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Divine Attraction by Initio

A warm and thick animalistic leather + incense composition that is zhuzhed with ginger, maybe a touch of cumin, flavoring the incense and leather at the opening and then with iso e super in the base. For just the scent of things, Divine Attraction is a winner in my book. It has far less synthetic and musk confusion than some Initio products, and it smells mellow with a low toned tempo and slight hint of animalism that always stays in the background providing a consistent masculine context to whatever is happening at the surface edge of now. This is one of the better Initio creations and I am happy to have a bottle in my toolbox.
03rd July, 2021

Nuit de Feu by Louis Vuitton

This is a very fine fragrance and a little goes a long way. I was surprised at the amber oud warmth of Nuit de Feu, an element I didn't expect from reading the notes list. The opening has a close relationship to Tauer's L'Air du Desert Moracain but the mid notes reveal a hit of something like Dior Leather Oud. These two elements (LDDM & Leather Oud) are held together with a Roja Dove Amber Oud type scent. When I see white incense and black incense in the notes list I'm think I am smelling white woods incense (sandalwood, palo santo, cedar) mixed with a black amber (frankincense, labdanum & birch). The results are a smooth and deep warmth of penetrating amber leather incense with a touch of smoke. This sounds heavy but no, it's wrapped up with a carefully finished glow that feels refined and cultured. Definitely one of my favorites from the LV fragrance lab. Rated: 9 of 10 stars.
03rd July, 2021

Samba for Men by Perfumer's Workshop

Samba for Men is a light crisp mens cologne that is perfect for an everyday freshen up fragrance during spring or summer months. The opening bergamot supported by the very lightest dose of floral lavender which keeps it fresh and adds the slightest green almost melon quality to the lemon bergamot twist. Ylang and freesia adds a sunny middle uplift of attitude while the light musk and cedar base seamlessly smoothes and extends the bergamot opening all the way through to the base. This is one of the simplest fresh colognes I've tried. It achieves this fresh bergamot + spring floral freshness all the way through the clean spare musk and cedar base.
24th June, 2021
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Coach Platinum by Coach

Thumbs up for Coach Platinum. I agree with Andrew's deconstruction of this it definitely is inspired by several other popular fragrances, but I think of different inspirations. I really don't smell the pineapple as a stand alone note that reminds me of any other scent. The opening reminds me of the first initial inhale of Egoiste Platinum. This shining smooth opening comes from the sharpness of pineapple, frozen with black pepper and smoothed out over deep green of sage and rosemary. This would be a platinum coated green woods if it weren't for the geranium which adds a softness, almost powdery middle note stopping just short of fougere territory. The base is a warm thick comfortableness that reminds me slightly of the ending stage of Dior Homme Parfum with its warm and soft leathery spice notes. All in all Coach Platinum is sharp and energetic at opening but soft, warm and cuddly at the end. Definitely a masculine personality here. Rated: 7.5 of 10 stars.
15th June, 2021

Molecule 01 + Mandarin by Escentric Molecules

This combination of Mandarin and Iso e Super is a true blending of very different ingredient types for a stellar new view of mandarin. Unlike the Molecule 01+Patchouli scent which focuses upon and frames the patchouli scent, Molecule 01+Mandarin is a dematerialization of mandarin into a new scent made up of its parts that have been opened up for viewing. Mandarin is perhaps the most interesting orange variety and by itself is a wonderful scent but needs other notes to make it perform in more than a one note story. The role that Iso e Super plays in its dance with mandarin here is to expand and explode the note of mandarin so that you experience the juicy sunny opening, the soaring fruity orangeness, along with a decaying dry musk like background aroma: all are exposed parts of the construction of mandarin oil. These aspects are normally hidden inside and bundled up with mandarin as the unseen umami or essence of the whole mandarin aroma. Iso e super expands the interior of mandarin so that the insights of and secrets hidden inside are now exposed. The subject becomes objectified and understood in a new way. Iso e Super is a very potent floralizer of other ingredients and thankfully mandarin holds up well to this spacial dematerialization of mandarin into an all new experience of the ingredient. Simple, sunny and pleasant to wear.
02nd June, 2021 (last edited: 03rd June, 2021)

