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Moschino pour Homme by Moschino

A lovely carnation sueded leather with a prickly peppered mace and rosemary/ lavender entry note. There is a big contrast here of soft carnation versus hardness of mace with a light background leather. Green rosemary/lavender versus warmth of amber and incense. This 1990's scent has a slightly out of bounds vibe while keeping a smoothly pressed demeanor. It is shiny smooth leather over paisley and chrome. I like it so I tried three different time periods of this discontinued gem and they are all more or less the same, and excellent.
11th September, 2020

St. Kitts for Men by Tommy Bahama

I picked up this Tommy Bahama St. Kitts while in Hawaii years ago and even though I am a long way from St. Kitts, this is the perfect island ocean scent for me. This is my favorite of the Set Sail series from Tommy Bahama and I am surprised I don't see it around anymore. The opening is ocean air kissed island fruits, with a hint of light floral -magnolia or mimosa possibly. This fresh fruit opening layers over a dry driftwood musk base that has the washed feel of beach sand after constant waves tumbling up onto the shoreline. The musk base could be synthetic to some, but but this base is the perfect dry contrast to the lively island fruit opening. Very nice. I miss the ocean.
06th September, 2020

Menthe Fraiche / Fresh Mint / Eau de Menthe by Heeley

The spearmint and peppermint opening is pure mint with a sharpness at the outset only, that is medicinal yet is still very true to the smell of natural mint leaves. I have a corner in my garden planted with menthe piperita, a beautiful plant that needs constant attention because it grows like a weed and is always flowing out covering the walkway nearby. This fragrance matches the medicinal sharpness of this natural growing mint plant. The mint loses its medicinal sharpness after about an hour and is supported by the green tea heart over a subdued light woods base. I prefer this mint scent over those that sweeten up the mint with vanilla or powder of some sort. There is also a lack of herbal presence that is often found in min fragrances. One of the best mint perfumes I have smelled and what makes it good is the purity of the mint experience. Even though I like it, when I am thinking "mint freshness" in the mornings of reach much more often for mint fragrances that that have a secondary barbershop quality or creaminess such as Guerlain Homme L'Eau or Mugler Kryptomint - but that is a personal preference. Still for mint purity this is close to the best out there.
04th September, 2020
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Spicematic 11.2 by Parfumerie Generale

Ginger is probably the most useful spice for a fragrance that wants some prickly spices. Ginger in Spicematic is softened by saffron and spearmint and then gets lost in pine and cedar woods. Spicematic is a very soft and very dry spice fragrance. A very nice blend that is very wearable and creates a mysterious background of context to live up against. Thumbs up!
18th August, 2020

Labyrinth of Spices by Alghabra Parfums

I like spice fragrances and Labyrinth of Spices certainly has lots of spice. Unfortunately, all these spice notes are all jam packed one on top of another so it is just a big bucket of spices that leaves a burning sensation with a metallic bite when you try to smell it up close. When smelled from a few feet away it is a burning intense spice mix and when smelled from 8 - 15 feet away it is a mysterious deep and sensual spice blend. There is no development of notes as they all hit you at almost the same time so it is best to socially distance yourself from the point of application. Alternatively you can try to use a partial spritz spread out over several places on body. But with the strength in mind, and my love of spice blends, I give LoS a neutral rating and caution the reader to use with care.
18th August, 2020

Ganymede by Marc-Antoine Barrois

This fragrance has an air of mystery to it. The opening is deep green and dark floral which I suppose is the violet. The middle of the scent smells like hay (immortelle) which is a logical transition from the dark green violet wood opening and this feels like nature and outdoors. The hay scent turns softer until it has the feel of suede or soft leather. All of these warm hay and leather notes are the result of interplay of immortelle, osmanthus and saffron. The violet opening combined with these soft aspects adds to the mystery and charm of this scent. It seems to change often from green violet to soft leathery woods depending on strength of application and outside temperature. I've only tried this a couple of times but I think it is enchanting, interesting, a naturalistic pastoral statement and is a pretty fantastic finished product.
16th August, 2020

