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Neutral Reviews of Muguet des Bois by Coty

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To correct the database, this was launched in 1936, not 1942 (reference Barbara Herman's Scent and Subversion). The perfumer was Henri Robert.

It is a light and lilting variation on the true essence of lily of the valley, which in nature tends to be sharp and strong. Mixed with jasmine, rose and cyclamen and resting on sandalwood and musk, this works as a spring and summer scent for women.

It most closely resembles Caswell-Massey's version of Lily of the Valley.

Perfectly nice, but hardly outstanding.
03rd March, 2014 (last edited: 26th May, 2015)
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United States
Make sure that you buy/sniff vintage Muguet des Bois. The vintage is just lovely...soft, sweet, innocent. The more recent flacon mist version is vile...combo of paint thinner and hair permanent solution. Truly a "singe the nose hairs" blast until it reaches dry down. Just tossed two bottles of flacon mist that I mistakenly picked up, but love my little vintage bottle of EdT.
02nd April, 2011
My first cologne- innocence in a bottle- probably not quite as appealing now as then
03rd December, 2009
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When I was pre-teen, this was the only fragrance I was "allowed" to wear. I saw some in the drug store recently, and it still smelled very fresh and feminine (and pre-teen) to me.
21st August, 2004