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Cotton T-Shirt by Clean

It does what it says:smells like clean cotton t-shirt,fresh out of the tumble dryer,smelling of fabric conditioner.
The longevity is ok,even though as an eau de parfum could be longer.
Sillage is fair,as it warms (on me) I detect freesia as the main accord.The base notes are lasting but stay close to the skin.
This could easily be a unisex fragrance as there is nothing to offend or delight anyone.
IMO,I have found better examples of this type of fragrance & less expensive.
22nd April, 2016

Zigzag by Dana

Zig Zag was originally launched in 1949, and re-launched in 1999. Top notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin, orange, bitter orange, basil and tarragon. Heart: jasmine, lily of the valley and white flowers. Base: orris and patchouli.
18th June, 2015

Soffio di Talco by Silvestre

Beautifully soft,subtle,clean & powdery.Perfect for that just stepped out of the shower feeling.
10th June, 2015
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Cover Drive by Twenty20 Cricket Company

Uncomplicated,subtle yet long lasting.
Top notes are a blast of fresh green grassines.
Heart notes are an interesting mix of leather & woods.
Base notes are a slightly sweet but not cloying musk.

Lasts a good 6 hours on my skin,longer on clothing.
Sillage is excellent but never overpowering.

A great fragrance for any occasion.Day or night.
Hard to find but worth seeking out.

Reminded me of Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene.
09th August, 2014

Hope by Ronan Keating

I'm not usually a fan of "celebrity" fragrances as they are often cheap, nasty and generic.
However,having tried "Believe",the male RK fragrance.and liked it very much,
I was curious to try "Hope",the female version.
Again a lovely fragrance that could easily compare with a high end scent that would cost so much more.
IMO,this fragrance could easily be classed as unisex as the floral notes are very green.
If you like "Sunwater" by Lancaster,then you may like this too.

The top notes are very crisp,clean and fresh.Rosemary,from the same plant family as Lavender is very indentifiable.
The middle notes are def. dominated by the Geranium (leaf) accords.However the Rose and Jasmine balance it nicely.These notes last the longest,at least 6 hours on me.
The base notes are subtle but fairly long lasting,I detect more Amber than Musk.But this will vary on different skin types.

The fragrance sits fairly close to the skin but projects well without being overpowering.

As you can find it easily on eBay or at a good quality chemist.This is def.worth trying and it won't break the bank either.

29th May, 2014

Best by Calum Best

For a "celeb" fragrance,this is suprisingly good.
Crisp fresh top notes warm to a long lasting but subtle base.
If you like Joop Homme or JPG Le Male, then you will prob like this at a fraction of the price.
The longevity is ok and sillage is good.
08th May, 2014

Wild Gorse by Arran Aromatics

A gorgeous fragrance now discontinued but you can still buy the room fragrance and scented candles.
08th May, 2014

Believe by Ronan Keating

Most celeb fragrances are cheap & nasty,this will change your mind.
Wonderfully crisp & fresh citrus top notes warm to a long lasting herbal aroma.
There is no vetiver listed in the fragrance pyramid but if you are a fan of vetiver,please try this.
08th May, 2014

Gant USA Classic by Gant USA

Such a shame this lovely fragarance is now discontinued.
I recently grabbed a bargain on, 2 X 75ml EDT for £10.95.
It's not exactly original or exciting but great if you want a long lasting,clean woody fragrance.
Starts with a citrus blast,as most mens fragrances do,which quickly warms to a soft sandalwood/cedar aroma.
Great for daytime,but not exactly a "pulling" fragrance for night.

Longevity good: 7/10
Projection ok,sits fairly close to the skin: 5/10
16th August, 2012

John Richmond for Men by John Richmond

After reading reveiws I bought this as a blind buy and for the price I paid (a lot),I was expecting something special.
A rather funky bottle with hanging charms looks styilish, but the juice is just another run of the mill,unexciting fragrance.
I couldn't detect any ginger or cardamom notes.
The only comparison which sprang to mind was Memoire d'Homme by Nina Ricci,now discontinued .
Longevity was ok.
Projection was minimal.

For a niche and expensive fragrance from such a top British designer this could be a lot better.
16th August, 2012

Comme une Evidence Green by Yves Rocher

I've worn many YR mens fragrances over the years,but this is one of my favourites.
The initial blast of citrus soons calms down to a minty cool,cucumber fresh,clean green aroma.
Longevity and projection are both ok,but could be better,if they made an EDP version I would buy it.
Perfect for summer/humid weather.
Initially this reminded me of Fair Play by Nino Cerruti or Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene,both sadly discontinued.
If you are a fan of either of these fragrances or Nicole Farhi Homme but want something more affordable,then this is a good buy.
The matching all over body wash is excellent,but the deo. spray is very weak & watery.
16th August, 2012

Opera IV by Roberto Capucci

I've worn R de Capucci for years,but fancied a change.
I managed to win a 50ml EDT on eBay for just £5.00.
Initially I was not impressed with the slightly harsh opening notes,but given time this develops into a very wearable,green/woody but not unique fragrance.
A lighter version of Halston Z-14 or Rochas Lui sprang to mind,but that might be the peppery carnation notes.
Longevity is good.
Projection could be better.

