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Pour Une Femme Eau de Parfum by Caron

While I still prefer the original, I find that now I also love the newer version of Caron Pour Une Femme. Rose, honeyed amber, incense... This remains one of my cold weather favorites.
25th December, 2019

No.04 Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie

For whatever reason, I am largely anosmic to this entire scent. It's not bad, but on me it just disappears.
03rd December, 2019

Shooting Stars : Esquel by Xerjoff

To me, Esquel smells like original YSL Opium on steroids - Elegant, sweet, rich, indolent and completely gorgeous. There is more "depth" to Esquel, in my opinion. Beautiful, beautiful.
03rd April, 2016
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Nuit de Tubéreuse by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Elegant, spicy tuberose

On me, Nuit de Tuberose is a lovely combination of spice and creamy tuberose - which can be a bit of an odd juxtoposition, but happily works nicely on my skin. I can see how it might be redundant to those who own Dzonka and/or Timbuktu, but while I love many L'Artisan fragrances, I found both of those to be a bit too harsh/bitter on my skin, though it's probably time for me to try Dzonka again.

The word that comes to mind with Nuit de Tuberose is "windblown" - It feels like I'm wearing a scent that might waft through a window or on a breeze somewhere with luscious late spring weather.

04th September, 2013

1902 Cardomomum Vegetalis by Parfums Berdoues

This was a blind buy for me from Parfum1 because the price was right and I love cardamom. The notes listed are:cardomom, orange extract and lavendin -- All of which I like, and 1902 Cardomom delivers on all of these in a VERY light cologne. I don't regret the purchase, but I'm used to cardamom notes being rich and deep, and this manages to be... sheer. I will almost certainly add this to my summer lineup when it's too damn hot to wear anything complex. Simple, straightforward and linear, but delivers what it claims.

10th April, 2013 (last edited: 13th May, 2013)

White Tea / Thé Blanc by Ava Luxe

My husband is the avid tea drinker in the family (I'm the coffee addict, I'm afraid, though I love tea - white/green/black/herbal - they all make me happy)....

I find The Blanc to be a lovely (unsweetened and unspiced) white tea. It's a subtle fragrance, for sure, but delicious. I bought this for the hubby, but keep stealing it for myself. Not for when you're looking to make a statement, but lovely for when you want just a little hint of something that sharpens your senses and makes you smile for reasons you're not quite sure of.

07th September, 2012

Night Scented Stock by Penhaligon's

Odysseusm is right on the money - This is a lovely multi-floral scent, with spices up front and restrained patchouli/vanilla basenotes. I really like this one a lot, and it *is* my style, though I am not going to be going for a full bottle at this point, because I have an embarrassment of fragrance riches! A wonderful scent that I definitely recommend for anyone who likes spicy florals that tend toward 'natural garden' more than 'oriental.' Nicely done!
22nd November, 2011

Verveine en Fleurs by Molinard

Bought this for my daughter, and steal spritzes for myself in warm weather. It's just lovely. Bright, sharp citron and soft, natural florals in perfect balance. A happy, uncomplicated fragrance that makes one wonder later whether it wasn't complex after all...
03rd June, 2011

Fleur d'Oranger by Fragonard

I find this to be a delightful, crisp and light neroli. I often have trouble with white flower scents going 'brown and waxy' on me, but Fragonard's Fleur d'Oranger stays fresh and happy. This, in turn, makes ME happy! And the price is nice, too.
07th July, 2010

Defy Gravity by Wicked

Okay for a commercial fragrance, but typical.
08th May, 2010

Hyperessence Matale 12 by Parfumerie Generale

Love this stuff, but couldn't justify buying both this AND the L'eau Rare Matale, which while ephemeral, was really more of what I wanted in a layered and complex tea fragrance. However, thanks to a great sale, I am now the proud owner of BOTH and will use the Hyperessence to boost the delicious aspects of the L'eau Rare Matale and make them last. Bravo.
08th May, 2010

