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Super Man by Al Rehab

Spicy?, yes but definitively not cloves, maybe some pepper, some bay leaf and some ginger and a woody dry down with hints of musk.
I've heard that some people think is is a copy of Jacomo de Jacomo, but it is not the case at all, it reminds me of Jacomo, but that is about it. Jacomo is better in my opinion.
Regardless of what I just said, it is a pleasant fragrance and it gets a thumbs up from me.
18th February, 2020

Ombré Leather 16 by Tom Ford

Tuscan Leather 2.0
It is a tamed TL, more versatile and more wearable but still TL.
21st October, 2019 (last edited: 30th October, 2019)

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

Halston Z-14 on hormones. I love the original Z-14, how could I not love this second coming, projection is nuclear and lasts all day long, a shame it got discontinued but you can get Halston Z-14 vintage after you run out of it
24th August, 2019
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Tai Winds by Avon

Very musky with some citrus at the opening and some spiciness at the heart, but basically musk from beginning to end.
Discontinued and practically hard to find nowadays.
My flacon is a Rolls-Royce, but it comes in a variety of flacons.
19th July, 2015

Worth pour Homme by Worth

Do I need another fougere in my wardrobe? Well this is not just another lavender/tonka/oakmoss based perfume, it is an outstanding lavender perfume in a strong pine and oakmoss body and a leathery/woody background. It might get to close to Paco Rabanne pour homme for some, but WpH is smoother, spicier and not as sweet. I like them both and I think that both of them have a room in my wardrobe.
Sillage and longevity are better than average
12th April, 2015

Jaïpur Homme Eau de Parfum by Boucheron

This perfume has the ability to transport me to far and exotic lands.
In my opinion it captures the spices and flavors of Northern India, where the city of Jaipur is located. Although I have never been in there, wearing this makes me wish I was there. Maybe some day, who knows, but in the meanwhile I just have to be content and satisfied with the feeling I get with this beautiful perfume.
Longevity and sillage are very good indeed.
04th April, 2015

Boucheron pour Homme by Boucheron

Fresh, clean and sophisticated, a very nice fragrance indeed.
Start with a strong and zesty lemon/lime note reinforced with lemon verbena and some orange that becomes more flowery at the heart, to end in a vetiver/sandalwood drydown with a hint of incense and oakmoss balanced wth some sweetness.
A very complex scent, elegant and masculine, I like it a lot an so does my wife.
Longevity and sillage are better than average without becoming loud and intrusive.
A winner in my book.
04th April, 2015

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

Ralph Lauren Purple Label at twice the price.
Although Purple Label claims blackberry as the dominant opening note, Fragrantica says Blueberry and Basenotes claims Cassis as Bleecker Street opening dominant note, both smell practically identical at first. Then the mahogany/oakmoss drydown of PL is again almost identical to the suede/oakmoss drydown of BS. The only difference is that while PL is slightly spicier, BS is somewhat sweeter.
Honestly, I think than in a blind test no many people could be able to tell them apart.
A neutral from me simply for the fact that, even is an enjoyable scent, you can get the twin perfume for half the price.
Longevity and sillage are better than average.
01st April, 2015

Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir Blue No. 1580 by C.O. Bigelow Apothecary

While it lasts it is a pleasant woody lavender/rosemary with a musky drydown, to bad it doesn't last for to long. the similarity with Cool Water is obvious.
29th March, 2015

Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels

I have to agree with all those reviewers that consider MiP VC&A somewhat feminine. As it dries down it becomes more leathery and masculine but there is a persisting sweetness that prevents it to become fully masculine.
But it is a nice scent regardless
27th March, 2015

Portos by Balenciaga

There is no much to say after reading" the_good_life" great analysis of this perfume. He captures the essence (pun intended) of this perfume right on.
My blood boils every time reviewers call a perfume "dated" (usually a classic), to me perfumes have no age, but in this case I think it applies LOL.
23rd March, 2015 (last edited: 24th March, 2015)

Gucci Guilty pour Homme by Gucci

Who needs another scent with the overused citrus/lavender opening?, no me for sure.
This fragrance is boring, not bad but boring. The opening is fresh, reminding me a lot the typical EdC (4711/Extra Vieille kind), but it is soon gone, the drydown is cedar with hints of patchouli.
I disagree with all the thumbs down this scent gets and I surely would not like to beat a dead horse (LOL), it is somewhat pleasant to me, but this scent is so boring it just get a weak neutral from me.
16th March, 2015

