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Arabian Wood by Tom Ford

I got this as a sample when buying another Tom Ford after spending a lot of time at the counter comparing the different Ford offerings. Being in the perfume floor at Harrods meant that my nose was pretty overwhelmed already but this one stuck out consistently among the offerings, with what I thought was an intriguing, woody masculine chypre with a strong cedary/oakmoss base and some interesting side notes, patchouli and hints of spices. It was one of my favorites which is why I got the sample. How surprised I was then today when I got it out for a second sniff and now having spent 4 hours with it, it is so different from what I smelled in the shop. Like many here I get a strongly soapy, powdery quality, barber-shop but rather feminine and only the remotest hint of what I smelled in the store. I saw the perfumisto decant the sample so it is not a mistake; I think what was happening is the overload of a perfume counter meant I could no longer smell the top notes and some of the more harsh and powdery orris/ionone notes and I was able to smell the more interesting aspects of the scent. Without this effect what I get is much less interesting and rich and while not a bad dryish soapy chypre, with some floral and woody notes poking through, even on drydown it is a bit harsh and synthetic to my nose and not something I would wear.
17th May, 2012