A thumbs up from me,but I still prefer R de Capucci.
16th August, 2012

Essence Rare (original) by Houbigant

I agree with VV,Essence Rare was one of the best fragrances by Houbigant.Such a shame it's discontinued,and now almost impossible to find.
The "green" notes in Essence Rare are similar to Vent Vert by Balmain or Leonard de Leonard.
The original ice sculpture bottes are now VERY collectable,as are the dusting powder bowl & other crystal dressing table accessories.
This fragrance reminds me of the very first "proper" perfume I bought for my Mother,when I had enough salary to buy her a gift.The beautiful "ice" sculptured bottles were an attraction,but even at at such a young age,I did appreciate the beautiful green floral harmonies.To this day,I still love green fragrances.
05th October, 2009 (last edited: 10th June, 2015)
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Léonard de Léonard by Léonard

Leonard de Leonard is a beautifull soft green fragrance,incredibly long lasting,as are all Leonard fragrances.
The top notes remind of Clinique Aromatics or Aramis 900,the green middle notes are similar to Vent Vert by Balmain.The notes of carnation & hyacinth are very distinct,such a shame it's discontinued.
05th October, 2009

Léonard Homme by Léonard

I am sure Leonard Homme is discontinued..(shame). Monsieur is still available,but is only ok if you like a weak watery version of Davidoff Echo.(which in my opinion smells like detergent).
18th March, 2009

Aramis by Aramis

i just love ARAMIS.I worked for the company:- Aramis/Lauder for 11 years.It still is and always will be one of my faves.
18th March, 2009

Style by Gale Hayman

why was this discontinued? so fresh and clean smelling.if only it had been marketed as a unisex frag. it would knock the antiseptic CK ONE off the shelves.the shower gel is just gorgeous ! poor gale,she just has no marketing sense,i know..i used to work for the company.i left gale and went to work for fred...hoorah!!!!!
273 !!!!! buy it,it's sex in a bottle.
18th March, 2009

Léonard pour Homme (original) by Léonard

a truly wonderful leathery my opinion similar to patou pour homme,with a dash of halston z-14.leonard p.h. used to be one of my favourite frags. sadly it is almost impossible to find now.van gils VGV,is also similar,but not as dry- leathery.
16th March, 2009

Encre Noire by Lalique

i've never been a fan of lalique frags.but this is just amazing.i was looking to replace lanvin vetiver,sadly discontinued,which had a smokey accord.encre noire is vetiver turned up full volume + the smokiness which i find appealling.the nearest i have found to be similar is carven vetiver,but it fades very quickly.encre noire could easily be a cocktail of jacomo eau cendree and guerlain vetiver original.either way,it is a frag. i would highly reccomend to all lovers of true vetiver based perfumes.
13th March, 2009

Ananas Fizz by L'Artisan Parfumeur

yuk! i was hoping this would be similar to jean patou vacances or montana oh lala,both predominant pineapple frags. this dissapoints in every way.very synthetic and cheap smelling.reminds me of zoflora disinfectant.
13th March, 2009

Trussardi Uomo (original) by Trussardi

i totally disagree.vile and outdated? no way.trussardi uomo is a classic.i love it,but i am a big fan of 80's power frags.T U oozes testostererone,a totally macho frag.
13th March, 2009

Balahé by Léonard

i first bought balahe in the mid 80's.not realising it was a "female" frag. must admit,the bottle was what initially attracted me.the top notes can be slightly off-putting,rather medicinal.but the dry down is so intoxicating...very sexy !! the notes of mirabelle plum are very predominant, a favourite of mine. such a shame it is so hard to find these days,even though it is still in production.i managed to buy 100ml vapo on ebay recently for only £7.00.
13th March, 2009

Samarkande by Yves Rocher

i loved hot and it's been repackaged and called hoggar.
the original hogar (1 g),seems to have vanished.shame.
23rd August, 2008

Beverly Hills by Gale Hayman

i remember launching this frag. in selfridges. (i worked for gale hayman) the top notes are very jasmine,also drier notes of bluebell.however,after the dry down,there is a lot of ginger and dry woods.a lovely fragrance,very under-rated.
23rd August, 2008

Worth pour Homme by Worth

I really can't identify any similarity between Worth PH and Paco R. PH.If I had to make any comparison,I would say there are aspects of Worth PH that reminds me of the clean,soapy notes of Halston 1-12,or Dana - English Leather original.Either way,I have always liked this frag. even though I would not consider buying it for myself.Considering it is a good value,budget range that is long-lasting without being heavy or overbearing- what is there to dislike?
04th July, 2008

Eau Cendrée by Jacomo

Such a shame this beautiful fragrance has been discontinued and is now so hard to find,though I have seen a few bottles on Ebay but not in the original cube flacons.I used to work for Parfums Jacomo in Harrods many years ago and Eau Cendree was my personal favourite.The coriander and carnation notes were very distinct,very unusual in it's day.
24th November, 2007

Millennium Hope by Jivago

nothing very special about this fragrance apart from the stunning bottle.clean smelling,citrus floral.not very long lasting.not one i would buy again.
20th November, 2007

Léonard Eau Fraîche by Léonard

crisp,clean,refreshing fragrance.not much different to any other citrussy eau fraiche.very similar to o de lancome,even the bottle is the same.though i prefer this to o de lancome as it lasts longer and has a more natural less chemical scent.the bath products are especially good.
20th November, 2007

Courvoisier L'Edition Impériale by Courvoisier

Why is this so expensive?
It smells like cheap deodorant,and lasts about 10 not buy this.
02nd November, 2007

Millennium Hope Woman by Jivago

The packaging is quite stunning,powder pink and silver.Unfold the many layers to reveal a truly beautiful crystal globe,faceted and sparkling!
I wish I could say as much about the fragrance.
What starts upon initial application as a crisp,clean fruity floral.Quickly drys down to a very boring rather insipid soapy scent.One that would delight your pre-teen neice,as the bottle is so pretty.Shame on you Ms.Jivago...and you...Olivier Stelli!!!
18th October, 2007