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Vanille Debauche by Perfumes by Terri

This fragrance is by Kyse which the perfumer is Terri - to clarify.

And.. WHOA.. this fragrance is phenomenal. It opens as sort of a dried berry and woodsy smell before a light tobacco creeps in. 15 minutes in, it reminds me very much of a natural cherry pope tobacco, but with the addition of a beeswax, or neutral and non sweet amber. It's fantastic! It's linear, and totally bottle worthy to me, Getting a bottle soon!

Fwiw, Fragrantica, a lot compare this to Tobacco Vanille. I may get a little bit of the vanilla in the dry down, but the tobacco notes are very different. Plus the dry down here is more Vanilla and amber. If this wasn't so much a skin scent, and got some good marketing, it could sell like hot cakes. Very good fragrance, and so far, I think the best from the brand, due to being the most versatile.

Also, it's crazy how Speedracer refers to the strawberry smelling dolls. Lol, I didn't even read his review, and that was the first thing I thought of when it hit my skin. A very cozy and nostolgic feeling. I thought maybe it was going to go feminine on me, but it couldn't be further from that. It turned into an uber masculine fragrance. This one is certainly a sleeper.
15th September, 2021

Crema di Lime e Cognac by Kyse Perfumes

I am making this review using my iPhone microphone to dictate my text so if there are any typos or misunderstandings keep that in mind. I’m sure many of you have used this feature on your phone and know that it’s not very reliable but I do not have access to my computer right now.

This is my first Kyse fragrance I have tried. I think it’s pretty nice, but I was hoping for more lime which I do not get here is the name implies.

To me, the opening kind of smells like a barbershop fragrance. It smells like shaving cream with a little hint of lime. Although I can also see it coming off as somewhat of a Keylime pie gourmandy type of smell. I think the projection is not strong but not weak either. As it dries down it takes on a burnt sugary sort of note, with maybe some type of jasmine or some type of floral white floral note I would go as far as calling it feminine right now. It’s a little bit powdery too. The little bit of lime that I got in the opening is gone already and since I have the base on my other hand there is no more lime inside unfortunately. I do get a boozy vibe from the dry down I guess you could call it cognac. It’s a little bit Sweet a little bit ambery, and a little bit powdery.

Overall, nothing real special imo, nothing that deserves any love. Not gonna blow off anyone’s socks. It’s mediocre.

this would be my introduction to the brand, I bought about eight of the fragrances and samples I plan on testing them moving forward in the coming weeks and I will give my feedback in the review section here. I don’t really have high hopes for this house I think they are more of a novelty brand than anything. I will say that the way the samples came or very nice they’re not a typical long cylindrical sample vials they are a little stout vials, chunky and really cute, the labels are also great. they all have little pictures. if I could figure out how to upload a picture with my review I will do that.
14th September, 2021

What About Adam by Joop!

I bought a mini of this and I really loved it. the tomato leaf note is fantastic. About a year later, I splurged for a full bottle from a seller on Ebay.. I'm sure the fragrance is authentic, it came sealed and the seller specializes in discontinued fragrances, and has great feedback, plus I've dealt with them before. Unfortunately, the fragrance didn't smell as crisp as in the sample, and the dry down kinda of gets to me. In the sample, I recall it being more thoroughly green, but in the full bottle, it takes on more of a powdery old school base, in the dry down. Kind of reminds me of Jazz, or maybe Caren Homme.. dare I say, I even get some body odor vibes. Guess I'll just hang on to it, and maybe down the road, somebody else who likes it more than I do will welcome it to their collection. Though my thoughts on the opening have not changed, best tomato leaf note around, bar none.
22nd August, 2021
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Polo Cologne Intense Eau de Parfum by Ralph Lauren

On the plus side, Cologne Intense is modern and refreshing, it's not so heavy on the synthetic woods, and Ambroxan. On the negative.. it's not very interesting, and smells nothing like Polo, or Modern Reserve.

