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Hermèssence Muguet Porcelain by Hermès

This is a melon fragrance to me. And once I get a picture of a melon in my head, my head basically explodes.
28th April, 2017

Un Coeur en Mai by MDCI

I concur with the English countryside reviews below. Relaxing at a garden party/picnic in Spring in a crisp white dress, sitting under a parasol. Extremely refined.
You have to sort be an Un Coeur En Mai type for this one, but if you are, it's Holy Grail material.
04th May, 2016

Câline by Jean Patou

There is a thread that mentions that Edie Sedgewick might have worn this one...not sure if that is or isn't true but it may as well be. Câline is a delicate 60's chypre, bright and effervescent but also with restaint and depth. No icky or creepy notes, just green moss, some citrus, over a powdery and mild ambery base. If you happen to be in the market for a 1964 *young lady's* chypre, and the thought of vintage Jean Nate after bath splash and powder makes you feel safe and cozy...this one won't disappoint.
02nd November, 2015
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Journey Woman by Amouage

I feel like this is *my* Amouage (although I also have Ubar Woman, and Lyric Woman)...this is a stunning floriental that follows the note pyramid above, in a delicate and lightly whispering way. An astonishing elixir.
Although they smell nothing alike, to me this *vibe* is similar to a Fleur Oriental by MIller Harris, only the Amouage is better. This is a must own for a lot of people, I am sure, but for osmanthus lovers especially, this may well break your heart.
09th July, 2014

Terracotta Le Parfum by Guerlain

The earthy, summery smell of a warm terracotta roof in a seaside town in Italy. Sundrenched coconut/carnation. Sold out everywhere so buy one if you can find one.
09th July, 2014

Tweed by Fine Fragrances & Cosmetics

This is a dry geraniumy mossy fougerey chypre that is basically the best fragrance on earth. It really smelly likes lavendery-wool-and-wet-dog. Nothing else is remotely like it. The only one to get is the vintage one by Lentheric, the other one not worth it. *C'est Tweed, N'est-ce pas?*
09th June, 2014

Cocktail by Jean Patou

It's a hot summer night in 1930. You are at an outdoor event, being hosted in a large veranda, on a grassy lawn. You look amazing in a bias cut silk dress, and shimmering bracelet. The waiter is pouring champagne cocktails. Everyone is relaxed and laughing. The mood is light and airy. Around you , the honeysuckle "clutters up the vine". You dance with whoever asks you. A perfectly elegant night, with a hint of something casual.
07th June, 2014

Muguet by Lenthéric

Incredibly, I have both the EdT and the Parfum for this scent, but the Parfum is an unopened mini, and I haven't got the heart to open yet, as it is nearly an antique. This muguet is an old style muguet with more of a classic chypre feel including notes like moss and geranium (?) in addititon to Lily of the Valley. The packaging is gorgeous with a thick glass art deco empire style bottle, and a white embossed Bakelite screw top. For lovers of vintage, there is nothing not to like here. When I open the Parfum, I will update. :)
18th May, 2014

Agua Lavanda by Antonio Puig

Just unanimous thumbs up for this one. It's lavender the way you want it. And the price isincredible it's a great lavender!
08th December, 2013

4 Fleurs d'Oranger by Prada

I have heard that this is the parfum concentration of the "Infusion of" scent that Prada does, and Although I do not especially care for the infusion scent, I do like this. it's a classic presentation of a straightforward Orange-blossom scent. If you are looking for an extract of orange-blossom there are not very many to choose from and I would say this is a great place to start.
08th December, 2013

Muguet 2013 by Guerlain

A bit rosier, sweeter and rounder than 2011. A bit.
07th May, 2013

L'Heure de Nuit by Guerlain

I am going to get the ball rolling. This is a sheerer, more modern L'Heure Bleue. Powdery and marshmellowy and a bit musky and very nice, and also still quite recognizable as a version of LHB. The daughter has less bite in the carnation, while still giving that same twilit, reflective vibe of the mother. If you love the original, chances are you will love this. However, be warned, the converse is also true. All and all a big ole thumbs up, and possibly the best single scent of 2012. Happy 100th Birthday Mme. Bleue!
28th December, 2012

Love (original) by Aveda

Lemony sandalwood with rose & ylang ylang, in an oil base. I love the little spherical bottle, and square cap. A simple and soothing treasure.
20th November, 2012
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Royal Bain de Caron / Royal Bain de Champagne by Caron