Armani Privé Cuir Zerzura by Giorgio Armani

Zerzura is a warm velvety violet and saffron toned leather fragrance that has a dried leafy texture with hints of what I guess might be osmanthus at first and iris towards the base. The base is reminiscent of soft napa suede with a honey sweetness as well as cedar bark rough background texture. This is a very outstanding leather scent befitting the Armani Prive label but other than filling a hole on the shelf for a warm leather which is needed in the Armani Prive lineup, there is not much that is outstanding or unusual here. The perfume smells quite good, masculine without animalism, and balances a slight synthetic polish on top of the leather, but stays on the good side of natural. Rating: 8 of 10.
02nd June, 2021

Molecule 01 + Iris by Escentric Molecules

The compilation of Iso e Super with Iris kind of makes sense as a thing to try with Molecule 01 + Iris. But, sadly for me this doesn't work very well and I did not enjoy it. Iris is a beautiful note that adds a thick neutral soft quality to any fragrance. Iso e Super expands and radiates whatever it combines with and so it does with Iris. Initially the expansion of iris is beautiful but as it progresses through the ravages of iso e super expansion, the parts separate and this thinning out of iris doesn't hold up well for either. The base smells synthetic and very floral while the opening is papery and dry. I will need to try this another time, but initially I am pushed back by the combination of these two parts. I like iris and I like Molecule 01, but not sure I want to smell them together.
02nd June, 2021

Molecule 01 + Patchouli by Escentric Molecules

Of the three Molecule 01+ scents this one - Patchouli, is my favorite. Like all of Escentric Molecule fragrances this is a spare, transparent and minimal fragrance. It is a blend of iso e Super + Indonesian patchouli + Patchouli Coeur. Patchouli Coeur is a Firmenich refinement of patchouli that removes some of the natural opening aspects and results in a patchouli note that is minimal, clear, clean and cuts through air in perfect harmony with iso e Super which also has a clean but quite expansive cedar base tone. Added to these super clean ingredients is Indonesian Patchouli which makes no mistake to inform us that this is patchouli++. The heaviness is completely gone. Patchouli expanded and diffused into a cloud surrounding you with clean sharp medicinal patchouli scent. The persistence and concentrative qualities of natural patchouli is thankfully replaced by an expansive but insightful blend of the best of patchouli and the cedar of iso e super. I like the results. A couple sprays works well and resolves into a skin scent after a few hours, but with a bit of movement it reactivates and refreshes itself. Cool.
02nd June, 2021

Absolute Aphrodisiac by Initio

Ok, a lot was expected from Initio when they arrived on the scene several years ago and Absolute Aphrodisiac has suffered mediocre reviews after extremely high expectations. I think what we have here is an extraordinarily good amber fragrance that progresses and changes from a gourmand opening through a weightless caramel amber heart that is as great an amber as I've tried and a very complimentary base of musk tinged with castoreum. The castoreum strangely adds the slight gourmand almost edible quality in the opening but blends with the musk/amber for a very dry polish on the warm caramel base. This is a very nice perfume, one of the best, if you love amber scents. Very unique in its class. Rating: 7 of 10.
29th May, 2021

Magnetic Blend 1 by Initio

Magnetic Blend 1 has a slight amber warmth at the opening that is consumed by warm musks in the base. There is a hollow and metallic secondary aroma that follows the amber opening and after this it continues on a warm amorphous undefined musk blend that recedes to become all background and context. Any contrasts are smoothed out in the warm complicated tumble of musk that floats around in the background sort of like static inside a mysterious cloud. This Initio is warm and very easy to wear providing an excellent low toned abstract background texture to life. What's not to like? It is hard to pin down these musk scents, but also this undefinable quality makes it hard to find fault with them as well. Magnetic Blend 1 is not too sweet, mildly warm, complicated in texture and enjoyable to wear. Rated 7.5 of 10.
28th May, 2021

Rehab by Initio

Rehab is a fougere riff on the Initio formula for fascination which includes a mix of woods and musks in the base. Most of the Initio fragrances I've tried have a thick amorphous, undefinable musk main body to the fragrance and this one follows that path. Along with the musk are several wood and incense type notes - patchouli, guaiac wood, sandalwood, cedar and vetiver that moves the musk into an incense quality and the fougere elements of lavender, bergamot and vanilla yields a healing rehabilitation quality that you might get after a go over in an old fashioned barbershop. The result is a warm creamy woods and vetiver toned musk that stays warm and fuzzy in feel while giving me the feeling that better days are ahead. I like this one from Initio because it avoids that complicated but sweet character that so many of these musk type scents seem to have. Instead of sweet it is spa like rehab and a dry incense afterglow. 8 of 10!
28th May, 2021

