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United Kingdom
Jasmine and clove - that is the impression when this olfactory journey commences. The clove start first on me, but an evergrowing jasmine is gradually starting to become the domainant force here.

It is actually a mix of several delightful jasmines (from Egypt, Morocco and India per the scent pyramid). After a while some green undertones arrive also; at times they are a bit on the grassy side.

Towards the ends a sweeter undertone - honeyed white musks mainly - comes and goes, with touches of benzoin and whiffs of fruity moments.

I get moderate sillage, good projection, and six hours of longevity on my skin.

A gorgeous sweet and soft jasmine scent for spring, which is convincing it its pared-down simplicity on the basis of the high quality of the jasmines. 3.5
23rd February, 2021
I had a sample of this, and when I smelled it straight from the vial, it was fresh, soft, and clean. It reminded me of a yellow candle with a name like "Sunshine." On my skin though, it was a beautiful, pure white jasmine smell, like a bridal bouquet. It was gorgeous, though linear and somewhat "virginal," as the jasmine never got that sexy, "skanky" smell and I could not get any traces of the musk. I then dabbed a bit of Creed's Santal Imperial on top and it was complete love at first sniff. It was almost too feminine for me and needed something masculine to make it a little less "pure."

Overall, I think it is a beautiful scent, though I wish it had more depth. By itself, I'd give it a 6/10.
04th August, 2017
The Valkyrie's Vigil by
Edward Robert Hughes
14th May, 2017
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Technically, this is the jasmine to end all jasmines. And it really is beautiful. The first 15 minutes in particular are like burying your nose in a bridal wreath. And for those 15 minutes, I breathe it in and I think, “Life can’t possibly get any better than this smell, right here.”

It contains all the rich, life-giving aspects I love so much about jasmine – the memory of heat, fleshiness, jammy sweetness, and toe-curling, inky dirtiness all wrapped up in the petals of one gorgeous flower. Impossible to wear this perfume and not feel as happy as a cat stretching under the hot midday sun.

It’s almost too much of a good thing, like gazing directly at the sun, or looking at a photo of Claudia Schiffer in a magazine, a woman about whom Karl Lagerfeld made the remark that it was impossible to take a bad photo of, but whose placid, milch-cow beauty always leaves my eyes a little glazed and my imagination a little drowsy. A La Nuit has, in its utter single-mindedness of intent, a sort of stultifying effect on my senses – it induces me to languor and little else.

But whatever – I could live with its slightly boring grandeur if only for those narcotizing 15 minutes. I don’t mind re-spraying. The greater problem is, however, that A La Nuit does not last very long on my skin. I suspect that I am anosmic to the type of musk used in the base because past those glorious, slightly stupefying 15 minutes, all I get is a white blur of something amorphously perfumey.
31st May, 2016
Not my style but I can see that this is a lovely scent.
Young, spring-like, innocent, sweet, definitely feminine. Very pretty florals balanced by a nice green note. Romantic and beautiful, really a charming scent. Light yet substantial, certainly not cloying or heavy.
06th December, 2015

Have you ever walked by a beautiful jasmine bush in full bloom and wished you could carry that scent with you always?well,now you can.This scent hast captured everything lovely about the precious white flower and when i close my eyes,it takes my back to my childhood when the scent of our huge jasmine bush would waft through my bedroom window at night in the spring. Fresh, Delicate,Florl,Natural,Seductive and Gorgeous.

A LA NUIT is essence of white flowers especially Jasmine,it is the most feminine of scents.This Oriental-Floral scent mixes clove and grenadine with green notes and flirty jasmine and honey blended with seductive musk and benzoin,create an excellent experience of sheer bliss for the fortunate wearer. It is soft, delicate flowery and subtle,a blend of aroma that is so fresh.

A LA NUIT is truly enjoyable and lovely.This perfume is perfect to wear during in the evening and especially fitting for a special date.It can be worn for anytime of year above all for Spring and Summer evening.Always a great pick-me-up even during the long cold days of winter!If you are a fan of jasmine, this is the perfume for you.Highly recommend for a elegant lady.


Longevity?+4 Hours on my skin.

