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Envy for Men by Gucci

Envy is one of very few Tom Ford Gucci Era fragrances I've never got around to sniffing until now. I've heard comparisons to Carven Homme which I think are somewhat accurate, but Envy is on a whole other level of quality and overall smell. Envy has that old school barber shop vibe to it, but it's modernized with the ginger and a stellar note pyramid. When I mention quality what I'm talking about is the notes themselves and how these notes were blending. I can smell many of the notes in here and what I smell is quality, quality, quality. The blending is excellent and this fragrance transitions flawlessly from the opening to the base. Smell wise I'll come back to the barber shop vibe I mentioned, but Envy has a lot of depth to the notes and what you wind up with is a very clean (lavender) and crisp (ginger) opening that turns into a bit mysterious and sexy (Cardamom, anise, opoponax) and settles into a warm and comforting base (incense, amber, and cedarwood). Unfortunately as everyone knows Envy was discontinued and is hard to find and expensive at this point which is where Carven Homme comes in. Yes, it does smell similar because you get the barber shop vibe with the lavender and the honey note is similar to the opoponax note in Envy, but what's missing is the spice and depth that Envy has. Envy is essentially the niche version of Carven homme, although Envy is considered a designer fragrance.
06th March, 2017

Gentlemen Only Absolute by Givenchy

This is a perfect example of a fragrance that builds upon a few popular spicy fragrances and adds enough to make it worthy of having a bottle of. The fragrances it builds upon are Victor and Rolf's Spicebomb, Original Santal, and a womans fragrance Juicy Couture Gold. The opening is right up the Original Santal formula of that clean cinnamon note which right off the bat puts it into the gourmand realm. Next up you're going to get a very nice mix of spice that exceeds what spicebomb offers and totally forgoes the bubblegum vibe. The base is absolutely where this fragrance shines and it's delicious. It smells very much like the caramel filled Godiva chocolates. The caramel note is along the lines of Juicy Couture Gold which is what makes that fragrance a stunner. The vanilla and sandalwood rounds it out and this never becomes feminine or overly sweet. This is a fantastic fragrance that gets a huge amount of compliments, projects very well, and lasts well over 8 hours. I have no idea how this came out of such a mediocre mens line of fragrances, but my goodness they really made a great one with Absolute.
15th February, 2017

The One for Men Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana

I doubt we will ever see a beast mode version of The One because I think that would ruin what makes it such a great designer fragrance which is versatility, popularity, and wearability. This is the epitome of a grab and go or "dumb reach." What the EdP offers over the EdT is a richer and better blended top, but the dry down is where the EdP blows past the EdT. Projection wise it is better, but the longevity is much improved. Also, the dry down has a beefed up tobacco note which really adds a masculine edge. Signature scent worthy and the versatility and fact it won't offend is the reason I am keeping it.
10th February, 2017 (last edited: 15th February, 2017)
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Pineapple Vintage Noir by Parfums Vintage

A great smelling Aventus clone that falls short in a couple of categories. First off the good. Vintage noir is made up of high quality ingredients and it is apparent in every stage. This is higher quality than Scent of Peace and Cedrat Boise and I would go as far to say that this smells better than Aventus itself due to the phenomenonal Pineapple note. Now the not great which is the longevity and protection which is average at best. Secondly this does not smell like a vintage smokey batch of Aventus. Very little smokiness at all. Finally, this needs more red apple and black currant and it is lacking big time in those notes. Overall, it is a very good interpretation, but at $150 this needs some tweaking in order to drop down that type of cash on a clone. Good, but not great.
16th January, 2017

Tres Nuit by Armaf

The best clone on the market IMO. I've been a huge fan of GIT and still have a bottle, but honestly Tres Nuit is the one I wear more. It has the opening of GIT with the dry down of Chez Bond at the same level of quality. I also own Tres Bon which is a darker version of this or a darker version of GIT. One of if not the best bang for buck I've ever purchased. GIT it!!!
10th January, 2017

Prada Amber pour Homme Intense by Prada

Daring fragrance that must be at least smelled. It's not for everyone due to it being powdery, soapy, feminine, and patchouli happy. It's not versatile or a big compliment getter either. Comparison wise it reminds me of what Bulgari Black is to Midnight in Paris. Everyone loves Midnight in Paris, but it's the safer version of Black.
08th January, 2017

Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino

This is a nice replacement for the current versions of DH and DHI. Uomo Intense bridges the gap between vintage and reformulation. It leans more towards the vintage side which is what everyone was hoping for. Valentino did an excellent job at listening to thier customer base and giving them exactly what they wanted. Bravo!
08th January, 2017

Homme Exceptionnel by Montblanc

A very wearable boozy fragrance. Reminds me of a better version of Tim McGraw's Southern Blend with more patchouli in the base. Smells absolutely nothing like Aventus, but will get just as many compliments. Really good value and something that you will reach for on a regular basis.
08th January, 2017

Andy Warhol Montauk by Bond No. 9

One of the more overlooked Bond No.9 fragrances that gets wrongly labeled as a "generic" fragrance. It breaks the generic label right off the bat with the opening of a tart blueberry. It's bright and it's a fantastic accord that I've yet to smell in any other fragrance. That's probably because this is backed by notes of maple and oak which you don't find in many fragrances. The maple adds richness and the oak adds creaminess. Nothing generic about this and this smells absolutely nothing like Kenneth Cole Black which I've owned several times for many years. Also, this gets mislabeled as a beach or aquatic fragrance which this is not and the notes clearly show that it doesn't have anything to do with an aquatic. Compliment wise this is off the charts and people absolutely love this fragrance. Projection and longevity are extremely good for a fresh fragrance and right on par with other Bonds. Don't sleep on Montauk and don't judge it on first impressions. The more you wear this the more you'll appreciate it.
19th August, 2016

Encounter by Calvin Klein

Encounter is one of the better Calvin Klein fragrances. The rum combined with the oud makes for a pleasant opening. After the opening it goes down hill. The rum and oud take a back seat to a generic woody base. Projection and longevity are abysmal and I question whether this is an EdT and not a weak EdC. Another decent work fragrance if you work in a fragrance free environment.
19th August, 2016

Dunhill Custom by Dunhill

Dunhill custom is your average run of the mill fresh/spicey/boozy that doesn't do any of the 3 very well. This fragrance smells incomplete and thin. There's just no depth to any of the notes and what you wind up with smells like a watered down clothing line fragrance. This makes for a decent work fragrance if you work in a fragrance free environment.
19th August, 2016

Sandalwood by Art of Shaving

Love this fragrance! The opening is like walking through a pine forest during winter. Wintergreen is the accord, but not sweet wintergreen (gum). This is more of an herbal/medicinal wintergreen that adds a cooling effect. After theopening it's all about the creamy sandalwood. The dry down reminds me of Pal Zileri Santorial. Excellent quality fragrance that's sadly been discontinued.
19th August, 2016

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

This is the best well rounded clone you're going to find of Aventus. There are a few that I've tried and while this doesn't have the big pineapple opening of Aventus it makes up for it in the mid and dry down where it smells a lot like Aventus. I especially like the rose in this. This is under $30 for a 3.3 oz bottle, easy to purchase on Ebay, has a really nice heavy bottle, and last and projects like an average designer fragrance. Honestly, unless your a big fan of Aventus and use it as your signature scent CDNI is a perfectly acceptable replacement.
07th August, 2016
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Cerruti pour Homme by Cerruti

Starts out with an Original Santal and Mont Blanc Legend opening which is very nice. From the opening the mid this just falls flat on it's face. The mid smells like a cheap shampoo and the dry down smells of rubbing alcohol. Projection and longevity are fortunately awful and this last for a total of 2 hours. Think I bought this for $12 and it's honestly not worth that.
07th August, 2016

Big Pony 3 by Ralph Lauren

Synthetic as can be and what's there just isn't done well. I was expecting a nice cooling mint with the bite of a fresh ginger. What I got was a chewing gum mint with something that smells like a rotting ginger. Thumbs way down.
07th August, 2016

Samba Skin Man by Perfumer's Workshop

Pure Havane on a budget. This actually has more tobacco than Pure Havane and instead of the honey note it's replaced by a cinnamon note. The opening is a dead ringer for Pure Havane albeit less rich. The cherry note is present and this actually projects and lasts longer than Pure Havane. The downside is that it doesn't have the A*men base of that patchouli, caramel, honey, overall richness. The dry down of Samba Skin is mainly vanilla and cinnamon with some woods and a lot of tobacco.This reminds me of crossing Mont Blanc Individuel with Pure Havane. Overall this is an excellent fragrance for the money and for many this could easily replace Pure Havane in ones wardrobe.
27th June, 2016

