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Danger pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove

The comparisons to GUERLAIN HERITAGE are right on. The argument can made be since it's so much like HERITAGE and a lot pricier, why bother?

I'm not going to tout as any sort of must have. Nor will I pontificate about it being some sort of supremely superior quality fragrance.

But I find it has better longevity and to me also smells a tad more modern to my nose. The cumin is done at a level I like, adding a touch of sensuality that I don't find in HERITAGE.

I love fougeres and this is a novel take. Not exactly "barbershop" to me but kind of. A fast favorite after I sampled it several times.

25th January, 2021

Acqua di Giò Profumo by Giorgio Armani

I was always a bit put off by original Acqua di Gio. It just never really seemed to click with me. Was very light and way too fleeting. I never understood how it was so popular.

When this came out, I was a bit jaded, but saw some positive reviews coming in from all quarters.

I took a leap and blind bought it.

It is quite good. They tinkered it in a way that made it a bit more substantial than the 90s calone monsters. That lighter aspect is still there, but folded in nicely with some other notes.

It's pleasant and versatile. Great work scent. Good easy reach scent for sure.

A strong two thumbs up on this one.
23rd November, 2020

Molecule 04 by Escentric Molecules

Must admit I a fan of this one.

It's a very potent, creamy sandalwood scent that lasts and lasts.

This one can be worn and smelled on its own unlike 01 and 02 which can come and go a bit.

I like layering it with BOIS DU PORTUGAL and EGOISTE.
10th November, 2020
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Casamorati Mefisto by Xerjoff

I popped for a 30ml of this since it is described as similar to SILVER MOUNTAIN WATER but with some legs. It lives up to that.

SMW has a bit more of a hard edge on it with the metallic or inky vibe, but this ends up smelling a lot like SMW after the dry down.

Very unisex but a pleasant and somewhat modern smelling scent. A good warm weather scent, but probably works year round.

A bit like an EdC style scent, but a bit heavier with a touch of musk and sandalwood.

I like layering it with a bit of SMW to get the edgier opening of SMW combined with the longevity of MEFISTO.
27th September, 2020

Fougère Nobile by Nobile 1942

In my ongoing quest for a Rive Gauche replacement, another contender.

Very nice fougere, but wears a bit close for me.

Adds a tobacco note, but really sniffing hard to find it. The tonka is quite nice and sort takes over for the lavender.

It's a decent respectable barbershop scent and nice wear though light.

Falls into my "ok to wear to the dentist" category. Wish it was a bit bolder and the tobacco or the musk more prominent. The basics are all there.

Funwithfrags sums it up nicely: sort of like RIVE GAUCHE meets 1725.
Growing on me more every week.
26th September, 2020 (last edited: 18th November, 2020)

Noble XXI Art Deco Cypress by Clive Christian

I wanted one last fragrance splurge heading into retirement and everything I read made me think this was worth a good look. Short in store test confirmed it.

Yow! This is good. Spicy and woody. Doesn't smell like Bois du Portugal but it is in same sort old rich dude vein. No notes really stand out and dominate. Well blended.

I may not be a millionaire but I sure smell like one. Sometimes a scent is worth the extra scratch to me. This one is worth every nickel.

This is a very rich smelling nice masculine scent. I need to dress up more for this one.
11th September, 2020

Invasion Barbare / SB by MDCI

Over the past four years, this has become close to being my signature scent. I loved it as a work scent.

If you're shopping scents by category, there are many fougeres that are as good or perhaps better and lower priced.

But for me, this one defies easy descriptions and I haven't mentally classified it along alongside FOUGERE ROYAL, 1725, SARTORIAL, FOUGERE NOBILE and others.

I get no lavender and I'm certain it's there. Cardamom, white musk, violets? I guess so. Can't pick out the notes so well on this one.

I think Diamondflame summed it up best for me in his review:

"MDCI Invasion Barbare wears elegantly and has staying power. It smells clean in a vaguely familiar yet intriguing manner."

That sounds fairly boring I suppose but I love this scent. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece or advocate it as "must try." If modern, clean, barbershop and elegant sound appealing, you might give this a shot.
04th September, 2020 (last edited: 25th November, 2020)

Givenchy Gentleman by Givenchy

This is not for everybody. But for mature men it can be quite heavenly.

It's not loud, but it sits nicely on skin once it's fully developed and provides quiet wafts of patchouli, leather a touch of cinnamon.
Nice longevity on me.

One gets the sense it has been tamed a lot in recent years. This one must have been a balls to the wall beast in the 70s.
If I ever get ambitious or rich, maybe seek out a vintage bottle.

