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I adore Hypnotic Poison and find it addictive and irresistible. Reminds me of a dark, lightly spiced, and very sweet root beer. One of my favorite sweeter, foodier scents which is not normally my go-to type of scent. Feels heavy like a rich dessert after a big meal— satisfying— for relaxing and languishing, not a daytime/workday scent in my opinion. Not as heavy and heady as Addict. Absolutely delectable!! Very long lasting as well. Can smell it on my throw pillow after sampling it last night. Have wanted a full bottle for awhile now. Awesome, beautiful bottle, too. Yum!!!!
22nd April, 2020
Hypnotic Poison - Dior
A perfume wrapped in an ultra-soft and smooth-velvety plucheness, round, thick and so smooth, you actually wanna stroke and hug it- extremely comfortable as it is. It delivers straight off the bat with a fresh not-sour 'blackberry on cocosnut'  tonality that quickly blows up big and soft like an aircushion. Violet-leaf, helitrope, lactonic-vanilla, indolic-jasmine on musk, and a slight smoky, clean (ceder)wood with hot-rubbery and camphorous undertones of burlap, create a very harmonious and very recognizable scent-profile full of personality and character. Extremely well blended, it feels like the accelerarion of a Bentley, effortless but very high performance at the same time. A classic.
16th July, 2019
Hypnotic Poison (1998) was almost like an omen with the way it was released 13 years after the original controversial Dior Poison (1985), and sufficiently "cleaned up" the primary accord of the original to be something mass-appealing. Hypnotic Poison isn't the first flanker of the iconic original, as that honor goes to Tendre Poison (1994), but that green-focused variant didn't survive the changing times quite like the first version or this iteration, so a lot of people don't remember it. If the Jean Guichard-penned original seemed way too aggressive and out of place in a late 90's perfume market full of beige masculine freshies and sweet gourmand feminines, this new Annick Menardo-composed creation was just the fix Dior needed to keep relevant, furthered by the fact that the animalics and indolic florals in the recent new pillar Dune (1991) were almost seen like dinosaurs in an emerging synthetic era of perfumery. I'm not particularly a fan of what's going on under the hood of Hypnotic Poison, but I can understand why this equaled, then surpassed the popularity of its namesake pillar. Hypnotic Poison presents itself as a sort of bready gourmand floral with sweet bakery elements on top of a scrubbed and pared-down version of the original Poison's core.

Hypnotic Poison is nowhere near as complex of a perfume compared to the original, but it neither does it try to be as serious. A smell almost like almond flour opens Hypnotic Poison, joined by caraway and lemon, creating an accord similar to the Dutch sugar cookies we sometimes get around Christmas time. From this very confectionery-like introduction comes sweet jasmine sambac mostly scrubbed of the indole, and a hit of an oakmoss/tonka tandem, giving Hypnotic Poison almost a Fougère-like interpretation of the signature Poison aesthetic, freed from the dark macerated fruit elements. There is something of an inferred cherry accord thanks to the almond, but once the rich base comes into the picture, the fougère comparisons fade while vanilla, white patchouli. musk, amber, and rosewood form an oriental base. Hypnotic Poison stays mostly in its gourmand lane from there on out, with the oriental riff underneath preventing the final skin scent from being too sickeningly sweet but still a bit too warm and wholesome for my comfort. I see why Hypnotic Poison was a breakout hit in the 90's, as it tapped perfectly into that bubbly "valley girl" feigned naivety that was popular at the time, and parodied by films like Clueless. Wear time is all day and although this doesn't have the frighteningly never-ending sillage of "OG" Poison, it can actually get cloying more quickly if you're within its field of effect.

If you like almond fragrances, sweet creamy gourmands, or anything that is generally pleasant and inviting, Hypnotic Poison is your perfume. Almost at the opposite end of the spectrum from Poison, this flanker seems to be more of the deceptively disarming type of succubus versus the dark, terrifying-yet-beautiful she-demon that is the original. The person who wears Poison wants you to know they mean business, but someone using Hypnotic Poison would rather sneak up on you after setting you at ease. It's just not a vibe I like because if you had given me a sample of this without showing me the bottle or the name, I'd just assume I was smelling another late 90's or early 2000's gourmand and would just wave it on, but this thing carries the Poison mantle for crying out loud! Still, Hypnotic Poison can obviously go places that regular Poison cannot, like to work or to casual events, but I'd still avoid warmer weather, even more with this one than the first due to the baked cookie opening. Give this a test if the old grande dame that is Poison just comes across as too much to take, although you're not getting a whole lot of what made that scent so unique here, but rather just a slightly-spicy toasted almond gourmand riding on the back of something else's reputation. It's not bad, but once again, I can't really get behind it. Solid neutral.
16th June, 2019
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Sweet almond; almost cherry-like accord. Slight cookie spice. Booze-like. Sweet jasmine note. Sweet woody note. Spicy vanilla musk. Girly-girl.