A*Men Pure Tonka by Thierry Mugler

Don't blind buy this one. First impression was that this was extremely feminine and after a 10 ml decant that opinion is even stronger. Here's what you'll get: Lavender with a burnt tonka note followed up by an A*men base that has had it's balls cut off. I also get some incense in the base which is the best part of the fragrance. This is basically the female version of Pure Wood. Awful release by TM and should be the last in the Pure line. Stick a fork in it.
07th June, 2016

A*Men Pure Wood by Thierry Mugler

As a fragrance on it's own without the Pure name it's not bad, but nothing interesting or even good. With the Pure name it's a complete failure in a couple of areas. First off this doesn't project or last which is a big no no when it comes to this line. Secondly, it's a generic smelling woody fragrance that's done better in a $10 of Quorum Silver (Cedar). Finally, it looks and smells cheap which isn't something I'd expect from a Mugler fragrance. The wood in here is supposed to smell like oak, but what I smell is plywood and a cheap vanilla in the base. Someone mentioned incense in this or this smelling like an Amouage fragrance.....I think they meant Adidas.
02nd June, 2016

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake

There was AdG and then there was Issey Miyake Pour Homme. These were the two heavy hitters at the time and still to this day people love them. IMPH is known for the combination of Yuzu and florals combined with an aquatic element. Still one of the best summer fragrances ever made and should be at least worn a few times by anyone that calls themselves a fragrance lover.
01st June, 2016

Aqua Amara by Bulgari

It's a watery bitter orange on a base of what smells like ambergris combined with a touch of Olibanum. What you get overall is a very wearable, long lasting, above average projecting, and great smelling summer fragrance. Best of the Bulgari Aqua line which is saying a lot since these are some of the best aquatic fragrances you can buy. This one isn't a typical aquatic, but more of a high end beach club fragrance that stands on it's own. Outstanding summer fragrance.
01st June, 2016

Sauvage by Christian Dior

The best way I can describe Sauvage is organized chaos in a bottle. Demachy basically takes this fragrance and pushes the wearer to the edge of a cliff and then pulls on the back of his shirt collar. There have been days I've worn this that I get that awful harsh synthetic metallic accord and I'm wanting to jump off that cliff and start scrubbing. The next time I wear it the metallic vibe is way off in the distance and I get a very nice clean and comfortable soapy barbershop with a nice blending of the ambroxin. Other times I get more of the patchouli, vetiver, and the ambroxin just smooths it all out. What is consistent with Sauvage is that people around you will absolutely love it. Huge compliment getter and oddly enough people can't describe why they like it. Finally, I don't see this as a generic or safe cologne guy type of fragrance. This has an edge to it that I don't think a lot of people that aren't familiar with notes will enjoy. Sauvage is more complex that it seems and probably is going to be a love or hate fragrance by many. For that I have to give it a thumbs up.
25th September, 2015 (last edited: 11th January, 2016)

Seduction in Black by Antonio Banderas

I enjoy wearing this one. It's a delicious version of black currant and vanilla with a bit of the nutmeg and coriander in the background. If this had a smokiness to it I might even be inclined to say it has an Aventus like vibe. Not bad at all and would make a great work fragrance.
25th September, 2015

King of Seduction by Antonio Banderas

This is basically a fresh take on Seduction in Black in the style of Invictus. Actually, this smells better than Invictus and is a much better buy. I'm not a big fan of this type of fragrance, but I could see it being a great office scent and one that gets a lot of compliments. Performance is pretty much on par with most fragrances of this type and the price is fantastic. I don't like this as much as Seduction in Black, but if you want a better and less expensive alternative to Invictus than look no further.
25th September, 2015

Luna Rossa Sport by Prada

A better name for this would have been Prada Luna Rossa Rosso or Red. The color of the bottle is fitting as this smells like a spicy version of the original and very much fits into the Rouge category. Opens with the spice of the ginger, the slight sweetness of the juniper berry, combined with the freshness of the lavender, and the richness of the vanilla and tonka. The top and heart of ginger, juniper berry, and lavender sticks around for quite awhile and it eventually turns into a smooth pleasant tonka bean/vanilla with more of the signature Prada soapiness coming out.It also retains a bit of that barbershop vibe which is what really separates it from the pack of sport fragrances that are tonka bean heavy (Allure Homme Sport Extreme). Performance was average with decent projection for 3 hours, skin scent in 5, and probably lasting for a total of 6 to 8. If you enjoy Rouge or Red type of spicy fragrances you're going to love this. Another thing to add is this is not powdery at all. Thumbs up!
18th September, 2015