Iridescent Sky by Strangers Parfumerie

Iridescent Sky is a strange assemblage of bitter tart citrus, smoke and metallic musks, ambrette softness, blueberry and gooseberry bitter dark berries and black tea? It is a strange smell of tart berries without any sweetness, and dry powder + smoke with a metallic musk scent. All these are kind of abrasive against each other. The lack of warm grounding base notes or floral or lyrical heart notes of any type keeps these hard edged contrasting elements up in the air swirling around looking for a place to land. Iridescent Sky is definitely a contemporary, post modern type of scent which is a category of experimental art that I enjoy. But, this scent doesn't interpret itself well to me. 1.5/5
02nd August, 2020

Magenta Pop by Strangers Parfumerie

This is a bright red cherry candy lollipop with flavor and aroma that definitely pops. The cherry candy scent is so luscious and nicely rounded with bits of red wine, mandarin, caramel, rose, licorice, gingerbread etc. etc. packed full of flavor which I taste before I smell. The magenta is a deep cherry liqeuer spice aroma that stays consistent beginning to end. I like the simplicity of the plan to build everything around this one flavor profile and then - POP! Magenta Pop. 4/5.
02nd August, 2020

Cigar Rum by Strangers Parfumerie

The opening notes of raisins, dried cherry, prunes, Rum absolute with mandarin toned amber is a holiday fruitcake of warm sweet yumminess. All these dried and sweetened fruits are adornments for the tobacco base which is a bitter dried tobacco that stands behind the fruitcake opening. The tobacco is given some backbone with oakwood essence, vetiver and seaweed absolute. Then labdanum base pulls the tobacco back into the mellow opening and as a result you end up with a dried fruit and cigar toned amber scent. Overall this smells very good. It's not too strong like many tobacco scents tend to be - tobacco is a very bold aroma to use in any delicate way, but this ends up feeling delicate and I like that. But the delicate balancing of these dried fruits with tarry basenotes levels the scent out into one pleasant tone organized into the labdanum for a gourmand Amber scent. Cigar Rum is missing some notes if Prin wanted to tell a more exotic story. This scent could be more complex like Parfum d' Empire Wazamba or Frapin 1697. This mild dried fruit amber scent with tobacco seasoning is a nice one as is, but could have been more. 2.5/5.
02nd August, 2020

Lumberjack Cologne by Strangers Parfumerie

Lumberjack Cologne is a part of the Strangers Perfumerie series that is created by Prin Lomros. All of the perfumes I've tried from Prin Lomros have been excellent and Lumberjack is no exception. How the name was derived is a mystery to me, but this is part of the fun of experiencing a Strangers perfume. The bottles, packaging, labels, names are all part of the fun and party atmosphere surrounding this range of products. The perfume smells like a soft spice incense woods and suede leather. The opening initially had the feel of a fougere with light green citrus over soapy aromatics. This early phase of the scent smells like a blending of Azzarro PH and CdG Kyoto with masculine aromatics combined with gentle incense notes. As the scent wears on it becomes more prominently incense and spice dry wood notes. The woods merge into a saffron suede note that hints at warmth of leather texture that is a side note without turning into a leather scent. Lumberjack reminds me of a few other soft incense scents as a reference: PG Spicematic, Unum Io Non Ho Mani and CdG Dover Street Market come to mind. I like Lumberjack equally to the best of these and the similarity shows a skill that Prin Lomros has with incense and woods to keep a complex blending subtle, light and lively. Rating 4/5.
02nd August, 2020

