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Aventus by Creed

“You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous of which is ‘Never get involved in a land war in Asia,’ but only slightly less well-known is this: ‘Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!’”

Ah the wise words of Vizzini. Of course, by land war in Asia the writers are referring to Napoleons disastrous 1812 invasion of Russia…trust me…I’m not going into detail and don’t believe the other theories on this reference…it’s a hot internet douche-fest. Don’t try to match up perceived timelines either…it’s a goofy fairytale with Andre the Giant of all people…RIP.

So, this is the fella that’s the inspiration behind one of the most successful fragrances of all time…great…the turd that died in exile. I like to imagine him as the “short-dead-dude” from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…the Ziggy Piggy, planning invasions field tested at the greatest water park on earth…Waterloo!

Other than that, looking at this fragrance in 2021, it seems pretty unremarkable to many. I don’t think anything can live up to tall tales and legend so…it is what it is. However, when this thing came out it was something unique. Any comparisons or claims of it being generic are because, since its release it has influenced so many other fragrances. As someone who has been wearing this since 2010 it still strikes me as the OG…it is still unique. And don’t fall victim to other fairytales of epic batches and unicorn years. It does make for some serious entertainment and buffoonery on the interwebs though. Sure, it doesn’t project like back in the day…but what do you expect when they crank out copious amounts of bottles to keep up with demand?

Don’t expect other people to be fawning all over you. Yes, you will get complements but it’s not an aphrodisiac. Wake up! Nothing is! You can sprinkle tinsel on a turd and it’s just shiny. So, work on your game, be a good person, learn how to strike up a conversation. That combined with a great fragrance will lure in any man, woman or person you desire.

-Comparisons to a clean shave gel are fair.
-Pineapple is in the fore.
-French Apples…does it matter where they come from?
-Who the hell has smelled Moroccan Jasmine compared to other Jasmine? Who cares?
-Patchouli? No!
-Do you know what Dry Birch smells like…nothing! Birch Tar is a different story.
-Yes to Musk, Oakmoss and Ambergris.
-If anyone waxes about the Black Current and Vanilla…just run…as fast as you can.

I would say this one has run its course regarding price and should come back down to earth similar to say Green Irish Tweed. It is a master piece, it had its time, now sit down in the rocking chair. But as long as chumps keep buying at full price…its gonna continue to be the fragrance that sold the house of creed. If you love it like me, buy it. If it’s too expensive and you want something similar get Montblanc Explorer. If you hate it…keep on hatin’. Nuff-Said.
10th February, 2021

Vodka on the Rocks by By Kilian

Kilian Vodka on the Rocks is neither a neutral grain spirit nor a cocktail nor worth $250…discuss.

So again, we are dealing with the element of suggestion in order to create an olfactory image that isn’t there…and what better suggestion than something that is typically used as a base on which to build something greater? If you are ordering a vodka on the rocks, you’re either an alcoholic or a freak like the rest of us on this website that can smell and taste things that others can’t, or could care less about because…less face it…we’re kind of weird. To everyone else it just tastes like burning. I don’t think I could even say the words if someone asked me what I was wearing.

“Hey there person…you smell really good…what’s it called?”

“Uh, non-descript white spirit with some ice floating around in there, maybe a lemon peel with part of the sticker still attached.”

“Mmm, that’s hot.”

Kilian could have called it white paper or clean linen or even squeegeed window…same mental imagery mas y menos. And I’m sure people would say, “Oh yes I see where Hennessy’s nose was going with this one, I can almost smell the horizontal blue lines on the paper, the perfectly placed three-ring binder holes, pre-determined left hand margins and I’m transported to sophomore year composition."

Get…bent. If I read another review that says it smells like a vodka tonic, I’ll vomit Russo-Baltique all over my trapper keeper.

Ok, on to the fragrance…I like it. I like it a lot. It’s a crowd pleaser and a wearer pleaser. Its approachable and easy. Compliment getter. Doesn’t last long maybe 6 hours tops like an EDT. Smells like what you’d expect from Ambroxan, Sandalwood, Oakmoss and Coriander. Definitely synthetics which I’m not knocking. Super fresh and spice floral out the gate to a super fresh and cool woody vibe towards the end. It’s a frag-bro “so fresh and so clean clean.” Smells like a nice designer fragrance in a blue bottle from Dillard’s. I don’t think it’s any more complex than that. There’s no secret in the sauce, just a good ol’ standup freshy “man” clean scent.

And that’s cool, just not $250 cool.
10th February, 2021

Addictive Arts : A Separate Reality Soporific by Clive Christian

Ballers with Blue Bottles…wait…does that sound disgusting?

Full disclosure, I have a decant of this from a very generous collector…I am not a full bottle baller.

So, CC is really trying to take us on a psychotropic adventure with the Addictive Arts right? And why not, you better have a good story at this price point, and price will always come up with “luxury” fragrances like this.

Just to sum it up, because while the marketing flirts with what this is, it doesn’t really cut to the chase…it’s an incense fragrance. On first sniff you get the Chamomile and Hedione with the persistent Incense in the base throughout. Saffron? When do you really smell a big whiff of saffron, I mean be honest, come on. Yes, its earthy but it’s like saying you smell chalk or stone…maybe you do…but don’t be that person.

