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Russian Tea by Masque

I am not a fan of this. Yes it's deep somewhat dark and interesting , but it isn't beautiful to my nose. I feel as though the mint is out of place.
03rd February, 2021

L'Envol Parfum by Cartier

One would think L'Envol couldn't get any thicker or denser.
Well, enter L'Envol Parfum. To me it is almost pointless considering the sheer strength of the EdT and EdP. But the beauty of this captivates. Easily a signature scent...2 sprays max and it becomes you.
29th December, 2020

Wakely by Abercrombie & Fitch

I once dated a girt that wore Wakely. Sweet bright innocence in a bottle. There have been several fragrances that have followed this formula of citrus floral sitting on amber, and Wakely was certainly not the first.
If you can still find it, it is very much a 2000s mall scent for a young 20 something.
29th December, 2020
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Toy Boy by Moschino

Weird? check.
Different? sure.
Changes 4 times within the hour? that too.
And what is sylkolide anyway?

So what does it smell like? Well, because it changes so much, it is hard to pin it down sometimes, however, this is a non-vanillaic gourmand which is a hard trick to pull.
Right away for me I got an association with Nikos Sculpture Homme God's Night. Then some aspects of Dunhill Icon Elite. Then it changes again and now there is a masculine dry wild rose.

This, is quality stuff. If you tire quickly of linear fragrances, then this is something to try. Gives you depth and breadth and is never boring.
29th December, 2020

Night pour Homme I by Zara

An interesting take on the Versace Dreamer theme, evident in the green tobacco leaf vibe. The same note is present in Paco Rabanne 1 Million Prive.
As it settles, a cinnamony note (nutmeg and pepper) emerges bounces off the vanilla in the base, reminiscent of Givenchy Pi comes.

To my nose it is both Dreamer and Pi, but more Dreamer. Dare I say it is better than Dreamer? It is somewhat juicy and sweet compared to Dreamer, a variation I really like.
23rd December, 2020

Made To Fit by Zara

Gucci Made to Measure reimagined, except there was little imagination here. It's no secret ZARA likes almost all of Gucci's fragrances and has some interpretation/clone of them. Lasts all of 3 hours, though the opening is nice.
Typical ZARA, this is no exception.
23rd December, 2020

Noble Palo Santo by Zara

Fresh and blue, darker but not deep blue.

Smells like most typical energizing blue shower gels for men. Must be they all use palo santo?

Masculine and comforting, this is a win from ZARA.
Not very strong but it surrounds with a pleasing aura.
10 sprays was perfect for me.
13th December, 2020

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning by Martin Margiela

Speedracer and zztopp nailed it.

Clean linen-y floral musk.
The patch and abrettee seeds do show up in the base to provide some less airy substance, which I like.
13th December, 2020

Replica Beach Walk by Martin Margiela

I was expecting something different, salty air with some sunshine maybe.
Instead this is about ylang ylang and coconut. Very floral.
Perfect summer scent but does not radiate as perfume.
13th December, 2020

Replica Whispers in the Library by Martin Margiela

This I am not a fan of. Not a bad scent, but the name doesn't really match IMO. I struggle to see vanilla in a library. I understand this to be evocative of a specific memory, which begs the question, why do I care about the perfumer's memory, if I cannot relate to it?
12th December, 2020

Replica Coffee Break by Martin Margiela

So the name is a misnomer for sure, because this is not a coffee fragrance, at least not in the same sense as the offerings from Thierry Mugler for example.

Reading the name again, Coffee Break is less about coffee and more about the atmosphere surrounding the situation: the cafe, the colleagues you are sharing coffee with, and the overall aroma of the place.

Not my cup of tea, err coffee
12th December, 2020

Fresh Sandalwood by Zara

A melange of Encre Noir and Burberry Touch. This is a pretty accurate sandalwood. Not strong and not everyone will smell the same things as is common to Zara fragrances. I like it, great quick pick me up and room spray. Sets the mood nicely.
12th December, 2020

Replica At the Barber's by Martin Margiela

Name to scent is 100% on this.

However the genius in this is simultaneously the weakness: you can smell the entire barber shop individually, down to the hot metals of the clippers; not sure that is necessary. As another reviewer mentioned, there is no blending.

I get an artisan-like Rive Gauche in the end, which to me is a good thing. This is a must sniff/must have for fans of the barbershop genre.

12th December, 2020
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Replica Music Festival by Martin Margiela

Poorly researched stereotyping aside, this fragrance is beautiful and quite endearing. Except for the bubblegum-like note that develops on some skins. For others it appears as apple.

This smells like a saffrony oud offering from the UAE, ala Rumz Al Rasasi 9453. The closest other offering is Dunhill's Icon Absolute.

I really enjoy this although the bubblegum on my skin is too sweet. Only reason why I would not buy it.
12th December, 2020

Replica Jazz Club by Martin Margiela

I too got the strange development post the initial blast of rum and tobacco.
What developed on my skin was a minerally vegetal celery, perhaps the clary sage interacting with the peppercorns.

A shame because this has the same beautiful development of layers akin to all MM fragrances.

