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Neutral Reviews of Nohiba by E.Coudray

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It started from rose, lavender maybe and berries, very feminine, soft and gentle but with character. Then goes woody and musky accord, maybe sandalwood and little white musk with wax, it gets heavier like the air in hot spring-summer day, becomes more woodsy, coriander and cedarwood end composition. I didnt feel much of coriander but two types of wood for sure. So mainly it`s rosa with base accord as wood. I imagine it on woman in late spring or summer day, so frenth imo. Maybe it`s France in 18th - 19th centruties or so..
08th February, 2013
A very retro-style opening with aldehydes, bergamot & a little powder. For the first fifteen minutes or so, the whole comes off as a polished but rather artificial woody floral. ln the heart, the most prominent note is carnation, which l am not fond of. After an hour, l get sweet, woody notes & a little smoke, & at this stage it is altogether more pleasant. lt all begins to fade after three hours though, & is pretty much gone after six.
17th June, 2012
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United Kingdom
Hello strong no nonsense oriental. A little goes a long way, the woods are very strong and present in the opening and there is a touch of a powderyness to it as well and a hint of spices. It settles down quickly into something less woodsy and strong making it more feminine than the opening. Then the spices really become more present.

I would almost guess there is some cinnamon in here or somehow some notes working together give the effect of it. I think this one begs to be worn in winter time when you need a little spice to keep you going.
16th May, 2011
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