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"This is too sweet" were my famous last words every time I tested this fragrance in a store.

Every. Single. Time.

I even had a sample but could never bring myself to wear it because it's too sweet.

Well now that my B*Men seems to be coming to an end I thought I'd actually give this a wearing and to my surprise it is deceptively masculine. Once on the skin the sweetness becomes quite faint on me and I get more of the tar/coffee/patchouli/tonka/musk for most of my wearing of this.

There is an initial burst of citrus at the start but I am happy to say that for most of my wearing I'm getting the above listed notes and I am more than mildly surprised.

I am really glad I never 100% wrote this off and I am now hovering on this being bottle worthy.
12th June, 2020
This is best worn by spraying on the chest and sniffing under your shirt every now and then. A colorful but dark circus of a fragrance.
12th June, 2020
EDIT: On additional wearings I suddenly "get" this one a lot more. The patchouli has this nice almost powdered sugar vibe to it. Yes the tar is kinda weird and I was turned off by it it at first, but I think it has it's place. Sorry for judging you so hard, A* Men. You're still not a fave, but you're not bad at all. Definitely interested in trying the flankers
01st August, 2019 (last edited: 29th August, 2019)
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Tar, coffee, carmel, and patchouli give this a distinct opening. Strong and heavy. Winter only. Not a closed quarters fragrance. Was not impressed back in 2003 when I first smelled this, but it has grown on me. Worn more for myself as my wife does not like it. Good longevity and heavy projection.
10th February, 2019
The original gourmand for men this is often called, and Thierry Mugler was quite the rebel for releasing it at the time. The scent of A*Men (1996) is a love/hate sort of thing, as was the original Angel (1992) perfume for women, and an acquired taste for those who eventually love it, much like beer or liverwurst. The "Beige Age" of the 1990's was in direct reaction to the almost hedonistic excess of the 1980's. Credit lines were spent and maxed by the beginning of the decade, the middle class in many Western countries (particularly America) were beginning to be divided up into the entry-level upper classes or the working poor, plus art reflected the mood with baggy dressed-down androgynous looks, simple chord-focused music expressing angst or street life, and apologetic fragrances meant to "blend in" rather than stand out. Life sucked unless you were one of the emerging private-sector oligarchs vacuuming up profits from a decade of "trickle-down" Reaganomics, showing off your newest platinum-coated hypercar or personal 747 jumbo jet, but you had some counter-culture elements in arts or entertainment to give us a little bit of excitement, joy, and hope. Independence Day was returning the concept of the large-scale blockbuster to cinemas, bands like Hootie and the Blowfish were obstinately optimistic when nobody else was, and A*Men was a complex contrarian of a scent using edible notes and aromatics at a time when everyone wanted to smell like dryer sheets to avoid interaction. The gourmand wave that ran counter to all the aquatics and freshies of the decade began courtesy of this little number. Remember folks, A*Men released in 1996, not 1986, and concurrently with epitomes of 90's fresh pleasantness like Acqua di Giò pour Homme (1996) and Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne (1996). The smell of A*Men is so lauded because it blends the ordinary with the strange, offering something that pushes you outside of your comfort zone long enough to almost pull away, then brings you back with something to make you think about it and stick around for what's in store for you next. Patience is needed to appreciate A*Men, and I can't blame anyone for bailing out on it, because it is rather unsettling at times, but the dry down is where the legend of this one lives.

The extremely bizarre opening of A*Men by Thierry Mugler is caused by a huge whiff of a synthetic called helonial, an aldehyde derivative of heliotrope and something rarely found in perfumes made for people, but typically seen in commercial fragrances for laundry and dish soap. It's metallic accord is more common in your favorite variety of Palmolive than in any of your personal fragrance choices, and it's paired with peppermint to make it even scarier. Lavender and bergamot bring you back into the comfort zone just long enough for the sticky accord of coffee and tar-like styrax to emerge, offering both the desiccating dryness of fresh ground coffee beans and animalic stiffness styrax affords, before a smooth patchouli note comes to the rescue. This patchouli remains for the rest of the wear, but is joined by chocolate, caramel, and vanilla, offering further culinary association which earned A*Men it's pioneering gourmand label, providing a scrumptious skin finish that is sexier than it has any right to be by the end of the wear. Tonka bean and musk bring in a late-stage fougère accord which is the final pull back out of the strange and back into the familiar, with the wild see-saw ride of notes ending in green patchouli-lead aromatic fougère territory with hints of cocoa and coffee remaining. I don't know if perfumer Jacques Huclier is a genius or a psychopath, but Mugler has retained him for many more releases, including several A*Men flankers, so he must be doing something right. A*Men might be that tall dark kid wearing the trench coat everyone feared in high school during the 90's, but like most who dressed that way, he's really just misunderstood, soft-spoken, and not the least bit violent. Guilty of bad taste in music maybe (usually death metal or goth rock), but once you get him to sit down and talk, you realize that he likes smiling and laughing just as much as the rest of us. There's the initial shock, then reassurance, more shock as things develop, then more reassurance, and finally, you've made peace with the experience and share the joy. A*Men is not huge on sillage, but it is a challenge to strangers, does last quite a while and can cloy in hot weather, so keep it to colder months and casual settings where folks won't look askew at you.

