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Neutral Reviews of À la Nuit by Serge Lutens

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Technically, this is the jasmine to end all jasmines. And it really is beautiful. The first 15 minutes in particular are like burying your nose in a bridal wreath. And for those 15 minutes, I breathe it in and I think, “Life can’t possibly get any better than this smell, right here.”

It contains all the rich, life-giving aspects I love so much about jasmine – the memory of heat, fleshiness, jammy sweetness, and toe-curling, inky dirtiness all wrapped up in the petals of one gorgeous flower. Impossible to wear this perfume and not feel as happy as a cat stretching under the hot midday sun.

It’s almost too much of a good thing, like gazing directly at the sun, or looking at a photo of Claudia Schiffer in a magazine, a woman about whom Karl Lagerfeld made the remark that it was impossible to take a bad photo of, but whose placid, milch-cow beauty always leaves my eyes a little glazed and my imagination a little drowsy. A La Nuit has, in its utter single-mindedness of intent, a sort of stultifying effect on my senses – it induces me to languor and little else.

But whatever – I could live with its slightly boring grandeur if only for those narcotizing 15 minutes. I don’t mind re-spraying. The greater problem is, however, that A La Nuit does not last very long on my skin. I suspect that I am anosmic to the type of musk used in the base because past those glorious, slightly stupefying 15 minutes, all I get is a white blur of something amorphously perfumey.
31st May, 2016
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United Kingdom
When I was a kid, I went to piano lessons at a convent in New Zealand, which was covered in jasmine. When I opened this bottle of A La Nuit, I was instantly transported back to when I was 6 years of age, and attending that convent for my lessons. The opening is such a fresh real scent! Unfortunately, jasmine scent - much like many white-flower scents - ends up smelling a bit old-ladyish on me, which drives me away from it. Unusually for an SL fragrance, there seems to be few other notes to investigate, but I am leaving it on for a while to see what develops. Perhaps I should layer it with La Religieuse (which I utterly adore!) and see how I get on ... :)
17th May, 2015
I have not had much success with Serge Lutens but ordered a sample of this and received it today, opening it with great expectation due to so many positive reviews. I have wonderful jasmine in my yard that is blooming and wanted a fragrance that captured the sweet, heady fragrance. Unfortunately, A la Nuit falls far short for me. Instead of sweet I get sharp, instead of light I get dark and musty. I smell something like lime and old gardenia mixed with a burnt popcorn aroma. I think it could be that the base used in Serge Lutens is simply not compatible with my skin chemistry as the scent in the sample does smell better.
10th May, 2014
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The early minutes of the scent a sour note stands so high that besides jasmin i feel like some orange flowers and some gardenia is clearly there. Later jasmine grows to be more jasmine but still acidic more than indolic.
I have some arabic jasmine growing on my porch which i admire. When it is on full bloom it has such an earthy animalistic note that my mum cannot belive jasmine is blameworty but my cat is. so i like jasmine as it is ; earthy or indolic or dirty. This jasmine is too clean for my taste. I cannot get any honey or musk. ı find nothing positive or negative about this scent. People with ambivalant feelings about jasmine should give a try.
29th April, 2012
A la Nuit starts spectacularly and then undergoes a rapid devolution through the seven stages of fragrance doubt. Well not really there are no seven stages of fragrance doubt that I know of, but A la Nuit as it dries down does bump and thump it's way downward. The opening is a great balanced accord of pretty jasmine and the right amount of musk underneath and that will be as good as it gets. In a short time the fragrance reaches the dreaded "old lady perfume" stage where I start having serious doubts that any male other than Quentin Crisp could pull this one off....not even Mr. Crisp now considering. As the jasmine continues it's pitiable fade it submits to a leathery tryranny of musk and with the jasmine leaving I lose interest. Jasmine Full by Montale a scent I relish is another jasmine that does an ignominious fade but in Jasmine Full's case as it dies it's slow or not so slow death it stay true to it's lovely jasmine heart.
29th December, 2011
Oriental-spicy floral with a bunch of diverse varieties of jasmine spread along the trip as an olfactory backbone surrounded by spices, balsams and resins, with a green-citrus presence at the opening and in the base. Further a star jasmine the key elements are honey and cloves with their sweet-spicy-bitter accord. The composition is oriental but in an exotic way because of several spicy fruits and green elements. The strong spicy presence provides a slightly bitter undertone to the sweetness and balsams. There is a touch of exotic sultriness in the final outcome that turns the concoction out wearable even in the tropical climates. I detect some fruits in the dry down side by side with flowers, woodsy musk and balsams (honey, vanilla, benzoin). This is basically a feminine creation less dense and deep than Chergui or Fumerie Turque but with notable sillage and longevity.
18th March, 2011 (last edited: 09th February, 2014)
I really ought to love this, but sadly as with other Lutens fragrances l've tried, the sillage is poor & it only lasts about an hour on me. lt's a warm, yet green jasmine, with honey & benzoin in the base. lt's very pretty, but l like my jasmine much more in-your-face, so for me this doesn't come close to Montale's Jasmin Full.
02nd February, 2011
I tried this scent when I ran out of Creed's Jasmal and before I got hooked on Love, Tears, Surrender by Kilian. Funny thing is..although they're all indolic scents they all smell slightly different! I found A la Nuit to definitely be a Jasmine scent however I seem to detect either a note of Gardenia or Lily of the Valley in it. Beautiful..just different! Also the animalic notes make it different than other "fresh" Jasmine a night-blooming Jasmine @ midnight in the heat of Summer. Pretty but I've smelled others I like more!!
03rd December, 2010
Jasmine loaded with indoles and an animalic base similiar to Joy parfum. I find it to be quite sharp and assertive. Sillage and longevity are insane. I prefer Lutens other jasmine, Sarassins, to A la Nuit's jasmine orgy.
12th April, 2010
After several tries, I came to the same conclusion as Nukapai and Diamondflame. This is a gorgeous pure jasmine frag, but I think I prefer my jasmine in real plant form or perhaps mixed in with other notes. And while I think A La Nuit is lovely, well made and I desperately wanted to be able to wear it, I cannot. The underlying skatole component gives this one a slight putrid tendency that, like a close talker with bad breath, I just can't ignore.
09th March, 2010
I have low tolerance for indoles and I find Lutens' soliforeal rendition of the jasmine flower a tad too indolic to enjoy as a wearable skin scent. Others may disagree but in my books, À LA NUIT falls a couple of rungs short of the enchantment real jasmine weaves in the fabric of the evening.
12th December, 2009
This is the 1st fragrance that I can smell real jasmine in it. Jasmine is my favorite and what I'd imagined before I actually took a sniff was a beautiful summery jasmine that I smell in my small "garden" on the balcony. But sadly, À la Nuit is not as summery as I expected.
It is all about jasmine for sure, but like jasmine still on the branch with green buds, and then comes along musk. The dry down smells so alike Fleurs de Citronniers, except it's jasmine in stead of lemon blossom.
To be honest, the juice smells like the ink of penpoint pen I used in childhood and this is not ok...haha. I'm not satisfied with it.
06th October, 2009
Lexie Show all reviews
United States
I really, really wanted to love this (I even almost purchased it blindly) but when I finally sampled it... my hopes were dashed. The top notes are incredible, strong and lovely jasmine indeed. It reminds me of the times I'd bury my nose in the jasmine flowers that grew next to my hotel in Greece. But the fragrance quickly turns wrong on my skin. It still resembles a jasmine scent, but unpleasantly soapy and old. I give this a neutral rating because 1. I had such high hopes and I am sure I will continue trying with this fragrance and 2. the top notes are stunning.
06th September, 2009
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If you think this is unisex, then anything must go. Extremely feminine to my nose, bright straighforward jasmine. Very fresh with animalic undertones. In colors, this is a pink fragrance with white backround. One of the worst scents ever to be smelled when you have a hangover - believe me.

