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Negative Reviews of Muguet des Bois by Coty

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I got a bottle of Muguet des Bois in a lot of vintage Coty fragrances. I didn't know anything about it, just took the cap off of the bottle and took a small whiff. WHEW! It smelled exactly like, well... beer. I put a little bit on my hand and waited for the alcoholic fumes to fade. Has it gone bad, maybe? To be honest, after wearing it a few times, I still don't know.

What I smell on my skin is very green, ozonic/airy, a bit floral... but hardly detectable. I'm not terribly familiar with Lily of the Valley, but I do smell lilac. I guess that does make it a realistic floral scent, very green with poor projection. Based on other reviews I've read, what I'm smelling is likely legit - but in my opinion, it doesn't match the typical quality of Coty fragrances. I don't know what to make of this one. It's just so strange!
10th May, 2015
The initial hint of lily quickly disappears and settles into a woodsy, then ashy, scent that was unpleasant after about an hour. If you want a Lily-of-the-Valley fragrance, look elsewhere; there are much better ones on the market.
08th May, 2010