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Regarding my rather hasty question about Coty's Eau de Muguet, 'if neither Coty nor Roudnitska could crack muguet then who will?', the answer is Henri Robert, who created this, one of the few perfumes Jean-Claude Ellena keeps for reference in his private collection.

Muguet des Bois is, in its own small way a chef d'œuvre. A true rendition of Lily of the Valley but not a dry depiction, there is an expressive delicacy about it that raises a rather spare green floral to the level of poetry.

Despite being an old fashioned soliflore, it can still be worn today (by afficionado's at least) in the same retro fashion that you might wear CK One.

(This is not, you understand, the thing for sale in the adverts but a proper vintage splash bottle.)

20th October, 2017 (last edited: 21st October, 2017)
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United Kingdom
The vintage version:
Indeed, the opening is a beautiful lily-of-the-valley note, underscored by a touch of gentle mandarin, lilac and, later in the drydown, jasmine. The base has a pleasant sandalwood character, and the with a touch if white musk and still an echo of white florals.

Definitely a good spring scent. I get moderate sillage, good projection and a splendid longevity on eleven hours.
05th March, 2015
Top notes: aldehydes, orange, green leaves and bergamot
Middle notes: cyclamen, lilac, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and rose
Base notes: sandalwood and musk

This is a review, mostly, of the vintage EdT, but also layered with a touch of the vintage Parfum Extrait.
The jus is supposed to be a yellow/green color, not brown as the one in the photo.
The vintage bottle I have is the same, I am sure many many vintage versions of this fragrance are floating around.
Anyway, what is going on here? Well, MdB opens on a strong bitter/ green note, with lilac and bergamot, which may take you through WWII era romance. You could find yourself sitting under a tree in a forest, near a lily of the valley patch, wearing a ton of hairspray. This may not be your cup of muguet. Maybe not yet at least.
But, if you give it 20 minutes or so, you will start to get the Bois of MdB, along with some rose, more sandalwood, and more soapy lily. It's very nice. What it is NOT, is a sparkly, silvery or sheer Muguet. This is what I would call a wartime floral, similar to Caron's Muguet de Bonheur, but more with more woods. MdB has enough heft to withstand some times of hardship and desperation. It does transcend them.

I had worn this 2-3 times, but it wasn't until I decanted some out of the enormous, bell-shaped 4 oz EdT splash bottle into a little atomizer that I could experience some of the many other notes listed.

30th March, 2012
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Somehow a small parfum spray, likely 1980s, appeared on my desk. No cap, dark color, a certain victim of oxidation. I expected the worst...but, despite this, it manages to be absolutely delightful! The alcohol takes a minute or so to blow off, and there is certainly a "boozy" quality thanks to the oxidation, but I still enjoy this deep rosy lily on a velvet background of green woods. I give this bottle in particular a 3 or 4/10, and I am still managing to enjoy it, so now I'm on the hunt for other vintages in better condition.
15th August, 2011
One of the first girls I had a crush on back in high school wore this. Smelling it still makes me smile with delightful memories of youthful desire. It's like a breath of fresh air on a beautiful spring morning, with dewy blossoms and the promise of a wonderful day --- and it's not all that innocent either! It's very feminine, but not fussy, and to me it's a timeless classic scent. I'm sad it's no longer available!
08th March, 2010 (last edited: 15th April, 2020)
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United States
My junior-high fragrance as well! It smelled just like the Lilies of theValley under the pine tree in our backyard. So glad to know they still make it!
24th June, 2008
Muguet is my birth-Month flower and I first wore it as a teen-ager in the forties! Haven't tried it recently (am almost afraid to) but I remember it as light, very linear and innocent with a hint of green. Still lovely for a dress of flower-spattered crepe de chine and taking tea with cucumber sandwiches on the lawn!
02nd February, 2007
A little is enough, and a little bottle of Muguet de Bois is magical. It is the Lily -of- the Valley. Pure and simple. I wore it first in High School, then revisited it a few years ago . I wonder who bought it back in 1942 ? All kinds of women, no doubt. It would great to have a time machine just to visit the perfume counter of one Department store back then.
28th September, 2006
I have loved this sweet green scent for years too. very neo victorian floral.
02nd May, 2006