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A*Men Ultimate by Thierry Mugler

I aint falling for Mugler's offerings he has done so many A-men with a hint of of this, a hint that and it is a complete farce! Create something new!
30th July, 2020

Chaumet Homme by Chaumet

One of the most beautiful scents for a man. I dont know what twit decided to discontinue this! Very clean, perft balance. could be worn in the office, at night, just a perfect all rounder I am glad I have a dozen bottles. I still get asked by men and women what fragrance am I wearing? It is just sunblime. It fits all ages, it used to fit all pockets ut on a certain internet site is is now riddiculously expensive approaching $150 and onwards and sells out immeadiately. I think this states its all. Smells like this, Lanvin Aperage Homme, D&G By for Him, Rochas, YSL Rive Gauche Homme and the Orignal Gucci Pour homme along with KL Homme. simply fantastic.
21st December, 2019

Prada L'Homme by Prada

Really it is similar to Prada Amber. It is a soft (too soft) as after 10 mins its got zero projection and you have to have your nose 0.5mm away from the skin to smell. It. It is one of those scents which is like wearing black or navy blue. Safe but boring. It is very costly considering the smell vanishes soon after application. I tried with 3-4 squirts and then 30 squirts. You might as well buy as ashtray for a motorcycle.
12th August, 2017
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Pegaso by Etro

It is a really nice fragrance, that notwithstanding it has a longevity, projection and sillage issue. A very nice scent. It is clean clean, but at a cost. Far too expensive.
16th October, 2016

David Beckham Beyond by Beckham

David Beckham, now I give up wearing fragrance this gets any kudos. I will stick to my bar of Imperial Leather Soap. Utter tripe. Wonder if he approached Sam Allardyce on how to get good reviews?
05th October, 2016 (last edited: 29th December, 2016)

Noir de Noir by Tom Ford

I purchased this based on the reviews, YUK! It smells like what your old Granny would wear, roses, and powder, I'm putting it straight away on a certain auction site.
26th June, 2015

Colonia Leather by Acqua di Parma

This smells of Old Napoli, thats..... well actually on the first spray, I thought wow, leather, after half an hour this is leather, with a sweetness and almost plummy undertone. It is very special. It is like being on holiday in a country and you go into the library where leather clad books are around and you just know someone has sneaked in a raspberry tart and eating it, with a vague citrus burst coming through. Very nice. I can't see a woman wearing this, unless she is one of those goth, rock chicks who eyes fleeting meet yours and she looks at you like, whats up Gramps and then comes over and sticks her bubble gum under an old oak table and says to you do you know time travel is possible under Einstein's rules time is a string theory....more profound than she initially appears. Dark mysterious and with attitude, but yet soft and engrossing the more you get to know.
24th June, 2015

Loverdose Tattoo by Diesel

Gives you a headache and cloying sickness, full of roses, and sweetness sickly sweet and cloying and so wrong! This is awful and I cant believe people don't need to go straight to a pharmacy for paracetamols and smelling salts to clear their head. Awful Awful frag! YUK!
14th April, 2015

L'Eau Froide by Serge Lutens

A beautiful scent, clean and fresh. It is the smell of fresh cotton sheets, and powdery laundry. Slightly starchy, slightly floral and zingy. This smell represents I am clean and a few MPs should invest in it! Or a lot of it, they would probably placed on their MPs expense sheet! All of Serge Lutens fragrances are quality items, they are pricey but when considers the price of Creed Fragrances, they do seem remarkable value.
11th April, 2015

Serge Noire by Serge Lutens

The reviews of this fragrance, shows just how subjective peoples olfactory senses. I have bought fragrances with wanton abandonment much to my credit cards credit limit, because of their reviews and found that they were not all cut out what they were meant to be. This is why not buying blindly is an expensive game. Also do try and sample and see how the fragrance develops over a period of time. This all may seem academic but I think so worthwhile reinforcing! Sermon over, I got a free sample of this, and it just hit me as one of those dark mysterious smells, I just had to have it. The majority of reviewers have not thought this a great scent. In my opinion this is one of the best scents I have ever smelt. I think we get camps of people some who like floral, some who like woodsy, some well you get the point I raise I help. But do sample this scent, it is superb, In my repertoire I have Tom Ford, Plum Japonaise, Tobacco Vanille, nearly all the Amen reincarnations, Frederic Malle, Musc Ravageur, Portrait of a Lady, down to Old Spice, Noir, Mandate. This is a scent you have to try before passing judgement. In my mind it is one I think ranks amongst the top 10. Superb!
11th April, 2015

Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

Woodsy clean smell with citrus blast. With spiciness coming through with a hint of mint
09th April, 2015