Future gourmands inspired by A*Men would turn up the food-derived richness, become more approachable, closer to an oriental in my opinion, and ditch the confrontational notes like helonial or coffee beans. Yeah, niche houses have since come to play with stuff like that, especially if you fancy Lush or Etat Libre d'Orange, but remember that Thierry Mugler isn't some high-end expensive niche perfume brand that expects to move bottles only to the converted few willing to take the plunge, but a mainstream perfume house found in every Macy's, Nordstrom, JCPenny, and even some Walmarts or Targets across the globe. With that in mind, releasing this scent must have seemed like career suicide, but it was a risky gambit that gave birth to many gourmand favorites in years since. Givenchy Pi (1999), Yohji Homme (1999) Rochas Man (2000), Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin (2000), Spark for Men by Liz Claiborne (2003), Avon Tomorrow for Men (2005), Burberry London (2006), Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men (2008) and more all owe their existence to A*Men by Thierry Mugler. It honestly took me more than a few tests to really come around to this. The first time I wore this I was like "ack this is horrible", then the second time I was like "okay, this is more interesting than I thought", then the final time I was like "oh, okay.. I get it now". Granted, there are many people that will justifiably never get acquainted to this scent, and that's okay. Just as some folks will never get over the gasoline opening of Fahrenheit, or if we go further back, the urine-like opening of Moustache by Rochas (1949) or even the animal-bomb of Guerlain Jicky (1889). The point of challenging fragrances is to dare the observer to open their horizons, to perceive beauty where traditionally it might not be, although there is a very fine line to walk between challenging and just plain stinky. Thumbs up, but with the caveat that a rebel like A*Men is not for everyone, especially not the meek or mild.
25th November, 2018 (last edited: 26th November, 2018)
This is a famous fragrance by Mugler originally created in 1999 which is one of the best designer gourmand fragrances out there. And it does live up to its hype, as it smells basically of dark coffee and caramel to my nose, with a background of patchouli leaves. That 'tar' accord that many people seem to get only displays itself if you sniff your skin directly, and sort of smells like a burnt chocolate cake (although it smells pleasant). In the air though, it smells like coffee and caramel and is very warm. However, projection is not beastmode as I expected it to be on my skin but rather very subtle, though it does produce a scent cloud (you have to sniff my arm to really smell it though), while longevity is quite good. It leans masculine. And of course the bottle although very interestingly designed, has one of the worst sprayers ever (which is normal for the A*Men line). Overall, I would say the sillage on my skin was more subtle than I thought it would be, but the scent itself is beautiful, as is the longevity.

30th June, 2018 (last edited: 01st July, 2018)
I don’t get the gourmand notes in it. Very bitter, quite masculine indeed. Peculiar. Spicy. Difficult to describe. Old rum in the opening. Oh. And tar, yes, tar. Acidity. Great projection and longevity.
20th May, 2018
Very distinctive, you know exactly what the scent is when you smell it. Doesn't smell cheap but it's not refined at the same time. I get plenty of tar and the chocolate/coffee. Reminds me of when you take your t-shirt off at the end of the day after wearing a very masculine scent and then happen to smell the shirt later or even the next day. It never smells bad but just has a worn, masculine smell which is not fresh and clean like most modern scents. This could be very appealing or intoxicating for others.

Impressive performance both in projection and longevity.
06th April, 2018 (last edited: 03rd May, 2018)
I've always taken against Mugler for their ridiculous bottles and poor (in my experience) customer service. A* Men, although as subtle as a brick through a window, does the job that is evidently sets out to do. After a day's wear, which largely consisted of me catching wafts of A* Men and thinking it was someone else's scent, my conclusion is that it has a 20+ year shelf career for a reason. It will create the exclusionary zone around you in that nightclub, and it will cut a swathe should others around you dislike it. For all that, it doesn't smell bad as such. An odd lavender to begin with, quickly moving into tar, and drying down to coffee and cocoa. The drydown isn't that bad at all, and reviewing it on its own terms means that it gets a thumbs up from these quarters.
03rd December, 2017
Love the tobacco, tar and vanilla notes. This baby stays for a pretty long time with just 2 sprays (for me).

