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Dunhill Icon by Dunhill

I knew nothing about Dunhill fragrances before I bought fact I'd always been rather put off by their stuffy logo and graphics. It was their generous 2ml sample bottle that got me hooked.

This is so easy to wear. It has a soft, white musky, hazy, sweet, powdery warmth to it and a vague, orangey, soft fruit citrus that makes it perfect for work situations and general everyday use. The dry down is mildly woodsy and very nice.

It's not my 'usual' type of fragrance but the quality of the composition and blend attracted me. Look for offers and reductions and pick up a bargain.

Oh, and the bottle is astonishingly beautiful.
30th September, 2020

Club de Nuit Intense for Men by Armaf

A strong blast of aggressive household product-inspired lemon on first spray... but after fifteen minutes or so thankfully that dies down leaving a pleasant, much more satisfying drydown in the vaguely Aventus/Explorer area (you know the sort of thing).

It's okay and priced fairly for what it is.
28th May, 2020

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

The smell of an old leather satchel or an oily, woody toolshed against a Terre de Hermes background. It's most interesting on first spray as the later drydown really is a lot like TdH.

It won't be to everyone's taste but I'm glad to see this has a lot of character missing from a lot of modern scents.
10th February, 2018
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Oud 24 Hours by Ard Al Zafraan

Rather impressive clone of Tom Ford Black Orchid - with just as much staying power - for about a tenth of the cost.
29th April, 2017

Prada L'Homme by Prada

Powder, white musk, soft, inoffensive concoction. Smells like Cream soda and talc.
11th January, 2017

G. Bellini X-Bolt by Lidl

This is a VERY GOOD clone of Boss Bottled. It differs only slightly in that the musk is not as full or as soft as in BB so therefore the longevity is slightly shorter but in all other respects it is pretty much identical...and for £4 who can argue with that?

An absolute bargain and a respectable scent.
06th May, 2016

Dior Homme Parfum by Christian Dior

Like the original Dior Homme and more savoury than Dior Homme Intense with an odd medicinal element and a background hint of mothballs.

OK, but not what it's cracked up to be.
03rd April, 2016

Sauvage by Christian Dior

Air fresheners, deodorants, shower gels, shampoos, washing powder and fabric softeners have been creeping inexorably towards the world of designer perfume for may years now and share many of the same aroma chemicals. Now it's the turn of some modern perfumes to meet those household products on the centre ground.

Sauvage is one such example. It is spectacularly ugly on first spray with a nauseating blast of laundry musk - as if opening the lid of a supermarket fabric softener for the first time. This is then followed by the over familiar smell of air-freshener and supermarket body spray.

It WILL register 'clean' for the men and women who associate laundry musk with clean floors, clean clothes and clean bathrooms but to many perfume fans this will also represent a disastrous lowering of standards from a well respected company that have brought us some superb products in the past.
10th September, 2015

Intoxicated by By Kilian

An awful, ultra-expensive clone of the ghastly A*men.

18th April, 2015

The Game Intense by Davidoff

Full and rich with a balsamic, blackcurranty, chocolatey, fruity smell on first spray. That's the best part. As soon as the fruitiness goes (after about an hour) you are left with a more standard, familiar, savoury 'masculine' drydown - a patchouli and peppery aldehyde residue...the sort of thing you get with Kokorico and DK fuel for Men in the latter stages.

Still, I rate it quite highly; it an interesting bottle and it's surprisingly attractive considering some of the other releases from Davidoff. Don't let it slip under the radar.
26th October, 2014

Caldey Island Lavender by Caldey Abbey Perfumes

I expected to like this as I'm a big fan of Caron pour un homme, I read the Luca Turin 5-star review and like lavender scents in general... but I can't stand it.

The lavender is nice enough but doesn't last long before a monstrously ugly musk takes over and dominates proceedings. Unfortunately its one of those very basic, brutal laundry-style musks... in fact it smells like a big basket of laundered clothes washed in an industrial strength product.

That's not the kind of smell I want to walk around's bad enough when other people's clothes stink of washing powder. I think it's a very crude perfume, badly constructed and can't see the attraction or understand the appeal.