The almond with its marzipan-like accord, lasts for quite some time. That, is a lovely aspect. A definite gourmand perfume, in my mind. Not what I expected. I prefer the original Poison.
07th January, 2019
I compared Hypnotic Poison and Kenzo Amour wrist by wrist. Yes, the openings of both do share some similarity. I feel adding some rice and a little spice, the vanilla and coconut opening of HP can pass like Amour.

Then they evolve differently. HP does remind me strongly of Play-Doh. I was almost shocked to find it realisitic to that point. Might be the vanilla-almond-coconut combo? It's a little funny to my nose, though I don't think it's the right emotional response to be expected.

Then come jasmine and tuberose. At this stage, I can feel the feminity and the romance throughout the fragrance. However, I really should have put only one spritz. Two are already too much. For the subtlety of the flowers, I have to stick my wrist to my nose, while the strong powdery and sweet vanilla is still dominant and floating in the air.

The longevity is excellent and the sillage can reach far even with two spritzes. I can feel the coziness when it's calmed down. It's really a pity that I should have been more careful while spraying. And don't forget it's a very sweet vanilla scent. Just don't make the same mistake as me.
18th December, 2018
A sweet and chewy balsamic version which is still recognisable by the distinctive top note, but here - with the brilliant audacity of the original toned down - Hypnotic becomes less Poison and more of a gourmand 'sent bon.' Some will no doubt think that's a good thing...

13th March, 2018 (last edited: 27th March, 2018)
This is by far my signature scent. I love how you can distinctively detect every single note, while it blends together perfectly. Its one of those unforgettable scents. In a sea of vanilla frangrances, it stands out. Alluring, sensual, deep and clingy. Perfection.
16th November, 2017
I won't describe it, there are enough reviews for it. It deserves one more positive review though. This is a long-time favorite of mine and I couldn't live without it. My bottle is from June 2002.
13th April, 2017 (last edited: 19th March, 2018)
Almond and deep vanilla. The reformulation isn't horrible but it lacks the spicy, interesting punch of the original. Better than most of the candy vanillas on the market today, but not full bottle worthy at full price.

Lasts for hours, but on me, becomes a skin scent in about 45 minutes.
18th March, 2017

HYPNOTIC POISON is One of the best Oriental-Vanilla.It is Truly all about what I Expect from This Kind of fragrances.A Warm Sweet Vanilla scent in a very Distinctive Bottle. Classy, Gorgeous,Powerful,Seductive,Feminine, Sophisticated,Irresistible,Hypnotic and a Beautiful Masterpiece.

HYPNOTIC POISON is a Perfect Illustration of Special DIOR Style and All notes are at a Perfect harmony too. A Rich Combination of Spice notes, Sweet Vanilla,Romantic Flowers and Bitter almond Makes it An Delicious Elixir of the Senses and Gives You Confidence when You walk Somewhere. The Vanilla is quite Dominant.

It is Perfectly suited for COLD weather and perfectly warming to the Heart. It is not for a Lady who is not daring Enough.Perfect for a queen in ROMANTIC moments. If you are Looking for a Head Turner or a Fragrance for Men Seduce try it you will Love it.HP is A real Magnet and worth Every penny you pay for it.


Longevity?Excellent on my skin.