Two things to know about Royal Bain de Champagne by Caron:

(1) It is not a bath oil, or bubble bath, or bath product

(2) It does not smell like Champagne

What it is. A lilac and vanilla Eau de Toilette. This soft oriental in the family of En Passant, Jarling, and Stila Creme Bouquet, with a touch of soap. Once I figured out what it is, I started to love it. A must-sample for lilac fans.
20th November, 2012

Cherry Blossom by Guerlain

Another sleeper in the Les Parisiennes line, that a wonderful blogger introduced me to. Hard to believe this one is vilified everywhere...Whaaa?
Tea and gentle, mild cherry blossoms. A suitable scent for me, made even more perfect with some sparkling citrus top notes. Clean and refreshing and mild. Very pretty, very safe, no sharp edges, and that Guerlain softness.
Now it you are looking for the next Djedi or Attrape Coeur, then this is not it, but if you are looking for a gentle elegant floral, and are a fan of some of the other new Guerlain...try this pretty pink juice in the adorable bottle above. My thumb is up.
09th September, 2012

Bed of Roses by JAR

The SA at Bergdorf's slyly put some of this on my wrist when I was in there buying a bottle of something else, after I had mentioned it in passing.
They really should have called it A Bed of Roses and Carnations, because it was nowhere near as straight-across-the-plate rosey as I fact it reminded me greatly of a Caron (I am not sure how Caron's Rose is, as I have never smelled it), but this is very spicey and thick, and for some reason it also brought to mind Rose de Nuit by Shiseido. BoR is a bed roses is plush and hot and spicey. Not something I would wear as I prefer the fresh garden roses, which is a good thing for me, because the SA told me only 10 bottles of it were ever made.
01st August, 2012

Calypso Chevrefeuille by Calypso Christiane Celle

This is another case of, "Why do they always discontinue to good ones.". Calypso Chevrefeuille (honeysuckle) is a green aria of honeysuckle, with some accompaniment of light white flowers, both rich and feathery at the same time. Where the Goutal Chevrefeuille is squeaky clean and a bit shrill out of the gate, this EdT glides and sails like a silk dress in a twilit breeze. Innocent and sexy, you can't beat that combination. Probably worth big bucks if you come across one. If you like the Chevrefeuille note, it's a safe blind buy.
31st July, 2012

Séville à l'Aube by L'Artisan Parfumeur

This is a review of the fragrance only as I have not read the book. Seville a L'Aube (at dawn) is a sunny soft oriental centered around Orange Blossom/Lavender/Incense with a good dose of candlewax. To me this is like L'Artisan's version of Mon Precieux Nectar, only dryer and with lavender.
SAL'A is a young mildly sweet scent, with a wonderful mix of sexiness and churchiness. For those barefoot evenings in Tuscany, or La Madrugada en Espana when anything could happen....not a brain-bendingly complex scent, but unique. Cool lavender, warm orange blossom, and burning incense. I like this minmal, soft and sexy oriental.
26th July, 2012

Muguet Blanc by Van Cleef & Arpels

Notes: lily-of-the-valley, white peony, neroli and white cedar

This is a unique muguet. I am giving it a thumbs up, although when I first bought it I found it to be a thumbs neutral at best. But the more I wear it, the better I have been liking it.
This has a very cool "round" smell, perhaps due to the peony note, and it is not sharp or shrill, the way many muguet scents are. There is no citrus among the top notes, and it definitely feels cool and "white"...What you may or may not like here is the white cedar note, which in combination with the peony note, makes this muguet an austere, mature and almost masculine scent...It gives it a depth and complexity that distinguishes it from other classic feminine muguet scents.

If Diorrissimo is an evening gown, then Muguet Blanc is a white crepe pants suit, cool and clean. Try it.
22nd July, 2012

Jardenia by JAR

The more I wear this one, the more I love it. A dark, dirty gardenia. The best of Jar!
07th June, 2012

Jarling by JAR

I will agree with the reviewer below comparing Jarling with En Passant, to me this is a sweet gourmandy Lilac. When I smell it and close my eyes, I see pastel candies with a dusting of sugar. A personal favorite! Another thumbs up from me.
23rd May, 2012

