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San Francisco 250 Post Street by Zara

This has the same notes as the 2014 release. I have never tried that one but I cannot confirm that it is indeed the same.

SF250PS is to my nose, Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous EDC Summer, if you can imagine such a thing. Absent almost completely is the bitter almond accord, but the interplay between the yuzu and violet leaf is reminiscent ever so lightly of the creamy lemony hits from FF. Also, the vanilla in the dry down of the Zara offering does well to round out what would have been a fleeting jus.
Layered 6 sprays to one of FF is simply a delight.
20th August, 2020

Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive by Zara

I don't love this, but it has a definitive draw.

It is a smoky vanillaic creamy fare that is 100% unisex. Smells better on women from my experience actually.

As with other Zara offerings, sillage and longevity are not the best, but because this is mostly linear, you can overspray (circa 20 sprays for me) and get better performance.

Works better in cooler weather.
12th August, 2020

W/END Till 8:00 PM by Zara

Somewhere between Invictus and YSL L'Homme, dialed back to about 75% strength, as it is typical of Zara scents.

What is lovely about this is that it smells instantly modern-office. It fits in the broad range of what has been proselytized by perfumers (especially Flipo and Ropion) over the past decade as modern masculine. Price point is very attractive but longevity is not. Easily fixed by overspraying.

It must be said that this flavor is what Zara has epitomized and can be found in about half a dozen of their offerings. Some are exactly the same, others are a little varied.

Only worth seeking out if you don't want to shell out the dough for the higher brow designer offerings.
05th August, 2020
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Tobacco Collection Intense Dark Exclusive by Zara

OF the 3 tobacco offerings from Zara, this to me is the one to get. It is more masculine (Rich, Warm, Addictive is unisex to my nose) and is certainly more tobacco-y.
All three are worth a full bottle considering how inexpensive the ask is.
04th August, 2020

W/END till 3:00 AM by Zara

A doppelganger to Paco Rabanne's Black XS, although there are some differences - bergamot and pineapple versus the lemon and sage in Black XS.
As with almost every Zara fragrance, longevity is not a strong suit.
Spray liberally.
04th August, 2020

9.0 by Zara

There is a definitive connection to Dior Homme, as well as a very faint Fahrenheit tinge.
Hard to beat for a couple of reasons: price point makes it a bargain, quality of the jus, although not long lasting is very good.
This makes a fantastic office scent and is versatile enough for day/night and all year wear.
04th August, 2020

8.0 by Zara

Creamy minty melon with 'happy' notes.
Hard not to like this, although it last for only a few hours.
TO overcome the lack of projection and longevity, overspraying is recommended.
Quite nice and a bargain at the price point!
04th August, 2020

Mundaka by Zara

Finally, something different!

Considering Zara fragrances are heavy tributes to a designer offering, I am almost sure this is...I just don't know what it copies.

That said, it is a very nice fragrance.
Bright, spicy/minty and mineral-ly. It is a cheerful yet somewhat serious jus, perfect for the office, spring and summer time.
Must try!

Update: settles to a Sauvage/Bleu de Chanel type of fragrance, but lighter.
01st August, 2020

AnOther 13 by Le Labo

Almost 10 years on and this is still quite relevant. Well, sort of. This is less a stand-alone jus and more a fragrance booster in general.

It is decidedly more masculine to my nose, presenting a pseudo-gonadotropic vibe that might be off-putting to some.

At some point in its evolution, it smells like a very well constructed Claiborne Curve, minus any headache inducing vibe.

Layers well with a wide variety of jus, and a little goes a long way.
24th July, 2020

L'Uomo R by Roberta di Camerino

R de Capucci's 7 years younger brother.
L'Uomo R is brighter in the opening, 'fresher', but the floral hearts are quite similar, featuring rose and carnation.
The base shares some similarities as well, Capucci's offering being the more formal, if not denser variety.

All in, a solid late entrant ending the show before the aquatics gained full momentum.
02nd July, 2020

L'Insoumis Ma Force by Lalique

Abercrombie's Fierce comes to mind right away, and yes indeed, they both share the Cashmere woods accord, aka cashmeran.
Unlike Fierce, L'IMA is well flanked by the other notes present, all jostling to be the favorite except the cashmere woods is ever-present.

There is a subtle link to the jus to which this is based, but it is not a strong enough link, which is a travesty.

Not for everyone, as this can be headache inducing.
I don't love it, but I like it enough to wear it.
17th June, 2020

Porsche Design 180 by Porsche

First, I am surprised this has been out since 2018, having just discovered it June 2020.

There is a flanker to it, 180 Black. I did not try that one.

180, so named probably because to reveal the sprayer, you must twist the base 180 degrees. I dunno.

The bottle itself is nice, I really like it; the jus is a confusing mess of notes unfortunately, and it does not redeem itself until the drydown where one is presented with iris like effect of Dior Homme 2005 (maybe its just the cardamom and vetiver) layered with a nice citrus vanilla accord.

Overall not bad, but it requires A LOT of patience to enjoy it. Life is too short.
06th June, 2020

Narciso Rodriguez for Him Bleu Noir Extrême by Narciso Rodriguez

What a beauty!
Very dark, resinous and spicy.
The woods show up from the top and can be tracked to the base.
Full bottle worthy.
04th June, 2020
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Green Wood by Dsquared2

Another thumbsdown. Boring is correct.
Would have faired better as a flanker to Encre Noir, which is what this mostly smells like.
The difference is where Lalique gives you a powerful dose of vetiver, almost to the point of excess, DSquared2 simply does not give you enough.
Encre Noir Lumiere is apt
29th May, 2020

Impact by Tommy Hilfiger

The bottle matches the jus, at least the first five minutes or so.
Opens up like woody fire, then settles to a semi-sweet wood under a foggy haze.
There are 3 types of wood in this - cedar, sandal and akigala, clearly pointy to the woods that sustain until this fades several hours later.
Worth a sniff.
29th May, 2020

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Shades of Kolam by Issey Miyake

I did not like this.
The cashmeran was too obvious, presenting like fig leaves but synthetic. Completely different from the typical L'Eau D'Issey flanker.
No thanks, pretty bottle.
29th May, 2020

This is Love! for Him by Zadig & Voltaire

Who knew Faberge's Brut could smell so lovely.