03rd September, 2020

Ormonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

Love this one. A nice low key but noticeable woody/coniferous scent.

Would love this as an office work scent. May have to go back to work just to rock this.

Very nicely blended...the black hemlock is a lovely and pronounced note. If there is oud, it's the vey well behaved type. No real sharp edges on this one.

Pretty decent longevity on me. Sillage seems about average.

Classy for sure and stands out to me as different and distinct from most of my scents and the usual masculine "work style" scents.

Ormande Jayne needs to do some more masculines!

22nd August, 2020

The Calling by Phuong Dang

I seem to be the only weak minded Basenoter to have fallen for this one.
Wonder if it's even still around.

Phuong Dang seems to be an artist of sorts who worked with some big name perfumers to create a faux luxury line of perfumes with lots of backstory, oodles of spin, but little real goods.

THE CALLING is the tobacco scent of the limited line and it is loaded with notes. I mean look at the notes...what ISN'T in this?

I was in a "must have tobacco scents" mode and at Barney's when I fell prey to an aggressive SA looking to push their new product line. The open is very loaded and sweet. Perhaps there is some tobacco in there. Haven't found it yet.

I've probably yet to give this a proper wearing since it confuses me so.
This may be a really wonderfully scent sort in the ROJA CREATION E vein.
Maybe will dust it off and try a regular wearing. I'm smelling it on paper now thinking "what the fig was I thinking that day?!?"

Perhaps there are 3,4 maybe even 5 people in the world who would really love this. I'd love to hear Duchaufour explain this scent...

Sometimes it's good many of the stores are closed due to Covid.

19th August, 2020

Bandit by Robert Piguet

This is my second review of feminine scent. I'm not one to go on about chypres and fougeres...particular notes. I don't think I can pull off wearing this but I agree with another reviewer that this is a alpha female scent.

This is one of about three scents that I smell on a woman and she has my undivided attention. (I love perfumed women and there are probably many more I would love, but this one really grabs me).

I'm sure the vintage versions are best, but the EdT sample I have of fairly current issue is plenty dangerous. I love the kind of dirty floral aspect of this stuff: "Sure I'm girly but watch it buddy."

A dark haired women, late 30s to 60s, really dressed up and wearing this...that's a BAD girl. If she's wearing this and wearing ClaireV said- naked aggression. YIKES!

18th August, 2020

Mousse Illuminée by Rogue Perfumery

Well, they don't come any greener or mossier than this.

I sure don't get the POLO references.

It's well done and potent.

I don't hate it but just don't know that I want to smell this mossy.

I sure wish it reminded me of shaving cream. Or something.

It's unique and if you like it, there's nothing else like it.
09th August, 2020

Costume National Homme Eau de Parfum by Costume National

Now that I've retired, I keep running into these scents that would be great for work and this is another one.

A strong spicy scent but subdued enough to be versatile. Really love the spicy cinnamon and cloves in this. That combo sounds old fashioned, but this is a very modern scent.

Nice longevity with spicy little wafts all day.

Sort of in the neighborhood of Egoiste but much more dry and simpler.
05th July, 2020
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Déclaration d'Un Soir by Cartier

Unfortunate blind buy. really like the basic scent but performance is very poor on me. Certainly a nice take on a masculine rose. Tood bad.

Not a thumbs down because what little of the scent I can smell I like.
But horrifically fleeting and no sillage on me at all.
18th June, 2020

Black by Puredistance

This is an interesting scent. Bought on an odd whim, semi-blind buy.
I had sampled and found it lacking but over holidays last year thought I'd jump in anyway.

Glad I did. This one is really hard one to describe. That are a lot of familiar notes in this, but I'm hard pressed to classify it as a "leather scent" or and "incense scent," etc. A little bit of everything- and whatever notes are here are high quality for sure. A novice would know this is pricey.

Vaguely similar to M but much more discreet and overall warmer.
Wears much closer too.

Not for office...very much a date scent because whoever you're with will want to get closer. Catch a whiff of this one and you want more (maybe just to figure out what they are sensing...leather, resins, ambe, spices?)

A devious scent I'd say. Nicely and women can rock this equally in my view. (Jeez would this smell awesome on a swarthy dark haired woman. Borderline illegal).
10th June, 2020

Patchouli Intense / Patchouli Homme by Nicolaï

Man does Patricia Nicolai know how to combine notes. I bought this based on some reviews and my love of NEW YORK INTENSE.
One of those blind buys we fantasize about: freaking blown mind minutes after first spritz to chest.

