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Oud Palao by Diptyque

Waaaaaaaah! Yeesh. "That is just RUDE!" is what came out when the sales assistant sprayed it on card for me and I blushed. I'm getting the dirtiest labdanum known to girl, man or Pan (Tom Robbins, anyone?). I put the card in my handbag to stifle the stank while in public, but every time I went to get my wallet out, out jumped the impolite Oud Palao like a billy goat humping my leg.

I'm trying it behind closed doors now. I was lowering myself to its level, I was getting the oud, I was getting the rose. I decided to pop it down the front of my top to warm the juice and see what my body has to say. Whether it's the batch, me generally, me in this hormonal phase, whatever, what my body has to say is that there's a filthy, lascivious labdanum somehow made even more explicit by a trace of iris that is sitting between my breasts.

The upshot - the stuff has grabbed me, and I will definitely get at least a hefty sample, but I'm far from sure I could ever wear this in public.
20th November, 2016

Coccobello by Heeley

Pina Coladas in a Hurricane

Imagine mashing a milk chocolate Bounty bar into your skin and then wiping it off again with a hank of grass. You wouldn't, would you? The coconut here is the desiccated and candied kind - far too sweet for me to share a room with for too long, and the green too faint to counter it. At the very beginning I did get a blast of calone, but beyond that I could not detect any other components for the overwhelming coconut. I suspect this could possibly be carried off by a man with a very masculine skin odour, as long as he didn't use more than the merest spritz and we were never forced to share a lift.
09th August, 2016

Versace l'Homme by Versace

So far, all the reviews have been from men, so I thought I'd bring my own tiny drop of absolute to the bottle. I used to wear L'Homme in the Nineties. I was in love with that blast of ginger. I faltered, as it sometimes seemed just a little too blokey and made it difficult NOT to stand out, but many, many times I complimented another girl on her very bold and confident perfume to be told "Oh, it's Versace".

I decided I liked it even better on my partner, and he eventually took sole custody (along with the television).

It's interesting that it has divided reviewers here. In the end, there were things I loved about this perfume and elements I was not so sure of. I am still delighted to smell that wonderful basil and ginger on anybody else. It was a fascinating and brave experiment. Perhaps a little flawed, and perhaps not; not all fragrances need to be harmonious or perfectly balanced. Compared to the characterless breeziness of some of today's offerings, I still want to punch the air when I smell it.
21st November, 2014
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