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Burberry Body by Burberry

A clean, yet lightly sweet, feminine fruity floral. Reminds me a lot of Burberry Weekend which I also like. I like Burberry's fresher scents. I would say Body and Weekend are my favorite female Burberry scents that I have tried. A great daytime scent! I get an impression of pear and softly sweet florals with a clean, happy feel. Nothing particularly interesting or intriguing to me, but nonetheless very pleasant. I would not personally spend money on this one, but I would wear it as a gift, sample, etc. If you like Burberry Weekend you would likely like this one and vice versa.
14th May, 2020

Inégale by Jafra

First impression of Inegale? Sexy! Reminds me of a more sultry version of Cinema by YSL. Well blended. Pleasant. Very nice. I smell vanilla, a rose-like flower, indistinct subtle fruits, slightly but not too powdery, powerful yet soft. Could work for day or night, but I would wear it first as an evening scent. A sexy, smooth, relaxed scent to my nose and while it can be found for very cheap, it does not at all smell “cheap” to me. I would want to lean in and hug someone if I smelled this on them. Enticing! Worth a try for the price! Happy blind buy. :)
09th May, 2020

Rogue by Rihanna

The reviews to date had me hopeful. Alas, I did not like Rogue any more than I liked Rebelle by Rihanna. Well.... maybe a tad more as it’s a little softer, more grounded and less sappy-sharply-sweet. Smells so bad I can taste it. Cheap, synthetic, unpleasant candyish topnotes. Reminds me of the same things I dislike about Angel by Mugler so if you like Angel you might like this one. The “leather” note just reminds me of latex or a plastic balloon... or dare I say .... a flavored condom? Yuck. There is almost a nice, plush ambery note trying to peek through but I cannot enjoy it over the other noise. Hard pass.
04th May, 2020
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Angel by Thierry Mugler

I am late on the bandwagon in sampling Angel. So I wanted to keep an open mind and give it a chance. And well.... I just can’t get my head around it. I find it strange, off putting, cheap and generic smelling. An odd mix of sweet and spicy notes. Doesn’t smell foody to me, nothing appetizing about this combination of foody notes. I am late in trying this scent, and perhaps if it hadn’t already been ruined by all of the imitations of it I might have felt differently. I smelled imitations of it before I realized I smelled imitations of it. So I’m afraid that for me Angel ends up smelling like a cheap imitation of itself. I found it unpleasant and nauseating. Had to wash it off. By the way, I do like Alien and Eau de Star by Mugler. But Angel is not for me. I would definitely not recommend Angel as a blind buy or gift due to its polarizing qualities.
29th April, 2020

Rebelle by Rihanna

Nope. I'll be honored to give this the first negative review. Smells like a generic, Dollar Tree off-brand Jolly Rancher body spray-- that is …. nope. Just nope. Not even going to bother with a thoughtful review. Not one of my better blind buys. Junk. I'll stick with my Hypnotic Poison when I am craving something sweet. I've smelled too many mediocre fruity florals giving three stars here and a neutral there, and my patience is just worn out. I draw the line with this one. Booooo :(
29th April, 2020

Exotic Essence by David Yurman

Blind bought a bottle of Exotic Essence for only a few bucks at Marshall’s. Became my everyday scent for awhile. Finished a large bottle and now have a replacement. The patchouli and amber are prominent to my nose. I don’t find the fruits to be very noticeable. I agree that it is mellow and earthy. I did get bored of it after wearing it daily for awhile, but this is one I’ll be glad to visit again and again. Softly earthy yet stylish and elegant. Inexpensive. Easily unisex. My favorite of all the David Yurman scents I’ve tried including David Yurman edp, freshessence, and summer essence. Has the most character, in my opinion.
27th April, 2020

Obsession Night by Calvin Klein

Obsession Night is a long time favorite of mine. I do associate it with nighttime and going out and can’t picture wearing it in the daytime. I’ve made the association now as one of my “party” scents. Creamy vanilla and citrus, subtly smoky and incensy but not really a heavy bodied scent. I think it smells a bit mysterious and sexy while also having a lightness and fun spirit about it. I spray it on generously before going out and it feels like my buddy I’m taking out partying with me. Says, look at me! I’m here to party! LOL. Looking for a backup bottle currently.
27th April, 2020

