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Office for Men by Fragrance One

Bought this on ebay from a guy who got 'pay 1 get 2 deal' and was willing to sell the second bottle for a good price. Plainly out of curiosity.

If you are a bit familiar with the fragrance market, I believe there is nothing new in Office for Men that you didn’t smell before. I feel like it is a chemically powered up mix of the recent hits, it is indeed quite strong and lingering for a fresh fragrance. Especially the top notes explode quite strong. Then again I feel I can smell this synthetic dance going on, you just can’t inhale it with joy, like you do with most Atelier Cologne fragrances such as Cedrat Enivrant.

One can say that it smells like Aventus, Sauvage, Gio, BdC put in a bottle and stirred a bit, however this cocktail itself, to me it smells a bit raw, as if it is a base accord rather than a fully developed perfume, even though I confirm it has mass appeal and people around you ask about it. This raw feeling I am talking about, I feel in some Morillas releases either, like Gio Essenza. It definitely smells much better when you smell it from some distance.

I don’t feel a lot of layers in the smell, just that the bright and shiny citrus-bergamot top notes give way to an ambroxan base. Other than that I can say it smells quite linear.

Because that I believe there is nothing new, creative or artistic quality in the fragrance, I don’t think that it will attract the attention of people who are already wearing and familiar with fine designers and niche fragrances, with its quality. I would’ve said that it could attract a younger audience or people who are not willing to go the extra mile for fragrances but for that, the price seems as a hindrance. Now I am not in a position to tell people how they should spend their money, however I can benchmark. For 160€ (and less) you can get better fragrances.

I have the 3rd version, black bottle. But still I can say the box, bottle and the lid they don’t have an exciting look.

I see that Jeremy’s fundamental purpose for the fragrance is to smell very good, smell a lot, lingering, and have mass appeal (compliments). Ok, you have them all. (Smell very good part, i confirm it for people who are not that into fragrance world. Still I can change the ‘very’ to ‘quite’). Plus he has these terms in his website as like a manifesto, so I am not criticizing him for walking the talk.

While I was wearing this, yes day 1, I got a ‘you smell good’ comment. I wear fragrance everyday to job but I connect this comment to Office for Men’s high sillage and mass appeal.

I can’t say i like Jeremy himself, but i just wanted to review the juice. Bottomline, there is no reason to dislike this juice, apart from the price, but also it doesn’t have anything to say to the perfume aficionado. Probably intentionally.

If you like the vibe of Aventus, Sauvage, BdC, and you want it to be strong (both sillage and longevity), try a sample.

Neutral: For lack of originality(nobody said it would be), and the high price.
05th November, 2019

Désert by Fragonard

This is a very good fragrance when you compare it with its price. I got mine in Grasse, it was pretty cheap for a 100 ml bottle. There are like 250 ml and 500 ml options which are much cheaper per ml but of course it is huge to invest in that especially if you have many fragrances.

Desert in my opinion is similar to Nikos Sculpture, but it doesn't have any of the nose-screeching synthetic vibe or sweetness of Nikos.

It is a sweet tobacco fragrance but it is never cloying, real mature one. The citrus notes on top give a wet, fresh total fragrance experience.

I don't see any connection with the name, so don't expect any oriental spicy notes. People around me like it and have been asked a couple of times about what it is.

The sillage is adequate and gets weaker during the day but it is pretty enduring, i can still smell it on me in the afternoon when i have a few sprays in the morning.

It may seem a simple fragrance whn you try it first, but give it some time, it is a real delight to wear this.
28th March, 2019

Néroli d'Ispahan by Boucheron

My wife loved that at first sniff during a short trip in Cannes, and that love cost me quite some time to find it again a retailer that sells it, and of course also the unusual price tag.

I don't like the fact that almost every brand has their niche line now at crazy prices, D&G, Givenchy, Zegna, Bulgari Gemme etc.

However this one is a jackpot, need to congratulate the lady now. It is a perfectly fresh, feminine leaning unisex, all time versatile fragrance.

Don't let the name Neroli or Ispahan fool you. It doesn't have the same classic eau de cologne vibe as Neroli Portofino or its wannabes. Neroli is just an intermediary here to a fantastic amber (ambroxan of course, but perfectly worked), cardamom and musk concotion.

Ispahan may also ring some orientalist, heavy-sweet smell bells but no, it has nothing like that.

The sillage and the staying power is also immense. I can't believe how they could make this light aroma that much long lasting.