Baghari by Robert Piguet

Reformulated or not, Baghari just SINGS on my skin. This floral chypre somehow manages to keep the powdery violet notes at bay for me... And the jasmine doesn't brown or decay. Gorgeous, elegant, and the aldehydes sparkle like champagne. I'm in love...
08th May, 2010

L'Eau de Tarocco by Diptyque

On my skin, L'Eau de Tarocco is one majorly happy fragrance. Deliciously sparkly blood orange, with anchoring wood and zingy saffron and cinnamon notes underneath. YAY! And bravo.
01st May, 2010
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Tubereuse 40 by Le Labo

I agree that it's primarily a neroli fragrance, with the tuberose sneaking in almost around "the side of one's nose" to tweak the wearer. Unexpectedly lovely. Damn it.
14th April, 2010

Gaiac 10 by Le Labo

To me, Gaiac 10 is a clear and clean wood scent reminiscent of the best of Mark Buxton's wood-heavy fragrances - I adore the fact that the wood notes come through so strongly but also seem rain-drenched somehow, rather than dry. There is also sweet musc at the base that rounds and softens the fragrance. Minimalist in the best sense of the word - nothing extra, but complete in and of itself.
24th January, 2010

Embruns d'Ambre by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan

Embruns d'Ambre is an unusual warm-weather amber, lightened by the absence of sweet back-up notes and the sharpness of lemon and "ocean" notes, which to me come across as salt and sand/silt. The lemon-ocean combination is sometimes reminiscent of citrus-flavored baby aspirin, but I happen to like that smell, and the whole scent is anchored in deliciously resinous amber. Lovely.
24th January, 2010

Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Holy cow! Literally. To my nose, a delicious blend of really earthy suede and L'Artisan Tea for Two notes. Now I have to go look up the ACTUAL notes... And convince myself that I really don't need another gorgeous leather-based frag. Oh, but I am lusting for this one. ::running to hide credit cards::

[b]Tuscan Leather notes:[/b] Saffron, raspberry, thyme, olibanum, night blooming jasmine, leather, black suede and amberwood.
19th November, 2009

Géranium pour Monsieur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I can tell that this would be a stunning some skin types, but on me it's primarily harsh mint with chemically overtones. The geranium leaf is beautifully done... Wish my skin could make it sing. Try before buying, but revel in it if it works on you!
05th September, 2009

Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

[size=3][b]Bond No. 9 [color=turquoise]Brooklyn[/b][/color][/size] was my sole impulse purchase from the Boston BN get-together in August 2009. It's marketed as unisex, but seems to me to trend more traditionally "masculine." I can see how this could smell fairly pedestrian as a 'masculine' this year (2009 seems to be the year of 'cardamom in guys' fragrances') but on me, it's a lovely light cardamom/transparent floral and leather. I also pull up any and all sweet notes in this, so it's LOTS of fun! I envision walking past someone with a good nose who stops in their tracks as I pass, turns over their shoulder and thinks, "Wow - She's *interesting*..."

[b] Brooklyn notes:[/b] Grapefruit, Cardamom, Cypress-wood, Geranium Leaves, Juniper Berries, Cedarwood, Leather and Guaiacwood.
05th September, 2009

Les Elixirs Charnels - Oriental Brûlant by Guerlain

This is gorgeous, but more gourmand-y than I want in my fragrance most of the time. Beautifully done, though. Worth re-visiting again... and again.
05th September, 2009

Black Sea by Martine Micallef

The best of the bunch of Micallef "Seas" on my skin, but underwhelming, all the same. I like it, but don't love it, though was relieved that it wasn't as sweet as most of the other Micallefs I've tried.
05th September, 2009

Dark Rose by Czech & Speake

Lovely, though not a breakthrough fragrance. Still, like most of the C&S line, exceptionally well done! I'm saving for No. 88, however...
05th September, 2009

Une Rose by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

A true rose, in bloom and on the stem, complete with thorns and leaves, earth and a touch of dew. Weird and wonderful. I love this one.
05th September, 2009