03rd March, 2014

Amazingreen by Comme des Garçons

It's not green, it's blue.

Fresh, shampoo gel, aquatic, calone- style thing with a flinty drydown. Reminds me of Joop Splash a bit. It's pleasant, wearable and inoffensive and is obviously an attempt at a mainstream fragrance for CDG. Lasts about 20-30 minutes or so.
Despite a green bottle, a green name, and claims to have green notes it's really very, very BLUE and is essentially an AQUATIC fragrance with very few detectable green elements.
Good grief, I see 'dew mist' as well as 'gunpowder' is listed as a note in this fragrance.
20th June, 2013

Cherry Musk by Ramon Monegal

Dramatically overpriced, tenacious, sweet, cloying, synthetic cherry and rose - ill-matched with a sickly, laundry-style musk.

20th April, 2013 (last edited: 26th April, 2013)
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Black Orchid by Tom Ford

A powerful, deep, fruity, patchouli and vanilla scent. It's a beautiful composition.

I did own it for a while but eventually found it a bit too feminine and could never find the right occasion to wear it, so I moved it on.
30th March, 2013

Kokorico by Jean Paul Gaultier

I like it. A brief chocolate and chilli sensation beats a rapid retreat making way for a masculine patchouli; dry, dusty, slightly bitter and tempered by vetiver.

It reminds me a bit of Annick Goutal Mon Parfum Cheri...but definitely not L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme as some have mentioned here.

Silly bottle but an excellent scent.
02nd January, 2013 (last edited: 04th January, 2013)

M/Mink by Byredo


Pine disinfectant mixed with bitter, metallic bilge water and noxious drain cleaner. There's no fur, hide or musk anywhere in here (it would be a blessing). Come to think of it, anything 'Fecal' would also be a relief. This smells like a concentrated, grotesque version of the bitter, metallic, Byredo house note that runs through all of their perfumes... amplified a million times into a monster.

Without question this is the most obnoxious, offensive smell I've come across in 20 years of fragrance sampling... and I'm a lover of unusual, daring experiments, bizarre combinations and own several 'challenging' scents.

A perfumery disaster IMO, completely unwearable, antisocial, incredibly expensive and horrible in the extreme.

Absolutely ghastly.
02nd November, 2012

Autograph Intense by Marks and Spencer

Surprisingly accomplished fragrance from a store better known for selling sandwiches and underpants.

It has a sweet, agreeable, light and fruity, white musk vibe that would put various well-known fragrance houses to shame and is sufficiently strong enough to last a least half the day. Better still the great price: £18 for 100ml.

Unfortunately it comes in very dull packaging and is often hidden behind bubble bath, house fragrances or wash bags in M&S... who have no idea how to display their fragrances. The bottle itself is also very basic and a bit uninspired.

Don't be put off by the rest of the range which is nothing to write home about. This one stands out head and shoulders above them and is well worth an investigation/purchase.

19th October, 2012 (last edited: 23rd October, 2012)

Royal Oud by Al Rehab

So it's 'Royal', is it? Not impressed, I'm afraid.

I can't smell anything Oud here. Instead there's an ever-so-slightly spicy, inoffensive, nondescript aroma with a touch of pepper that might appeal to Creed fans because of it's inherent modesty and reserve - although I see they've hardly held back on the price they're asking for this.
04th December, 2011

Ambrette 9 by Le Labo

I can barely smell anything here... just an incredibly light baby powder experience with some insipid musks.

This is an all-round embarrassment from a great fragrance company... and the final insult is they're still asking a ridiculously inflated price for it. An expensive joke indeed.
27th June, 2011

Back to Black, aphrodisiac by By Kilian

This is a bit like a relationship with a nice, sweet, moneyed, competent, fragrant person you never quite fall in love with. They offer comfort and reassurance but nothing that really draws you in, excites or stimulates you.