Not A Perfume Superdose by Juliette Has a Gun

Not a Perfume Superdose is a stronger dose of Not A Perfume by about double the scent impact. By "double" I mean that Not A Perfume will surround you in a cloud of its freshness about a foot or two before you encounter the person wearing, but Superdose will not only surround you in a cloud of its wonderfulness but it will shake your hand, slap you in the face, fluff up and launder your clothing down to your undies to a sparkling freshness all before you reach a radius of about 6 feet of one who is wearing Superdose. When you smell this I am sure you will recognize it because we have all been assaulted by this super fresh fragrant cloud of wonderfulness surrounding someone as they approach and pass us on the sidewalk. This is ambroxan in the form Cetalox which is a crystaline super floralizing powder mixed with alcohol to form a very powerful cleansing and freshening agent. You smell this as the superpower that emboldens most laundry detergents. Superdose is similar in smell to Escentric Molecules 02, except it is about 4 times as potent and Cetalox is slightly more floral leaning and the freshness is much bolder than plain Ambroxan. I like the smell of it. But, I object to a fragrance being this bold an intrusion into the space of everyone who encounters me. I would rather the scent be discovered by . . . versus assaulted upon . . . those I pass on the street. So for my taste, I prefer regular Not a Perfume over Superdose, and also prefer Escentric Molecules 02 to either of those from Juliette Has a Gun. But, still I like this smell and I am sure it will sell and be popular, and live happily ever after.
22nd May, 2021

Météore by Louis Vuitton

The opening thesis of Meteore is all kinds of orange with the delightfulness of oranges, mandarins, neroli and bergamot. All this juiciness is given some depth with pepper, cardamom and nutmeg. A slight undergrowth of vetiver adds ground to stand on for this sharp and tasty summer citrus scent. Meteore is definitely not a new idea in mens fragrance, but it is well done as possibly only Jacques Cavalier can do with these kinds of masculine basics. The aroma is natural and clean smelling, not much in the way of synthetic add ons, and Meteore fills a need in the LV line up for an orange summer cologne fragrance.

Alternatives to this summer citrus within the Louis Vuitton range include On The Beach and Afternoon Swim. On the Beach livens up the orange notes with addition of Yuzu and Cypress for added crispness wich is refreshing. Afternoon Swim is a compilation of all the best that Mr. Cavalier had learned from composing the huge variety of Aqua and Aqua Marine fragrances for Bulgari. Both these along with Sun Song are more interesting summer perfumes than Meteore.

I can not give this one a thumbs up because it is just too average - What is worth a try first? . . . Azemour, Bigarade Concentree, Historie d'Orangers, LV Sicilian Mandarin, Orange Sanguine, Bergamotto di Calabria, Creed MI, Arancia di Capri, Arancia di Sicilia, Mandarine Glaciale, Mark Birley for Men, Oxford BTV.
19th May, 2021
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Nouveau Monde by Louis Vuitton

Nouveau Monde is a bold and aggressive floral, saffron, cocoa and oud fragrance that is definitely a "test it first" fragrance. It is bold, beautiful, in your face, harsh if you abuse it, but also sublime and soft suede around the edges. Nouveau Monde resides in a similar neighborhood of fragrance with Tom Ford Noir de Noir , Vilhelm Parfumerie Oud Affair and even MFK Oud Satin Mood Extrait. There is no mention of floral notes here, however I am picking up aromas of jasmine, rose and violet over a dark oudish wood, maybe a touch of patchouli, softened with saffron and cocoa powder. The cocoa/saffron definitely warms and softens things up towards the consistency of dark soft suede. Don't underestimate this fragrance. It is a bold, fashion forward, even posh extrovert of a fragrance. Usage might require a half spritz used wisely to be sufficient. While this scent is definitely not for everybody, it is a striking statement of sublime beauty, for those brave enough to take this on. Rating: 8 of 10 stars.
19th May, 2021

