone, but deserves to be experienced. Thumbs up
02nd October, 2020

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Having lots of reviews can help to aggragate the overall notes and impressions of a fragrance for those who are interested in or contemplating partaking of a particular scent. With Farenheit there is such a polarized reaction it is astounding. Such deep reverence and such complete loathing. For the same fragrance, Farenheit. Having learned that some fragrances take a few wears to 'get' and understand, and finally be able to enjoy I took the plunge.

I mow. I have a gas lawnmower. It's old and has grass clippings caked on it. I'm kinda sloppy when I put gas in it. I fire it up and start my first passes and Christian Dior somehow made that the opening of Farenheit. After getting over being totally flabbergasted that my fossil fuel burning mundane yard task has been 'cologned' I have convinced myself to give it some time as the dry down leather may be totally worth it. I want to stress that I totally get the negative reviews, yet want to like this as it is unique and artfully constructed, as I mentioned the leather piqued my interest and strikes me as worth thumbs up for its legend and leather alone.

Pros: leather, unique, well crafted, infamous
Cons: very challenging, opening may be 'aquired taste', very polarized reviews.
29th September, 2020

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

As my collection rounds out I find I get more joy out of finally discovering vintage classics as much as designer/niche frags. Finding a classic fragrance that immediately uplifts ones scent experience to a new level with the exhileration of knowing you've gained a new 'scent pillar' along with a deeper knowledge of the history of fragrances makes for a deeply gratifying hobby.

Habit Rouge(1965)
How classy is this rose? This rose is a perfectly tailored black sport coat, white shirt, proper trousers with fine leather shoes driving a loaded black/deep burgundy 1965 Buick V-8 Skylark or Riviera that has been waxed and detailed to perfection. That is how classy this rose is.

Side note: Discovering Habit Rouge led me to retroactively finally 'get' and enjoy 'Zino' by Davidoff. If I review Zino I will elaborate there.

Habit Rouge was a great discovery and is in my top three. For me I find it's elegance to be addictive and craveable. Thumbs up.
29th September, 2020

Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche by Hermès

Terre d'Hermes is one of my top 3 favorites because of the amazing wood notes. The citrus in the opening is my least favorite part. Whereas TdH is chainsawing a live tree and then sticking your nose right into the heart of the tree, Eau Tres Fraiche is spilling orange juice on an nearby stump and smelling that. It's not all that endearing and for me completely unneccessary. Even as a big Hermes fan and TdH fanboy, I have to go thumbs down.
28th September, 2020 (last edited: 14th October, 2020)

Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

In the Pacific Northwest Puget Sound area there are is no shortage of trees and a plethora of 'chainsaw carvers' that take wood and create just about anything(my folks had a life size Captain Ahab with lantern and a bear cub for some reason). Every September there is the Western Washington(Puyallup) Fair which is one of the largest and oldest in the United States. I remember many times going into the chainsaw carving area where there would be live demonstrations and of course many pieces for sale. Walking into the fresh sawdust and newly cut wood was simply intoxicating, fresh and aromatic. The best representation of that amazing scent...Terre D'Hermes! In fact I had forgotten all about that scent until I smelled TdH, and it was instant love and a guaranteed fave. My nose simply fixates on the wood without picking up much of the opening. One of the best fragrance discoveries I've had and worthy of all praise. Total thumbs up.
28th September, 2020

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

Vintage scents, much like music, can transcend time and endure all the cultural shifts to become iconic and relevant to entirely different generations. I had never smelled Paco Rabanne PH and it did strike me as a scent that wasn't love at first sniff. If there ever was a 'soapy' dry-down/base, this was it. I want to profess that allowing myself a few wears before judging this legendary 1973 classic has turned this into a personal fave, a 'comfort scent' that is more for turning in to bed than to wear out and about. I will always have Paco Rabanne Pour Homme in my collection, and find it a happy surprise that the opening and amazing dry down are so addictive and craveable.
25th September, 2020 (last edited: 26th September, 2020)
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Dubai Indigo by Bond No. 9

Dubai Indigo

For some reason I feel the need to quote the great George Takei as my first reaction to this scent was 'Oh My'! This is a wonderful scent, absolutely beautiful. On my skin I really pick up the peach/lychee/musk. It is a sweeter scent that many will find leans more feminine, and I realize a lot of men will feel like they can't pull this off as the top with the bergamot is more masculine but the sweetness is not so much. I also could see those same men wanting their wives to have this fragrance because is is so good and they would likely sneak a spray for themselves here and there. I am not even sure as a male that I can actually 'pull this off' either, but I don't care since I'm wearing this for myself and it's one of the best scents I have smelled. The weird thing about a pandemic where people are distancing and wearing masks is if strangers are smelling this they are too close. Asthma makes my fragrance wearing self limiting so I don't get to spray a lot on and I have to be careful. Definite thumbs up, this is amazing.
25th August, 2020

Wall Street by Bond No. 9

Wall Street by Bond9

I have to keep this as neutral as the quality of the scent is very good, as with B#9 frags in general. The cuke and sea kelp just aren't my faves off the top, there is some delight in the musk notes for sure, and some sweetness that is pleasant. However for me, the 'marine notes' and sea kelp really stick around and I swear it's like going down to the dock and sticking my forearm into the sea water. I find that impressively done, only I live by the water myself and could simply dip my arm into sea water for free. I've worn this three times now and respect the quality of this fragrance even though it is not my cup of...sea. If you think the notes are to your liking you may absolutely love this fragrance.
25th August, 2020