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Black by Comme des Garçons

OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!! The very best incense outside of Giorgio Armani Bois d' encens.
15th April, 2021

Orange Spice by Creed

Get lots of compliments from strangers. Don't know where the toilet sniffers are coming up with that "urinal cake" stuff. Good juice folks!
15th January, 2021

Royals Heroes 1805 by Washington Tremlett

I've had a bottle of this squirreled away in the back of my cologne collection cabinet for many years. Not being an expert on "urinal tabs" I think Royals Heroes 1805 smells "pretty darn good". Maybe the ageing process renders a different fragrance. Anyway I would classify this item as subtle and sophisticated.
30th October, 2020
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Newport (2018 Version) by Caswell-Massey

For God's sake go back to the ORIGINAL Newport. That's the one I bought in the 70's and the ONLY ONE worth the time of day! Of all the fragrances I've bought over 40 years, I have yet to experience a reformulation that improved on the ORLGINAL!
22nd October, 2020

Awake by Akro

This is the best coffee scent ever made. Sillage is great, longevity is 10 hrs. +. Emphatically thumbs up!!!
17th February, 2020

Newport (original) by Caswell-Massey

The picture of the blue bottle and box is NOT the original. The garbage in the blue bottle is the REFORMULATION of the TRUE ORIGINAL!!!
21st August, 2018

Supernatural Number Six by Caswell-Massey

Not close to the original, "departmentstoreish". 1 hour longevity at best.
20th August, 2018

Aedes de Venustas Eau de Parfum by Aedes de Venustas

I can't imagine how anyone could perceive this to be "foody". Although not as strong in the direction of incense as I would like, it is acceptable.Also, I see basenotes lists this as being discontinued. I was informed by the people at Aedes that it is not. I have a collection of over 90 niche fragrances(including an unopened 250ml flacon of VINTAGE Creed Tabarome)and Aedes Artisan item is very near the top of the list
07th January, 2018

Full Incense by Montale

This is very close to Avignon, and that's a GOOD thing. This is what one buys an incense fragrance for. Long lasting, moderate sillage plus a pleasing fragrance to the wearer and those around him.-
01st November, 2017

Bois du Portugal by Creed

BdP is definitely a man's fragrance. VERY classy and those that describe this one as an "old man's" fragrance are no doubt millenials whose tastes are still in their infancy.I won't bother to list the notes as everyone knows what they are. If you want to smell good at anytime of the year for any occasion, this is for you if you have the spare change. NOT for little girls.
26th June, 2017

Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

I used this for a while about32 years ago and liked it then. However, I recently purchased a 50ml bottle and it bears no resemblance to what I had three decades ago. I suppose Trumper as well as MANY others has seen fit to REFORMULATE. Too bad, as this rendition is not even a mere shadow of what once was.
25th February, 2017

Don Corleone by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

Don Corleone along with Milano Caffe are in my opinion Two of the best products available anywhere in the world.I disagree that either of these has anything to do with femininity. True some of the ladies will use anything including Old Spice and Mennen aftershave. There are exceptions to everything.I have a very large collection of fragrances 99% of which are very expensive niche items. Don Corleone and Milano Caffe are at the top of the list without breaking the bank.
13th December, 2015

Number Six by Caswell-Massey

I list this item as a thumbs up even though it is a mere shadow of what it once was.(much like Caswell-Massey itself). Back in the early 70's CM products were available as EDT as well as cologne and after shave. They were also available in 8 oz. glass stoppered bottles. As you can imagine, the scents were much more robust and longevity was not the issue it is with a lot of present day reviewers. Unfortunately, over the years as with many other products, strength has been compromised and ingredients substituted. There are CM products now discontinued that are not even listed on Basenotes. Also, there are products listed as "in production" that have been discontinued for years. I wish CM could return the offerings of the 60's and 70's but when that happens I will have to look up to see if a squadron of pigs are flying overhead.
18th March, 2015
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Newport (new) by Caswell-Massey

Whoever substituted this stinkwater for the original Newport should be fired! I once requested CM to make several 8 ounce bottles of the original formula Newport and their reply was "its not possible" Fortunately, I bought up a fairly large supply of the original while it was still available. I will buy more if and when I can find some. But the "new" Newport is a scrubber! If I could give it more than one thumbs down I would.
28th December, 2014

Panama 1924 by Boellis

Boellis 1924 is a masculine scent which, while some may say is "barbershoppy".Perhaps "barbershoppy" is really a good thing as it defines masculinity as compared to the stampede of feminine "neo male" scents flooding the market in recent years.
05th October, 2014

Messe de Minuit by Etro

I generally leave reviews to the younger people, but having used the ORIGINAL Messe De Minuit I can assure you that the current formulation is about 1/10 the strength of the original and is an entirely different scent. The reason I am writing is the fact that I'm totally disgusted with the new formula. By the way, if you ask Etro what has changed, they reply "nothing". B.S. !!
23rd June, 2014

Bois Oriental by Serge Lutens

I made the mistake of buying this based solely on the ingredients. I had a shopper get this for me in Paris and paid plenty. This is listed as "unisex" but it is 100% feminine and extremely cloying. I dumped it down the drain and swore never to buy blind again!
07th November, 2013

Secret Mélange by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

This comes on very strongly of orange and cloves and remains that way for 10+hrs.I get nothing but compliments on this and suggest that those comments comparing this to a bathroom are the result of spending too much time in bathrooms.
28th September, 2012

Monocle Scent Two : Laurel by Comme des Garçons

This is a great scent and not at all overpriced for those of us who don't buy our frags at Walgreens Iv'v gotten a lot of favorable comment on this one!!
23rd December, 2011

Domenico Caraceni 1913 by Domenico Caraceni

Don't think I would describe this product as "feminine" more like some 1950's hair tonic.I bought a full bottle based on the ingredients and, as usual, got bitten in the butt.When will I ever learn?
Hopefully this is the last time.
13th November, 2011 (last edited: 24th December, 2016)

Bay Rum by Burt's Bees

this is absolutely the best bay rum ever produced. Too bad it has been discontinued, although I've been able to find plenty on ebay.
I have had many,many compliments from women when I use this,so why should I care if men don't like it?
14th April, 2011

"Vintage" Tabaróme by Creed

vintage Tabarome is the epitomy of a MASCULINE product for MEN. It lasts very well and does'nt smell "pretty" as a very great number of modern products do.Two big thumbs up from the spiceman!!
23rd March, 2007