L'Immensité by Louis Vuitton

L'Immensite is a likable, good friend kind of fragrance at first sniff and through its opening. Initially you notice the tartness of grapefruit with an odd sour pickled ginger accent which is a nice touch providing a bridge to a warm rosemary and wooded amber base. The grapefruit ginger layers onto labdanum and ambroxan base that is very dry and pleasantly warm and smells like grapefruit + spiked ginger in an equal balance with the ambroxan powered rosemary + labdanum base. Overall the smells are interesting and very original giving the effect of natural oil rubbed wooden furniture - kind of a Scandinavian feel to the wood. I have totally come around to this fragrance and changed my opinion after wearing it a few times. Initially i was expecting a fresh oceanic along the lines of AdG and this was from reading reviews by early users. I am accepting of L'Immensite and now I enjoy its simplicity of tartness over clean ginger woods. Currently rated 7 of 10 stars, but trending up.
18th May, 2021 (last edited: 19th May, 2021)

Ombre Nomade by Louis Vuitton

Ombre Nomade is a charismatic smokey incense oud fragrance with a strong juicy rose/raspberry tone that dominates in the opening. I could never wear this every day or as a signature, it is just too big a fragrance, but for special occasions this is a wonderful perfume. The interplay of just a few rich elements (raspberry, oud, incense, benzoin tears) used boldly and in harmony creates a unique and warm smokey oud. If you place benzoin resin tears on a hot charcoal you get this smokey sweet incense cloud that is reproduced so well in Ombre Nomade. This fragrance is intense and it must be applied lightly so it can be discovered - rather than broadcasting its presence. When used this way I give it a rating of 9 / 10 stars. A masterful incense.
03rd May, 2021 (last edited: 07th June, 2021)

Orphéon by Diptyque

The backstory for Orpheon reveals the perfume was created to honor the memory of a bar of the same name, located close enough to Diptyque offices that it became an important setting for the owners of this brand. To memorialize this "second office" Opheon is set upon a mixed Tonka base with a smokey velour soft backdrop which stained with jasmine perfumes and juniper aromatics to recreate the atmosphere of the place. Opheon does have an atmospheric smoke and perfumed memory with soft padded lounge chairs. It is an exotic and captivating scent that is a bit feminine and adventurous in character. As faithful to the place as Orpheon may be, I have to wonder does this fragrance represent my dreams or does it open a window to possibilities? "Do I want to smell like this?". No, I guess not. Rating is 5 of 10.
01st May, 2021 (last edited: 06th May, 2021)

Orage by Louis Vuitton

Orage is almost invisible in its seamless combination of notes. I really like this kind of scent. The best blending of bergamot, vetiver and patchouli - maybe ever. The extra boost in this scent is the use of iris as the soft heart that is steady and lifts this scent above average. These notes go so well together and work so naturally to achieve such an effortless balance. I am amazed I have not seen the exact combination before - it is so effortless and wears without friction as if invisible. But it is good. Rating: 9 of 10.
01st May, 2021

Cactus Garden by Louis Vuitton

The opening of Cactus Garden shows the lemongrass with tart lemon peel aroma and almost a lime green mint note as well. The mint fades fast and also the lemongrass loses strength quickly as it blends into the dry leafy Mate tea aroma. Through most of the wear this doesn't smell like cactus, and is not green smelling like the bottle color would indicate, but has a dry herbal tea note at the end - exactly like a fresh cup of mate tea with a spritz of lemon. The herbal tea warmth makes this a very easy scent to wear. Totally enjoyable. Rating 7 of 10.
01st May, 2021

Dirty Grass by Heretic Parfums

Dirty Grass is a very earthy but clean smelling vetiver fragrance. At the opening there is a hint of grapefruit along with green grasses. Although Heretic alludes to hemp and CBD oil I smell no cannabis or CBD heavy aromas. I like this presentation of vetiver and is one of the better smelling vetiver scents. There is a cooling natural aura to this vetiver. You feel it along with or before you smell it - cool! Rating 9 of 10.
29th April, 2021

Dirty Violet by Heretic Parfums

Violet has a characteristic of erasing itself to the person wearing it and needs strong support. This Heretic Dirty Violet is beautifully combined with jasmine sambac and mid notes radiate with turkish rose followed by patchouli and cedar wood along with a hint of ambrette. I really do like the violet and jasmine shrill opener here. Jasmine gives the cold purple violet a wild edge and exotic paisley swirling personality. The turkish rose combines with the base of patchouli and cedar for an effect similar to the rose/patchouli illusion of L'Artisan Perfumer Voleur de Roses while the violet/jasmine shrill spike gives it a sharp edge. I like this combining, although the ambrette might have been stronger with leather as you can find with Byredo La Botte and Memo Morrocan Leather which both take their violet and jasmine openings to an earthier and more masculine result. I rate this "Dirty" Heretic at 7.5 of 10, marked down because it's not so dirty after all. Still, I like it!
29th April, 2021