01st June, 2015
hellkat Show all reviews
United Kingdom
When I was a kid, I went to piano lessons at a convent in New Zealand, which was covered in jasmine. When I opened this bottle of A La Nuit, I was instantly transported back to when I was 6 years of age, and attending that convent for my lessons. The opening is such a fresh real scent! Unfortunately, jasmine scent - much like many white-flower scents - ends up smelling a bit old-ladyish on me, which drives me away from it. Unusually for an SL fragrance, there seems to be few other notes to investigate, but I am leaving it on for a while to see what develops. Perhaps I should layer it with La Religieuse (which I utterly adore!) and see how I get on ... :)
17th May, 2015
I decided to try A La Nuit after reading various blogs and articles about Indolic perfumes. The name kept popping up and it piqued my curiosity since, though I've probably smelled indolic scents, I'm not sure I could identify which ones are or aren't. So, I bought a sample based on the name alone, without even knowing what was in this. I assumed it was either jasmine or other white florals of some kind - I just wanted to see what made this different from other white florals. If it truly was 'dirty' or 'fecal'...

Right off the bat, it's a very powerful scent. A sweet and smoky burst of jasmine, accompanied by pleasant green notes. I'm still not sure I understand indoles, but what I do get out of A La Nuit is a very believable, deep floral experience. It's like sniffing actual jasmine in a dewy, grassy field. But those green, grassy notes quickly dissipate and it develops into something much sultrier.

Whew, there's that smoke again! I can tell it's the cloves causing the back of my throat to tingle, because it's exactly the same sensation as being around second-hand smoke from clove cigarettes. (Which luckily reminds me of my late teens, hanging around in clovey smoke-filled concert venues). That smoky quality also dies down a little bit, and leaves just a lingering trail of smoke and spice, like an incense stick burning out. Ahh...

If this indeed features indoles, fear not - this isn't fecal at all. Is it 'dirty'? Well, maybe in the way that soil can have a rich, pleasing earthy scent. Also worth noting - various types of African/Indian jasmine were used in this composition, and it shows. It's absolutely exotic and fascinating.
30th April, 2015
The first moment I sprayed this, I got scared that I wouldn't enjoy it because of an odd watery synthetic smell, but that was gone in seconds and what was left was a near-perfect recreation of the smell of blooming jasmine. It grows wild in Italy and Croatia so the smell transported me vividly to memories of being there. It lasted forever too. I easily got over 12 hours and a lot of those hours were projecting pretty strongly. This is fresh, bright jasmine and seemed pretty much linear on me aside for a gentle softening over time--the vanilla in the base never becomes too noticeable. Very feminine but I'm confident enough with my masculinity that I wouldn't feel too uncomfortable wearing a very gentle touch of it out of the house. Needless to say though, stay far away if you want to smell masculine or if you're a man and want to blend in. Any woman who loves florals would smell great wearing this.
20th December, 2014
Genre: Floral

À la Nuit is a sweet indolic jasmine scent with a certain intense clarity about its structure. It shares this clear, focused character with two other Sheldrake-Lutens floral compositions: Un Lys and Sa Majesté la Rose, but the more potent indoles in its jasmine make it a more heady, decadent, and indulgent perfume. À la Nuit rests on a sweet vanillic base that's common among Lutens fragrances, but this version is less oppressively viscous than some of the house's heavier orientals. À la Nuit is one of the more enjoyable jasmine soliflores I've tried, especially because it displays plenty of depth without becoming cloying.
09th June, 2014
I have not had much success with Serge Lutens but ordered a sample of this and received it today, opening it with great expectation due to so many positive reviews. I have wonderful jasmine in my yard that is blooming and wanted a fragrance that captured the sweet, heady fragrance. Unfortunately, A la Nuit falls far short for me. Instead of sweet I get sharp, instead of light I get dark and musty. I smell something like lime and old gardenia mixed with a burnt popcorn aroma. I think it could be that the base used in Serge Lutens is simply not compatible with my skin chemistry as the scent in the sample does smell better.
10th May, 2014
A very clear and sparkling jasmine that is uplifting and true to the essential oil. In fact it reminds me of this Egyptian Jasmine I brought back from Cairo for my girlfriend many years ago.

There is also a hint of green making the jasmine smell fresh like it's just been plucked from a bush. Great if you love your jasmine straight up without other notes. But may be lacking if you expect more complexity from your fragrance.

Great jasmine though!
18th March, 2014
The scent of Jasmine is alluring enough as it is, but the flower gardens in my native Cyprus just OOZE of Jasmine after dark. The baking hot sunshine that radiates on the flowers during the day causes the aroma to be released ten fold at night, in my opinion.
This is my first Serge and Lutens fragrance and is quite an amazing one. You don't need a lot, as the scent is quite concentrated as it is. Just a spritz and you can expect it to last all day. This scent amazes me by how "close" to the real thing it really is. I feel like I have my face buried in a flower bed of jasmine plants when this is down to the heart notes.
09th January, 2014
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Nefret Show all reviews
United States
Jasmine, jasmine jasmine jasmine. It's like thrusting your face into jasmine and getting a blossom into your mouth. Not quite choking on it, but you're transported there, via your nose. Perhaps a little high-pitched for some, but in the spring, or when you're dying for it to be spring, it is exquisite. A touch of indole to make the jasmine more photorealistic, with a tiny bit of musk to carry it along.