Men, stay away. This is a nice romantic scent for women. For evening wear, and remember to be careful on the trigger.
16th September, 2008
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
FULL-on, sweet, indolic, potent Jasmine. I love Jasmine, but sometimes too much of a good thing is too much. This is a neutral from me - not because I don't think A la Nuit is beautiful, but because I prefer my Jasmine when blended in with other notes a little more.
10th August, 2008
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Indian, Egyptian and Moroccan jasmines, green shoots, honey, clove, benzoin and musk

One of the better and more sensual jasmine based fragrances around. The quality of jasmine oils used in this one is excellent, and its the darker more indolic interpretation of the flower...however as all thing Serge Lutens, the jasmin is flanked by lots of benzoin honey and vanilla to give it a rich decadent and at times suffocating feel. Infact, it can at times feel like a scrubber because the top notes are uber strong and sweet. But ofcourse, if you are a Serge Lutens fan girl or fan boy, you know what to expect from this honey-and-benzoin-morocco inspired house, so you are probably prepared to handle this assault. Things do improve and simmer down by the drydown phase, and A la nuit fares better if applied lightly. During cooler weather, the indolic jasmine melds well with my skin to give it a bit of a dirty and sensual metrosexual skank, but in warmer weather, the honey and benzoin infuse into the jasmine oils to surround me with an aura of transexual confusion (which I am not a big fan of).

If you are looking for a rich indolic jasmin fragrance, A la nuit might fit the bill. I personally prefer Creeds' beautiful non-cloying Jasmal, which highlights a superb jasmine heart with sophisticated green accents.
30th July, 2007