Have had the same bottle for a little over 4 years and it only seems to get better with age.
20th November, 2017
This might sound strange due to the fact that this is so well known but I actually think Angel Men is underrated. When I say underrated I refer to It's importance. I would rank Angel Men alongside Fahrenheit & Dior Homme as one of the most unique and influential fragrances ever created. It was the first true gourmand.

Angel Men's greatest achievement is how masterfully it is blended. How can something that starts off so bracing and in your face dry down to something so smooth and sweet??

From the initial blast you are hit with a strong tar, lavender & a patchouli note. Over time you will get hits of coffee, chocolate and dare I say it...Birthday cake. There is also a slight musk & mint vibe. Basically, what would appear to be a random selection of notes muddled together that just shouldn't work. But it does!! Once the fragrance has dried down completely you are left with..........CARAMEL. Yes....When all is said and done AMen is a caramel fragrance. And it really is lovely.

I can understand how this one can be seen as a love it or hate it fragrance and I really didn't care for it back in the day but have come to really enjoy it. Still one of the best TM fragrance.

28th October, 2017 (last edited: 07th November, 2019)
Loves this stuff. Just an awesome gourmand with great performance. People talk about some tar note, have no idea what that’s about. Get vanilla, coffee, and patchouli goodness. One of my favorite gourmands.
29th September, 2017
Velvety-rich goodness is how I describe this fragrance.

I used to work in the industry as a fragrance model for Liz Claiborne when I was in college. I remember other fragrance models and reps were always begging the Angel rep for a tester. They would trade 3 to 5 of their brands for any of the Angel fragrances. All I had to offer was Curve. Lucky for me, the Angel rep loved Curve for her son so I scored a couple of testers, a mini, shower gel and aftershave balm (yes, they used to have one).

I horded this stuff like it was gold and rarely used it. But when I did, no one could deny the penetration of it's dark sweetness in the air. This fragrance is definitely not for the faint of heart.

A*Men commands attention so if you're a shy person and don't want to stand out, this fragrance isn't for you.
07th June, 2017
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Just signed up to post a review of this...thing. Cologne. Being. Animal. Stuff.

I bought it based off the reviews here (many of which are hilariously well written, by the way), and I wasn't disappointed, except that I was, but then I wasn't again.

Most of you---even the ones who love it---note that the opening is "OMG what the hell did I just do to myself, I feel sullied and violated", and it is. I sprayed it and immediately thought "well there's x amount of money wasted". However, my wife smelled it immediately and said "not bad, but I don't know where to place it."

So if she said "not bad" at the OPENING of this, you can imagine that, as it dried down, she liked it more.

And, as it happens, so did I. Let me rephrase: So *DO* I, because it's still occurring. As I type this, it is evolving.

I feel as though when I sprayed this, it bonded to my skin, analyzed my soul, readjusted itself to what IT thinks I should smell like, and then presented itself as if to say "hey, we've scribbled some notes down, did some calculations, and for the next 15 minutes, you're going to smell like a cigar dipped in cocoa powder and rolled down a beachfront. Don't worry, we're made by a magician recluse who looks like a giant German bodybuilder house cat, we've got this. In 15 minutes, we'll check your insides again, and you may smell like your favorite childhood memory stuffed with vanilla beans. Enjoy."

It is SO strong on the outset, and SO...I don't even know what. I really do think it's formulated to do this, to bond to your body and figure out what it wants to do. I know it can't think for itself, but that's really what it's like. It smells NOTHING like it did when I first sprayed it, or the 15 minutes after that, or the 15 minutes after that. It finally started to settle, and when it does, it invites you in, tells you to sit, and brings you a scotch.

Definite vanilla and caramel there, but there's something bitter (a good bitter) that I can't quite put my finger on. Maybe a good black and tan? Not sure. There's an initial powdery quality that I'm not overly fond of, but it fades fairly quick, and I think this is where most people get hung up, that powdery, cloying hazy bit at the beginning.

Trust me when I say it fades.

