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Lucky Number 6 for Men by Lucky Brand

Very impressed. I own many fragrances and I must say this stands out among the others. A fresh, fruity oriental that is clean and inoffensive. I am not a fan of Claiborne fragrances but this is an excellently blended juice. Quite affordable but smells pricey. A winner in my book.
25th September, 2019

Azzaro pour Homme L'Eau by Azzaro

Can't wear the original Azzaro?
Try this one. A Light and Fresh take on the original. Easy to wear, non-offensive. Masculine.
Great stuff is in this bottle. I like the original but it can come off as too in your face. L-Eau says "I'm here and we will get along just fine". Decent sillage and longevity on my skin.
12th August, 2019

Salvador pour Homme by Salvador Dali

I purchased this blind and was concerned after reading the review mentioning butt odor. Well, although this has a soft projection and is a bit generic I like it. Fruity to my nose with mostly pear and vanilla. No cinnamon or butt crack. Maybe I lucked out?
12th August, 2019
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Captain Eau de Parfum by Molyneux

This review is for Captain Edt. in the new bottle that looks like a dollar store fragrance. Looks are not deceiving here.
It is a watered down juice that will neither impress or offend.
I find a faint generic floral note but that's it. I'd say it's a scrubber but there's really nothing left to scrub off. Thank goodness I only paid a couple of bucks for this. Still not worth the money at any price.
09th August, 2019

The Golden Secret by Antonio Banderas

Very nice! The Golden Secret is reflective of the original 'The Secret' but the added cedar in this flanker makes it a bit less sweet. It is pleasant and enjoyable to wear. Personally, I l'd like to see more longevity in The Secret line but the pricepoint is good. Recommended.
29th July, 2019

Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

Very nice.
Bowling Green is a decent, soapy pine that is refreshing.
Begins with a light lemon and quickly the scent transforms to the great outdoors. Think of a breezy autumn or spring day. That's what Bowling Green evokes to my nose. I favor this where some younger might find it too old school for their taste.
14th June, 2019

Thallium Sport by Jacques Evard

Thallium Sport is all about the lemon. A clean, summertime lemon that is light, almost fizzy and very refreshing. Perfect as a casual scent to wear.
I prefer this one to the original Thallium blue liquid which contains a bit too much vanilla for my nose. Not bad, but cloyingly sweet sometimes.
12th June, 2019

White Shoulders by Elizabeth Arden

Romantic. A beautiful, timeless white floral. Most likely one of the most feminine fragrances out there. This scent invokes a more gentle time, a memory, a moment. I love smelling this on a woman. It immediately reminds me that there are still classic scents that are treasured by those who appreciate them.
30th May, 2019

Ungaro pour L'Homme III Oud by Ungaro

Really nice! Think of deep chocolate incense. A rich scent with a bit of sweetness. Completely different from Ungaro III to my nose. I like this very much. Nice Silage and longevity.
A winner!
28th May, 2019

Pour Un Homme by Caron

Lavender then Vanilla. Basically that's it in a nutshell. It took awhile for me to appreciate Caron Pour Un Homme's simple formulation but I like it. Great as a refresher after a shower or just when an uncomplicated scent will do. This has a fresh from the Barber Shop vibe. Sadly, I don't think the younger set will appreciate it.
22nd May, 2019

AB Spirit Millionaire by Lomani

Yes, it smells very similar to 1 Million. And it's a quality frag at a reasonable price. Decent longevity. I find most Lomani fragrances are made decently,
This one is no exception. Recommended.
17th May, 2019

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

Sung Homme is a classic. I like the clean soapiness which balances out the oakmoss nicely. It is affordable but never comes off as cheap smelling. Nice bottle also.Good sillage and decent longevity. Probably not for the younger set.
15th May, 2019

Spirited by Perry Ellis

As mentioned by others Spirited starts out like a nicer version of Red Delicious for Men but quickly turns into a synthetic melange of familiarity found in so many frags geared to the younger crowd. Purchased blindly and it's ok as a bargain purchase but it's not something I want to wear often.
10th May, 2019
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The Secret by Antonio Banderas