To me, the opening smells a lot like Polo Black. Peachy, if I say so. drying down into a creamy slightly spicy peachy/mandarin accord. The base brings in a lot of cinnamon to me.

Basenotes, and more so Fragrantica have a lot of reviews comparing it to the original Polo, I don't get it at all. I thought maybe I bought a dud? Then a few others agreed with my comparison to Polo Black. I'm still not sure quite honestly. I may seek after another bottle, to see if it differs. As for now.. I could take or leave it.
22nd August, 2021

Eterno by Vince Camuto

This is horrible from opening to finish.

It starts off as somewhat of a soapy thing, quickly transcends into a slight mint and patchouli, smells a bit old school, but definitely the most tolerable part of the fragrance. I do pick up on Sichuan pepper, but it kind of has a cardboard smell. During this middle, it really reminds me a lot of 1881 Belle Notte, or maybe a spicier version of Diptyque Eau de Minthe. The base is a chemical "clusterfail", easily the worst part.

It smells nothing like Givenchy Play to my nose either. Play is sweet and creamy, this is spicy and dirty. I think soapy patchoulis are one of the worst and most foul combinations ever, it's hard to pull off, but they are unique. Here's an example of failure.
20th August, 2021

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

Best soapy fragrance around? I think so. While Patrick is certainly in the running.. I'd call that more of a green soapy scent while Infusion d'Homme is more of a white soapy scent. This couldn't be done more perfect. It lasts long, it projects well, it reeks of high quality. Sadly, you can expect to pay high discontinued prices. I still have a full bottle, and although I rarely wear it, it's good to know that I paid about $35 for mine some years back. I thought it was just a simple generic soapy fragrance back then. Fast forward all these years later, tons and tons more fragrances, I can honestly say, there is really nothing quite like Infusion d'Homme.
12th June, 2021

Versace l'Homme by Versace

One of the best bang for your buck designer masculine traditional "cologne" style aromatics around. That was a mouth full. Seriously, this smells like a barbershop! Fresh lemon top notes, that becomes herbal and then woody. It's cheap as can be online, I think I paid $15 for my bottle. It has solid performance, it's very versatile, and it's classy. Doesn't smell expensive, nor cheap, just right in the middle. I'd recommend this for a man in his 40's looking for a signature scent that won't break the bank. I own a bottle simply because I enjoy it, among my other 450+ bottles, this one still brings something to the table.
12th June, 2021

Versace pour Homme Oud Noir by Versace

To me, this is a better, and longer lasting version of Versace Man. Probably the reason that one was discontinued, and this one went from limited production into mass production, some years back. This used to be very hard to find, and even now, it still isn't easy to obtain.

I mostly get a mix saffron, tobacco, leather, berries and spices. The oud in here is light, and not overpowering. This is someone in the same genre as Varvatos Vintage, Jubilation XXV, Burberry London, and others of that dried fruit or berries sort of top notes, with a rich dry down. It's hard to resist stuff like this if you're a real frag head, but it's also not gonna sell well to the mass majority, because it's not fresh, and necessarily a compliment getter.
12th June, 2021

Versace Man Eau Fraîche by Versace

I wish I could detect the star fruit note listed, like I could in the old CK Crave, but it just isn't here.

Although I find this fragrance quite enjoyable, it's also very short lasting, and very linear. It's mostly a tangy lemon and tangerine, or mandarin orange. Not a typical classic citrus combination, more of a youthful style. The citrus does smell natural at times, and I even think of Jean Claude Ellena's work at some points. Where JCE always takes the route of Iso E Super as a supporting backbone to his fragrances, Cresp kept it more linear, to where I don't even really detect any woods, or other supporting base notes. Fast forward 20 minutes, I start to pick up on tarragon, giving it a the distinctive peppery/anise like smell that tarragon does so well. The sage is also hard to detect behind the melange of citrus fruits.