Weekend for Women by Burberry

Probably my favorite Burberry. Was a gift to me from a friend. Weekend is a soft, sheer, laid back fruity floral. Not too quiet or too loud. Understated and confident. Not too sharp or too sweet but well balanced. I almost get an impression of pear— like a candied or canned pear. Casual and clean smelling. The most uplifting and free spirited of all the Burberry scents I have tried, including Touch and Burberry Brit. I find those too sweet. A nice inexpensive scent to have to grab when I don’t know what else to wear and don’t want to think about it too much. Nice versatile, casual daytime scent.
27th April, 2020

Eau de Rochas Fraîche by Rochas

Very nice, pleasant citrus scent. Liked it immediately and thought … "well this feels like a safe bet." Was surprised that the opening reminded me of Concentre D'Orange Verte by Hermes. (A favorite of mine.) A lot of similar notes and feel. My boyfriend agreed with me. However Eau De Rochas Fraiche is not nearly as powerful or long lasting. Eau De Rochas Fraiche is softer, sweeter, more feminine to my nose than CDOV and without the minty powdery bite, but the similarity is still striking to me. I find Eau De Rochas Fraiche very, very orangey, which is fortunate because I love orange. I also find it remiscent of orange Pez candy. (Childhood nostalgia!) Overall despite the blatant orangey-ness I still find it to be a very fresh and wearable scent. Delicious orange-ade. Fruity, fresh, and fun. Can imagine wearing this to a summer picnic. Could be unisex. For me, a light hearted, not too serious scent to wear for warm days and casual occasions.
27th April, 2020

Eros pour Femme by Versace

I cannot believe there is not yet a positive review: I LOVE Eros Pour Femme. It’s a very pleasant soft, sweet, fruity floral. Very smooth and not too sweet. No sharpness at all to the florals, very well blended. Juicy and citrusy but softly so and never heavy or bitter. Reminds me of a softer, more toned down Omnia Coral or even a little like another favorite of mine, Ralph Rocks with its light muskiness and fruitiness. I would describe it as soft, subtly sweet, fruit-juicy, slightly musky and very smooth. Overall an energizing and uplifting scent. I get a young and flirty vibe and think it would be a great spring/summer scent or a daytime scent all year round. Delightful!
27th April, 2020 (last edited: 26th April, 2020)

Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

I love Cinema! It's soft, feminine, slightly powdery and sweet to my nose. The amber and vanilla are most prominent to me. Boyfriend likes it, too. I don't normally favor fragrances in this vein-- usually go for fresher scents, but I think that Cinema is incredibly pleasant, beautiful, calming, and elegant. Perhaps feels a tad mindless and trite but not more than a lot of mainstream scents. Beautiful, balanced, and uncomplicated. Great evening scent for a woman and possibly even unisex.
26th April, 2020

Eros Flame by Versace

Smells cheap to me like it could be Axe or something like that. Boyfriend and I both did not like it. Smells like too much of everything and kind of a mish mash that comes off as very generic. Musky, heavy, and overtly masculine in a cheap, aggressive sort of way.
25th April, 2020

Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo

It smells nice but not a particularly energizing or interesting scent. Pleasant. More of an evening scent to me, find it relaxing and calming-- albeit a bit boring. Nothing particular stands out. A warm, sort of sweet, slightly powdery floral that to me smells indistinct and nothing as interesting or "mysterious" as the name would suggest. Kind of like Lady Gaga Fame but a little bit better. I wear it when I don't know or care what to wear. Feels feminine, calming, evening-ish, and a little bit dressy or going-out-ish to me. I think a little more woods or spice would make it more interesting. It needs more body to live up to its name in my opinion. Cute bottle, though!
25th April, 2020
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Love's Soft Jasmin by Love's

Not terribly unpleasant but smells cheap and just meh. Not interesting to me at all. Smells like … well, kind of like the name-- a babyish watered down version of jasmine.
24th April, 2020