Haitian Vetiver by Ermenegildo Zegna

Not a bad scent overall, but if you are looking for real vetiver, this is not it. You can smell the vetiver but is not dominant like for instance Vetiver de Puig or Encre Noir. I smell more Iris than anything else and IMO this concoction should have been named "Provence Iris" instead.
It is elegant, smells expensive and you will enjoy this fragrance if you get over the worse "attribute" of this scent: its price, I can buy much better perfumes at half its price.
I cannot give my thumbs up to this scent because of its outrageous price, but neither my thumbs down because down to it, it is a great scent after all, so a neutral from me.
14th March, 2015
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Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

This was not a "love at first sight" by any means. Originally I detested what for me was a rotten oranges opening and a strong pungent vetiver/cedar accentuated by the black pepper drydown, but I started to like it more and more every time I wore it and now is one of my favorites.
Now to me the opening is not rotten oranges anymore, but more like over ripened oranges LOL, and the drydown seems less pungent LOL
Sillage is nuclear and longevity is one of the best in the industry.
08th March, 2015 (last edited: 11th March, 2015)

Bigelow Barber Cologne Elixir White No. 1585 by C.O. Bigelow Apothecary

One of the best offerings from C.O. Bigelow Apothecary, a nice citric opening with Bergamot being the dominant note with hints of Grapefruit and Mandarin.
If you haven't smelled Bergamot all by itself, this is the best cologne to get to know that note (Bergamot is one of the most common notes in perfumery, but usually is buried among other notes because it is a great "support" note, but not so much as the dominant note), but in here, it performs the dominant role beautifully.
The drydown is woodier and spicier, but the citric notes still remain present, but not as strong.
For the price you have to pay for this cologne, I have to agree that it is a genuine bargain.
Sillage and longevity are typical of an EdC.
08th March, 2015

Back to Black, aphrodisiac by By Kilian

A pleasant honey/tobacco scent that doesn't justify neither its price nor the rave reviews it gets.
Don't get my wrong, I do enjoy this fragrance, but there a tons of fragrances that I do enjoy more and that cost a lot less. I'll rather use my money on something else.
Sillage is moderate and longevity is better than average.
16th February, 2015

Purple Label by Ralph Lauren

A nice blackberry fragrance, a pretty unusual note, in a tobacco background with a slight, and I mean slight spiciness. It is rather pleasant but not worth its price of about 100 bucks for the 4.2 oz bottle. At half that price it would be a great value for the price.
Got to give it a neutral because on one side it is a good fragrance but on the other it is too pricey.
Sillage and longevity are better than average, but nothing out of this world.
14th February, 2015

Cannabis Santal by Fresh

No cannabis, no santal, where did they get the name for this fragrance? I'll bet they drew it from a hat.
Broad brush strokes of dark chocolate on a patchouli/vetiver canvas. Not bad really, actually kinda pleasant and oddly fresh (I cannot figure how they could create a fresh feeling out of dark chocolate, but they achieved it).
It gets only a neutral from me because I feel cheated by the name, I expected something completely different, but it is not a bad fragrance at all.
11th February, 2015

Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

In general I am not much of a fan of the so called "Sport" fragrances, but in this case I think ENS gets it right.
It reminds me a little bit of the original Guerlain Vetiver (1959), but a tad sweeter and less intense and of the discontinued Indian Vetiver. The nutmeg/vetiver/citric note is common in all three of them but ENS has a cypress note instead of the tobacco note of the other two.
I gotta give this perfume a thumbs up, not only because I like it a lot, but because it reminds me of two favorite fragrances that are not available any longer.
12th January, 2015

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

If I wanted to smell like this I would go to the closest Starbucks, get a cafe au lait, put tons of sugar and vanilla and pour it all over me.
I like the smell of coffee, but not ON me, capiche?
10th January, 2015

HisStory by Avon

This is basically a 100 percent herbal perfume, I cannot smell anything else but grass and some other herbal notes and nothing else.
Although I like herbal scents, this one concentrates in just one single concept, and that makes it boring and unattractive to me.
And the "coup de grâce" that finally kills this fragrance is its poor longevity and nonexistent sillage.
I am not surprised it was discontinued.
21st December, 2014

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Chergui was a total disappointment for me, after hearing all the rave reviews I was expecting a fragrance that would knock my socks off, and what I get is this linear sweet tobacco scent that is nothing out of this world.
For a sweet tobacco perfume, Desert by Fragonard beats it by a mile. Not only is more complex, but it offers a nice development while Chergui is linear.
Desert by Fragonard not only smells better to me, but is a higher quality perfume and has this beautiful Oud note in the drydown that in not there in Chergui (I was expecting Oud on a S. Lutens fragrance).