Aventus Cologne by Creed

The contrasts found in original Aventus are softer and more subtle for a quieter but still very crisp cologne version of the now classic Creed Aventus. The tart citrus opening is slightly softer and the dry ashen base is more transparent. Aventus Cologne is the probable successor /replacement for Pure White Cologne which has never really struck gold in the Creed line-up. I am surprised I like this as much as I do. It is not worth the price, yes, but its hard to find anything objectionable. There is nothing revolutionary or new with Aventus Cologne, but you get a well made, hot weather compatible, Aventus styled flanker that is a pleasure to wear especially in warm weather. Aventus Cologne follows Aventus original; just as Declaration Essence followed Cartier Declaration - 20 years earlier with improvements that will extend the audience, but also dilutes the personality of the original creation.
01st August, 2020

Sticky Fingers by Francesca Bianchi

The cardamom and cinnamon spice opening is a playful introduction to a pure patchouli heart of Francesca Bianchi's latest patchouli assemblage. Spice is a nice set up for an otherwise clean true patchouli fragrance. To further compromise the patchouli there is a pillowy soft gentle sweetness from heliotrope and tonka which gives a soft cashmere sweater landing for the patchouli to lean into.

The name of the perfume, Sticky Fingers, references an album by the Rolling Stones and the graphics from the album cover is also mimicked in the promotion. Clever theft of imagery, but it doesn't work for me. The fragrance is a bit feminine and very soft as opposed to the hard raw sexuality in the Rolling Stones example. Sticky Fingers, the perfume, reminds me of the gentleness in Thierry Mugler A *Men but I like SF more. No matter if the name isn't totally spot on, I still like this fragrance very much. Rating: 4 of 5 stars.
23rd July, 2020

Isparta 26 by Parfumerie Generale

The red berry opening note continues into the main body of the fragrance and would become too sweet like a confection or cherry syrup if it weren't for the smokey base notes that follow. Honestly I don't smell rose, but doesn't mean its not there filling in the gaps of the cherry berry opening scent. The base which at first appears to save this scent with darkr masculine woods and smokey warmth thins out with amber and balsam so that it is kind of muddled. You end with a kind of rosy cherry toned smokey amber scent. I love the opening and first hour of Isparta. But, it slowly becomes compromised and non distinct in statement because the base note doesn't hold strongly to it original smokey oud showing. I would rate this 7 out 10 stars. A nice everyday fragrance, but certainly not my favorite smokey rose or oud rose fragrance.
15th July, 2020
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The Black Knight by Francesca Bianchi

The Black Knight opens with a bitter green deep woodland plant and mosses accord that is a result of the exotic touches of artemisia, caraway and bitter green narcissus overlaying a rooty vetiver, clean cedar and aged patchouli base. These notes create the dark mysterious Black Knight green moistened leather feel that flows into a cool vetiver, cedar and patchouli basenote. As the fragrance ages the leather and patchouli become slightly more assertive. The iris heart note provides some light to these cold dark strokes to prevent a collapse upon itself and become all density. The iris butter, honey and beeswax also adds a little lyrical twist of spring fed naughtiness that dances through the dark woodland shadows. The Black Knight is a serious dark green patchouli and moist leather, brooding medieval perfume that creates its own legend from a story of its own making. Rated 4 of 5 stars!
08th July, 2020

Etruscan Water by Francesca Bianchi

Etruscan Water calls to mind the water drawn from deep stone lined wells that reach deep into the earth for cool water that has not seen the light of day. The opening of this fragrance does have a cold stone drawn water feel by the grapefruit over vetiver. Adding to this crisp light green watery aroma are bits of green basil and caraway. An indolic old floral note is added from jasmine that is made smooth by heart notes of iris. The iris note is a Bianchi staple and appears to add smooth mystery to almost every scent of hers that I have had the pleasure to try. The watery green iris flows over a base of ambergris and labdanum and provides an accurate metaphor for well drawn Etruscan Water. There is an old soul quality that is common to all of Bianchi perfumes I've tried and this comes from the complexity and contrasts in each. This perfume does remind me of water drawn from a stone well but the deep quality of the base and heart notes takes this far out of the oceanic green vetiver category and into its own artistic frame. Another very nice fragrance from Francesca Bianchi.
08th July, 2020