Yes, it smells quite a bit like One Million.
No, it doesn't have the the longevity or complexity of One Million.
But for the reasonable price,it does not smell cheap to my nose.
It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it works for me.
10th May, 2019

M by Banana Republic

A nice refreshing blast of citrus with Grapefruit and Musk to my nose. Initial spray is similar to Clean for Men but thankfully M is smoother and not as sharp. Much easier to wear than Clean Men. Appears to be a good scent for the warmer months.
09th May, 2019

Perry Ellis for Men (new) by Perry Ellis

What a great surprise this was.
Opens with fruits. The middle creamy notes remind me of a lighter version of L'Erbolario Meharees. I love L'Erbolario Meharees and although it is a beautiful fragrance it is too strong for me. It always gave me a headache. Perry Ellis is a more wearable scent and more complex. The bottom notes are very woodsy. This is a keeper.
02nd May, 2019

Dunhill London by Dunhill

Not bad. Sweet fruits and sandalwood. Light and inoffensive.
This was an accidental buy. I totally disliked at first but this one grew on me and I received complements when wearing Dunhill London. I still prefer Dunhill Fresh though, which is a cleaner fragrance with better longevity.
01st May, 2019

Bijan for Men by Bijan

Spice and woods abound here. Be warned:
Bijan is gutsy, potent and elegant if applied as follows: one light spray in the air and a quick walk through. That's it. If applied correctly expect complements. If over applied I will not be held responsible for your demise or banishment from planet earth.
30th April, 2019

Halloween Man by J del Pozo

I have been waiting to try this for the past two years.
Finally blind purchased a bottle and I am very happy.

If the color Purple had a Fragrance than this would be it so... the purple box and purple bottle really work here.
Rich, Fruity and Deep. A pleasant companion to the notes in Armani Code but with a fruity base that is more pleasing to my nose.

I understand the comparisons to 1 Million but I prefer Halloween Man for it's more complex base.
I'll enjoy wearing this during the cooler months ahead.
27th September, 2016

Zegna Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna

Why All The Hate???

Just received Zegna Uomo today and it is much better than I had anticipated. A Great Blind Buy.

Yes, this is way too similar to YSL L'Homme Libre.
That being said, this works better with my chemistry than Libre does...

Uomo remains linear on my skin...mostly Violet Leaf and Pepper.
But it is clean, well formulated and has nice longevity.
It has better longevity than Libre for me.

I would feel perfectly comfortable wearing this for any ocassion.
27th July, 2016

Reaction T-Shirt by Kenneth Cole

I purchased this blind after reading the reviews.

The bottle I received has the orange color fluid-not the blue.

Very disappointing.

It's not a bad fragrance but it's not very unique either.
To my nose this smells so similar to IZOD that I'm not at all impressed. IZOD has better longevity.

Yes 'Reaction T-shirt' is clean and fresh and nice for casual wearing but really, having worn Izod for years this seems like a boring rendition with a little more citrus added. That's it. Why pay the extra bucks for a gimmicky name?

And speaking of gimmicks...what about the name 't-shirt?'
This should be named 'Reaction Underpants' since the longevity of this fragrance is so 'brief'.
I am still waiting for the review that states "I have underpants that smell exactly like this".
22nd June, 2014 (last edited: 23rd June, 2014)

Narciso Rodriguez for Him by Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez is an unusual fragrance and quite deserves that reputation.

I feel it is only the opening and initial top notes that cause one to back away upon trial.
After a few minutes the fragrance settles nicely.

It has a class of it's own and as another review stated it resembles Grey Flannel.
But it's notes are more complex and mysterious to my nose than Grey Flannel.
The violet is prominent but remains woody and masculine throughout the wearing.

Most likely this is too strong for warmer weather but will be a staple in my wardrobe for Autumn and Winter.
09th June, 2014

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

Plus Plus Sweet Sweet

Diesel Plus Plus was familiar upon the first spray.