Sadly, it's just too light, too soft, too linear, and too boring for me. It's also overpriced for what you get, even at discounted prices. For much less, you can get the much unknown (but an absolute star to those who do know it) Banderas Blue Seduction, and get the added bonus of a fantastic mint note, and a dash of creamy coffee in the mid, that piques the interest of many who have smelled it. The retail price of Blue Seduction is still just a mere fraction of the discounted price of Eau Fraiche. The first 20 minutes of the 2 side by side, it's hard for most people to even detect a difference. Plus, personally, I have gotten A LOT of compliments wearing Blue Seduction, and none (to my recollection) wearing Eau Fraiche. If you're a young guy and wanna show off that you own a Versace bottle, then by all means, this is for you, this is the one I'd recommend, that's the most mass appealing, and also light.. which is something a lot of people actually want (though not many of us BN'ers). For me, as someone who doesn't much care about what brand makes a fragrance as much as the skills of the perfumer who makes it, I will take Blue Seduction any day of the week over Eau Fraiche. I won't be buying Eau Fraiche again, if I ever do run out.

To clarify though, it's a great fragrance. There's nothing off putting about it. I love the bottle style, and how unique it is. It's like a total 70s style woman's fragrance bottle, just as the original Versace Man was, but the fragrance inside is unexpecting, if you had no idea what it was. The aqua blue, gives you some clue that it's gonna be really fresh, as does the name.

Now since revisiting this, I will remember to recommend it more often to those who want something light and inoffensive, because I know every time I recommend a celebrity fragrance, people immediately write it off.
12th June, 2021

Herrera Confidential : Virgin Mint by Carolina Herrera

I gotta say.. I'm a bit disappointed with Virgin Mint. Despite it being a favorite to a good friend of mine, whom i speak to frequently about mint fragrances, in this case, I gotta disagree.

The opening here is all about the citrus. I'm met with a tart, but natural citrus, with a lot of bergamot. A hint of an almost vanilla like sweetness with a floral green vibe, I could only assume it to be the geranium. A very light geranium at this point in the opening, not like many geraniums I've smelled. Before you know it, the mint starts to emerge. The mint in this is light, and grassy, a little soapy too, and also a little smokey. It kind of just smells like a shower gel at this point.. I'm sad to report it this way. It reminds me of an Axe shower gel I had.

After about 10 minutes, I get more mint, but it's light. it's working with geranium to create and a floral and herbal sort of quality. To clarify, this is not floral in a feminine way. I start to detect a weird watery sort of note, as well as lime at this point in the mid. The lime is like a candied lime, and the watery note reminds me of that in Bond No 9 Wall Street. By the end I don't really get vetiver, but I do get a peppery green note, that they may be calling vetiver here. Although there are vetiver oils that can be peppery, to me this smells more like cedar, or Iso E.

All in all, there's a lot more going on here than the pyramid suggests, in my opinion, although it's simple, and well blended, it certainly smells different on skin, than on clothing and paper.

Like Smell'd says, that bottle and presentation is great. The box leaves something to be desired, but the bottle is fantastic (as is the whole Confidential collection. They made an extra effort to make sure the magnetic cap can only go on one way, with the Herrera insignia turning itself to run parallel with the label in the front.. now that's attention to detail! The bottle is heavy, and a beautiful hunter green glass color. I love cylindrical bottles like this, because they take up less area on my shelves. I weighed the bottle, because it's so heavy and it turns out to be 1.5 lbs! For comparison, a 5 oz Dunhill Desire weighs 14 oz. This Herrera is 3.3 oz! If you've ever picked up a bottle of the newer Rochas Moustache EDP, which is said to be one of the heaviest bottles around, it also weighs 1.5 lbs, so there's what you can expect.