The Dark Side by Francesca Bianchi

Dark Side is a dark incense that is made of many of the same notes which create the extraordinary group of Amber "desert" incense classics such as: Andy Tauer L'Air du Desert Morocain, MFK Grand Soir, Atelier des Ors Larmes du Desert. These dark but radiant notes of amber, styrax benzoin, patchouli, sandalwood and Incense form the dark deep incense base that Francesca Bianchi adds a smoothing introduction of soft mellow iris and cooling violet combination that takes these patchouli intense amber incense notes to a darker place. The results are serious and outstanding. A dark and penetrating woods and amber incense scent of great mystery and power. Rated 5 of 5 stars. A beauty!
08th July, 2020

Sex and the Sea Neroli by Francesca Bianchi

S & S Neroli smells exactly like the hot steamy summertime air that lifts off the skin while sunbathing on the beach. The coconut and honey mid notes definitely position this warm skin tone aroma squarely at the beach and in the hot summer sun. I don't necessarily smell anything about sex, but Sex and the Sea is a fun name for coconutty sun tan oil fun fragrance. It leans slightly feminine to my nose and the neroli is barely noticeable in the background. Also the dry down is pleasant with labdanum, benzoin, ambergris, sandalwood - much more substantial dry down than any suntan oil. I like it. Don't know if its for me, but there is a place in the world for this fragrance. I would rate it 3 of 5 stars.
08th July, 2020

Under My Skin by Francesca Bianchi

Under My Skin is a soft and subtle leather and warm musk and light woods fragrance. There are many notes in the fragrance that are so well complimented or contrasted that you don't get much of any one thing but there are a variety of little interesting moments such as: grapefruit on top of ambergris saltiness; then a hint of rose for tiny spots of gentle radiance; all this is against a very pleasant iris leather for a hint of clean skin or lipstick suede leather. A beautiful soft and changeable interesting warm skin fragrance that every now and then shows moments of intrigue and mystery. UMS is truly unisex while still having a hidden but sexy presence. I would rate this 4 of 5 stars and highly recommended.
08th July, 2020

Hyrax by Zoologist Perfumes

At first I smell dried clay which smells old and dusty. This is a powerful dry and clean sun baked type of clay. Few top notes, none. There are so many dry animalic and powdery dust notes in here which create this intense dry clay smell with a slight warm skin aroma that smells like an earthy tuberose that is emanating through the dusky darkness of dried mud and stone. Turkish Rose, Hyacinth plus whiskey and amber gives that slight floral warmth that escapes unnoticed until an hour after application and then it just barely escapes the dryness of saffron, african stone, benzoin, castoreum, tonka and sandalwood. I don't get a fecal smell at all with Hyrax, but it does have a dried dusty floral tone that never overcomes the musky dry scent as the primary aroma. I like this scent, but it is an oddball and I could never recommend it without testing.
04th June, 2020

Oud Violet Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

First of all there is no violet note in this fragrance and very little oud presence so this one has a confusing name right off the shelf as I kept looking for those notes but mostly it's not there. But after spending some time with the scent I like what I discovered inside. The opening is a bright mandarin possibly with some grapefruit blended with a smooth slightly powdery amber backdrop that yields a juicy floral like tone over the elemi resin, frankincense and amber second half of the scent. The opening effect is light and uplifting while thoroughly resinous through the heart of the scent and settles onto an amber/oud base. Nutmeg adds light texture to the mandarin and some depth as the frankincense hands off to amber and just subtlest hint of oud. The oud blends into the overall composition and does not stand out at all - kind of disappears. The resins also blend nicely so there are no jagged edges or abrupt changes from elemi to frankincense to oud to amber. Overall this is an excellent quality masculine woody oriental fragrance that retains the uplifting mandarin for most of the journey through the perfume. From one perspective this scent could be considered a bold mandarin scent with a strong resinous amber background. Very nice fragrance that is expensive for what you get, but it is a quality product. The blending keeps getting smoother and more comfortable as it ages in a similar way to Oud Noir Intense from Fragrance du Bois. I rate Oud Violet Int. 8 of 10 stars for perfume quality; however listing "oud" as well as "violet" in the name is a little misleading as this is a mandarin • resin • amber scent.
01st June, 2020