From there the top notes pretty much vanish and you are left with Mastic, Myrrh and Balsam. Mastic is pretty similar to Frankincense so…think Catholic Mass. The Jasmine kind of weaves between everything and the Rose is a No Rose unless you squint your eyes and go smell an actual Rose so…there’s that.

At first application I love this sent and the mix of floral tops and incense base is really killer but…its gone in a flash…the whole thing, and that’s what ruins it. On me, 3 hours in and its barely even noticeable. You would think the concentration on this would really help but it just doesn’t. As a result, I am not whisked away on a journey into altered states of reality. Comparing this to the mind-altering adventures of Carlos Castaneda is like promising a trip to Italy and instead getting all-you-can-eat salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden.

For those of you that are TF Sahara Noir fans, yes I am one of them, just stick with that semi-unicorn as your incense sent and leave this one to the ballers with blue bottles. I would say Soporific is a weak version of that fragrance. I’m sure others have suggestions for a great incense fragrance, and paying extra for a sample of something like a Sahara Noir, or dare I say full bottle if you can find it, is a much better investment, and more likely to take you on the epic journey you are looking for. “If the ride is more fly, then you must buy.”
10th February, 2021
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Love, don't be shy by By Kilian

The reviewer that references Marcy Playground is hilarious btw!

Let me see if I can thread the needle on this one...its a hollaback girl...all talk, no action.

So, you can say Amber…or Neroli…Honeysuckle…or flippantly throw out “Resinous”…or even Marshmallow…and I will say…pfft, generic kids fruit cereal…one note…just one. Not the name brand stuff…but the kind that just comes in the bag on the bottom of the shelf.

If you check out the notes listed for Love it sounds amazing, almost too good to be true. It’s also pretty lengthy, which speaks to its muddled character. How can you find room for Honeysuckle, Rose, Jasmin, Iris AND Orange Blossom…then throw Caramel, Vanilla and Sugar on top? It’s unfortunate, but add that all up and you get “Fruity O’s”

I know marshmallow is really touted as a big note in this but only if it’s a stale one that’s been hanging out in a leprechaun’s pocket while he’s on the run (finger to nose and a wink). Its listed as a part of the “Narcotics” which is a leading suggestion with a desired outcome, but it reminds me more of being in middle school and playing putt-putt on a tween date at Swing-Around Fun Town. Sophisticated it is not…which is ok…but not at this price.

I really wanted to like this one. I was even hoping for a run-of-the-mill vanilla with some orange notes. Nope. An appropriate adult function for wearing this is probably a side stage dance to Uncle Kracker’s “Follow Me” if you catch my drift…and I think you do.

As far as projection etc. its middle of the road. I’ve heard its beast mode for others but not for Mrs. DSS. I know a certain singer is associate with this fragrance (very old news) which accounts for the interest for sure. Honestly, she could be covered in hot garbage and still be sexy, so forget it!

Also, that ride is over, I know she says “Sell Me Candy” but I guarantee she’s…

“On to the Next One, On to the Next One…”
09th February, 2021

Dark Lord "Ex Tenebris Lux" by By Kilian


At first, I found myself swatting at the air trying to get away from what I had just sprayed…fair warning, the opening is a bit harsh…but after a few seconds I settled into the surprised stammering above.

This one is polarizing. If you hate it, I feel you. If you’re neutral, I get it. If you love it…welcome to the club! Its smoke! Its leather! Its smokey-leather! And for me, it’s all about that smokey-leather with a touch of mechanic garage goodness (gasoline, oil, metal, hot electrical equipment, danger)…you get the picture. It is from “The Smokes” collection after all.

So, my dad was an aircraft mechanic and this reminds me of what he smelled like when he came home…jet fuel, hydraulic fluid and man. With all of that being said, I would not call this balanced. Yes, it errs on the side of acrid…but I like it. Ok I’ll just say it…time to nerd up…the smoke in this is reminiscent of model train smoke. That’s right…a whiff of ozone and burning oil…ahh.

Also, I wouldn’t call this Dark Lord…I think it’s more akin to a rugged slightly dangerous “good guy” and I’d call it Aragorn. Regardless, however you self-identify…if you want to smell like a Ranger of the North…this is worth a sniff.

-Leather and Smoke? In ya face!
-Bergamot and Pepper? Yeah, sure it’s in there I guess
-Smokey Vetiver? Yep
-Woody cedar? Mm-Hmm
-Jasmine and rum or a dandyish entrance? What?!

Oh, and this thing is Marshawn Level Beast-Mode on me. Can’t Stop…Won’t Stop…eh-eh eh-eh!
09th February, 2021

No. 1 for Men by Clive Christian

First of all, I like CC fragrances and I own a few. If you like this one and can pull it off, yer a Boss!

On No.1...I think it's mostly been said. I am not trying to be a hater...but just to put a finer point on it...for's a powder bomb. Soap, powder and the spices all come together to give the impression of chamomile. Not fresh chamomile...but like someone just drank chamomile tea and is close talking right in your face. Yep...I said it, and I know I'm not the only one. Sure, there is a touch of vanilla on the dry down...meh. Otherwise, it's kind of a kitchen sink concoction, just all muddled up. Almost a dead ringer for Coty Exclamation circa 1988...yikes! Look that one up...if you don't you know.

I still love you Patrica Choux!
09th February, 2021