I love Big White Florals, but I find this one to be a bit too much for work. I can wear it all day long on my days off. Drops off pretty sharply about 5 hours after application, so I reapply.
12th March, 2013
I thought Nuda by Nasomatto was the business when it comes to jasmine but wowzah .... A La Nuit is THE Queen of the Jasmine Scents .
It is not that I have never tried A La Nuit before but I have always tried it when I was busying bingeing on other scents at the same time.

Out of this world bell like sweet white flowered happiness of the jasmine blooming at night . It heaves and sighs JASMINE.

The honey muskiness at the end is deliciously addictive and complements the jasmine oh so well - never distracts from the purity of this soliflore.
Slightly indolic- just a touch compared to Joy EDP - it is a baby in the indolic dept.
Tenacity is not so great to b e honest . A La Nuit is a heavy hitter in the first 30 min - 1 hr. Strong jasmine and you will not mistake this for anything else. Then it all quietens down to a fairly light fragrance on me - persistent but light.
100 % a great choice for jasmine . In fact get 2 bottles.
02nd August, 2012
Emily Show all reviews
United States
I love jasmine, so naturally I love A la Nuit. Jasmine haters be warned.

This is a blunt, modern jasmine that is relatively indolic, but not as indolic as jasmine heavyweight Nuda by Nassamatto. This is a glowing yet sheer jasmine more forgiving, but not as forgiving as Blush by Marc Jacobs which is so sweet it's almost bug spray.

A la Nuit is a persian princess's garden on steroids. It's almost a soliflore in that it doesn't morph as much as the other Lutens. You just keep getting jasmine over and over. It's actually quite wearable on a hot day and definitely brightened by humidity.

I am disappointed in the staying power though and do suggest you rely on wearing it off of places where it doesn't rub away easily, like the wrist. In the elbow crease, on the shoulders and in the hair would be better.
03rd May, 2012
The early minutes of the scent a sour note stands so high that besides jasmin i feel like some orange flowers and some gardenia is clearly there. Later jasmine grows to be more jasmine but still acidic more than indolic.
I have some arabic jasmine growing on my porch which i admire. When it is on full bloom it has such an earthy animalistic note that my mum cannot belive jasmine is blameworty but my cat is. so i like jasmine as it is ; earthy or indolic or dirty. This jasmine is too clean for my taste. I cannot get any honey or musk. ı find nothing positive or negative about this scent. People with ambivalant feelings about jasmine should give a try.
29th April, 2012
A la Nuit starts spectacularly and then undergoes a rapid devolution through the seven stages of fragrance doubt. Well not really there are no seven stages of fragrance doubt that I know of, but A la Nuit as it dries down does bump and thump it's way downward. The opening is a great balanced accord of pretty jasmine and the right amount of musk underneath and that will be as good as it gets. In a short time the fragrance reaches the dreaded "old lady perfume" stage where I start having serious doubts that any male other than Quentin Crisp could pull this one off....not even Mr. Crisp now considering. As the jasmine continues it's pitiable fade it submits to a leathery tryranny of musk and with the jasmine leaving I lose interest. Jasmine Full by Montale a scent I relish is another jasmine that does an ignominious fade but in Jasmine Full's case as it dies it's slow or not so slow death it stay true to it's lovely jasmine heart.
29th December, 2011
Superb rendition of pure jasmine - for both men and women. On men it will mix with body oils to "masculinize" it - is that a word? - in about an hour. Long lasting - an evening's worth easily.