Certainly not something I will but because it does not work on my skin. Test before you buy!
12th December, 2020

Vibrant Leather Oud by Zara

AMOUAGE Epic Man on a budget, with Figment in tow. Same damp dewy mossy (not oak moss) and barbershopy vibe.

If this were released by a more famed label it would sell for quadruple the current price.

If you are into niche scents, you owe it to yourself to try this.

03rd December, 2020

Warm Black by Zara

ZARA's foray into the TF Tobacco Vanille style of scent. It is a variation on the theme and not a bang on copy...which is a good thing IMO.
Sillage and longevity are not like TF as you can imagine, considering the price point.
2 sprays TF is about 8 sprays WB.
Worth the price, but not if you are looking for a full on Tobacco Vanille copy.
03rd December, 2020

Paradise Found Eau de Toilette for Men by Roberto Cavalli

Absolutely gorgeous frag here by R. Cavalli.

There is a blast of what seems to be black licorice upfront, recalling Magnetism by Escada but darker, much darker.
Then the jus turns to something electric and green. Still dark.

A refreshing new offering in today's Ambroxan infested world...even if this has ambroxan in it :)
28th November, 2020

Beau de Jour by Tom Ford

A big fat patchouli.

Think Zino by Davidoff. That's all.
Ok, so there are 'facets' and that is me being generous; for the price point, Zino is miles better.

Differences: BdJ has a sparkling transparence to it that almost presents like a tonic EdC version of Zino, and some might find that interesting. However, considering how beautiful and 'full' Zino is, I don't know the point to this. Maybe for those who don't know Zino exists perhaps.
28th November, 2020

Ménage à Trois by Zarko Perfume

There is a fixative in this not unlike egg whites. Some people are sensitive to it. I can smell it and tolerate it in small doses but I do not like it.

The rest of the fragrance is like a faint Encre Noir. My guess is that the fixative is supposed to make the scent stronger and brighter? It doesn't work on my skin that way.
28th November, 2020

Pink Molécule 090.09 by Zarko Perfume

Zarko is very intriguing. Pink Molecule for me was grapefruit and roses. Sweet yummy but light and free.
As with other Zarko offerings, there is a strong dependence on 'molecules', which have the unfortunate side effect of presenting anosmic for a fair amount of people. Not a good business plan IMO.
28th November, 2020

Lisboa Colombo Aventida Do Colegio Militar by Zara

Interesting take on Acqua di Gio, easily a flanker.
28th November, 2020

Teahupoo by Zara

Another bright green jus from ZARA.
Not sure this is still available.
Doppelganger in feel to Mundaka, both of which are related to most Ck One Summer offerings.

This is bright zingy - yet another perfect office scent.
Swaps bergamot and vetiver for sandalwood and grapefruit.
If you love grapefruit like I do, you are sure to like this. It has a somewhat serious edge to it, like a thinking man's version of Mundaka.
Lovely especially in the summer time.
28th November, 2020

Waimea by Zara

This is later released as Mundaka a year later.

Not sure why, maybe a problem with the name?

Very nice fresh birght fizzy? jus. minty in some regards and mineral too. Easy going crisp dress shirt and tie or just a white tee-shirt and denim.

28th November, 2020

Vibrant Leather by Zara

One of ZARA's first take at Aventus, and it is better (longer lasting) than the new launch (2018).

Smells wonderful, especially if you prefer not to 'room-fill' with your fragrance.

Perfect for work or any other close-quarters activity. You'll smell great without gassing everyone!
28th November, 2020

Seaside Man by Toni Gard

This is an under the radar beautiful fragrance. Smells quite unique. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as one would expect some sort of sea salty thing.
Instead, it smells like old books and worn leather with a semi sweetness to it.
The citrus notes in the opening are very muted, the mid and base as smooth as they come, to present a cohesive interesting yet linear fragrance.
Absolutely worth a sniff!
27th November, 2020

Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and the 2016 release, because your brain is lit up at first sniff.
You'd also be hard pressed to not like this. I was not a fan initially, it was just so in your face. But as I catch facets of it, I sometimes only want to wear this, period.
Only other fragrances that have this effect on me is Aventus and Tuscan Leather. Owning all three means you will be well complimented all the time.
04th November, 2020

Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The evernyl and ambroxan is missing in this version versus the 2014, which amazes me because you'd be hard pressed no notice the difference.
This is a very red intense pink, dense candy sugar type of jus. It is so seductive and it hits most people over the head the first time they smell it, much like Tuscan Leather does.
Every fraghead owes this a sniff.
04th November, 2020

Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Thicker woodier and a bit denser, but most noses might not pick up the differences right away since your nose will be greatly distracted by the sheer sweet stickyness of this. Pure candy with berry cherry undertones in a bottle.
What I enjoy and simultaneously detest is the gonadotropic vibe in the background, it just smells so pheromony sexual to my nose.
There is no denying that this is the new Aventus I suppose.
Let the craze begin.
04th November, 2020

XX by John Varvatos

This is a clone of YSL's Kouros Silver for the most part.
Same thick, foggy synthetic apple and violet combo.
I prefer this because it is easier to wear - there is a note in Kouros Silver that I can't quite place but it bothers me.
Great modern office wear, and it could pass as a YSL L'Homme flanker quite easily.
30th October, 2020