It's okay; it smells like sweetened vanilla and fruity tobacco and is obviously well crafted... but it's certainly not worth the jaw-dropping price they're asking for it IMO.
26th June, 2011

Yuzu Man by Caron

Not terribly impressed with this one, I'm afraid. It has a nice enough generic 'fresh' quality consisting mainly of citrus notes but it's certainly nothing out of the ordinary despite the mysterious 'Yuzu' ingredient (a little bit of hype, I think). The thing I like least about it is it smells like an over-familiar medley of household cleaning products; functional and moribund - unglamorous and practical.

08th June, 2011

Leather Oud by Christian Dior

A dark, woody-earthy, tobacco affair scent offset with a welcome, scrumptious, honeyed, beeswax element that becomes more noticeable later on.

Long lasting, beautifully blended and very impressive.
05th June, 2011

Chypre Rouge by Serge Lutens

As people are suggesting, this DOES smell a bit like raspberry and strawberry jellies setting in plastic bowls for a children's party... but so what? It's kinda fun!

There IS a bit more to it, to be fair; a nice, musky, woody effect at the base - but there's no getting away from the fact that this scent is all about fruity jelly, ladies and Gentlemen. It reminds me of Chanel's Allure Sensuelle somewhat.

Wear it while holding a bunch of balloons.
16th May, 2011

Oud 27 by Le Labo

Oooo... I'm a BIG fan of this stuff!

My overwhelming impression is one of brightness, luminosity and radiance; there's a buzzy, high-pitched, sour vibe from the oud and saffron when the scent first goes on the skin. Later it settles down and moderates it's behaviour when the cedar wood and resins become more prominent. There is a very assertive sour note that I can understand some people might compare with the unwelcome, edgy smell of urine - but for me, it has an entirely different, pleasant quality; it's very attractive in my opinion.

The uniqueness of this perfume has somehow burned it's way into my olfactory memory and I've experienced a strong craving for it on several occasions since acquiring the sample bottle... so a purchase is inevitable in the near future.
15th May, 2011

Dzing! by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This a lovely, subtle fragrance which (as everyone says) smells of vanilla, hay, sawdust and books. I just cannot understand people who describe it as 'fecal' as to my nose, it's anything but. It's a very wearable, tame, friendly, inoffensive thing.

It does bear a resemblance to L'air de Rein but with out the musty base and the potency; this is my only concern as I can't help thinking the perfume could have been ramped up a bit in the perfumer's lab - it's very weak and practically non-existent on the skin after an hour or so - hence the neutral rating.
09th May, 2011

Forest Rain by Kiehl's

I was really quite shocked how monstrously strong and bitter this is. My first impression was one of overpowering pine - although I see this is not listed in the pyramid above - perhaps it's the suggestive, dark green bottle that's making me think that. There also seems to be aggressive amounts of cedar and vetiver at the crime scene too.

Not my thing at all.

27th April, 2011 (last edited: 03rd May, 2011)

Eau de Cartier by Cartier

A subtle, transparent, violet scent with a light, herbal quality. Likeable... but short-lived on the skin, unfortunately.
25th April, 2011

Bleu de Chanel Eau de Toilette by Chanel

All the shampoos, shower gels, deodorants and scented bathroom products from a supermarket aisle poured into one blue bottle.
24th April, 2011 (last edited: 16th May, 2014)

Blu Mediterraneo : Mirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma

Very nice fruity and fresh... and lasts about 15 minutes (if that) before it fades to nothing.
24th April, 2011

Fuel for Men / DK Men by Donna Karan

I'm so glad this was re-issued as I was a fan of the bold DK fragrances from this period in the nineties (I still own a bottle of the outstanding Chaos).

The descriptions below are pretty spot on; a rich, slightly balsamic mix of sweet, smokey tobacco and a little fruit. There is also a strong hint of something like shoe polish in the mix which might put some people off.

As others have said it's GREAT in the first hour... but I'm less keen on the sweetened mustiness (not muskiness) that emerges during the dry down as it bares a very heavy resemblance to L'Air de Rien to my nose (not a scent I like, unfortunately).

Anyway, overall, Fuel for Men is a terrific fragrance.
23rd April, 2011 (last edited: 04th September, 2011)