Mon Précieux Nectar by Guerlain

Mon Precieux Nectar is a thick almond and orange blossom gourmand scent, done with that classic soft focus finiish that Guerlain is known for. Addictively sweet. As I get to know this scent I will update this but a comparison to Lea Calypso St. Barth comes to mind, only with orange blossom. Youthful, and playful. If you are a fan of Elixir des Merveilles, Prada Candy, Hypnotic Poison, Un Bois Vanille or other upmarket orientals, give Mon Precieux Nectar a sniff.
17th May, 2012

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

This is a review for the oil. I had high hopes for this product, as I really like several Kiehls products especially the silk hair groom. And I love Musc for Her by Narciso Rodriguez. But alas, it was not too be. This is a potent warhorse of a musk product (to me), with a hefty sweetish vanilla-y bottom note. I remember trying to wipe the sticky brown oil off my hand with a big, Eeeewww.
The SA proudly informed me that it is the oldest fragrance in the line, and it smells like it for sure. If you are looking for a clean, feminine musk, look elsewhere.
16th May, 2012

Muguet 2012 by Guerlain

Let me review this. If you know what Guerlain Muguet 2011 smells like, then you will have a pretty good idea of what this smells like. The last two Guerlain Muguets are like a hologram of the flower with some very light, pure additional floral notes. A breathless lily of the valley, at least to me. This year's EdP is just a little richer (some say there is more powder) and a little denser that last years EdT. The bottle has a little bling on it. A luxury, yes, but one that recalls a rich history. For a more affordable option try Molinard Muguet.

Note: A version of Guerlain's muguet note also makes an appearance in several of their other fragrances including Aqua Allegoria Lilia Bella as well as Idylle
14th May, 2012 (last edited: 26th July, 2012)

Golconda by JAR

Although it has been a while since I smelled this I remember it as a very wonderful, if somewhat raw, carnation perfume. Jar fragrances are unique in that they never employ cliched accords or common devices seen in almost all commercial perfumes, and Golconda is no exception.
What Malle's Une Rose does for rose, Golconda does for carnation.
A skyscraper of a carnation.
14th May, 2012 (last edited: 20th May, 2012)

Pavlova by Five Star Fragrances

This is a review for the original parfum by Payot. This is classic French tuberose scent to my nose, very floral and heady, with sharp citrusy/fruity top notes and indolic white floral middle notes. Absolutely feminine, but for floral fans only. I hope to never be without a bottle.
14th May, 2012

Laura Ashley No. 1 (original) by Laura Ashley

I bought my hand painted bottle of Laura Ashley No.1 in a heated online auction, and let me start with, this vintage juoce is discontinued and coveted. What is so special about it? Well, apart from the lovely bottle, Laura Ashley No. 1 is a type of scent that they don't make anymore. A formal, prim, proper and very soapy Rose. This little lady opens with a bitter green and soapy bite, that relaxes into a rosey spring floral. What makes Laura Ashley No. 1 so different from today's fragrances geared for young people is that No. 1 is completely void of some of the most common notes in this genre currently. There are no ozonic or aquatic notes, there is no vanilla, no amber, no patchoulli, and very little musk. If you dream of wearing a starched white uniform, than LA No.1 might be just the scent for you. The purest of the pure scents.
13th May, 2012

Aqua Allegoria Flora Nymphéa by Guerlain

Someone needs to review this pretty, flowery spring scent. orange flowers, syringa and honey. And pink! This is a delightful little bottle of sunshine. Not overly complex, but well-crafted and feminine. Like.
07th May, 2012

Aqua Universalis by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Let me say first that I love cold, clean scents. And this is a squeaky clean one for sure. A sparkling sheer EdT, reminds me of Eau de Cartier, but I like it more. Definitely some dry Kurkdjian cedar too.
I am also a fan of Muguet, so it rings that bell a bit too. I like it.
30th April, 2012

Brindille by Galimard

Come, gentle Spring!  Ethereal Mildness!  Come."
-  James Thomson 

I am reviewing both the EdP as well as the Parfum.
This is an enchanting delicate green spring floral that is refreshing and relaxing and clean. Brindille means twig in French, so it definitely gives a wet outdoor garden vibe. If you can imagine a cool muguet with hyacinth, lilac, greens and jasmine as well as a hint of musk, made in Grasse, you are probably pretty close to what this scent is. So wonderful it makes me what to know more and more about the house of Galimard. The only "smells like" comparison I can think of is the now-discontinued Shiseido Relaxing Fragrance, but this is better. I tested this fragrance in my office and one of my co-workers came in and said "Is this the aromatherapy room, it smells so good in here!"
26th April, 2012 (last edited: 28th April, 2012)