Extraordinary Pétale by Oscar de la Renta

I wanted to like this more. The name sounds exciting. The bottle is pretty. But for me it's a "meh" floral, nothing too memorable or special. Moreover, something about it smells a little sharp and off-putting to me which I can't quite identify. I am not the biggest fan of musk which is listed as a note, but it does not smell particularly musky to me. Smells like a clean, lighthearted, even green sort of floral that should be nice but with an unpleasant sharpness. Kind of dry to my nose but not in any way powdery. Not sure what other perfume to compare it to. Idunno. I almost like it. Just not my vibe.
24th April, 2020

Jean-Louis Scherrer by Jean-Louis Scherrer

I blind bought this years ago after reading all of the positive reviews, but I just could not appreciate it. Probably just the taste and generation that I am used to. I find the drier, spicy, and/or green floral scents from this era to be very challenging. I found this scent to be extremely dry, extremely sharp, and overall unpleasant. Memorable, though! Have never smelled anything quite like it.
23rd April, 2020

Touch for Women by Burberry

I don't love it. Don't think it's for me. The topnotes were interesting and at first I got spicy, green, and floral impressions which reminded me a little of Ralph Lauren Blue, but that quickly faded into a softer, creamier, almost powdery scent which reminds me of baby powder and not in a good way. Has that sort of warm milk-ish note that I get in Allure Sensuelle by Chanel in the drydown which is another fragrance that I found off putting for the same reason. Do not find it a clean scent at all. Smells like it's trying to be sensual but rather than sexy it smells like an actual baby's butt with a touch of warm milk and soggy fruity pebbles. I gave it a neutral because it is not completely unpleasant, and I might like it ok on someone else, but it is definitely not a go to for me. Tolerable at best.
23rd April, 2020

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I adore Hypnotic Poison and find it addictive and irresistible. Reminds me of a dark, lightly spiced, and very sweet root beer. One of my favorite sweeter, foodier scents which is not normally my go-to type of scent. Feels heavy like a rich dessert after a big meal— satisfying— for relaxing and languishing, not a daytime/workday scent in my opinion. Not as heavy and heady as Addict. Absolutely delectable!! Very long lasting as well. Can smell it on my throw pillow after sampling it last night. Have wanted a full bottle for awhile now. Awesome, beautiful bottle, too. Yum!!!!
22nd April, 2020

My Burberry by Burberry

I just don’t personally like My Burberry. Got it from a friend as a gift, and she does not know this, haha. It turns me off immediately, and I have retested hoping it’ll grow on me but nope... just nope. I don’t even know how to explain it; to me smells too sharp, too busy, overwhelming, confusing, just a mishmash of floral and sweet and— to me— spicy. Just kind of all over the place. Smells like a kitchen sink scent, just everything thrown in kind of randomly. Maybe it’s the sweet pea? Never did care too much for sweet pea. I don’t get fruits in this at all.
22nd April, 2020

Especially Escada by Escada

I want to at least give this a neutral due to the nostalgia it evokes for me and the personal association I have with it. It smells to me like a cheap bath product from the 1990s, like VO5, White Rain, or Pert Plus. Smells clean and soapy, like cheap shampoo or hairspray. Simple, clean, and unsophisticated yet for me not unpleasant. I might buy it very cheap for the nostalgia as it reminds me of bath products my grandmother used.
30th May, 2016

Fun by Desigual

Very strong dislike. Smells cheap, overly sweet, cloying, vaguely tropical, and generic. Nothing I can find very pleasant, much less remarkable or special. Way too synthetic. Smells like an off brand tropical air freshener. Wouldn't buy it if it were a dollar.
30th May, 2016

Eau Parfumée au Thé Rouge by Bulgari

Very unique and distinctive scent here! Slightly sweet, a little sharp and synthetic, but certainly interesting. Spicy in a clean sort of way, almost like catnip. I would probably wear this if it didn't give me such a headache.
01st March, 2012

Patchouli Eau de Toilette by Molinard

Perfect! I wanna full bottle NOW! This is a full bodied patchouli scent, powdery and slightly sweetened, slightly astringent to my nose. Naturally smoky and "incensy" while not overly "head-shoppy" or "dirty" as critics describe other patchouli scents. The perfect balance between dusty and sweet, somewhat along the lines of Bal a Versailles (though sweeter and more pleasant, and course, lots of patchouli.)