Jasmin Antique by Rogue Perfumery

Almost as beautiful as the finest jasmine absolute essential oils and successfully adapted to an alcohol perfume base by perfectly selecting adjoining notes that emphasize jasmines best qualities. Masterful and simply minimal execution. The depth of base is improved upon over pure jasmine absolute with a slight clove and deeper musk that gives the base a full slightly carmelized toasty warmth. A touch of vanilla keeps the middle notes sweet and languorous as pure jasmine tends to be. One of the best jasmine perfumes I've tried.
24th May, 2020

Muskane by Nishane

A very light cloudy musk with faded tones of violet and raspberry rose that give the slightest blush of color to the soft translucent cloudy musk aroma that is Muskane. A light amber base adds to the mystery of the scent that is created through the mesmerizing and dominating character of a silencing white musk. Until Muskane I had only encountered this quiet, soft, "smells better than skin", musk from Bruno Acampora Musc which is an oil which has now become a cult classic. Muskane follows this same quiet "road less traveled by" with Muskane. The success of a musk perfume this quiet and translucent is that it recedes into the background and becomes all context providing so little contrast and it's that secret something in the background that is indescribable, but with Muskane that's what you get. I like the effect here, although it is not my favorite thing. Rating: 7.5 of 10 stars.
19th May, 2020

Múnegu by Nishane

Munegu is a patchouli fragrance of great subtlety and artistry. The patchouli note is earthy but a gentle version through its combination with cedar, cardamom at the opening and a leafy amber incense combination in the base. Lifting up Munegu from the very start is a smooth orange and Ylang Ylang blissful glow which slowly reveals the patchouli essence. The fragrance is hard to describe because of all the various facets, but at the end of the story its a very attractive and lyrical patchouli scent. I like patchouli and appreciate the soft use of these bold notes that surround it. 8 of 10 stars!
16th May, 2020

Eau Capitale by Diptyque

Eau Capitale is a clean, true rose fragrance that lasts for hours until it slowly winds through a clear patchouli base that leaves a slight woody clean finish although it doesn't change the overall light rose fragrance aroma. The opening is what I would call bubblegum rose - syrupy sweet + pink powdery rose which is not as subtle and expansive as true rose oil but this phase doesn't last long. By the mid notes dry pink pepper & bergamot rose scent emerges. Patchouli is mentioned but unlike other rose scents where the patchouli is natural and green, this scent has a transparent clear patchouli that mostly adds dryness to complete the pink peppercorn opening. Rose as a fragrance is never boring when it is done this well, however when there is not a bold contrasting note to modify or define the rose scent, it often is interpreted as a feminine note or an old fashioned rose. When comparing Eau Capitale to other rose scents I notice that almost every one I tested outshines the rose in this Diptyque and they all contain some contrasting notes to help define the rose scent against the contrast. This perfume is a conservative, not very exciting, natural rose that is unisex or slightly feminine. First time I wore Eau Capitale, by spouse said to me, "you smell like an old lady, please take that off!"