With all that said, sadly, this is not a great fragrance for me. I think I was just expecting much more, with high hopes of a niche sleeper, based on its limited but really good feedback. I guess with mint fragrances, especially niche, I have such high expectations, that a lot of times, I wind up disappointed. What I'm getting at, is most people will like, or even love this, but I'm not most people. This is kind of boring, and kind of generic. It's no Menthe Fraiche, or Daesin Winter Green. I suppose having been spoiled with mint heavy scents like those, has put me where I am.

Though I will say it smells nice, the quality is great.. but the artistry isn't. Nor is the performance which also sets it back a bit for me. I get about 4 hours tops from this. I should also mention something about the atomizer if you plan to purchase a bottle. It's one of those that distributes more or less depending on how hard you push it. When you do a full press, it disperses it in an insanely wide spray, where you'll probably lose at least 50% of it, if you're aiming for skin. If you're aiming for a larger area, like your whole shirt, you'll be ok. It's better to do small light taps on the atomizer with this one, as it gives much more control. You might expect it to be all drippy, drippy doing this, but because it is pressurized, you can do this with no issues.

Lastly, I wanna say that at the time of this review, I bought this on Fragnet, during a sale, where it was discounted over 50% to $97. So that also influences my opinion of this fragrance. Had it been for the original retail price of over $260, there is no way this would be a thumbs up or neutral.
11th June, 2021

Amberland by Happyland Studio

Another example of a science experiment gone wrong. I get this with most of the Happyland fragrances. Backed by a few smaller Youtuber's who get their bottled free.

As for Amberland.. my thoughts coincide with Speed's. This is Sadland's attempt at Ambre Nuit, which is arguably the best amber/rose combo made, Amberland is probably the worst. Smells repulsive on skin!
07th June, 2021

The Ducker's Into The Jungle by Mandarina Duck

Of the 3 Duckers.. this one is the best in my opinion. It's similar to Acqua di Gio Profumo, but a more floral heart/mid, as you can probably tell by the notes. The rose I don't much get, I get more white florals like jasmine and gardenia, possibly even tuberose.

If these drop down another 30% in price, it'll be a fair deal at $20-$23 a bottle, but as for now at over $30, they're just not worth it in my opinion. Your basically paying for the gimmicky presentation. The bottles look like they were designed by a child.

There is an interesting perk to their campaign. They claim to be able to spray the bottle vertically and horizontally. Most people do this anyways, but as you know, after a while, spraying horizontally, it doesn't work so well. I did test spraying this horizontally for about 20 sprays, and it does do what it claims. My guess would be that the atomizer splits 3 ways in the bottle, not just going down vertically, but both to the right and left of the bottle. Why can't other fragrances do this? Like a fragrance I actually want to smell like.

As you can read, my enthusiasm for this scent is minimal. It's just a boring aquatic. Performance is ok at around 5 hours. The other 2 in this series are a lot more feminine, more so the blue bottle.
31st May, 2021

The Brilliant Game by Davidoff

Smells like a cheaper, more citrusy A*Men. Boring tonka heavy dry down, the common fad of this era.
31st May, 2021
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Made to Measure by Gucci

The initial burst in Made to Measure is quite plum to me, it leaves me thinking this one is gonna be different. Sadly, it dissipates so fast, that I forget what it even smelled like. It turns into a boring, generic, sweet, slightly powdery lavender with bergamot, maybe neroli, and some nutmeg. Although it smells fine, it's rather boring, and big step backwards from what seemed like an awesome opening.

I've reapplied twice now, as a refresher to allow the fragrance to go through each stage again to find these base notes, and they just don't exist. There's no base here! The longevity is horrid, at about 2 hours tops. The projection is ok, but closer to a skin scent.

I'd opt for something like Varvatos Vintage, or maybe Bentley Intense. Although they're nothing the same, they contain the plum, or at least darker fruity notes that last a lot longer. The initial blast is what draws you into the fragrance when you try it on, and sadly, it lasts about 5 seconds here. That combined with horrible performance, and a price tag that never quite really hit bargain bins, and always stayed above $40.. it's just simply not worth it to anyone. I once saw this one one of those sick 75% off yellow tag clearances at CVS, at $19 a bottle, which would have been a fair price. Paying anything more than that.. for THIS, is just dumb.