Orange Sanguine by Atelier Cologne

I'll start off by saying that if you like the smell of oranges or citrus in general then buy this ASAP for the summer. The blood orange note is dead on accurate and it smells like you just walking into a citrus factory where they're making fresh OJ. This isn't like Hermes Orange Verte which is more of a citrus grove or orange tree. I don't get all the notes in OS, but there are a few that stand out besides the blood orange during the dry down. Jasmine = no, Geranium = yes, Black Pepper = very slightly yes, Tonka Bean = yes, Sandlewood = no, and Cedar= yes. One of the best citrus openings in the game and overall one of the best summer fragrances you can own.
07th August, 2015

John Varvatos STAR USA by John Varvatos

Having experienced other fragrances in the John Varvatos line such as Artisan, Artisan Black, and Vintage I pretty much knew what I was getting. Star USA is exactly what I thought it would be which is a pleasant smelling fresh fragrance that doesn't project or last, but comes at a very reasonable price. The smell is very pleasant and fresh. Sort of a dryer sheet meets bath and body works, but pleasant none the less. It projects and lasts for an hour or two and then becomes a skin scent which is the norm for JV fragrances. What I do like about this is that it's absolutely the perfect fragrance to wear in hot weather casually. Perfect for a t-shirt and jeans. Great work fragrance also. Yes, it's generic, but I believe there's a place for this in one's wardrobe. Plus it's so inexpensive that it's really hard to say it's not worth it. Also, I had zero problems with the cap. Unless you're extremely uncoordinated it's easy to open and close.
07th August, 2015

Supremacy Silver by Afnan

I know another Aventus clone! Well, yes and no. Yes it is another Aventus clone, but this one actually last and projects like Aventus. The fact that this is and EdP gives Supremacy Silver more credibility than the other Aventus clones that have been produced so far. This also develops on the skin like Aventus. Within the first 3 minutes there's a lot of pineapple and blackcurrant which can make you anosmic.After it settles you'll immediately recognize this as a fruity batch of Aventus. After about 10 to 15 minutes there's a sweetness from the vanilla that gives it that Aventus deliciousness when combined with the other notes. After about 3 hours the dry down starts and that's when you get this really nice slightly smokey skin scent. I usually get about 6 to 8 hours total with good projection for the first 3 or so. This is the only clone that I would call an Aventus replacement.
27th July, 2015

Fahrenheit Absolute by Christian Dior

Dark and angry version of Fahrenheit. It's like walking into the dragons den with a flaming smoldering sword ready to do battle. The addition of myrhh, Oud, and saffron make this one of if not the best rendition of Fahrenheit. Very special fragrance and something every fragrance lover should experience.
07th July, 2015 (last edited: 22nd July, 2015)

Cedrat Boise by Mancera

Cedrat Boise is a fantastic combination of black currant, cedar (woods), leather, with a touch of vanilla. The quality of notes, blending, and balance of the fragrance is what makes this so enjoyable. I'm pointing out the notes that I get throughout the life of the fragrance, but by far the two notes that are front and center are black currant and cedar. This isn't Aventus it's Silver Mountain Water with a much better and bracing citrus opening, heavier on the black currant, minus the tea, and a more complex cedar, leather, and vanilla drydown as opposed to the musky dry down of SMW. Great smelling fragrance!
03rd July, 2015

Dior Homme Parfum by Christian Dior

After wearing this a bit it's really a combination of 3 Dior fragrances. The first fragrance is obviously Dior Homme. DHP uses the same iris note, but it's constantly in the background. The leather from DH on the other hand is front and center and the main note in DHP. There's also rose in this and the more you wear it, the more you'll smell it. DHI is the second fragrance and lends just a bit of its sweetness with some cocoa. Combined with the other notes this has a dark chocolate vibe. The third fragrance is Fahrenheit Absolute. It's not as obvious, but you can smell the myrrh and saffron. There's a lot of wood in the base which some say smells like oud.I agree and it's a lot like the oud note in FA. Overall, DHP is a winner and will please a lot of Basenoters. It's not for everyone, but for those that want an extremely strong version from the homme line this is the one to get.
21st June, 2015 (last edited: 25th July, 2015)