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Gypsy by Smell Bent

The patchouli note overwhelmed for about 20 minutes until it settled enoughto perceive the other notes.
28th April, 2021

La Saisons: Printemps by Van Cleef & Arpels

This was nosed by Thierry Wasser, I assume before becoming Prince of Guerlain. It's very very green, bright green notes, clover leaves flowers- until an amber basenote appears. That combination presents an odd, but not unpleasant contrast to my nose. Based on the lack of reviews, this was not a huge commercial success. I have all 4 of the "Saisons" line; they're all pleasant, with that VC&A refinement, but certainly not masterpieces, IMO.
12th March, 2021

Pivoine by Yves Rocher

A pleasing, yet unspectacular, fresh light floral grounded with clove and carnation.
04th February, 2021
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Oleander by Lili Bermuda

These remarks are for the vintage formula in a multi-faceted bottle and logo with a crown image on top. I have never sniffed the re-release in the square bottle and likely never will, based on the two previous reviews.
My bottle contains juice that is a sweet creamy floral with a current of herb running through it, which makes it enjoyable to my nose. As always, YMMV.
05th June, 2020

Sonia Rykiel by Sonia Rykiel

A nicely blended gourmet oriental that takes me to a cozy head space. I really must pull out my 50ml EdT bottle more often.
14th December, 2019

Time Collection '70 by Mila Schön

Time Collection '70 has a smooth and velvety opening like apricot skin. it's sweet, but not cloying. Fruit grounded by the bergamot and the touch of sandalwood. The vanilla is prominent as well. Linear, but very pleasant to wear. Bought this EDP as a blind buy on super clearance with no knowledge of this house, so this was a successful purchase. As always, YMMV.
12th October, 2019

Neroli Chamomile by Elizabeth W

Launched 2006. Published notes are: neroli, ylang-ylang, iris, herbs, wild rose, hawthorn and Roman chamomile. Neroli Chamomile is a very soft scent, with longevity like an EdT instead of the EdP as labelled. On my skin, the chamomile, hawthorn, and iris are most prominent. It is a comforting and calming creation which has served me well during air travel and Dr. appointments. As always YMMV.
25th September, 2019

Very Cool for Women by Tommy Bahama

The top notes of this EDP which acts more like a EDT are lovely,fresh, and cooling. But the musk & cinnamon notes are soooooo synthetic to my nose that this ends up being headache inducing on me. But YMMV, and I really do like those top notes, so Tommy Bahama very cool gets a Neutral from me.
19th September, 2019

Yin by Jacques Fath

Peony, peach, clean musk, some other notes I can't separate out. Possibly iris, as it has a very slight powdery feel. A blind buy that it perfect for day wear and warm weather.
08th September, 2019

Mousse Illuminée by Rogue Perfumery

This is the first scent I've tried from the Rogue sample set which are dabs, not sprays. If Mousse Illuminee is representative of this house's work, it's going to be both fun and challenging to explore this house.

What a complex, compelling, potently rich & superbly blended creation. This herby & foresty comingled notes results in a simultaneously fresh & cozy effect. It's perfectly named as it goes on dark and lightens and brightens as it wears. Not a "pretty" frivolous scent, it's unisex (as labelled), yet there are echoes there- not in the notes but in the feeling- of landmark female marketed scents like Ma Griffe or Azuree.

Great work, Manuel Cross!

06th August, 2019

Rock the Rainbow Oh so Orange by Juicy Couture

Buy the cheapest bottle of orange soda available and smell it. That sums up Juicy Couture Rock the Rainbow Oh so Orange. No realistic notes here.
05th August, 2019

Douce Amère by Serge Lutens

I can't improve on the previous reviews except to add the best part from me is the mid and especially the dry down. Longevity is a good 12 hours on my skin.
04th July, 2019

Parfum du 68 by Guerlain

This scent comes simple, heavy bottle with an etching highlighting the Paris Guerlain building at 68 Champs Elysee. My box was purchased at the Guerlain shop in Las Vegas in 2015, thus illustrating my favorable view of this scent that I actually paid retail for it. :) The name on the brochure enclosed is "Le 68 Eau de Parfum", not Parfum du 68. I think this is significant in showing this EdP is a different, more streamlined combination of notes than those in the previously released the glorious Cologne du 68 which boasted the use of 68 notes of most every flower and herb imaginable. (I also own and love that scent,can you tell?) Le 68 is most definitely unisex to my nose, though it is marked masculine above. It's a benzoin & spice fluffy pillow. Longevity is 8-10 hours on me, sillage is surprisingly moderate for a Guerlain.
15th April, 2019
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Hard Candy by Hard Candy

Strangely enough, I like this big brash gourmand with ridiculous copy on the box "A steamy fusion of mysterious confections & rebellious spices...ribbons of luscious caramel with an exotic bouquet...a sultry sugar rush to tease your senses." A rhubarb note keeps it fresh enough until the big candy caramel note comes out. I paid $13 for a 100 ml bottle 4 years ago.
20th March, 2019

Intrigue by Carven

I'm happy to have this complex chypre in my collection and need to wear it more often. It really lovely to my nose. It really doesn't smell like it was created in 1986.
23rd October, 2018

Bronze by Ellen Tracy

Nose is Pierre Negrin who has created scents from designer to Amouage and Jo Malone. Bronze on my skin has a very light citrus opening followed by slightly powdery heliotrope, which reads more like iris on me, and settles quickly into a quiet woody, nutty base. I agree totally with rogalal review in that it's not a compelling scent. But it's very pleasant, wearable cheapie that works in all weather. I also purchased a 2013 flanker Exotic Bronze blind, which is a truly dreadful synthetic fruity mess. Stick with the Original 2011 Bronze.
08th August, 2018

