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Guess Seductive Wild Summer by Guess

Smells like a neutered version of Japanese Cherry Blossom by Bath and Body Works. Thankfully, sillage is low and its sweetness isn't overbearing. Recommended for your 10 year old daughter, cause that's as seductive as this fragrance gets.

Nice bottle, though.
06th September, 2011

Honey & the Moon No. 10 by Tokyo Milk

Honey and the Moon is just lovely! Although the top notes are far too reminiscent of Pink Sugar by Aquolina (sweet slightly burnt cotton candy) and might not be to the liking of all, the ethylmaltol soon fades into the background and the honey takes centrestage. The best part, however, is the drydown where the smell of 'dirty skin' takes over! It's as though one hasn't bathed in a few days and although this might sound scary to some, it smells absolutely wonderful to me - not animalistic, just dirty, which compared to most fragrance releases nowadays is a breath of fresh air (pun intended - you can never get a breath of fresh air with Honey and the Moon).

One of the better honey perfumes around; great for sampling if you like honey in your perfumes.
30th August, 2011

Eden No. 03 by Tokyo Milk

I mostly get Iris from this, not earthy iris but creamy iris - it's pretty linear and dries down to a clean musk. Not something that blows your breath away but excellent at what it does: make you smell pretty.
30th December, 2010
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