By the looks of the prices, this has been discontinued, so if you're reading this, and happen to be in the minority who actually likes it. Well for one, I'd question your standards, and 2, I'd get a bottle before people start asking $200+ for this crap.
23rd May, 2021

Desire Blue by Dunhill

It really took me a while to get Desire Blue. After trying it several times, I finally get it, and I like it. It's a more tame, less spicy, and more youthful Desire. It's Desire's DNA with, toned down, with the addition of citrus and creamy vanilla. It gives off an orange creamsicle vibe, over top of the spicy Desire DNA. It makes for a layered fragrant experience, in this somewhat complex but very easy to wear scent. It's probably the best Desire in my personal opinion; and it's the only flanker that contains any trace of the original
23rd May, 2021

Desire Extreme by Dunhill

Dunhill Desire Extreme borders on disgusting for me. It smells nothing like Desire, and almost like an experiment gone wrong. The opening smells quite floral to me, but behind it, a nauseating nutty quality, like a mix of amber and nutmeg. Sort of reminds me of Halston Amber, but a bad version of it. There's no part of this scent that I liked, and I had to get it off my skin asap.
20th May, 2021

24 Elixir Neroli by ScentStory FZE

Kind of smells like medicinal Sweet Tarts. If Sweet Tarts made a flavor cough syrup, it'd smell like this! I like it because it's different. it's not entirely unique, I've smelled things that I could think of that would remind me of a combination to make this, but it's late and I just wanted to utter my thoughts on this one tonight. This is my 3rd time wearing it thus far. I don't get the green banana vibe personally. It is a green citrus though, kind of along the lines of Banana Republic Vintage Green, but more sweet.
13th May, 2021

Cool Water : The Coolest Edition by Davidoff

The best part about this fragrance is the really cool presentation. The bottle has a cool paint color with sort of a pearlessence blue, it stands out from all the bottles in my collection.

Unfortunately though, it won't be put out on the shelf, it will be going away in a drawer. It's an ok fragrance, but it's not something I am ever gonna reach for, as the original Cool Water is world's better. The main difference is the dry down, and it's a big one. Where the original is a fantastic, recognizable and iconic mix of musk, sandalwood, and oakmoss (yes even in the current stuff); The Coolest Edition goes strictly synthetic with cheap, screechy woods, that I can't even differentiate from one another. The openings smell about the same, with maybe The Coolest Edition having more mint.

In the end, it's a good fragrance for collectors, and with the cheap prices online, of around $25 for 6.7 oz, it's really a steal. Maybe even good for the gym, but the woods in the dry down may get annoying, unless of course, you like the smell of synthetic wood when you're working out.
11th May, 2021

New York for Gentlemen by Brooks Brothers

Holy sh*t this is good! Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if this fragrance was super hyped. or maybe I wouldn't feel this way if I wasn't sick and tired of the modern garbage we've been getting. Maybe if I tried this around the time when it was released, it wouldn't be as special as it is now. Unfortunately, the prices on this have skyrocketed, and although still attainable, it's getting worse each day. It's alsready at the point where the best option is to choose the mini bottles, or maybe a lot of several on ebay. Because a full size bottle will run you a pretty penny.

Onto the scent. It opens up smelling something like Dolce Gabanna, and Eau de Rochas Homme. The distinctive verbena note stands out to me. It morphs into a sort of barbershop scent with a freshness, and also quite soapy, before an herbal base. It's truly fantastic. High quality beginning to end, and very signature scent worthy. Takes you on a journey through 3 or 4 different stages, which is unique in its own right, but especially in this category. Something good for I'd say an almost middle aged professional man, it has a signature scent quality about it, like this specific smell that I get kind of in the beginning.