The smell doesn't change a lot, which is not a bad thing because it smells fantastic.

So even though it is a bit expensive, give it a try,I am sure you'll love it.
28th August, 2018
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La Yuqawam pour Homme by Rasasi

I don't prefer clones but Tuscan Leather being both very expensive and aggressive for my taste, led me to look for alternatives and this one had much rave going on on the net.

Which turned great all the way.

I recently bought a bottle blindly and have been wearing for a couple of days now.

It is a very, very succesful clone of TL, but also has its own perks. I think the difference could be perceived by TL users.

Anything that led me not to buy TL, is corrected with La Yuqawam.

Much cheaper :)
Not that aggressive
Doesnt have the shoe polish harshness
More raspberry so a tart bit sweeter vibe.

I think I will wear this a lot this Autumn-Winter
22nd August, 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

I really can't believe (in a good way of course) that a Gucci, who has long lost their way in fragrance division, finally came up with something like this. Also surprised that it is from Alberto Morillas. This is definitely not from one of these quite forgettable Guilty flankers

Imo Gucci Guilty Absolute is a shining gem in designer perfume world in 2010s.

Starts with a slightly medicinal and animalic leather, accompanied by a smoky patchouli and vetiver, this is as sophisticated as a good niche perfume is. Not for the feeble hearted, i can't say it would attract many people to its light (especially in warmer climates). However still this is a great fragrance for me except for Summer.

If you like this and don't want to live another GPH/Envy incident, grab a few backup bottles while you can.

Has good longevity and decent sillage, very suitable for Kouros, APLS, GPH lovers
07th May, 2018

B683 Eau de Parfum by Marc-Antoine Barrois

It really smells nice and äcts as a second skin for many hours.

It has a very soft suede-like saffron nutmeg opening and amber starts to push in heart notes. Base is i think pure ambroxan that we see in many fragrances nowadays but still all in all this smells very nice. It's real soft and calming that I don't think you can overspray this. Pretty office friendly and perfectly unisex.

My only concern is price, when i checked it was 145 euros/100 ml, i don't think it is worth that, 90-100 max.
03rd April, 2018

Une Fleur de Cassie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I don't know it changed after the EL handover but i remember this one smelling stronger before.

Anyway, i feel it smells like rattan beach mats which i really love to smell, always reminds me of summer. However it is pretty weak. I apply it liberally like 8-10 sprays but after 1 hour it becomes a skin scent, I can hardly smell it.

I really like the smell but would never buy at that price level
03rd April, 2018

Black Muscs by Alexandre.J

I think from bottle to scent this house is a Montale wannabe, which is also not a very original house either.

This fragrance has a linear light transparent rose base and some synthetic musk, that's it. It is overpowering, cloying and disturbing, if sprayed more than two.

I can't agree more with Alfarom. If there are SAs that can sell this at his price level, I would like to congratulate them personally, they can sell anything from pet rocks to unicorn tears.
03rd April, 2018

Monsieur. by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Sadly i didn't have the chance to smell the famous Givenchy Gentleman that is compared, but this one is a great patchouli fragrance. I really like the quasi-linear earthy patchouli, combined with nice boozy and citrus notes.

Has great performance and very masculine
07th March, 2018

Oud Minérale by Tom Ford

Hated it. Reminds me of a home made beginner fragrance full of calone, floralozone, cheap ambroxan etc. a chemical mess.
Save your hard earned money for something else.
25th September, 2017

African Leather by Memo

I like all the Memo range I tried and happily own a bottle of Irish Leather.

I've been sampling this for a week and I feel it is kinda like the niche version of Xeryus Rouge (which I also liked a lot back in its days)

The only drawback of the brand is that it is too expensive, I wish they be 100 ml at least instead of 75

30th March, 2017

Black Orchid Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

This is a bomb. Definitely has the wow factor with its sweet flowery concoction but the mystery intrigues me. How can men wear this fragrance at all? It reeks of femminile appeal.

Once was a good selection for femme fatale types but now due to its uber popularity, i do not suppose women would like to smell like everybody.
03rd April, 2015

Havana by Aramis

I do not have any idea hoe the vintage smelled like, but i had a new bottle recently. Actually i think it does what it claims to be, an exact answer to the question, what if Aramis tries to make a sweet-tobacco cologne.