22nd April, 2015
Caraway and play-doh heliotrope. I couldn't stand this on my skin. There is a weirdness to this note that isn't appealing at all. There is a fragrance beneath this that speaks of sophistication, though it is drowned out by play-doh, a heliotrope synthesis gone bad I suppose. But really, the formulation itself also comes across with a synthetic glamour and a certain obviousness.
It might work great on someone in their 20's, as long as that play-doh note doesn't arise. I remember that time in my life - I loved an air of sophistication, without knowing what the hell that was. I wanted something that smelled good to me, and fit in with what my friends wore. It didn't go much beyond that and I wasn't looking for complexity then.
But really, what went wrong with this one on me was that caraway/play-doh note.
17th April, 2015 (last edited: 20th March, 2019)
My first impression of this went something like, 'Ah, a nice & bold vanilla scent, but is it really hypnot- ohhh. There it is!' Something in this concoction tickles the very back of your nose and gives you a lightheaded sensation, similar to that satisfaction you feel after a good sneeze. Mmm.. Sexy, dark and heavy. It's got a boozy quality, as well (I was certain it had to be bourbon vanilla before I read the notes more closely). To me, this smells almost exactly like Yves Rocher's Vanille Noire (which somehow, I discovered first). Lastly, this juice packs a serious punch - it lasts all day. Absolutely deserving of its name.
06th April, 2015
My bottle of the Hypnotic is old. Like probably first-edition old.
I love it.
When I first bought it, I wore it a lot. Even an office mate cribbed my perfume (if/when the odd chance occurs in which someone asks what fragrance I'm wearing, I tell).
Lookit: you really do not need my take on the listed notes, 'cause they were all there.
Okay. So, anyway, what I'd like to share with you is what my old bottle 'turned' (aged) into:
only the most incredible, beautiful, jaw-droppingly gorgeous jasmine perfume EVER!
Well, that I have smelled, anyway.
So, money well spent.
I can't speak as to the current formulation; haven't smelled it/them.
12th January, 2015 (last edited: 13th January, 2015)
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When i first smelt poison i liked the creamy sweetness but never actually purchase it, i since then went on to other perfumes, but occasionally would go back to it and sample it feeling it felt "too grown up " for me, finally after about year or so i tried it again on my skin and loved it! why hadn't i bought this sooner!

Its like an almond cookie/ vanilla cake dipped in an expensive wine, very creamy and milky, sweet but not overly sweet like teenager scents, makes me feel special, and has a very unique smell to it very individual, like that fact that it doesn't seem to be what everyone is wearing feels like my own individual scent ( if that makes sense) doesn't have loads of clashing elements i find with other perfumes i can just define its sweet creamy almond smell, dries down to a more powdery milky vanilla, feel sexy when wearing this. Love the bottle stands out from rest. Lovely color to it also.
going to purchase the 100 ml next time! last about 4/5 hours on me and stays longer on clothes :)
12th October, 2014
Woody Oriental

Hypnotic Poison is one of those fragrances that dispense with the top notes and skip right ahead into their main corpus. And what a corpulent body this one is!

Hypnotic Poison pops out of the bottle as a thick, dark, velvety gourmand with a prominent fuzzy-sweet woody base. Cocoa powder and coconut blend with a buttery vanilla to make a milk chocolate fudge of an accord. If you took A*Men and stripped it of its discordant camphor and patchouli, or pried the licorice out of Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, you’d probably wind up with something very close to Hypnotic Poison. There is a twofold implication to this likeness: first, Hypnotic Poison is very much a unisex perfume, and second, it’s a lot less complex and interesting than its masculine precursors. (One of which, by the way, was composed by the same perfumer.) In fact, without much by way of florals, citrus, fruit, or spice to temper its central gourmand accord, Hypnotic Poison comes across as unrelievedly dense and ponderous. It’s probably good if you like this sort of thing to begin with, but since I don’t I’m not an adequate judge.
16th June, 2014
A very light watery almond scent - I get none of the other notes. This is one of those so airy non-scents that it adds up to nonsense.
26th January, 2014
I was excited to try this fragrance in the line of Poisons. I saw many positive reviews, but for me it was too deep in the almond and woody notes, after wearing it for awhile I really became really annoyed with the smell and scrubbed it off. I love, love, love, Pure Poison though, which is more floral and tangy with a hint of warmth.
I can see how others might like the of the warm, almond(ness) of the fragrance, just not my style. Definitely sample it first, I read it was supposed to have a heavy jasmine fragrance and I love jasmine, however I didn't smell much.
My mom liked the fragrance and my husband thought it was o.k.
26th January, 2014
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United Kingdom
Almond and vanilla

Almond is the main top note on my skin, with caraway a nice counterbalance. Jasmine,

musk and vanilla are the core of the drydown that gives it a nigh oriental character. Three hours of longevity. Not uninteresting and not too heavy or loud.

24th September, 2013
Try before you buy!

After all the talk about Hypnotic Poison, I had to try it. I am not a huge fan of the Poison line - it's not an impressive mix with my chemistry - but I love Orientals, vanillas, and most gourmand scents, so I ordered a sample. It lasted approximately 5 minutes before I couldn't smell it. So disappointing! It is also not "deep" enough to satisfy my taste, although I can see how it would be a popular scent. This would be a safe blind buy for a friend or relative who loves vanilla but already has everything; for the price, they'll appreciate it even if they already have some. Personally I wouldn't spend the money; there are many better perfumes with staying power and sillage (this has none). After 15 minutes, there is nothing left. Glad I didn't buy a whole bottle!

