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L'Art de la Guerre by Jovoy

For me it evokes a medieval castle, a room in which the generals gather to plan in avoiding a fight, how to win the war by diplomacy.
Sophistication clad in leather and chain mail, with books on the wall as well as the polished sword collection.
I bought my own bottle.
13th October, 2020

Casmir by Chopard

I liked it, so I bought it. It's gentle, enough like Cashmere to deserve the name.
06th December, 2015

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

I'm tried the new one, and I've tried the original 1960s. I ended up hunting down the original. For me, the new version smells a lot like L'Air de Rien by Miller Harris, the skankiest of skin perfumes make for Jane Birkin. I onw that and I love it and I didn't feel the need to own another scent that smelled the same after dry down.
So the 60s one. I adore this. My bottle came all the way from the US (via Etsy, a great place for vintage scents), and had leaked only slightly into the plastic wrapper. I keep that on my desk now and it still sinks gloriously after two months.
For me it's a perfume that doesn't smell like perfume, way ahead of its time. Yes, it's a "skin scent" but it doesn't smell like the new version, not after a couple of minutes.
So what is it like? A bunch of flowers held in the hand of a gardener who's been out in the sun digging flower beds all day.
07th March, 2012
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Mayotte / Mahora by Guerlain

This is one of the weirdest things I've ever smelled. Rumour has it that it was such a disaster that most of the scent went straight into the Paris drains. It must be because for the first 20 minutes it smells vile (or it did on me anyway).
It comes out of the bottle shockingly odd, like a garden fire that someone's decided to throw all the household rubbish on, including a plastic doll. Then it morphs into a huge bunch of thothouse flowers. So I'm rating it highly for the sheer audacity of allowing it out into the world on its own. But it clearly wasn't ready.
These days it would never leave the lab. Even the bottle is superbly quirky.
If you do plan on wearing it, make sure you spray it on 20 minutes before you go out in public or you'll risk alienating your friends.
11th February, 2012

Chantilly by Dana

Slightly misleading categorisation up top there. The 1941 version is Houbigant, not Dana.
I own the vintage version...
...which is just gorgeous.
I wasn't expecting anything so marvellous. Houbigant, when I was a kid, made those mid range scents that your mum might get at Christmas if you didn't have much money. (None of my family even knew what Chanel No 5 smelled like, let alone wore it. I'm a little bit intimidated by those people who say that Caron scents remind them of their grandmothers. My grandmother probably did their cleaning.)
Anyway I thought it would be a harsh floral without a lot of character. It turns out to be one of the loveliest things I've ever smelled. Imagine being wrapped in a thick, cashmere blanket with swirls of rose, rasberry and cream. Add an impression of tinned pears (top treat when I was a kid) and handmade vanilla ice cream. All this with high heels and a small, sophisticated hat and beautifully applied lipstick.
Is what it does for me.
30th January, 2012 (last edited: 05th November, 2017)

Omnia Crystalline by Bulgari

Is it too insulting to call Crystalline an inoffensive scent? I don't dislike it, but I don't find much there to make me say "wow" or to reach for the bottle in preference to others I like better.
It makes sense that it's designed for the Far Eastern market; I got mine secondhand at a Japan Relief fundraising party in Tokyo. So someone else wasn't that impressed either.
To me, it smells as if someone has tried amazingly hard to make the perfect perfume for a Japanese salaryman's wife, one that won't offend anyone, is polite and genteel and pleasing and goes by almost unnoticed.
Before I'd read about the notes s contains, I'd have said sweet orange to start with, followed by synthetic flowers of no particular variety and a really light wood. I guess balsa wood is a light as you can get, but I've no idea what it smells like. Nashi fruit is a pear that looks like an apple, but I don't pick up either of those; the bamboo in my garden smells only lightly of green, general purpose plant. It's hardly known for its defining aroma, is it?
So I'd sum up Crystalline as a light, airy, pale perfume that fades into the background and prefers not to challenge the status quo.
10th November, 2011