Good luck finding anything this good at your local head shop! This is a proper fragrance right here, and I love it. :)
01st March, 2012

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

My boyfriend bought this for me for Christmas. I picked it out at Sephora. It's very clean and refreshing, yet not terribly "common" smelling. I love the fresh, slightly spicy (must be the cardamom) aspect. Definitely not a heavy scent, though it veers toward the masculine. This does not strike me as a women's scent at all. (Well, it is marketed as unisex.) Voyage d'Hermes is bright and cheerful yet has a serious and assertive side. I agree that is a little transparent though, not very much sillage, and after awhile I can hardly detect it besides on my clothing. (After the drydown, it's surprisingly subtle.) Usually, I prefer a scent with a little more body, but this lightweight yet adventurous beauty is perfect for spring and summer days, and especially fun times outdoors!
21st February, 2012

24, Faubourg Eau de Parfum by Hermès

Thumbs way up! This is incredible. Definitely on my top five or so. I didn't love it at first, but it didn't take long either. For me, 24 Faubourg is the perfect combination of clean, classy, and elegant. While my jeans and t shirt way of life doesn't seem to do it justice, it's not a very serious, uptight scent either. The effect for me is relaxed and low key. I hesitate to use the term soapy, with its vague and possibly negative connotations, but for me the "clean" aspect is unmistakable. It feels clean and relaxed and put together. This one I would wear not to impress others but rather to please myself. It isn't what I would normally think of a warm, cozy scent (it's not very warm in my mind), but I somehow find it both relaxing and invigorating after a warm bath. Despite its seeming elegance, what I most want is to wear it during thoughtful moments alone, in my best lounge wear, after cleaning my house and myself, and curling up with a good book. But that's just me. (This one is too good to share!)
21st February, 2012

Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent

One of my most decided negatives. I'm usually not so sure ... yes I know I could give it more of a chance, but ... I don't think it's worth it. It's wimpy and downright unpleasant ... smells like nothing at all conjurable besides boring, synthetic, and trite perfume ... yuck, yuck, yuck.
09th August, 2011

Versace by Versace

The first impression is pleasant and pretty. This scent is fresh, crisp, and fruity- prefect for spring. I like the zingy, non sugary sweetness, and something maybe lemonlike. Reminds me a little of D&G Light Blue or Eclat D'Arpege. This soft fruity floral should be wearable and nonoffensive, but one of the perceived milky notes do not agree with me. Like some fresh fruit and flowers in a vase full of warmed milk and old vegetables. By the way: I've gotten that dreaded warm milk note in quite a few scents, so this could be "just me."
23rd August, 2009

Ferré by Gianfranco Ferré

Gorgeous! I agree with mbanderson that this scent is well blended. Everything compliments everything, and I really have no complaints with this one. I love the fruit notes which are smoother and more realistic than most I've smelled and not at all syrupy/sugary. Artificial but tastefully so- not obnoxiously, cheaply, sloppily artificial but more refined than other scents. It also doesn't burn my nose which is a plus. A feel good scent which makes me feel young and happy and carefree. Though it was made in 2005, Ferre reminds me of scents I smelled as an early adolescent in the 90s. Maybe the Calgon spray that's supposed to smell like rain? Except this one is so much better. Makes me feel innocent- and reminds me of long lost adventures with long lost friends. Which is pretty impressive since I'm sure I've never smelled it before!
23rd August, 2009

Candie's by Candie's

Thumbs down??!! Nooo, I've smelled much worse!!
The bottle is cute, and especially for the price this is pretty good stuff. Bright, fruity, and sweet with and just a hint of warmth and spice. Why not?
21st August, 2009

Exceptional Because You Are by Exceptional

Light, sweet, melony, aquatic floral. Pleasant but painfully boring. Overtly synthetic. Brings dryer sheets to my mind.
Very ordinary and predictable IMHO.
07th August, 2009