If you like stuff like Eau de Rochas Homme, Versace L'homme, Bowling Green, Chanel pour Monsieur you'll probably like this.

Updating this to let people know.. apparently there is 2 versions of this. One in a square cube bottle/box, that is the original one with stronger green/herbal notes, the one I reviewed above. The other is the same color concept, but in a rectangular bottle, that is the fresher one. Still the same fragrance for the most part but lightened up. I feel this is the one some of the later reviewers on here may have smelled.
09th May, 2021

Club de Nuit Milestone by Armaf

Love em or hate em, they have thew formula right. First they made the best Aventus clone, now the best Millisime Imperial. This one hasn't gone down in price as much as Club de Nuit Intense did though. It's still worth the bargain prices in the $30-$40 range, as it smells like a $200 cologne.
06th May, 2021

Noir by S.T. Dupont

If you know me, you know I'm not a lavender person. Noir makes me love lavender.

The opening is a decadent spiced lavender, highlighted by cardamom, with a breeze of nutmeg in the background. It's sort of like if Intimately Beckahm were a darker scent, it would be this. The clove then kicks in, at first, it's in your face, but quickly settles and blends smoothly with the opening notes. It smells like a spicy grape of sorts. Although tobacco isn't a note, this certainly gives major tobacco vibes, I'd assume from the clove. It also kind of smells like a stripped down, very simplistic Burberry London. Mint is a listed note, but I don't get any, sadly, as it's one of my favorite notes. The hazelnut base is awesome, accompanied by woods and a touch of vetiver.

A masterfully blended fragrance, a bit mature, a bit old school, not entirely original, but very much entirely enjoyable from start to finish. I wish it projected more and lasted longer though. Not to mention, one of the coolest bottles around. Although performance is not the best on me, the fact that 3.3 oz can be found online for about $20, it certainly overcompensates!
02nd May, 2021

Strictly Fresh by Jil Sander

Although the original is said to be pretty good, I have not tried it. I jumped at the opportunity to blind buy a bottle of this at under $20, because I know it's rare; at that price, if I could find a rare gem, especially a "fresh" one, then it's worth the gamble.

The bottle is pretty cool, and I like that it's tall and cylindrical, since I have a huge fragrance collection, it doesn't have much circumference, so it takes up less shelf space. The bottle is also sleek and modern looking.. however, the cap doesn't seem to go on right, you have to sort of shimmy it on, and then there's the weird gap between the bottle and cap, which is obviously their design signature for this bottle. Point is, it's not secure, it's annoying and hard to put on and take off, and it's just not practical. If you're gonna try something different and unique, then do it right Sander.

The scent itself, I could talk about even less than the bottle. This one is a boring, cheap, generic, boring, boring, boring! I actually think I have not one good thing to say about this fragrance. Sure, it doesn't smell chemical, that's a good thing, but it shouldn't smell chemical. It's the one that smell chemical that leave me with something bad to say, but ones that don't smell chemical.. it should be a given, I shouldn't have to tell anyone this. The fragrance opens up with a grapefruit note, before basically turning into Chrome within 2 minutes. After that, I can barely smell it after 20 minutes.

Some other fragrance this reminds me of are: Loewe Solo, but not as robust, Terre d'Hermes, but not earthy or dirty, and mostly David Beckham Homme, this one having the most similarities. Beckham Homme is already a super cheap fragrance, and it actually has decent staying power.. so I'd go with that.

I think ideally it smells like a cross between David Beckham Homme, and Chrome. It has the distinctive metallic drydown that makes Chrome so chrome, and it has the citrusy woodsy smell of David Beckham Homme.
02nd May, 2021

Spark for Men by Liz Claiborne

Although this isn't half the scent that the amazing Spark Seduction is, Spark is certainly no slouch. It gives something different to an already quite good men's fragrance label (in my opinion of course).