It is a gourmand for +40, try it for yourself, very interesting fragrance.
03rd April, 2015
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D&G Le Bateleur 1 by Dolce & Gabbana

classic, makes-no-sense-aquatic. D&G had a big marketing launch with this series but all of them were failures.
03rd April, 2015

DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan

Though it was incredibly popular in its days, i see that the fame has waned. So i think nowadays it is a good opportunity for retro lover ladies. I always liked Roucel's work with this one.

The classic and refreshing green apple smell of DKNY makes me smile.
03rd April, 2015

Chrome Sport by Azzaro

hmpf. smells like aluminium foil, if it had a smell. pass, it is not hard to see this in discount bins.
03rd April, 2015

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

I have to give this a neutral, it is a nice fragrance but this is exactly what i'd have expected from davidoff or calvin klein. Smellwise, it has a light cedary-woody grapefruit focus.

I am sure it can continue to be a crowd pleaser since it is quiet non-offensive and fresh. Besides, Chanel still has a very big brand name among the %99
03rd April, 2015

Terre d'Hermès Parfum by Hermès

If you prefer the great smell of Terre a tad bit milder on your skin, with less projection but huge longevity, this is the one for you.
03rd April, 2015

Fahrenheit Parfum by Christian Dior

Well this is a nice fragrance but definitely a great letdown for the iconic Fahrenheit. Though it slightly reminds of its hommage, but it is just a sweet likeable fragrance at all.
23rd February, 2015

Eight & Bob by Eight & Bob

I was such in a rush to try this one while I was abroad, such good old days, and i expected a lot from marketing. What I smelled is a generic, shy-woodsy generic fragrance. Just meh.
23rd February, 2015

Antico Caruso by Profumum

It is quite interesting to see that after ten whole years, a niche brand goes and makes an exact Le Male clone with that price range. Way to go.
23rd February, 2015

I Love New York for Earth Day by Bond No. 9


Very good green floral, but it is for women imo.

03rd June, 2013

Lippizan by Parfums de Marly

Not for this price

A nice, smooth, vetivery aromatic fougere quite in the same vein with Loewe Esencia. While it smells slightly better and softer than Esencia, its performance is disappointing.  Apply generously, this is weak. I mean l'artisan weak.

Pros: Masculine, smooth
Cons: weak

22nd May, 2013

Eros by Versace

A 1 Millionized fragrance with reminders of Guichard's previous works such as mint from le Male Terrible, but this one is a mess. I'd never wear it but I see that it was designed as a money maker, I think it will sell more then ok especially to teenage males.
25th April, 2013

Blu Mediterraneo : Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

A very neat citrus/fig/light wood combination. Not milky&sweet like Marc Jacobs, it is a go for admirers of Dune and Phylosikos.

Infact i like all the Blu Mediterraneo series, they are more than OK with a reasonable price. This one is one of the best in the series and perfect for spring/summer and office.
04th April, 2013

Invasion Barbare / SB by MDCI

This one is a masterfully created and excellent fragrance. I am not that into fougery type of fragrances but this and HdP 1725 made my day. They resemble each other imo and because of the price and availability, I will continue buying HdP line but i am also very happy with my decant of Invasion Barbare.

I do not know any other works of Stephanie Bakouche, but considering this one, it is a must that more fragrances be released with her collaboration.

Longevity is excellent while in a 3-4 hours, it becomes a skin scent in my case. But really, what a fragrance! Like mentioned before, it is dangerous to get a sample or decant, you may crave for it.
04th April, 2013

Armani Eau de Nuit by Giorgio Armani

Well this one seems like Armani's jump on the iris/suede touch but it is a little bit late after Dior Homme/Intense's suceess. Not a bad fragrance per se, but especially on the top notes, it is impossible to miss that this is a Dior Homme wannabe. Neutral.
31st March, 2013

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Very strong and bitter. I can't stand that much leather and find pointless anyway. For the admirers of the genre, it can be OK with its potency and sillage but I think the leather lovers already know some other fine leather fragrances much more cheaper than this one.
27th March, 2013 (last edited: 16th April, 2013)

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

Shouts it is a Kurkdjian work, has signature of him overall. It reminds me a mix of Lumiere Noire pour Homme&pour Femme, but of course leaning to the feminine side. Very classy and women who discover and wear this is very lucky (NR being not very popular brand here in my land)
27th March, 2013

Juniper Sling by Penhaligon's

I like this one's spring cool refreshing effect with the greatly adapted gin-fizz juniper note but the enjoying is quite short. Very, very short lived one to call even a fragrance. Would never buy but happily finish up if gifted.
25th March, 2013