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Feminine? Pfft!
Genderless to my nose.
Boozy Oriental with Woody Chypre overtones.
It's Floral heart Jasmine, Ylang and Blossom is blended so perfectly into a remarkable resinous base that at times it has me forgetting it's structured as Chypre. Moss, Dusty Patch, Vetiver and Bergamot and the resulting Savon are the tell.
Wood? Oh yes! Sandalwood butters it all and draws it back to to a spicy Oriental.
I, absolutely, Love, this scent.
The depth and dimension of overall accord rings the little bells of pleasure in my brain.
I will own this soon.

From a Lanier Nip that I expect is the Lentheric.
29th April, 2020
I am a complete novice at this, please keep that in mind. I wanted to explore vintage scents, so I started by reading basenotes member reviews, which are so beautifully written, just wonderful. So many distinct voices, all delicious.

I loved the Tweed reviews, and then I found online a beautiful 4 oz. pinch waist bottle of Vintage Tweed Cologne by Lenthéric, almost full to the brim. I took a chance, bought it, and lucky me ... as after the first overwhelming hit of alcohol, it calmed down and I found myself lifting my wrist over and over to catch the scent, which to me is beautiful.

My bottle is quite old, and I don't know what the cologne was like young, but it was quite strong at first, not subtle, very sweet, and sharp, though it calmed down almost immediately. I got a peppery spice, a fading bit of celery, then cedar and cinnamon, and lady-like sachet scent over all, then suddenly it's an open cabin doorway, with a cedar fire inside, outside, it's just rained, and through the door, the forest reaches out of the dusk toward a figure sitting by the fire, drying rain washed hair. It's all that. I can't believe this is my first experience with this treasure.

I would love Tweed on a man, it's a'Woodland God/Goddess' scent.
01st December, 2018
Lenthéric : Prim aldehydic muguet-rosy green chypre.

06th November, 2017
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A delightful opening where cinnamon blends beautifully with bergamot and geranium - simple beauty! The traditional drydown - jasmine, lavender and ylang-ylang is also very well done. Vanilla and patchouli provide a good finale of this symphony of a scent.

It is all quite classic in the choice of constituent notes but it is well blended, convincing in its structure, with good sillage and projection. The longevity on my skin stands at
an extraordinary twelve hours. 3.5/5
01st May, 2015
A bright, very powdery, somewhat sweet fougere. Feminine in design.
Cheerful, not profound. Quietly satisfying if you like this style (rather grandmotherly).
Nothing to offend here.
25th February, 2015
This is a dry geraniumy mossy fougerey chypre that is basically the best fragrance on earth. It really smelly likes lavendery-wool-and-wet-dog. Nothing else is remotely like it. The only one to get is the vintage one by Lentheric, the other one not worth it. *C'est Tweed, N'est-ce pas?*
09th June, 2014
This has been on my mother’s dressing table for as long as I can remember. As a child I thought it was the most sophisticated thing imaginable, and I loved to try it. Despite the fact I now regard it as a fragrance for the more mature woman, and think, or at least, hope, that at 45 I am still too young to wear it, I do still love it. Clean and rich, a traditional sent, for no nonsense ladies, who would definitely say “sent” not fragrance.
26th September, 2012
I have a wee bottle of vintage Tweed & I'm very grateful because I kept looking & looking for it, remembering how I loved a Lentheric bottle of cologne or EDT in youth (50+ years ago!).

The opening notes are brisk & strong, but the dry down is rapid to a gentle floral note that is very agreeable. This slight scent lingers subliminally rather than with cloying sweetness or with chemical "freshness".

A faint vetiver & wood note breathes underneath, an echo.
06th July, 2012 (last edited: 08th July, 2012)
This was given to me by my Aunt who doesn't like wearing fragrances. I actually have the original bottle from the 40's and 50's. The perfume surprisingly has not gone off. Even though it is a mature scent, I often wear this to bed or around the house. It's a slightly musty, woodsy scent with a slight tartyness. I'm probably making this scent sound horrible, but it really isn't that bad. I've certainly smelt worse.