To me, this smells like a take on Escada's Casual Friday, although not as sophisticated. This opens with a fantastic, highly enjoyable and highly addictive smell that you wouldn't typically find in the opening of a fragrance. I get rum, cardamom, and vanilla. The booze ain't over yet, I get the cognac in the mid, the honey, and I even get the fig note! Sandalwood listed as a base note along with amber, and I wouldn't argue those notes either. In fact the whole fragrance, I get everything here listed, which is rare, especially in a Claiborne fragrance. Sometimes I get a slight rubbery accord, but it's still pleasing.

This sort of reminds me of Rocawear Evolution, Escada Casual Friday and a few others I can't think of right now. Sadly performance on Spark is not the best, and projection is on the softer side.

If you can get a bottle for $20 it's a win. Its been discontinued over a decade ago though, and it's starting to finally dwindle down, prices are going up. Hopefully more people get to find this, before it goes for outrageous prices.
26th April, 2021

Century by Dunhill

Sour, sour, sour, and unbelievably strong! Too much Cypriol here for me. It takes over the fragrance entirely, and makes for a sour woodsy/citrus/neroli sort of scent. Imagine Varvatos Artisan, mixed with L'homme Ultime, and 10x more sour.

I wish I could build up the tolerance to these harsh aromachemicals that others have, but smell wise I can't, and even worse, it triggers my allergies. Cypriol in small doses is tolerable, not like this!
24th April, 2021

Ambré Oud by Baldessarini

Ambre Oud is nothing like I was expecting. In fact, starring at the notes now, I am puzzled. I was hoping for Ambre with oud, kind of like what Boss Bottled did when they created Bottled Oud, it smells like Boss Bottled with oud, seems simple right? Why did they have to ruin it with rose too??

For what it's worth, I love rose, but I am beyond sick to death of rose/oud combos. They all smell about the same after a while. Rose being used is almost always synthetic (man made), as real rose absolute just costs way too much to use in a a fragrance that retails for $100.

After the rose/oud combo settles in, unfortunately taking longer than I wanted. Within the better part of a half an hour, it settles more into the Ambre DNA, with an addition of oud added to it. I would have preferred it started this way, like the name suggests, and only to be stronger.. but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

For what it is, it's ok. It's not worth the mark up, because the original Ambre is easier to find, and simply better. Or.. if you're really on a budget you can opt for Dunhill Custom, which smells about the same as the original Ambre, and costs $20.
24th April, 2021

Beyond The Collection : Wild Vetiver by Bentley

Wild Vetiver opens up with a carroty/iris like accord accompanied by a strong inky vetiver, something like the vetiver in Clean White Vetiver. It's dirty, and probably wouldn't sit too well with a non-vetover lover. If you go in up close to try and get the most of this smell, you'll smell a ton of alcohol. In fact, I haven't quite smelled a fragrance that reeks of rubbing alcohol for so long in the opening. Usually it dissipates in 20 seconds tops, and that's usually on cheap stuff, not a bottle that retails for several hundred. Wild Vetiver maintains the smell of rubbing alcohol but mostly only at close range, it's not as bad from a far, but yes still noticeable.

Once settling in, I get a nutty sort of vetiver. There's a medicinal vibe to it as well. It's certainly like no other vetivers around. It'd intriguing as hell, but also kind of sickening. The alcohol smell still seems to linger, even 10 minutes in. I find as this lingers in the air I start to feel a headache, and sinus pressure.

The base is without doubt the best part of this fragrance, but having to sit through a horrible opening, and a barely tolerable beginning mid, the first 20 or so minutes of wearing this, is dreadful. The overwhelming smell of alcohol has managed to sit in my nostrils and overwhelm my olfactory senses.. to the point where I need to refresh with coffee beans to get to smell the rest of the fragrance clearly with an open mind. It's after that point that I can see the good in Wild Vetiver. The nutty vetiver takes on a fantastic bitch note, it's rubbery, and smokey, think birch in Creed Aventus, the same style only more intense. Birch and amberwood takeover the base for me, and the vetiver gets kind of lost. It's still there, but a shell of what it was earlier on. It's more of a typical green vetiver at this point, along the style of Guerlian's Vetiver, but the birch outpowers the vetiver. The nutty, almost peanut butter like accord is no more.