It is not as noted by others a "patch bomb." If that is what you seek, look elsewhere. But if the lovely interplay of notes in NY INTENSE grabs you, odds are you will love this.

Shockingly potent-- lasted through a shower and still tantalizing wafts were coming up from chest. An unexpected and lovely beast on me.

Somewhat conjures up the 80s sandalwood/patchouli powerhouse bombs, but in a cleaned up,modernized way.

Don't know how I lived without this.
16th May, 2020

Cuir Cavalier by MDCI

Well, nobody has reviewed this so I guess I go first. All I can say is "hmmmph." Many of us can overreact from time to time, and on a trip to Scent Bar, saw this as a new release from MDCI and figured I love INVASION BARBARE so much, I'll have to love this. I did give it a quick sniff in store so not a full blind buy, but kind of.

Oud, Leather, Vanilla....and


Lots and lots of saffron. It may be a quirk or my nose, but after several wearings all I get is saffron. Literally nothing else. I like saffron a lot. But this....

Where is the leather, the oud, the vanilla, rose, white honey...anything else???

Sitting right now nose press to flesh two hours after applying and what I smell is saffron.

In fairness, this may be some quirk of my own nose. There are a couple of other scents I have wherein all I can smell is the saffron notes.
Weird huh?

Wish someone else would weigh in. Curious if it is truly all THAT saffron dominated or it is some quirk of my own biology.
24th April, 2020 (last edited: 17th August, 2020)

Égoïste / L'Égoïste by Chanel

EGOISTE may be the scent that made me realize I was totally a fraghead (though not knowing that term at the time, let alone that fact that all of you existed too.)

When that infamous commercial came out in 1990, I was driven into a frenzy to buy it As with most marketing, the commercials started well in advance of the actual availability of the bottles in stores.

I pestered Macy's Mens "Cologne" counter over phone for awhile and finally the release date arrived.

I remember like yesterday bringing it home and tearing it open. And being awestruck by the scent. Loved the opening blast and still do to this day.

Such a nicely blended scent and fairly unique so it doesn't feel dated to me at all. Nice combination of cinnamon, rose and sandalwood. Cinnamon always a favorite note and this may have been the first I ever tried with a prominent and noticeable cinnamon note.

There are a handful of scents I think that every Basenoter should try if not own and this is on the short list.
24th April, 2020

Pour Un Homme by Caron

There are plenty of reviews here detailing the notes. Lavender, vanilla, musk.

This is just such a nice, pleasant relaxing wear and doesn't smell super old and dated especially in light of the fact that is is ancient in frag terms.

This is one of a small handful of scents that any Basenoter should at least try (if not buy).

It can be found pretty inexpensively. I'm bummed out the EdP version L'Impact seems impossible to find now.

If you like lavender, this is close to, if not the "benchmark" male lavender scent. To me it is to lavender what Guerlain Vetiver is to vetiver.

(Mister Surgery is a pretty tough cookie and he likes it....)
17th April, 2020

Racquets Formula by Penhaligon's

This is such a pleasant barbershoppy wear with good legs, I deeply regret having bought only a 50ml bottle back in 2010.

While it does conjure comparisons to Brut, Clubman, etc, it definitely has some notes that stake out its own disintinct territory.

I love how this one wafts up periodically throughout the day- always leaving me with that "oh my, someone smells really good....oh wait, that's ME!"

Pity it has totally disappeared.
11th April, 2020

Royal Oud by Creed

I remember quickly dismissing this when first released. The Creed rep gave me a sample vile which I tried and thought "pass."

Over time, I noted a lot of positive reviews- some from people who usually eschew Creed.

Got it into my head I needed this and decided to make a risky blind buy (as happens to me from time to time since joining Basenotes). The night before a long out of town trip, made a late night "store-is-about-to-close" run to pick it up. They only had the large bottle which ticked me off.

Now so glad I got the large bottle. Became a fast favorite. Lots of compliments.

I can't add much to the many great reviews here except to say this is really worthy of the praise you mostly see here. Yeah, it's pricey. Hate that too. But it's damn good.

It is a warm, sexy, spicey, woodsy, inviting and comfortable scent. Very rich and versatile. As noted- little oud but Royal indeed!

I think it can easily be worn by young or mature, male or female.

Just a well made scent.

09th April, 2020

New York Intense by Nicolaï

This was love at first sniff. For two and half hours I just sit swooning in the delightful open of New York Intense- everytime I wear it.

I can't think of any other scents I have tried or own that wears as plush, elegant and manly on me. I couldn't feel more centered.