Afternoon Swim by Louis Vuitton

Afternoon Swim is a truly outstanding summer aquatic fresh citrus fragrance. The opening of the fragrance is a beautiful combination of orange and bergamot citrus, as if you grabbed best of AdP Arancia di Capri and Le Labo's Bergamote 22 to combine their oranges and lemons to open the first sniff inside Afternoon Swim. But that's just for starters. What moves Afternoon Swim to the next level is the masterful use of very subtle aquatic notes that smoothes out the sprightly citrus into a blue sublime aquatic that has a timeless, endless summer, open air quality. No wonder this aquatic magic appears for Louis Vuitton since the perfumer Jacques Cavallier is creator and master of aquatics in modern perfumery, whose resume includes creations of ground breaking aquatics of Armani Acqua di Gio, Issey Miyake L'Eau de Issey, and Bulgari Aqua Marine. What a tool bag of experience to bring to the job. It is an oversimplification to say this base is Calone, because Jacques Cavalier has decades of experience creating very elusive aquatic fresh varieties that allows him to transition this bright citrus opening into an endless sunset over deep blue water. Afternoon Swim is state of the art aquatics technology for a 21st century citrus blue masterpiece. Rating: 9/10.
24th April, 2021

Oud For Greatness by Initio

Have been settling in with this very nice perfume Oud for Greatness by Initio. The general accomplishment of this product is to bring back the memory of a dry oud wood resin vaporized upon a white hot charcoal incense burner. There is a cooling dry suede opening from the start with lavender revealing its pinene qualities supported by nutmeg and saffron giving a soft leather feel to the opening. The cool opening reminds me of MFK Oud Velvet Mood, or Xerjoff GAO; however the warm musk base adds a little warmth to the character here which reminds me of Acqua di Parma Oud or Armani Prive Oud Royal. This is a nice combination of cool and warm qualities. Through the middle Oud wood, agar wood oil and patchouli keep a central theme of cooling sensual incense that stays on the woody resin side while being lifted by the lavender and nutmeg and soft smokey musk at the very base. I like Oud for Greatness as a perfume and it has good performance overall. Like most oud perfumes the artistry of the oud story in Oud for Greatness is not the equal of any good quality pure oud oil that would cost you the same amount as this 90 ml. but for only 3 gr. of intense pure Cambodian, Indonesian, Malaysian and recently Vietnamese harvested oud oil. Both the perfume and pure oud oil have their place and are different but the naming begs a comparison. As far as an oud based perfume goes Oud for Greatness is enjoyable to wear and accomplishes a very competent burning oud resin aroma. Rated: 4/5.
22nd April, 2021

Fougère d'Argent by Tom Ford

Fougere Argent is a lavender + coumarin prominent fougere fragrance that is sweet and bold, rigid in its conformity to the fougere standard and lifeless in personality or concept. The opening and early stages are loud and kind of stiff, while the later stages get better and better. I guess this product fills a slot on the fragrance to do list, but I don't see a reason to prefer this fougere over the dozens of others on the market that have a little more of anything different. I do smell a slight green resin only noticeable in the first hour. Also the base does even things out nicely and after a few hours the akigalawood adds a sheen that is probably the saving feature for this one - but you have to wait for hours to get that. Towards the end of the day the basenotes polish off all of the bumps and objections from the brassy beginning into a well honed luminescent perfectly glowing soft masculine fougere fragrance. Rating: 2.8 of 5 stars.
04th April, 2021 (last edited: 03rd April, 2021)

Madras Cardamom by Ermenegildo Zegna

From another source, the notes for Zegna Madras Cardamom are top notes: Cardamom, Pink Pepper and Bergamot; middle notes: Coffee and Virginian Cedar, base notes: Vetiver, Labdanum, Vanilla and Ambroxan.