Overall, this kind of reminds me of Halston Amber mixed with Guerlain Vetiver, mixed with Clean White Vetiver. The dirty opening may deter a lot of people from sitting through to the dry down. It's an interesting vetiver though. The alcohol smell is almost unbearable though.

Glad I purchased a decant and not a full bottle. Although this has been seen to go down in price to the $60-$75 range if you look around and wait for the right time. I'm not sure I would even want to own this one. Its weirdness makes it unwearable for me, for the most part.
23rd April, 2021

Urban Hero by Jimmy Choo

It's not often do I say a fragrance is forgettable when it first comes out. I often wait until the hate slows down, and then I try it. In this case, i was given a free sample of Urban Hero with a decant order from an Ebay seller.

My thoughts, like most new fragrances, it does smell pleasant. It reminded me somewhat of Lacoste Challenge, Ralph Lauren Romance, but mostly YSL L'homme Ultime. It started out ok, a neutral rating from the initial opening. Down to a negative into the dry down. It just disappeared, there's no base notes, it's just gone.

I doubt this will offend anyone, and it's a good office scent because it's muted. Most of us on Basenotes aren't looking for stuff like this. This is something that Playboy can bottle, or Adidas, and sell for under $10, that's what it's worth, and what it smells like.
21st April, 2021

Elysium pour Homme Parfum by Roja Dove

As this is my introduction to the very much admired Roja Dove label, I am not that impressed.

The opening takes a while to settle in, after a minute, yes really a minute of mostly alcohol and lemon. It then starts to smell kind of bubblegummy, before transforming into.. get this.. FIERCE! It totally smells like Abercrombie Fierce. I was sitting there smelling my hand for 20 minutes trying to think of what this reminded me of. Someone also said Lemon Pledge, and I concur with that as well!
The dry down is a dry sort of vetiver, I really like the dry down, but it is gentle.

When you're talking about a fragrance where the price is this high, it impacts my overall opinion of the scent. The price per ml simple isn't worth it. It's not a bad smelling fragrance, but it's boring, its been done before, and it's redundant.
21st April, 2021

Pulp by Byredo

To my nose, this smells like a more fruity, and more tropical version of Byerley by PdM. As Pulp dries down into the mid I am met with a fantastic black currant note that one would never expect in the mid of any fragrance. It comes across like a top note, and just adds to the depth of this fragrance.

Unfortunately, it's just not really wearable to me. Although I love fragrances as art, I can't wear them. I like to wear my fragrances as well as collect them, and I feel that owning a bottle of Pulp would just be a waste of money. My suggestion is to get a sample of this somewhere, especially if you like artistic fragrances. This is one of the few more artsy ones that revolves mostly around fruity notes, with a little wood in the dry down. I do believe a lot of effort was put into Pulp, and although I think the price should be much cheaper for what you're getting, you're really paying for the artistry here.

Update: the drydown, although intriguing, kind of smells like rotting fruit and woods, yet I am not disgusted by it.
17th April, 2021

Blue Escape For Him by Avon

Blue Escape basically smells like a muskier, and lighter Acqua di Gio. The musk is pretty apparent from the start. It's quite linear and dries down into a musky, wood accord, a little sweeter than the opening. Dry down a little more metallic too, reminding me of Silver Mountain Water. Take that with a grain of salt, as this scent is extremely light, watery, and transparent.

I paid around $12 for my bottle, nobody should pay more than $15, because it doesn't last more than 2 hours.
15th April, 2021