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Jaguar (original) by Jaguar

Years back I remember smelling a tester of Jaguar at T.J.Maxx. One spray and I was not impressed so at that time I passed. Forward to present day and giving the scent a do over. Dark Green bottle with silver cap. Cannot believe I ever passed this up. It is beautifully composed and clean. A wonderful Bergamot opening settling into a light woody pine. This will be a go to scent for those indecisive days. A comfortable masculine fragrance that is inoffensive. So glad I rediscovered this gem. Medium projection and the only flaw I find with Jaguar is that it's a bit short on longevity.
18th July, 2021

Oud Vanille by Franck Olivier

Oud Vanille is a wonderful offering from Franck Olivier. Light fruits on top settling into a sweet rose patchouli. These notes lend themselves towards a masculine brew but the rose is there making this to consider a more unisex fragrance. If you like Ungaro Oud this is similar with more rose in the mix. Nice for Autumn and Winter. One or two sprays will do as this is can be potent. Thumbs Up!
18th July, 2021

Iceberg The Fragrance for Men by Iceberg

Heavy square clunky bottle with the ingredients printed as if scrolling around the bottle. How I miss this wonderful frag having traded it away a few years back. Rich ingredients of bergamot, cardamom and patchouli that lingered on my skin. Perhaps I found it too heavy or cloying? I recall getting many complements.
More of a Winter or Autumn scent.
The best of the icebergs.
14th July, 2021
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Voyage by Nautica

Tropical, fruity notes that evoke warm memories of Summer, Nautica Voyage is a fruit-filled journey with a clean ending. To my nose Nautica Voyage appears similar to Marc Jacobs for Men but lacks the cloying factor I found with the Jacobs scent. Thumbs Up!
03rd July, 2021

Hei by Alfred Sung

Hei is beautiful to my nose. Bamboo, light grass and soft musk. While it may not be earth shattering, what Hei does do is create a clean aura on the skin. Not bold in any manner, Hei is the perfect scent for a Summer day. Perhaps Alfred Sung created Hei for Summer and Sung Homme for Winter.
03rd July, 2021

Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

Argh. The reformulation of this wonderful classic is a disaster.
Pine? No, an overdose of Cloves. It's more Easter Ham than Christmas Tree. I thought I received a bad bottle so I purchased another bottle to be certain. Same clove blast. While the original was a pine journey through an Italian forest the reformulation is a spicey clove fest that is unpleasant and cloying.
23rd June, 2021

Blue Seduction for Men by Antonio Banderas

Whether intentional or not, Blue Seduction is a very good clone of Versace Man eau Fraiche. I actually prefer Blue Seduction over the eau Fraiche as it is not as cloying to my nose. Both are decent fragrances so if affordability is a priority Blue Seduction will not disappoint.
16th June, 2021

Herbissimo Juniper / Mountain Juniper by Dana

My large splash bottle of Herbissimo Juniper wears like a lighter, more transparent version of Acqua di Selva. The juniper here is fresh and bright. The original vintage Acqua di Selva is heavier with an oily, deeper Juniper.
I enjoy both but I find Herbissimo perfect for casual daytime wear and the vintage di Selva* for the night.(*as for ADS get the vintage Acqua di Selva...not the latest formulation which is terrible to my nose and doesn't deserve to carry on the name). Just don't expect more than Juniper here but if you are a fan of Juniper like I am you owe it to yourself to try.
16th June, 2021

Thallium Black by Jacques Evard

Thallium black is unusual as it is both fruity and spicey but I personally cannot relate this to apple. Definitely gourmand and a bit sweet but not overpowering.
Love the Thallium bottles and Thallium Black along with Thallium Sport are my favorites. This shares little relationship with the other Thallium line but it is worth a try if you like gourmands.
15th June, 2021

Classico by Tonino Lamborghini

The bottle of Lamborghini Classico I received looks more like the box in the photo.It's not a clear bottle but a black, opaque bottle with the red label. The cap covering the sprayer unfortunately is cheap looking. I sprayed this with little hopes since it's a bargain fragrance. It is a generic, fresh, slightly woody scent and in the drydown the Tonka is evident. This was surprisingy nice for such an economical purchase! There is what I'd describe as a "plastic" note that normally I would destest but with this formula it works. Sadly Classico wears more like an after shave than an EDT with a short longevity transforming into a skin scent after an hour or so.
I changed rating from neutral to thumbs up as the more I wear this the more I like it. No one around you will be offended and you just may find this to be a favorite for casual wearing.
14th June, 2021 (last edited: 16th June, 2021)

OP Juice by Ocean Pacific

I like it for what it is. It's cheap, fruity and fresh. Projection is decent. Longevity...not so much. But for a casual Summer frag it does the job. Cool bottle but the sprayer on the bottle is obnoxious.
10th June, 2021

Derby Club House Blanche by Armaf

Excellent fragrance.Nice bottle and cap. The metallic note in Derby Blanche does not overpower...It's Fresh and much lighter than I had expected. Sure to be a favorite in my collection. FYI I have never tried SMW by Creed so I cannot compare.
Highly recommended for quality and affordability.
07th June, 2021

Ocean Rain for Men by Mario Valentino

Ocean Rain is one of the most unique fragrances I have in my collection. I was fortunate to come across a bottle of the edt years ago and have used it sparingly. A woody amber scent with a peculiar note I can only describe as pencil shavings.It sounds strange but it is a scent I can only describe as remarkable.
31st May, 2021
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Artisan by John Varvatos