I am reluctant to review Eau Capitale with a thumbs down because I the like the brand and also I collect Diptyque fragrances. However, when compared to eight other rose fragrances in my collection, I find every one preferred over this Eau Capitale, at least to my nose. I like rose scents but this one gets a reluctant rating: 5 of 10 stars, and I can not recommend this scent to anyone but the most hard core rose lovers.
14th May, 2020 (last edited: 25th May, 2020)

Unutamum by Nishane

Unutamum is an earthy well balanced woody aromatic musk fragrance. Lavender and Juniper create a green herbal woodland feel while oregano and mint add a healing medicinal lightness ro the background aromatics. The base is incense leather but not at all heavy and has a thick soft feeling as if it were a woodland musk of some sort. The greatness of this fragrance is how well balanced all the notes present themselves. This is my favorite scent from Nishane and is well worth looking into if you like earthy medicinal woodland scents that contain a bit of magic inside. Rating: 9 of 10.
13th May, 2020 (last edited: 19th May, 2020)

Eau de Mandarine Ambrée by Hermès

Mandarine and Amber go so well together and the result of this combination is just that - a pleasant well put together lazy orange golden hued mandarine fragrance. My impression is of a slightly limpid result simply because there is no contrasting bitters or animalic notes to add drama, excitement or the aggressiveness needed to make this a compelling story. I want to go to sleep wearing this, even though it does smell good. I have a problem with how safe and pleasantly normal this scent is especially from a perfumer with such artistic chops as JC Ellena. This could have been so much more special. It does smell good.
02nd May, 2020

Salted Green Mango by Strangers Parfumerie

Tropical green notes from green fruits, green grasses, melons, flowers and all the sharp green which feels clean and fresh ends with very dry seaweed accord. Up close this is very green and the base is all about the seaside. But, from a foot away this is another original and very interesting dry but sharp green scent that has a sober woody dry finish. A nice spring awakening fragrance. 4/5!
28th April, 2020

Escentric 05 by Escentric Molecules

Escentric 05 is a green woody incense type of scent that has excellent projection and longevity. The fragrance is built around cashmeran by the perfumer Geza Schoen. It doesn't really smell like cashmeran because the accent notes add such a bold crunchy garden of natural elements that keeps this perfume more like a magical fairy tale woodland incense. The accent notes I notice are orange, fig, basil, laurel, rosemary and juniper which bring that strong woodsy and mixed aromatic tone. The cashmeran which is a smooth super soft woody musk is aided in mellowing character by labdanum, mastic resin, ambroxan and iso e super - all powerhouse grounding agents. The penetrating and very pleasant aroma chemicals in the mix give 05 the base strength to be a wonderful supportive and extending base that in combination with most any other fragrance will turn that scent into penetrating incense resin version of itself. But, Eccentric 05 is an outstanding perfume on its own too. It takes me back through long walks through a dense secret woodland. The effect is similar to a woodier, bolder version of Baccarat Rouge or a greener version of CDG Ouarzazate Incense Series. Thumbs up!
27th April, 2020 (last edited: 28th April, 2020)

Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

PHI-Un Rose de Kandahar - This is a beautiful fragrance. At the very opening I am hit with the outward edge of a rose expansion, but then is that not apricot? No I think it is rose geranium scent that is thick and luscious and blends together the tart of apricot and the expansive openness of rose. In the opening and all through the scent progression II smell and feel bits of tobacco along with some dry tonka. The tonka gives this rose tobacco scent a very dry wind over the desert feel. The dryness and leafy bits of tobacco warmth gives this an outdoor quality. As the day wears on the rose, apricot leafy tobacco dry base creates the illusion of a dry rose hued wood scent inside a winter sauna. I like this rose very much - a favorite.
27th April, 2020

Mr. Burberry Indigo by Burberry

Mr. Burberry Indigo is the first Burberry I've bought in quite a while and I am not disappointed. There is a lemon and black currant sour tart opening that livens up the dry violet with a gothic tone and, the driftwood and spearmint heart note feels friendly like a dark fougere. The spearmint is very light but lifts up the violet and driftwood fadeing into an amber musk. This is a proper stiff upper lip, Bristish city scent. The darkness of the currant and violets with the dry woods hint at black boot leather without the leather. Add a bit of leather? Thumbs way up!
23rd April, 2020 (last edited: 24th April, 2020)