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A rich floral composition of violet and rose: powdery, fruity, silky, luminous; beautiful; like Paris in fact. (Sophia Grojsman, 1983)
04th May, 2021
This is another perfume I found on a Basenotes thread about underestimated fragrances current and past. Isn’t Basenotes fantastic?

Leonard de Leonard is a fruity, green-floral chypre. And every time I think it’s a little too sweet for my taste, I get the purr of the leather and reconsider. This is an LOL chypre (light on leather.) Not usually my preference, but LdL uses its sweetness smartly. It’s not a counterpart to the admittedly light leather note. Rather, it matches the tone of the florals. Green plum-like notes gibe with the watery sweetness of the lily of the valley and hyacinth. The leather actually seems to fit with an unidentifiable spiciness that becomes, along with the leather, more noticeable yet oddly not any stronger in the drydown. This is the part that won me over. I feared LdL might be headed for a bad, sweet soapiness, but the leather and spice steer it away from soap and toward a lightly mossy chypre drydown.
19th December, 2010
Leonard de Leonard is a beautifull soft green fragrance,incredibly long lasting,as are all Leonard fragrances.
The top notes remind of Clinique Aromatics or Aramis 900,the green middle notes are similar to Vent Vert by Balmain.The notes of carnation & hyacinth are very distinct,such a shame it's discontinued.
05th October, 2009
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