This is a wonderful orange scent as fresh as the wicker bottle design which encases this delicious elixer. I love Artisan but sadly, the longevity just isn't there. Still a favorite of mine for the warmer months. A complement getter.
29th May, 2021

cK one Summer 2010 by Calvin Klein

There appears to be a confusion over the notes listed above as there is no orange note mentioned yet this fragrance projects more oranges than a fresh fruit basket from Florida. This has been my favorite from the CK One Summer line. To my nose the orange in One Summer 2010 is fresher than the orange in John Varvatos Artisan which is another favorite. Nice scent to wear on a Summer day. Thumbs up!
29th May, 2021

Pino Fifty by Silvestre

Fifty was a disappointment. Too much nutmeg that unfortunately lasts and appears to drown out the other notes. This scent makes me tired. I traded my bottle away with no regrets.
29th May, 2021

Encre Noire à l'Extrême by Lalique

Not my cup of tea. The benzoin and incense create what I can only describe as a dirty, dark headache inducing patchouli scent on my skin. It just may be my chemistry but I've tried 3 wearings with the same result. Ugh.
29th May, 2021

Sun Java White for Men by Franck Olivier

Sun Java White is a beautiful cold fragrance that is a genuine complement getter.
I have never sampled Creeds Silver Mountain Water so I cannot compare but I know Sun Java White is now one of my favorite fragrances. Cold, clean and subtle fruits along with a clean musk.
I do agree longevity could be better but it's affordable. Nice bottle also! I think this is Franck Oliviers best of the line up. Thumbs up!
27th May, 2021

New West for Him by Aramis

My review is for the newer clear bottle, not the original blue bottle. New West is sharp and green but to my nose and others it can be offensive. This is the only Aramis fragrance that doesn't work for me. I tried several wearings (just 2 light sprays) but with each wearing people around me would start sneezing. I thought it first was coincidence until the final time a bank teller who was assisting me went into a sneezing fit. I was embarassed finally realizing it was the New West. That was it for me. I gladly traded my bottle.
14th May, 2021

Céline pour Homme by Céline

My experience with Celine was indentical to SirSlarty's. Synthetic and headache inducing.
Could not wait to get rid of it.
14th May, 2021

Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

Tabac (the EDT formulation) has a clean, soapy barbershop quality that I find soothing. Yes, it is old fashioned but in the most elegant way. This is a choice for applying just out of the shower, or a casual trip to run errands. Nothing artificial to my nose and it is refreshing and inoffensive.
Honestly, I have never smelled Tabac previously over these many years but if I did smell someone wearing it I certainly would have complemented them and politely asked what scent they were wearing. I am so glad to add Tabac to my collection. Thumbs up!
14th May, 2021

Devin by Aramis

Wow. This is what Polo should have been. A beautiful green, masculine scent. Devin has always been a complement getter for me along with Tuscany. Sadly I find the newer formulation a bit weaker than the original. All the notes are still there, just a bit watered down. Still beautiful and classic! An enthusiastic thumbs up!
14th May, 2021

Lomani by Lomani

It's cheap. It smells a lot like Drakkar. It's cheap. It has decent projection and longevity. It's cheap. A bit soapier than Drakkar. It's cheap...but it does not smell "cheap". One of the most decent clones out there. And it's cheap
12th May, 2021

Porsche Design Essence Intense by Porsche

A rich, green concoction that brings memory of a walk in the forest. The pine and myrrh linger on my skin. I like this very much. Nice!
12th May, 2021

Joop! Jump by Joop!

Why the heck would anyone want to smell like synthetic chemical hairspray? I purchased Joop Jump blindly based upon the reviews here. A unisex, synthetic cloying bomb. Ugh.
07th May, 2021

Black Musk for Men by Jovan

Jovan Black Musk is sweet and light with just a hint of musk to my nose. I actually like it as a pick me up scent.(much more tolerable than Joop Jump) It shouldn't offend anyone but it most likely won't turn heads either. Nice scent for after gym. For a few bucks it was worth the investment.
06th May, 2021

Achille by Vicky Tiel

A nice fruity light opening with Achille. It is pleasant and lighter than Ulysse but shares some similar notes. The bottle is classic. This is a reasonably priced fragrance. I believe those who enjoyed Ulysse will like Achille as well.
04th May, 2021

Mustang Cologne by Mustang

Just an Okay, "meh" scent. Perhaps I may have received the newest formulation? (Bottle writing "Ford Mustang" with the checkered flag top.) It's a nothing burger to my nose. And the dry down is not to my's woody but has a medicinal quality that isn't appealing to me. It was only a few dollars but I doubt I'll wear it. There's better cheapies out there.
03rd May, 2021

Perry Ellis Aqua by Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis Aqua grew on me. My first wearing thought it was a bit harsh on the opening. Future wearings would deserve the aqua acclaim as it is fresh and watery. A light fruitiness recalls the scents of a Summer day. I like this and although similar to CK's Eternity Air, PE Aqua has better projection and longevity. Maybe the best description would be a much lighter and fruitier version of Acqua Di Gio.
29th April, 2021

Eternity Air for Men by Calvin Klein

I can understand where this will work in warmer weather. Eternity Air is clean, light and a bit fruity. However, projection is minimal at best and longevity a couple of hours to my nose. I smell similar notes to Perry Ellis Aqua which has much better projection and staying power. PE Aqua is not as refined but both are nice summer frags worth a try.
29th April, 2021