Quorum by Antonio Puig

Damn this fragrance was the King in the 80s. wherever whenever you had it on people asked what you were wearing? Even today its a superb scent. This fragrance is like a Audi Quattro built for the kill, the first of a kind, that never held back and won accolades, however like a racist joke no matter how funny it is people wont admit that they find it funny. Maybe behind closed doors they will say damn thats good and if perfumes were prohibited that speakeasies would open and the number one scent Quorum! It is like the Film Predator, full of characters, upfront no pretence, however because there is no alpha female in the plot very frowned upon by those who tell us about being blase about a scent!
09th April, 2015

Montana Parfum d'Homme (original) by Montana

This reminds me of all the Indian barbers, my dad, used to take me, to. Not unpleasant, but very chemical, it would only change when Cosack Hairpray was sprayed and that was if you paid 25P extra. A very chemical smell. I bought his on a certain bay. based on the reviews, woe betide me for listening to reviews. I always seem to bid on an item which fetch s, 30% more at the end of the sale, for some reason. It seems to be be the story of my life.

I am putting this staright back on that bay sight, where as is the story of my life will relaise a end price that will be the lowest for that item. I have worm it once and walked into the pub, where it got some very uncomplimentary comments, and people said it reminded them of Mr Abduls hair salon. Still it is better they did say it reminded them of Mr Abdul's Halal Butchery.

I think I will stay with lifebouy soap and Brut 33. Woe is me!
08th September, 2014
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Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

I love it, but when I was in hospital and wore it as I was there for 2 months, the English nurses, absolutely hated it and were very vocal about it spraying hospital disinfectant and covering thier noses as they walked past when I sprayed it on. Funny though I left and gave it to the English guy next to me, and they loved it on him. Maybe it doesn't work well on tanned skin and only white skin? I went back to see the geezer I gave it to, and he said they all asked him what it was and bought bottles for their partners. Strange that happened when my mother bought in Chicken curry and they all complained about the smell of curry, the garlic and chillie, however chicken curry was the first thing to be sold out of at meal times and the canteen! Its now the National dish so often the reaction is based on passive aggression and not the article. Sorry this fragrance turns into a social comment, but when has just come out of a coma, after 4 moths and has a shave and bath after that time, and want a beer, food one remembers the reaction of caring staff and I had this fragrance then bought in to say get well soon. Smells can evokes memories.
03rd September, 2014

Aramis by Aramis

I remember my dad wearing this, and hold it dear for that reason. He would over the moon if he got this on any occasion as a gift. I tried it recently and I think this is what a fragrance on man should be. You feel really fresh and clean aslo while is stings, like the devil you cant help by feeling alive. You walk down the stairs, and everyone one loves it. No wonder it was such popular scent. Fresh clean and seductive. Manly in world not like some of the modern fragrances, which seem a tad, does he swing this way or that? The ingredients or whatever they have leave you skin feeling zesty, tingling and alive. You can just imaging coming out of a Sicilian Barbers shop donned in sharp suit, and walking with girls turning their heads behind you, whilst you in a unknown hiterto fashion think damn close shave with that cut throat razor, now what am I going to have for tea. If Aramis was drink it would have to be a G&T with ice and slice! Timeless classic. You know Virigil Tibbs in the Heat of the Night would be sporting this, and strolling with a swagger!
03rd September, 2014

Armand Basi Homme by Armand Basi

As another reviewer has stated, they don't come better than this! Superb in every descriptive. Especially when you consider you get 125 ml and on line I got mine for £25! I have never had as many compliments, although I have spent up-to £300 /100ml by so called niche perfumes. The buck stop here! Bril Bril Brill frag
03rd September, 2014

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

Total tripe! I cant believe Gucci discontinued the Original Gucci and Pour Homme, and even Gucci Nobile. This a many reviewers have pointed out is tea overtones, but no longevity or projection what so ever. My pet hate is paying nearly £1 or may be more and the damn thing doesn't last. I might as well just throw my money down the drain, after all the point of a fragrance is to give off an aroma. If this ca be equated to a car, it would be like buying a car, which had flat tyres and a battery with no engine. Why?
01st September, 2014

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

This is a lovely scent, however the price is far too high and amounts to extortionate. It is one of those fragrances which are worn close to the skin. Its projection id poor. Very Poor. You have to be within 6-10 inches to smell it. So maybe a Valentine frag. Having said that you will probably be short for a meal out after having shelled out for this! It reminds me on mother making a cake and father smoking a cigar.
29th August, 2014

New York Oud by Bond No. 9

I dont know how people can describe this as suitable for a men. it is heavy on the rose. It is reminiscent of Portrait of a Lady, which is about £50 cheaper and far better scent. Bond No.9 has synthetic elements come across which mare the scent and all in all it is too sweet. It smells like an Indian "Paan" Shop. Sweet, heavily cloying and full of roses, and musk.