Pros: Decent vanilla scent
Cons: Lasts about 5 minutes, there are better perfumes for less $$"

16th September, 2013
review by stefly321

About 14 yrs ago i had girlfriend who wore this. It blew me away then and still does now. Sadly we split up 3 yrs later but whenever i smell that heady whiff of vanilla of HP, it takes me back to some good memorable times. A really great fragrance.

Pros: lasts for ages
Cons: none"

27th July, 2013
Julie Andrews

In 1980 I was asked by a colleague not to wear Opium to work. Poison and its flankers were a 'no fly zone' as a result. Recently I asked my gorgeous 30 something hairdresser what her favourite perfume was and she said it was Hypnotic Poison. It features massively in the Basenotes thread that goes something along the lines of 'most complimented fragrance' for women. In my recent travels I have availed myself of HP at every duty free and department store counter that I sashayed up to. I can only salivate as to what the pre-reformulation brew must have smelt like, the existing nectar left me wanting more depth, more punch. It is nice though and would make a lovely gift. Not bottle worthy in my estimation, but I'm an old chypre sister. I would rather wear Lolita Lempicka, another Menardo creation, if I had to choose.

Pros: Sweet, inoffensive, girl/boy from next door
Cons: No staying power

30th June, 2013

It's a very lovely and sexy fragrance. But the key is not to overdo it. It's a very strong and sweet scent that will fill up a room when you walk in. Just the perfect amount of sprays can make a huge difference between a suffocating and annoying smell to a very feminine, sexy and killer fragrance.
Everytime I wear it I get compliments, especially from men, which really boosts you up on a night out. They seem to love it.
It is a fragrance that doesn't seem to evolve much. Personally, I seem to only get almond and vanilla all the way through.
I highly recommend it if you like sweet fragrances and you want to feel like a femme fatale, without feeling trashy. Just be careful with the amount you spray on.

24th May, 2013
not absolutely horrid - but smells too much like root beer for my liking
28th April, 2013
Perfectly named fragrance.., delicious vanilla and almond scent....kinda smells like delicious fancy italian wedding cake. Gourmand, long lasting, sensual and sweet. Quite addictive. The scent does have an invisible aura around you that is mesmerizing and hypnotizing. Men like this a lot. A lot of men even wear this! It can be warm on either sex.....its like a cloud of delicious scent that hovers arohnd you like an aura. Very beautiful.
16th March, 2013
(Golden rim version)
Vanilla strikes immediately. I can't detect any fruitiness or bitter almond, but the caraway note is distinct. HP has an interesting character but it is on the heavy side and on the verge of giving me a headache. I like the warm wood note (apparently sandalwood) at the base, it kind of reminds the smell of a sauna.
12th February, 2013
It has been reformulated. The old version, black cap, was divine, original, sexy, unique.
The new version is still one of my favorite fragrances: sweet, powdery, sensual, feminine and very longlasting.
The body lotion is delicious as well.
I love the sweet vanilla/bitter almond combo, the beautiful jasmine, musk and sandalwood notes.
This is a modern masterpiece.
I love it!

16th January, 2013 (last edited: 19th May, 2019)
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United States
I love this. I'm a newb to fragrances and stumbled across this via Basenotes reviews. I would say it's borderline unisex, I'm a blue collar manly-man type but I find myself wearing this more and more. I thought it a little too fem for wearing out in the world...but... but I like it so much I find myself pushing the envelope more and more. When I'm home alone I apply very liberally. I wear it out now and then but only after it's settled for a an hour or two. On my skin the chocolate notes really stand out.
17th December, 2012
Day three of my walk on the wild side and into the shady alleys of femme fragrance. Having been placed under the spell of Shalimar and being broken by Tabu, was I man enough to take my Dior Poison?

The English expression goes 'What's your Poison?' meaning what will you take to drink, or these days what will you take to get you high?

Perhaps it's this sentiment of imminent undoing that Dior had in mind when naming this 80s fragrance held by many as a manly masterpiece and much-emulated not least by the house itself with flankers including Dior Hypnotic Poison with which I am primarily concerned.

Whilst the name vein of 'My Sin', 'Vol de Nuit' and of course, 'Opium' with their suggestions of the improper, the dissolute, the dangerous or despicable may be what is being mined here the scent itself is a much more restrained and altogether polite and well mannered creature.

