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Negative Reviews of Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

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Caraway and play-doh heliotrope. I couldn't stand this on my skin. There is a weirdness to this note that isn't appealing at all. There is a fragrance beneath this that speaks of sophistication, though it is drowned out by play-doh, a heliotrope synthesis gone bad I suppose. But really, the formulation itself also comes across with a synthetic glamour and a certain obviousness.
It might work great on someone in their 20's, as long as that play-doh note doesn't arise. I remember that time in my life - I loved an air of sophistication, without knowing what the hell that was. I wanted something that smelled good to me, and fit in with what my friends wore. It didn't go much beyond that and I wasn't looking for complexity then.
But really, what went wrong with this one on me was that caraway/play-doh note.
17th April, 2015 (last edited: 20th March, 2019)
Woody Oriental

Hypnotic Poison is one of those fragrances that dispense with the top notes and skip right ahead into their main corpus. And what a corpulent body this one is!

Hypnotic Poison pops out of the bottle as a thick, dark, velvety gourmand with a prominent fuzzy-sweet woody base. Cocoa powder and coconut blend with a buttery vanilla to make a milk chocolate fudge of an accord. If you took A*Men and stripped it of its discordant camphor and patchouli, or pried the licorice out of Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, you’d probably wind up with something very close to Hypnotic Poison. There is a twofold implication to this likeness: first, Hypnotic Poison is very much a unisex perfume, and second, it’s a lot less complex and interesting than its masculine precursors. (One of which, by the way, was composed by the same perfumer.) In fact, without much by way of florals, citrus, fruit, or spice to temper its central gourmand accord, Hypnotic Poison comes across as unrelievedly dense and ponderous. It’s probably good if you like this sort of thing to begin with, but since I don’t I’m not an adequate judge.
16th June, 2014
A very light watery almond scent - I get none of the other notes. This is one of those so airy non-scents that it adds up to nonsense.
26th January, 2014
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United States
I had high hopes for this fragrance, but on me it's terrible. Opens with a faint anise-like smell I attribute to allspice and then becomes something weirdly unpleasant...perhaps the allspice with fruit. Whatever it is, it comes off as leather + rubber to my nose and is nauseating. This lasts for quite a while before HP gets to its drydown, which is mostly sweet vanilla with some bitter almond cutting through and a touch of musk/spice from the sandalwood. The drydown is enjoyable, but not enough to offset the nose-wrinkling middle notes.
29th January, 2012
I don't like hp. I received it as a present and wore it in winter. It doesn't make me feel special or feminine, it doesn't add any charme to me. And this is what I want from a parfume. But hp just gives me headache. I know many friends had the same problem. Another thing that strikes me about hp is that there are a lot of cheap copies of it. It is veeery easy to copy hp, and apart for the longevity these copies are very similar to the original!
17th May, 2011
I have only tried Hypnotic Poison three times, and each time it has given me an instant migraine.

On me it turns into a very sickly chocolate ice cream type smell.

Needless to say, it's a fragrance I now steer clear of!
19th April, 2010
Let the hypnosis to the wizards, please. This woody-oriental, bitter-sweet blend of almond and coconut, very addictive for many young women all over the world, reminds me a bit Heliothope Etro (far, far better appointed and with a right level of sweetness) resulting nevertheless to my profane nose too much sweetly flavoured by vanilla, too much pretentiously glamour, too cloying, too exaggeratedly gourmand, be lacking that ethereal and mysterious delicacy towards which this kind of fragrances would have to aim in order to be valued appreciable. The caraway provides projection, a bit of dissonance, and dustiness. Being lacking boldness and naughtiness, not proper to gourmand fragrances in my opinion, being lacking of evocative power and failing, despite the jasmine sambac, the attempt to catch the train of glamour and chic, what is left for us is a bowl of coconutty sugar, a vanilla pudding or a stand of sweets standing in a popular religious mediterranean feast. To be worn sparingly because of its atomic projection. Not for my taste.
28th March, 2010 (last edited: 01st January, 2014)
I love the idea of this scent, a dry and spicy top with heated woods and sweet spices hitting immediately, warming a feminine jasmine and oakmoss heart.

First whiff from the bottle I thought "Wow", but had not finished that word in my mind when I realized I did not want this on me. But finally I gave it a chance on the skin.

It fails completely and utterly. The synthetic and harsh woods collide with an overwhelmingly sickly sweetness and the result is offensive, flat and uninteresting. Hypnotic Poison is like a cheap copy of a perfume I would very much like to try.

Since then I've smelled it on hoards of women and sadly the impression is always the same, it doesn't seem to adapt any wearer.
26th November, 2008
Not for my skin! After half an hour, there is nothing but vanilla on my skin. The Poisons for my skin is Tendre Poison and Pure Poison, I have to let Hypnotic Poison and Poison pass by.
14th June, 2008
I got a terrible headache after trying this perfume:-( And even I washed my wrist thousand times, I couldn't get my heand near my nose for hole day!
10th January, 2008
I can see how on the right woman this would be a heavenly gourmand scent, but on me, it's just old coconut pudding. Yeesh. I was very disappointed that it smelled so dreadful on me, but caraway is a tricky note. And heliotrope can become quite Play-Doh like on the wrong person, which in this case, is me. The drydown softened the pudding/Play-Doh effect and was quite pleasant after several hours, however.
26th October, 2006
As much as I love Poison, Tendre Poison and Pure Poison, I was shocked to find I could not stand this scent. It smells like Poison's trashy little sister who sleeps around with men of questionable character. She probably shoplifts too.
18th February, 2006
Jasmine, moss, almond, caraway, sandelwood, oakmoss, vanilla, musk and cedar. Those are the notes as listed on Scentiments. Too bad the cedar and jasmine didn't come into play on my skin. On me Hypnotic Poison is very musty & musky. Smells too much like feral wild cat glands on me.

I was hoping for what the previous reviewers had with this scent. Not hypnotic enough to purchase a bottle.
23rd November, 2005
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