But I can't complain about the sillage and longevity of Chergui.

150 bucks for 1.7 oz of Chergui against 50 bucks for 3.4 oz of Desert by Fragonard, it is a no brainer.
12th December, 2014

Jivago 24k Men by Jivago

I get mostly vetiver and sandalwood, which is not a bad thing because I love that combo which is common in many perfumes I like.
The opening is somewhat sweet, somewhat herbal which may sound contradictory, but this fragrance manages to create that feeling. There is a hint of spices which becomes more pronounced as time goes by. Then comes the best of this fragrance, a beautiful spicy vetiver/sandalwood drydown that actually lasts a good length of time.
It gets my thumbs up, although not a strong one, it was going to get a neutral from me, but the drydown won me over.
Sillage and longevity are better than average.
09th December, 2014 (last edited: 30th December, 2014)

Spirit by Antonio Banderas

A rather common scent, nothing that makes it stand out of the crowd, but it is cheap and somewhat pleasant.
I would not go out of my way to get it, and I will not replace my 3.4 oz bottle once is finished, and that should tell you exactly how I fee l regarding this fragrance.
Opens with a ambery/citric note followed by a patchouli dominant heart with hints, and I mean hints of cinnamon and incense. The drydown is a musky patchouli.
A good value for the price, but I can not give my thumbs up to a perfume that has no character of its own.
Sillage and longevity are below average.
07th December, 2014

Clubman Special Reserve by Pinaud

I gotta give this fragrance my thumbs up, how could you not if you can get a huge 180 mL bottle for $5.99.
I get a strong birch tar note on opening which gives this scent a kind of burned rubber feel, but is not too bad, then it calms down to give a very good impression of leather and the spices come in to complement the leather very nicely. Then it turns woodier but the spicy leather remains the dominant note on drydown.
It makes me feel refreshed and is great to splash on after a shower, but I don't over do it like I do with other Pinauds like Lime Sec or Citrus Musk because this one will bite you back if you splash too much.
If you want bang for your buck, this one will do it, a real bargain no matter how you look at it.
17th November, 2014

Extrême Limite Spirit by Jeanne Arthes

I gotta give my thumbs up to this perfume. Jeanne Arthes is a drugstore "generic" kinda perfume house and they are very cheap. 3.4 oz bottle of this is in the 10-15 bucks range but it smells much better than just 15 bucks.
Grapefruit is the opening note but turns into a more fruity/floral heart to close with the common sweet patchouli/sandalwood accord.
I like it and for the 12 bucks that I paid for it I got much more than I expected.
16th November, 2014

Victor V Club by Victor

A really nice perfume, it opens with a very creamy spicy citric note and turns spicier at the heart. The drydown is a very musky patchouli with some sweetness provided by amber and tonka.
A real winner that has been discontinued, but still can be found if you look hard.
A very masculine scent with no much sillage but can last over 5 hours.
01st November, 2014 (last edited: 14th May, 2015)

Black Cedarwood & Juniper by Jo Malone

I love the cedarwood note on perfumes, I love the juniper note and I love the cumin note, but in this perfume they do not get along very well. Not a bad scent, but I was expecting a lot more since, as I just said, I love the three notes of this perfume.
When I read the notes I imagine a fabulous scent in which by synergy the notes will support each other elevating the total to more than just the sum of the parts, but I think that the notes fight each other to give a sum that is below the individual components, a pity.
Longevity and sillage are better than average.
29th October, 2014

Full by Al Rehab

To mi nose, this is the closest scent to pure jasmine essential oil you can find, but it is not the dark, almost animalic pure jasmine, instead it is very sweet and fruity.
I can barely detect any other note since the jasmine is so dominant, but you can easily tell there are other notes that modify the pure jasmine for the better
The opening is somewhat sharp and intense, but it becomes softer with time and lasts until the cows come home.
Although it is marketed for men and women, I think it suits female better, but still very wearable for men.
12th October, 2014

Mokhalat Al Rehab by Al Rehab

A strong long lasting rose scent in an amber/oud background. Very similar to Aseel, but sweeter and less sharp, two faces of the same coin. Difficult to decide which one I like more.
A delightful oil that costs almost nothing, I bought 12 different roll-on bottles (3mL each) of Al Rehab oils for 24 dollars at Zahras Boutique, a bargain even if you add shipping (US$ 14)
Al Rehab along with Surrati and Al Haramain are becoming my favorite perfumes.
11th October, 2014