This is the sort of cologne one would expect a gorgeous Northern Italian model to wear - Botticelli face and form - soft, gentle, yet quietly masculine and refined.l

This is at the same time both the king and queen of jasmine scents.
10th May, 2011
Oriental-spicy floral with a bunch of diverse varieties of jasmine spread along the trip as an olfactory backbone surrounded by spices, balsams and resins, with a green-citrus presence at the opening and in the base. Further a star jasmine the key elements are honey and cloves with their sweet-spicy-bitter accord. The composition is oriental but in an exotic way because of several spicy fruits and green elements. The strong spicy presence provides a slightly bitter undertone to the sweetness and balsams. There is a touch of exotic sultriness in the final outcome that turns the concoction out wearable even in the tropical climates. I detect some fruits in the dry down side by side with flowers, woodsy musk and balsams (honey, vanilla, benzoin). This is basically a feminine creation less dense and deep than Chergui or Fumerie Turque but with notable sillage and longevity.
18th March, 2011 (last edited: 09th February, 2014)
I really ought to love this, but sadly as with other Lutens fragrances l've tried, the sillage is poor & it only lasts about an hour on me. lt's a warm, yet green jasmine, with honey & benzoin in the base. lt's very pretty, but l like my jasmine much more in-your-face, so for me this doesn't come close to Montale's Jasmin Full.
02nd February, 2011
I tried this scent when I ran out of Creed's Jasmal and before I got hooked on Love, Tears, Surrender by Kilian. Funny thing is..although they're all indolic scents they all smell slightly different! I found A la Nuit to definitely be a Jasmine scent however I seem to detect either a note of Gardenia or Lily of the Valley in it. Beautiful..just different! Also the animalic notes make it different than other "fresh" Jasmine a night-blooming Jasmine @ midnight in the heat of Summer. Pretty but I've smelled others I like more!!
03rd December, 2010
Years ago I was in Egypt and I loved a nice scent I perceived in the garden of the hotel. I later discovered it was a tree of jasmine, indian jasmine. When I first smelled A la nuit it struk me how a perfect reproduction of indian jasmine it was!! True jasmine at night, when the heat of the day leaves space to the fresh wind of a parfumed egyptian night. Perhaps the only problem of this Lutens is that I would not spend so much for a soliflore.
31st May, 2010
There isn't much to say about A la Nuit except that is an amazing, intoxicating, modern rendition of Jasmine. It isn't the sweet, powdery jasmine that so many scents mimic. It is indolic, forceful, cool summer at dawn jasmine. I find it to be a completely acceptable unisex floral as well. One of my SL favorites.
14th April, 2010
Jasmine loaded with indoles and an animalic base similiar to Joy parfum. I find it to be quite sharp and assertive. Sillage and longevity are insane. I prefer Lutens other jasmine, Sarassins, to A la Nuit's jasmine orgy.
12th April, 2010
After several tries, I came to the same conclusion as Nukapai and Diamondflame. This is a gorgeous pure jasmine frag, but I think I prefer my jasmine in real plant form or perhaps mixed in with other notes. And while I think A La Nuit is lovely, well made and I desperately wanted to be able to wear it, I cannot. The underlying skatole component gives this one a slight putrid tendency that, like a close talker with bad breath, I just can't ignore.
09th March, 2010
This is my Holy Grail Jasmine scent. Marketed for women, but extremely unisex. I am not even a devout jasmine fan to begin with, but A La Nuit is really something else. Thick concentrated jasmine lying on top of a slightly dusty animalic bed of incense.
07th January, 2010
I have low tolerance for indoles and I find Lutens' soliforeal rendition of the jasmine flower a tad too indolic to enjoy as a wearable skin scent. Others may disagree but in my books, À LA NUIT falls a couple of rungs short of the enchantment real jasmine weaves in the fabric of the evening.
12th December, 2009
A la Nuit is reference jasmine. It is an astute study of the jasmine flower from opening bud to decaying blossom. It is in no way "death by jasmine" as The Guide states; it is a true jasmine fragrance with a bright start and a dark finish. Longevity is moderate. At Serge Luten prices, this is for the jasmine lover (not the "jasmine liker"). There are so many lovely jasmine perfume oils and fragrances (La Haie Fleurie) that I probably will never make a purchase of this one to satisfy my occasional jasmine craving. But, in my opinion, this is the epitome of jasmine and a must for those who are passionate about jasmine. PS I could not get this one out of my mind! And with the new regulations (and my recent retry of the new La Haie), I scored an old bottle of this stuff...because it IS reference jasmine.
24th October, 2009 (last edited: 30th March, 2010)
This is the 1st fragrance that I can smell real jasmine in it. Jasmine is my favorite and what I'd imagined before I actually took a sniff was a beautiful summery jasmine that I smell in my small "garden" on the balcony. But sadly, À la Nuit is not as summery as I expected.
It is all about jasmine for sure, but like jasmine still on the branch with green buds, and then comes along musk. The dry down smells so alike Fleurs de Citronniers, except it's jasmine in stead of lemon blossom.
To be honest, the juice smells like the ink of penpoint pen I used in childhood and this is not ok...haha. I'm not satisfied with it.
06th October, 2009