Tuxedo by Long Lost Perfume

Received Tuxedo as a gift from the wonderful Chaya, who is a sorceress when it comes to finding scents that "work" on me. I agree with Lefay that while Tuxedo may be classified as an oriental somewhere, to me it is a glorious and rich chypre. Dark, deep green, wet woods and spice with flowers at the back. Just fantastic.
05th September, 2009

Richard James Cologne by Richard James

Richard James EDT is a nice surprise. Somehow I never expected fragrances with leather and tobacco notes to work so well in the heat and humidity. Happy to learn I've been mistaken all this time! RJ on me is a mid-weight fragrance, shadow-dappled and spicy. On my skin it doesn't make one fall into the depths of the notes (I'd originally only seen five listed - suede, Indian sandalwood, tobacco absolute, musk, and oak moss.- and thought "elegant simplicity!" Oops.) But it doesn't feel cluttered at all, possibly because I don't get *any* of the floral notes other than lavender, it just smells goooooooood.

12th August, 2009

parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Ouarzazate by Comme des Garçons

When I first tried Ouarzazate, it was cold weather, and I got a sort of minty vibe from it that didn't sit right on my skin. Happily, I suspected it would sing in the hot weather, and it does! Not opera, but more like one of those favorite tunes with no words you find yourself humming _sotto voce_ when you're feeling quietly content. Mark Buxton apparently wanted Ouarzazate to emulate the smell of the interior of the Kasbah. I have no idea if he's succeeded, I just know I find this to be an strangely cooling incense, paler and lighter than one might otherwise expect, but which warms gradually (and delightfully!) on the skin, as if the sun were moving through. I think what smelled "minty" to me initially was the combination of the wispy aspect of the incense, the clary sage and labdanum. Very lovely.

[b]Ouarzazate Notes:[/b] Incense, pepper, nutmeg, clary sage, wenge, musk, vanilla, labdanum absolute, Kashmir wood.
28th July, 2009

Teatro Alla Scala by Krizia

I can see why some compare Teatro alla Scala to Coco, though to me there are more sparkling aldehydes in Coco, and as a result the Chanel's got a lot more sillage and an overall "brighter" feel. But I'm finding the Teatro alla Scala nicely structured and classy - a fine blend of gentle aldehydes, spices and wood. It leaves me feeling like I should ramp up my "attitude" -- dress up a little, and maybe put on some ornate earrings. Not for every day, or all the time, but a nice pick-me-up when a bit of extra class is needed.
06th May, 2009

Cool Water by Davidoff

Well done, but I did not find this inspiring. I was expecting something ground-breaking, given all the hype. To my nose Cool Water is a fairly straightforward aquatic that doesn't like my skin chemistry much.
01st May, 2009

In The Library by CB I Hate Perfume

I really enjoy how "In the Library" smells... I do get wafts of paper, leather, wood and furniture polish. I just don't think *I* want to smell like that. I'd definitely use this as a room spray when in a certain mood - though perhaps I'd need a fireplace, a pipe, or a tweed jacket.
26th March, 2009

Roses by Ava Luxe

Ava-Luxe Roses does indeed open with a delicious, stemmy rose scent, and continues into something reminiscent of a big, lush bunch of fresh-cut roses from someone's rose garden, with a hint of some other wildflower that might have snuck into the bouquet. This is my favorite part of Roses' development -- not overpowering, but the sort of thing where you might find yourself (and others) making excuses to re-sniff and get another waft of those blooms. On me, the powdery drydown is backed by dried rose petals, lemon peel (!) and a hint of spice and vanilla pod (probably the honey). I definitely find it light-hearted, but not a lightweight.

Roses notes: Bergamot, Grass, Lemon, Honeyed Rose, Russian Rose Absolute, Turkish Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Damascena Absolute, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Rose de Mai Absolute, Tea Rose, Rose Maroc Absolute, Chinese Rice Flower, Pepper, Cinnamon, Honey , Orris Root, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, Moss, Incense, Peruvian Balsam.
28th February, 2009