This resembles Dunhill Desire Red as another reviewer described.

I can tolerate Plus Plus while Desire Red is more synthetic if that's possible and almost headache inducing.

Somehow my nose missed the creamy caramel and milky scent so many describe.

(Whaaaa! I wanted creamy caramel and milk.)

All I get is a linear sweet berry scent that is a twin of Desire Red but more wearable.

It's an okay scent but something I'll rarely grab.

Pros: Better than expected
Cons: Very Synthetic"

16th July, 2013

Of a Man by Body Shop

You've Smelled This Before....

Fresh, Clean but unfortunately smells like so many others out there so it loses it's identity.

If you have sampled:
l'eau d'issey miyake
CK One
Solo Blue (Soprani)
Then you'll be familiar with this type of scent.

That being said, I'm a sucker for fresh and clean so I'll keep this for it's subtle difference.

Totally safe for anytime wear but tends to be a more casual scent.
Nice silage and decent longevity.

13th July, 2013

The Baron by LTL

A Unique, Wonderful Classic. Yay.


I have been wanting to try the Baron for years but none of the stores in my area carry this old boy.

Purchased a bottle on eBay. Blindly.

My first impression was oh no-this smells like White Shoulders. LaLaLa Lavender For Days.

Now, I like White Shoulders (the Evyan Original) and my Ex used to wear it regularly back in the early 80's. It was my favorite scent that she wore. And it evoked a wonderful femininity. But I could never imagine myself wearing anything like it.

So here I am wearing the masculine version of White Shoulders.

But wait...Initially it does evoke memories of White Shoulders but the dry down becomes more masculine. And truly, as said by others here, there is nothing else like it.

No more worries about smelling like the ex.

I've come to love this. I only wish it had more longevity.

I imagine the younger crowd would write this off as an old mans frag.

But one day, they may appreciate what a real classic scent this is.

Thumbs Up!

Pros: Unique, Very Pleasant and Masculine on the softer side.
Cons: Poor Longevity

17th June, 2013

Pal Zileri Classic by Pal Zileri

A very handsome fragrance that is light yet rich.
Lemony Fruits and florals in the opening drying down to a light sandalwood finale.
Has a barbershop feel but in the most complementary way.
Wears close to the skin.
A fragrance where the notes listed can actually be identified and appreciated.
That seems to be rare these days.
08th May, 2013

Versace l'Homme by Versace

Remember when they made scents this way that were masculine, rich and lasting?
A Definite Powerhouse.
Formal, Elegant and Very Italian.
Old school, well formulated and a classic.
Versace L' homme is similar to Tuscany and Giorgio VIP to my nose.
IMO this is the best of the Versace line.
05th April, 2013

cK one Summer 2012 by Calvin Klein

CK Summer 2012 is better than I expected.
A Fruity Melon and Sweet Green Apple opening that lingers.
Very sweet citrus that smells natural.
A Refreshing pick me up fragrance.
Each of the CK One Summer
Scents are fresh and enjoyable to my nose.
This one though is my favorite so far...
25th February, 2013

Desire for a Man by Dunhill

If I had not purchased this at a department store, I would have sworn I received a skunked bottle.

This is the most synthetic frag I have ever smelled.
This flanker will steal your breath away.

Something underlying the sweetness here that
I find cloying and obnoxious.
My first real scrubber.

Blah! Blah! (scrub,scrub) Blah!
20th February, 2013

U by Ungaro for Him by Ungaro

U is a decent offering from Avon although true, not a great benchmark for the Ungaro label.
Very fresh and green and citrusy.
The grapefruit and cedar leaf are prominent and the drydown offers little change from the opening.
A very linear scent.
The longevity is terrific though and this bears the Ungaro quality one expects.
It does smell like something else I have or had but I just can't figure which fragrance it resembles.
It's a safe fragrance for everyday although probably not a memorable one.
20th February, 2013