I cannot believe this is anyone's favorite or ultimate scent. It is annoying, leaves you with a head ache, and people who smell it think of it a cheap air freshener, you know the one, with the roses, in the 70's, and 80's. Horrible horrible scent. I bought this on the reviews, and let that be a lesson to me, never by a fragrance, especially for this price blind. Luckily I did get it for £100, however I think that I overpaid by £100 for this rubbish, on a auction site, where testers are not allowed but apparently are if you get my drift.

I have worn this on a two occasions, and on both occasions, I cleared the tube and bus. Nobody wanted to sit next to me or within proximity to me. Its also deadly potent to, just two sprays and its goodnight Vienna, only you will be most likely to spend the bed room, or building alone!
29th August, 2014

Zizan by Ormonde Jayne

At the price this is simply not worth it. Terribly disappointing, opening notes of Lemon and very citric, then oak moss and the trouble is the longevity is so long. A crap fragrance which stays forever. What could be worse. Oh the price! Thats even worse!
26th October, 2012 (last edited: 13th December, 2014)

02 Owari by Odin New York

Absolute rubbish. Sorry absolute expensive rubbish, at that. A smell you would associate with one of hose perfumes you can get at the Pound Shop. The box and bottle is where I guess the money is spent. Certianly not on the ingrediants. I bought this on the reviews, wo is me, should be my avatar! Be guided by your nose. It is poor, and I dont get any Kapow, Bang, Slam, more like a theres a hint of fly killer spray.
04th September, 2012

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Always reminds me of my dad. The advert was brill too bakc in the late 70s. At £2.50 for 100ml there should not even be a thumbs down option. Fresh, clean and you almost want to drink it. The bottle is time honoured and I cant understand why people beliitle this. Had this had a higher price tag, people would be raving about it. It is however become a bit TM AMen, in that it was everone had it, But than you could understand why. CHeap, and nice. Where Amen it just isnt worth the money an the numerous incanations Amen has luancehes tell you this.
A clean ozonic scent it is an iconic fragrance. Everyboy cuts his fluff to it. Hoever the snobbery has meant when you where this people dont know what it is. It leaves you feeling, clean crisp and well groomed. Where as Amen people think another AMen wearer, has he no originality!
22nd February, 2012

Oud & Bergamot by Jo Malone

For the price its ridiculous, ike all Malone scents, over priced and hyped. Everyone of her frgrances goes ranicd too quick to.
22nd February, 2012

A*Men Pure Malt by Thierry Mugler

After reading and youtubing this elusive fragrance. Rumors were abound of it imminent UK launch date around the 4th. I emailed Clarins UK (UK distributors) and Thierry Mugler customer Services. As all other requests, absolute NO customer service! I tracked it down on? eBay. At an exorbitant price! Nearly £80. I was filled with ancipation, it arrived and the words "you was dun up like a kipper" and my avatar name came to fruition. This is old wine in a new bottle. Or should I say old perfume in a new bottle. It lack the punch and total opulance of Amen. The smell in lay man's terms (I am not into drydown, sillage and gouramand.....terminology) is like you put Amen on 4hours ago, went down to the pub, its gone slighty stale and you wreake of whisky. However a good aged malt like Lagavulin. Peaty and smokey. However if you have the original Amen dont even waste your time. I think I amd going to pour myself a good malt and console myself. Doh just spent the money on the Amen pure malt. I could try drinking it!
06th September, 2010

Cuir Mauresque by Serge Lutens

Just bought this at a staggering price, shipped from France. I can say when a scent is overated you purchase it at your peril. The stoncking £100 plus for 75ml must be the waste of a day. Think of an old woman, powdery, thats how it turns out. It sarts of like Creeds E.L with a sweet scent. A hint of cumin. This turns into the old woman who turns up to your house and smells of powder! Not impressed.
01st September, 2010

Red for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Ahh all about decadance. This fragrance is poerful, like a Lamborghini, hits you and knocks you for six. Umptious and the women just loved it. A tad leathery with sweet overtones.
15th July, 2010

Porsche Design Essence by Porsche

This should be called Ford Essenence, its absolutley abismal and total let down
09th December, 2008

Infusion d'Homme by Prada

Total Rubbish, and thats all I have to say about this
13th September, 2008

Escentric 02 by Escentric Molecules

The molecule and Escentirc just small like Indian josh sticks. If the smell is based on a certain molecule than that molecule exists in all 4 launches. To be honest I havent noted any effect and just smells like I have gone to some Indian temple. Utter rip-off and hype. This has to be one of the worst purchases of my life and a conspiracy theory in the making! Putting on ebay with no reserve staring at 1p after paying £70 for it. Sums it up
09th July, 2008

A*Men Pure Coffee by Thierry Mugler

This is basically Amen, if you want a better coffee fragrance buy New Harlem by Bond No.9, Then you can layer Amen original with New Harlem, then you will have 3 fragrangces at least. PC can smell vile, AMen if not used within the shelf life is rancid a bit like Creed fragrance. But basically save your dosh. It potent on first application and then Amen! Name says it all!
09th July, 2008