Imagine Brut presented in 3D!

Well done Z&V!
29th May, 2020

Hombre by La Martina

I am surprised there isn't a mention of Fahrenheit. There is a definitive connection there. Subtract the (glorious) gasoline note from vintage Fahrenheit and you have Hombre.
23rd May, 2020

James Bond 007 pour Homme by James Bond

Surprisingly nice.
This pays homage to the Bleu de Chanel and Sauvage crowd, but it features spicy and green notes that set it apart.
Worth a sniff, if not a full bottle.
02nd May, 2020

Acqua Colonia Mandarine & Cardamom by 4711

Smells awesome.

This is closest to Versace Man Eau Fraiche and Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue.

Sweet, fresh and addictive. Very easy to love. I overspray this all the time. Blends well with almost anything.
10th March, 2020

Nuit d'Issey Pulse of the Night by Issey Miyake

Loc Dong is the nose behind the first Nuit d'Issey and does not disappoint here either.
If you like Nuit, you should love this.

Opens up warm and spicy, slightly sweet. Purpose: draw the opposite sex :) Warm incense vanilla smoky, masculine winter.
The rest of the notes just keep building on the opening till full bloom of a dark smoky warm masculine comfort scent for the cold.
Good going Loc!!!
17th December, 2019

Eau de Prep by Tommy Hilfiger

Nice update to the original - a true flanker.
Grapefruit in the opening is nice and sparkling boosted by the tonic water.
Not overpowering, it announces the rest of the notes while maintaining a presence.
The ambergris is detectable from initial sniff, which I like.
10th December, 2019

Tommy Now by Tommy Hilfiger

Closely related to Tommy, like a modern take.
It features light oud like notes, and an overall simplicity that charms. Full bottle worthy for someone who does not want to be bothered by trends. A born classic.
16th November, 2019

Polo Blue Gold Blend by Ralph Lauren

speedracer's review is spot on!

Polo Blue Gold Blend is a blend of Polo Blue EdP and a hint of Bleu de Chanel or Versace Dylan Blue or Dior Sauvage.

There is enough in there to notice but not to dominate, which makes this a masterful blend.

It is akin to how Armani updated Acqua di Gio with Profumo: the essence of the original Polo Blue is intact, well enhanced by the additional notes.

This is going in my collection.
05th November, 2019 (last edited: 21st November, 2019)

K by Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana

D&G's foray into the ambroxan craze...
Chanel Bleu de Chanel
Versace Dylan Blue
Dior Sauvage mention a few. K is easily a flanker of one the above.
It does smell a bit different - a stronger vegetal note, probably from the sage-pimento combo, and an overall have makes this, dare I say, beautiful? Compared to the rest of the abroxan bombs this cares about your nose and the people around you.
It does make you smell like packaging material in some instance, which can be good if you want to smell as naturally unnatural as possible.
I like it, so thumbs up.
13th October, 2019

Gold Man by Amouage

A very challenging scent that needs a LOT of time and patience to understand and enjoy.

It is very period correct for 1983, and as such many of today's noses will not know what to do with it.

Opening is powdery floral of the highest order, borderline stinks. Then it starts to morph into various presentations of Victorian era auras, finally settling down to an animalic incense and musk ala civet and patch.

Not for the faint of heart!
30th September, 2019

Oud Cashmere Mood by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

OCM has won me over, but I do not love it.

As a perfumer-mixologist, I am always in search of the next combo to blow my mind, something that elicits comments.

Oud Cashmere Mood does just that. All I can think of is a cold sparkling watery sharp crystal patchouli.

Yes there is oud and a hint of vanilla, but I cannot get past that strong icy jagged patchouli starring at me.

It puts you in a mood for sure.
29th September, 2019

Intense Pepper by Montale

I don't know when Montale Greyland was released, but there is a clear connection between the Greyland and Intense Pepper.

I would go as far as to say Intense Pepper was supposed to be Greyland or vice versa. Intense Pepper is the lighter of the two and could easily be the cologne strength version.

Intense Pepper is not all about pepper, but there are resinous woody tones as well, all in a fleeting combination that wants you to just keep sniffing.

My only gripe is the pseudo latex note; I would swap it with a dirty sensual musk and this would be a super comforting naughty scent.

26th September, 2019

Greyland by Montale

Greyland was an oddball for me.
And indeed a lot of Montales come across that way.

There is wood, plenty of wood, but it is not woodsy. There is smoke, but not cigar smoke or a dirty fire smoke, but rather a clean resinous smoke. Then there is pepper, synthetic white pepper.

overall, this presents a scent most noses have ever smelled in combination and as such presents something totally new.

Signature scent for sure. Worth a sniff.
26th September, 2019

Eternity for Men Intense by Calvin Klein

1. Has almost nothing to do with the original.
2. The scent itself is quite nice, signature worthy.

Fresh, light (for a fragrance labelled intense), crisp white shirt office scent, thanks to the grapefruit/white pepper and tea combo in the opening.

A shame that Calvin Klein/Coty Prestige would sully the great Eternity name with this tho.

At a minimum, it should have been a flanker of Eternity with a different name, other than Intense.

24th September, 2019