26th April, 2011
Vintage cologne -- This is a go-to work scent for me. It isn't as complex and rich-verging-on-heady as some other, somewhat similar vintage green chypres (much less going on than in Cabochard for example) and I find it somewhat soapy, though pleasantly so -- it makes me think of French-milled soaps, slightly creamy but quite dry and herbal, not sweet at all on my skin, nor floral, save for a bit of lavender ... and possibly something quite clear and sweet that wafts in and out -- this is so delicate I can't quite pick it out. It's a very wearable and ultimately somewhat delicate scent ... drydown lasts all day on me but is very very faint after a couple of hours. Quite nice!
21st October, 2010
JDBIII Show all reviews
United States
I have a vintage bottle of Tweed. The top notes are all but gone, but the drydown is lovely and very similar to L'Heure Bleue. Sadly, at the end, it does not share the quality or the longevity of the famous "guerlainade" base. but quite nice none the less.
10th August, 2009
Imagine yourself wandering through lush rainforests, the hills of Scotland, it's bracing weather and you are wearing your finest Tweed! A real classic!
29th July, 2009
Probably still the weirdest fragrance i have ever experienced! Not very nice in any shape or form!... much too sharp. Doesn't smell like a fragrance... smells like some cleaning product that could double as paint-stripper. Truly hideous!
10th June, 2009
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If an alien came from another planet and wanted to know what perfume smells like, I would give him a bottle of Tweed. It has all of the things that a perfume is supposed to have -nothing more, nothing less. I find it quite elegant and sensual, without any hint of pretentiousness.
06th April, 2009
Asha Show all reviews
United States
Lentheric Tweed (vintage)

My vintage bottle of Tweed does not state the concentration. However, it is a splash bottle, so I suspect it is an EDC or EDT. I transferred some into an atomizer to test it, and on first spray I smelled a quick blast of bergamot. I suspect that some of the top notes have gone off due to age, because the fragrance shortly entered an unpleasant (but thankfully short-lived) "cat pee" stage. On the other hand, the notes of the reformulation state that Tweed has lavender, and I can see the resemblance of this somewhat ammoniac note with lavender essential oils I have smelled. It does smell herbal and a tiny bit floral, perhaps lily-of-the-valley or a similar light and fresh floral note.

Tweed is without a doubt a green chypre. Even the floral accord smells almost vegetal. The top notes fade incredibly quickly--so quickly that I had to spray some on a tissue to get a better idea of what was going on. On skin, after the bright floral and citrus dissipates, Tweed settles quite squarely into a lovely oakmoss base. It is a bit sweet with soft powder and dry moss. It is possible there is also some iris here, as there is a sort of dry and subtly sweet floral quality to it. However, oakmoss is definitely the main attraction, and all the other notes seem to fade into the background. In the drydown I also smell what seems to be some kind of resin, perhaps benzoin. It has a slightly sweaty smell to it, but it eventually fades. Benzoin could also account for the slight sweetness in the base. The deep drydown is all powdery, mossy oakmoss. It is a shame that this fragrance races through the development, however, I can't complain about the oakmoss ending. Smelling true oakmoss is a pleasure, especially at a time when many chypre fragrances suffer from reformulation to reduce or eliminate the oakmoss.

I give a neutral rating only because of the off top notes in the vintage juice.
11th January, 2009
This is a good dry, slightly green perfume and I agree with booklover76, excellent for winter. It seems to die in the summer heat. In some ways this reminds me of Miss Balmain minus the lily of the valley notes. Not particularly long lasting, but even at the end of the day there will be the faintest whiff coming up to greet you as you take off your jacket or sweater.

For people who like a green, not too sweet perfume but find something like Ma Griffe too sharp, this could be an elegant alternative.
16th December, 2006
According to the Vermont country Store's description of Tweed: "fresh top notes of bergamot, lavender and geranium. Floral middle notes of narcisse, carnation and jasmine with a woody base of vetiver, patchouli and oakmoss.
I don't know what the original (Lentheric) smelled like- I do know that the version made by Fine Fragrances is a delight! I am not overly fond of sweet scents and Tweed is perfect. I enjoy wearing on a cold day- has a refreshing bite to it!
27th February, 2006