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Here's an experiment I encourage everyone who reads this to try: take your longtime favorite bottle of perfume and hide it from yourself for a good long while. Spend some quality time in the interim with other scents, and then come back to it. You might surprise yourself.

I've worn Creed Indiana for years and years and years, and years and years. I figured I understood this stuff. In the last few months, after joining the Basenotes community, I put my bottle on the back shelf, and turned my attention and my perfume palate to other things. I thought I knew what to expect after all this time away, but Indiana has surprised me.

Creed includes tuberose in the name of this perfume, but it's not a soliflore. I knew that much. What I didn't know until I smelled it again was how weighty this fragrance feels. This is a floral-forward fragrance that thinks it's an oriental, a spicy, funky bouquet of aromatic heavy hitters: bright tuberose, heavy jasmine and just a flutter of bitter carnation. All of this is bolstered with a distinctly saline Ambergris that leaves your lips stinging. As the fragrance settles down, it takes on the heady, almost overripe scent of flowers almost past their bloom. Then it dries down to a powdery, musky, inedible vanilla.

I don't know how this fragrance fools so many people (including me, for years) into thinking it's some decorous little thing with good manners. It's a lie. Compared with most florals, Indiana is straight-up raunchy (not Salome-raunchy, but what is?). And it's complex. It definitely deserves a revisit. You never know what strange things lurk in the most familiar places.
03rd February, 2016 (last edited: 28th March, 2016)
My favorite scent is Fracas, and compared to that this is the weak sister. That said, it is a gorgeous scent. Lovely and calm. Wearable to the office, since it has a lasting time of about 5 minutes (full bloom) on me. Very quiet, close to the skin, creamy tuberose.
25th March, 2012
I have a difficult time believing that this is tuberose—in fact, I brought out a sample of Fracas to compare notes—ok, could be, but there is rose in the floral mix, and the rose comes through very strongly to me. The floral aroma is quite full in the opening—it’s of flowers that have reached full maturity and are just on the edge of being cloying—I don’t feel it crosses the line, and within twenty minutes the accord has lost much of its aggressiveness and settles down to a beautiful and discreet mixed floral. The rose remains prominent to my nose throughout the progression of the fragrance, which consists of the ebbing of the intensity of the florals and the growing prominence of a typical Creed base—ambergris and musk. I don’t get much powder, not even in the drydown. The scent has a rather strong sillage at the beginning and it gradually ebbs with time. It has decent longevity considering it’s a Creed. Tubérose Indiana is a lovely feminine scent—subtle and endearing.
07th December, 2010
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Another nice floral by Creed. The house of Creed is notorious for its florals and this one represents the company very well.
20th May, 2010
Bought this blind, it was advertised as a man's scent.

Well, with the following of M7, most Serge Lutens, Opium PH and co, it's macho as hell--- er, almost.

When, of all people, Marlen informs us that it may be 'challenging' for a man to wear this, far be it for me to gainsay him!

Happy ending. Gave it to a friend and she's a tuberose addict.

Now, while I agree with the criticism of 'where's the tuberose?'--There are much closer 'purer' tuberose scents, for those who have actually smelled the magic flower; nevertheless this is a bold and well crafted creation that blends several florals, puts an oriental spin on them, without going fruity-sugary, and gives it strength, power and complexity.

Bottom line? If you're into 'upbeat playful' stick to Fracas for your dose of the magic T.

However, if you like orientals that are not cloying, this one's definitely worth a sniff.
03rd April, 2007
Tubérose Indiana is one of my favorite amongst all the Creed's ceations. It is a well blended scent of tuberose, ambergris and amber. I didn't smell much tuberose out of this (at least it is not as prominent as it appeared to be in Fracas or Carnal Flowers). It is amazingly seductive with a hint of vanilla and appeared to be very warm and welcoming. It is a lovely scent for autumn and winter.
23rd February, 2007
To me this isn't a true tuberose scent But this is unique, one of a kind. rich. . Has more of a gardenia scent to it. Very lovely not in your face.
24th August, 2006
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United States
Amazing stuff. In my opinion, one of Creeds finest floral creations. Florals can be cloying, but this one is fresh, and the top notes put you smack in the middle of a dewy rose. It has this uplifting bright sensual note...i think its the honeysuckle. The basenotes are of musk and ambergris. Infact, this is so good, I am thinking of buying a bottle for myself, even though its a fragrance for women
24th July, 2006
When I first applied this fragrance it smelled as if my nose were smack dab in the middle of the most sweet and dewy rose...after about 15 minutes it smelled exactly like White Shoulders. For the money, I'd go with the White Shoulders.
10th March, 2006
wow, another amazing rose scent by creed. maybe im partial to all these because I love the smell of rose so much but this one is definatley a winner.
22nd February, 2006
A light, powdery tuberose anchored by warm ambergris. Might be a bit challenging for men, but I think it's worth a shot. Not your run of the mill heavy white floral....
14th January, 2006