Now, after first couple of hours, it does fade a bit and I'm still getting to know that part of the scent. It does last though.

If Bois du Portugal, Rive Gauche Pour Homme and Heritage are your kind of scents, you owe to yourself to try this.

It doesn't smell like them, but they all are well crafted, refined, rich gentlemanly scents that make you so glad you're a fraghead.

WoW on that open!
18th November, 2018

Baie de Genièvre by Creed

I have several vaulted Creeds and this one is a favorite.

I love a cinnamon note and this has a great one.

To me it wears like a regal version of Old Spice. Not that it smells like Old Spice per se, but has the same sort of personality. Was Creed trying to chanel Old Spice when they created this? I don't know but maybe.

Not the usual "barbershop" vibe but kind of just had a haircut scent.

A shame it's been vaulted but I can see where some of the modern trends left this one in the dust. No one under 35 could probably deal with this.

But it is a nice wear. Several hours of spicey, manly goodness.
12th November, 2018

Hai Karate by Healthpoint Ltd

Every Basenoter has a first fragrance purchase they remember.

Unfortunately, this was mine. As Foeditus says- vile stuff!

Having just crossed the line into being a young lad interested in females, I slapped some on, eagerly anticipating the hoards of girls I would soon be fighting off as shown in the infamous commercial.

It went poorly.

The girl I sat next to in French class deduced the horrible smell was coming from the water proofing treatment her dad had done to her new boots.

I see the notes profile and it looks like this should be at least "ok."

It was not.

In hindsight, I think maybe this was created in the infancy of synthetic scent notes and it ended up like a Frankenstein monster of a fragrance.

Surprising that this traumatic virgin flight of wearing scent didn't scar me for life and scare me into a life of not wearing anything.
10th November, 2018

Fumabat by Couteau de Poche

Very nice scent. Kind of love at first sniff for me due to the strong soapy piney and smokey opening.

Shifts around a bit in full wearing.

Love it, but alas it wears pretty weakly on me. Need more legs on a pricey frag like this.

Worth a sniff. But with only one scent in their whole arsenal, one wonders how long Fumabat will be around.

A well blended scent that can wear equally well on men or women in my opinion.
29th December, 2017 (last edited: 10th January, 2018)

L for Men by Clive Christian

Some days I wake up thinking I want to wear L today. That's what I want to smell like.

I'm horrible with breaking down notes. I would just said this is very nicely blended and reeks of quality ingredients. My nose just sort of gets "tangy woodsy."

Wears a bit closely and longevity is quite good on me. Lasts through a 10 hour workday.

A very nice masculine scent. Zero regets with this pricey purchase.
23rd March, 2017

Jubilation XXV Man by Amouage

I can't add anything that hasn't already been said about the beauty of this scent.

This is a must try for any fragrance aficionado.

I have had dreams of wearing this scent. I will always have a bottle.
It's a bit of a skin scent on me but WHAT a skin scent.

It is majestic.
05th November, 2015

L'Homme Sage by Divine

The review by LiveJazz takes the wind out of my sails. A great description of a scent that to me defies description. I agree with everything he said.

It's strong, but not overpowering, sweet, but not too sweet, manly, but not too manly, etc.

A great saffron and fruit open, followed by "I'm not sure how to describe it." To my nose, I guess the incense dominates after drydown. But not always. Wait...just noticed amber...Ummm, hold on, is that leather? Hey, how they'd get imortelle in here...i dont like imortelle. The notes are so well blended to me that no one note can lay claim to the scent.

Tried this on a rec from a very beautiful woman who knows fragrances well. She thinks this is the hands down best men's scent. I dont know about that, but I found her opinion worth a sniff. So glad I did.

Excellent juice. I have a lot of frags and this is getting worn a lot. Will always have a bottle of this handy.

27th November, 2011

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

Some of us like clean, soapy scents. This is the king of that. Simple, linear, clean, soapy and it lasts all day long.

Forget the listed notes. Not a lot of subtle stuff going on with this one. Frankencense, my a**. But very well made with an awesome shower gel to back it up.

You like soapy? Run, don't walk, to sample this as another reviewer said. Soapy, clean and surprisingly strong.

You don't like that kind of scent and want something subtle, nuanced, deep and complicated? Run away.
30th August, 2011

Extract of West Indian Limes / Extract of Limes by Geo F Trumper

A magnificent burst of lime for sure. But enjoy the opening cause there is no close. Or a middle.
Maybe an hour of lime paradise. Then...

I'll go neutral out of respect for great opening.
04th July, 2011