It is always alarming when a fragrance carries a direct connection to a memory - mother in childhood, school bully, first kiss, first boss, first wife... But when the memory is more recent and more focused then the sensation I can assure is all the more unsettling for its precision and being freshly cut.

For that is the sensation that swept me up on encountering Poison Hypnotic.

It smells of an actual luxury hotel in a busy port on the Aegean: a Levantine city known throughout the world for the production of figs. Not vaguely, not reminiscently or nostalgically. Precisely.

This is the odour of the bed linens, the almonds in the lounge, the beautifully planted and kept gardens, the towels by the pool. This is the perfume of a vacation I took just weeks ago.

So what you say? Well, here's the rub: the hotel is the perfect reflection of all this scent is and is not. The hotel was no old world glamourous grande dame, no Ritz, Place Vendome, no Savoy.

No more was it an overgrown Alice in Wonderland design boutique behemoth. No see through second Empire chairs no fascinating and impractical bathrooms.

No, the hotel was brilliantly designed in the understated manner of the Swiss owners. A Barcelona chair here, walls covered with sleek panels of walnut and beaten brown leather, five light settings for the room at the touch of a button. Wonderfully conceived and very, perhaps all too considered.

And so it is with Poison Hypnotic: the notes are in their places parts learnt, well directed and thoroughly rehearsed. But vanilla, nut, wood, damson, jasmine all come together in a way that could, should be sensuous and dark but end up being, dependable.

This liquor is an exercise in beautifully crafted and sophisticated dependability.

Perfect in a hotel, less than perfect in a perfume.

But though perfection is not achieved - can it be without surprise, excitement, the touch of an artist rather than a craftsman? That is not to say that this isn't a solid piece of work for the scent exudes safety rather than just being safe - a sense of comfort in a world of turmoil, a fine hotel in an unknown city, unseen cashmere socks on a first date.

This safety even extends to a slight antiseptic quality - noticed instantly by a friend - the caraway perhaps? This dentist's mouthwash note is the only welcome sign that this well oiled machine wasn't created by an expert committee after months of deliberation.

Would I wear it? Certainly. Both this and Dior Midnight Poison read as male crossovers. For a business meeting or away in an unfamiliar place, for a walk across town on a busy day when I want to be contained in my own little aura of inaccessibility or at home in those cashmere socks with a difficult book.

I don't mean to sound mean, and I understand one can't have grand opera every day.

Sophisticated, beautifully put together and dependable - ultimately that adds up to admirable, but impossible to get truly excited about.

What's my Poison? Well in this case certainly no dirty martini, not even a Manhattan and champagne would just be too flash. Let's settle on an excellent buttery white Burgundy.
01st December, 2012
this used to be my signature scent for about 10 years; now I wear it mostly for evenings or night. but it remains for me such a special, unique, sexy fragrance, it's like it reflected my darker side... the witch, the temptress. There's really something bewitching about this fragrance, and I could test the effect, specially on men, it makes them crazy, it's almost toxic, a sex-potion, I still love it very much, even if it's no longer as powerfull & dense as before reformulation a few years ago, I wish I could find somewhere an old bottle! It was much better, but it's still so particular, mysterious, dark, I know I can't do without it! It's exciting, sensual, dark. probably a love or hate, not for everyone, but definitely for me, I feel it' "me" in this one!
23rd October, 2012
Menardo's genius on fullest display, this is a sex grenade: a modernized and de-sane-itized L'Heure Bleue without any of that one's cumbersome class. A brunette bombshell (or a blonde with dark roots?). It may be widely worn and a designer scent, drowning in the most used note around--vanilla--but damned if this isn't pure magic. The slightest breeze animates Hypnotic Poison as a slinky villainess. Cruella, the Queen of Hearts, The Black Queen from Barbarella ... all the great meanies could wear this, but at once a girl's night out cuteness keeps things barely tamed. ...Ch-ch-ch-Cherry Bomb! Suburban rebellion in torn fishnets, Cherie Currie as chainsaw artist. Hypnotic Poison's overstated naughty-but-nice angle is high camp gold: the point where saccharine almost rots and is sinister and treading the sex/death divide with the tv trope of cyanide poisoning leaving the smell of bitter almonds on the last breath. Commonly sexy but weird in a way that is very Twin Peaks. All of this for the older formula edt. The new lacks some spice and metallic bite and seems censored, but it still bests the rest of the department store pack.
08th October, 2012