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain

I love the minty herbal grassy mix in this EDT especially in extreme heat. It smell so authentically natural and yet refreshes. It is an EDT so I don't expect it to last more than a few hours. At the price point, that's reasonable. It's still a very quality scent from a good house. As always, it's only my opinion and YMMV.
09th July, 2018

vo·cab·u·lary : Woody by Smell Bent

I find the scents in this collection "" play well together as layered scents but are very monotone individually. Which is, perhaps, what the perfumer had in mind when assembling the collection of musk, citrus, green, floral, dry, woody.
09th April, 2018

Parfum Privé by La Perla

Parfum Privee is quite the old school perfume, considering it was launched in 1998. On my skin, I got a huge nose full of talcum powder for the top, then a delicate orange, prominent yellow and white flowers, sandalwood. It's very smooth and cuddly for a chypre. Can't afford La Perla's garments but this scent is very easy to wear.
02nd March, 2018

K de Krizia by Krizia

Hail Maurice Roucel for this beauty! To my nose this is a gorgeous floral aldehyde chypre top with a smooth balsamic and resinous base. I've got several backups of this lovely. So much more wearable than some of the powerhouses of the era it was marketed in, too, so smooth and cuddly.
30th October, 2017

Queen by Queen Latifah

By all the warm balsamic notes & spice in the composition I should love this. It's not bad, and it's a tremendous bargain scent but on my skin it just emits a coldness, even a little waxiness of a funeral bouquet, that makes me want to skip over it's cute little bottle when choosing my scent.
16th October, 2017

In White by J del Pozo

Neutral leaning up.

For a white floral nosed by Francis Kurkdjian, it's somewhat generic. That is not to say it's bad. It is a tremendous value in a soft, non chemical smelling, understated white scent. I personally think it's unisex. Would I buy another bottle? No, but it's nice to have a "low key" white to pick on days where some whites scents get into screechy territory. It's a mezzo, not a soprano. Nothing wrong with that.
25th June, 2017

Tocadilly by Rochas

This is one of those light scent treats with a lot of pedigree in the nose (Sheldrake) and bottle designer (Mansau). It has bang for the buck even though it's more of a cologne than a EDT in terms of longevity. Pleasant, very pleasant in warm weather. But i won't replace it when it's gone, swinging my to a neutral instead of an enthusiastic thumbs up.
As always, YMMV.
02nd May, 2017

Iced White by A Dozen Roses

Discreet faint floral, a pretty slightly soapy musk, and a nice osmanthus note sums Iced White up for me. Abysmal lasting power on me. The series has beautiful bottles, I'll give that to the designer. The juice is barely worth the $15 I paid for it, but certainly not the niche original price of over $100. 2 1/2 stars.
10th April, 2017

Birmane by Van Cleef & Arpels

A good quality blended juice and very comfortable to wear. Unisex to my nose due to the oriental / amber/ rosewood notes. foetidus nails it in his review.
29th March, 2017

Iquita by Alain Delon

The previous reviewer of 11 (11!) years ago said it was perfect for Carmen Miranda. LOL. Clearly the perfume world did not knock itself out running after this scent. But, I need to pull this neglected bottle out more because it just works as a comfy pretty scent for me. The box of my EDT says my bottle was made in Switzerland. My impression of Iquita is more toned down than a full blown Carmen, maybe a Swiss miss channeling her inner Carmen in a fresh spring meadow. LOL

Yep, this(discontinued) EDT is fruity but without overwhelming the nose with sugary notes, so I think that's a good thing. I get plum, bergamot, tart raspberry and some citrus with a gentle woodsy/orrisy/musk in the base.

28th March, 2017

Elf-Fulfilling Prophecy by Smell Bent

Smell Bent is an underrated little niche house with a lot of change up in creations. I believe this is discontinued.Elf-Fulfilling Prophecy is a delightful warm scent. When the perfume oil warms on the skin, the tobacco note laced with cinnamon is absolutely smooth as silk and soft as cashmere.

25th November, 2015

5th Avenue NYC by Elizabeth Arden

On my skin, EA 5th Avenue NYC was synthetic from top to bottom except for a nice jasmine note, which lasted all of a New York minute. This scent is showing up on discount store shelves for very low prices, but even if they gave it away it's not for me.
22nd October, 2014

Dune by Christian Dior

Jean Louis Sieuzac's Dune

The nose for Dune, Jean-Louis Sieuzac, also created such iconic scents as Opium for YSL, Bel Ami for Hermes, Oscar for De la Renta, and Fahrenheit, also for Dior. On my skin, Dune in the woman's marketed version in EDT concentration is dry herbs, non-cloying florals, precious woods and resins baked in the hot sun. The blending of these components is magnificently handled.
Compared to Opium, oversprayed by women everywhere when it was introduced, Dune is downright subtle in its presence. It's a keeper for those who are patient enough to let it evaporate fully on your skin and let the magic happen.
14th July, 2013

Noontide Petals by Tauer

Modern twist on floral aldehyde

On my skin, Noontide Petals is a bright feminine scent with 8 hour longevity from 1 large dab or two sprays. As mentioned in other reviews, it has a vintage feel due to the aldehydes. But in Tauer's creation, the aldehydes are a sparkling uplifting mechanism that results in the composition having a feeling of sunshine. The artistry is that the aldehydes do not make me feel like I've been attacked with a can of AquaNet hairspray, as the creations of the midcentury scents did. Smells divine and expensive (which it is).


09th June, 2013