I have worn this fragrance for a couple of years now and never realized it had coffee as a note until writing this review. I categorize this fragrance as a BIG SPICE, and thats what I like about it. The cardamom dominates the spice blend with a hard dark metallic density that covers the light scintillating Baies Rose/ pink pepper for a single note of dark warm spice. The spice warmth comes from the labdanum and vanilla at the base with sparkling bergamot heart that together with Ambroxan propel this dark spice to soar. Madras Cardamom is a reliable dark spice, winter friendly fragrance. Like many of these Zegna Essenze fragrances distribution is weak and it is very difficult to find a bottle of this nowadays. A very good masculine spice blend. Rating 3 / 5.
02nd April, 2021

No5 - La Haine by Moth and Rabbit

A clean metallic coolness shrouds a darker camphorous petrochemical core. Light wood smoke surrounds tar essence. The base is a burnt rubber note layered over Atlas cedar. These are the smells of lots of mechanical action such as a road race in the pits where the action is, or a battlefield after lots of military conflict, or a road works construction site. The Buchu sulphur, Birch tar, burnt rubber and metallic accord all together smell like a road tar that is lightened by a soft wood smoke that drifts through the air. Overall La Haine has a darkness to it, but the smells are oddly refreshing although not at all like traditional perfumes. These are smells directly from the world of cities and constructed realities.

"La Haine" is translated from French to "Hate". Also this is the title of a french film La Haine (1995) that is a drama involving young people who live in a decaying suburban setting, shot in black and white to emphasize the cold realism of contemporary life on the streets. The film has a theme of "hate breeds hatred". The naming of this fragrance by perfumer Mark Buxton is a reference to the setting and themes of this well known post modern culture statement film.

Rating 4 of 5 stars.
31st March, 2021

Heresy by Chapel Factory

Heresy exudes an earthy burnt incense smoke aroma of incense from sandalwood and guaiac wood. This is not the smell of incense itself and not of the smoke, but is a damp woods smell long after the fire has been put out - wet wood smoke in the air. Notes of violet, vetiver and patchouli add a clean but cooling masculine interior to the smokey incense air around this scent. At first sniff it reminded me of Anatole Lebreton's Grimoire however this is its own beast with more dry smoke and darkness. I like this fragrance, but its unique quality definitely suggest a careful test it before you buy approach. The darkness may be more than some will want in a fragrance, but I think there is an air of enchantment and a haunting natural but dark quality here. Heresy, might be but I like it. Rated: 3.5 / 5 stars.
31st March, 2021

Sun Song by Louis Vuitton

Wow! My new favorite orange sunshine fragrance. This one goes to the front of the line past the Aqua di Parmas, Tom Fords, Creeds and even my old favorite Azemour les Oranger! The best from Louis Vuitton.
18th March, 2021

Camel by Zoologist Perfumes

Camel by Zoologist is a fragrance that just smells great to wear. It's an amber fragrance at its core with slight additions and adjustments here and there which only add to its unique personality. The opening has mild dried fruit aroma and there is a slight tobacco scent that could also easily be interpreted as an animalic leather due to the civet and musk in the base. Pulling the tobacco right out from under my nose is a pleasant woods cedar and agarwood base which coordinates nicely with everything else. All these beautiful small touches change the amber a little resulting in a weak amber, which to me makes Camel easier to wear than most heavy Arabic amber scents. Camel is a winner for Zoologist and is so much easier to share time with than many of their bolder beasts.
31st January, 2021

Spice Bazaar by Nishane

Spice Bazaar is a great blend of spice notes that revolves around the energetic interplay of ginger, cinnamon, cumin and saffron. At the opening there is a light green pine needle aura over this dense spice ball and at the base there is solid sweetness from vanilla. The spices dry out with the saffron and pepper notes making the scent soft and very fine. If it weren't for the penetrating piney green juniper, yuzu and rosemary that lifts the spices throughout its journey, this might be a very average fragrance. But the evergreen lightness lifts the heavy spice burden and seems to cool down the sweetness of the vanilla base and you end up with a refined well behaved plaid interwoven with conifer and spice. The flattening out of the spices at the base has me changing my rating from neutral to thumbs up. Maybe this is a green fragrance after all. Spice Bazaar does not have any magical properties of hot dry gunmetal spice powder, and also doesn't have a mentholated aromatic ending. But the spices do come together nicely with the odd green opening controlling the final character of the scent at the base.
31st January, 2021