I voted this 4 stars because A) I'm still not sure if I love it as a cologne, or admire it as art, or fear it as some sort of weird Berlin Panther-Man Voodoo...and B ) Because I'm not sure what I'm not sure of. Not yet. It's still changing.

As far as sillage and longevity, pfft, no need to worry there. This stuff will announce you in much the same way that a bakery smells from across the street when someone opens the door to go in...and the weird bit is, that's actually a GOOD thing in this case.

One final thought: If the most complex thing you've worn is Curve, or even something mildly adventurous like Diesel, don't even try this. Go buy yourself some Burberry London, apply liberally, and sit in a warm room by yourself to see if you like it. If you do, then perhaps go sample A*Men. But if BL is too "strong", run like hell.
13th March, 2017
Controversial, polarizing, acquired-taste living legend of a scent from Thierry Mugler!

It's a blizzard of gourmand, woody, and spicy notes that are quite distinctive and easily noticed by others (but whether people take to it or not is another matter!). Coffee bean is very pronounced, and overall A*Men has an incense quality to it - which in itself is like incense sticks generally, where you'll like it depending on how close you are the source, as well as how MUCH is present (hint: over-applying is NOT a plus with this one!).

Sets the standard for all the flankers to come from Mugler.
26th December, 2016
Stunning. Absolutely, just stunning.

Must Spray on skin after thoroughly bathing and during the freezing temperatures for the full shebang in my opinion.

You will be blown away. A true masterpiece in its offering.

You will smell like a multitude of desserts that exudes boldness conceited like confidence of A gentle-being that is mesmerizing to all. An invigorating manly dessert of no destitute.


20th December, 2016
Short take: This is a "wild" fragrance, sweet and spicy, with a warm drydown. I like it, but I prefer Armani Code (or Code Ultimate or Profumo) to which it shares a family resemblance. Code is less "wild" but more complex and amber. I have a sample, but I don't plan on buying a bottle of the A*Men. I would like to try the A*Men Pure Malt, though.
15th December, 2016
The scent, that assaults my senses from beginning to end with a shotgun blast of colour. My mind quickly clips onto the Peppermint to steady as I ride atop an explosion and a cacophony of notes. It then feels like something "toxically clean" sort of along the lines Oscar Pour Lui in drydown, I am intoxicated,hungover and need to apply another spritz kinda like to continue the status. A-Men has just enough of an oversweet Amber to cloy. It makes me want to just put it away and say "I Like it". Perhaps revisit in another ten.
06th October, 2016 (last edited: 06th January, 2017)
I get a bomb blast of burnt sugar in the opening. I don't specifically get a tar note, but I believe it is the intense sugary (burnt) blast that leads one to perceive a tar note. As countless others have observed, this fragrance needs time to develop on your skin. After about an hour, one starts to notice hints of a chocolate aroma. However, this is not an ordinary chocolate, but a delicious dark chocolate that gets richer as the hours past. After about 3 to 4 hours, the fragrance fully settles on my skin. Imagine the aroma of chocolate used to layer the most delicious chocolate chip cookie in the world, fresh out of the oven. it is simply wonderful. Just make sure you don't judge this masterpiece based on its opening after the initial spray. Give it time to develop on your skin. A gourmand for the ages.

Longevity: Comfortably 8+ Hours
Projection & Silage : Astounding - People in and around you will notice you for hours on end
26th August, 2016
First sniff is no way to judge this fragrance, which i did in July needs cold weather and a scarf , I picture a Christmas market wearing this all wrapped up in woolen clothes. The other time I picture wearing this is hungover when i'm craving sweet things. Obviously smells of chocolate and burnt caramel, a strange tar like smell that's not too dominant other than the opening and some floral notes (patchouli mostly) that stop it getting too Sickly. This could easily be over sprayed and spoilt but used lightly it can be very comforting and sensual. This is a master class on the development of a scent (an education to the untrained nose), the opening is the polar opposite of the ending, you basically begin with a gourmand and finish with a patchouli driven freshy. I think personally that this is near to a perfect a winter date scent as you can get. There has to be at least some aspect of angel men that your date will enjoy.
26th July, 2016 (last edited: 14th November, 2017)
Love or Hate...

Such a unique smell. Chocolate & Patchouli coupled with Coffee & Caramel. I think the main thing here is that the sweetness of the gourmand aspects are counterbalanced by the patchouli note. Without this note (and the tar as well), then this fragrance would be nauseatingly sweet. I think this is a very clever concept on the part of the perfumer.

When I first tried this, I was taken aback by the harshness of the first spray. It seems like the tar, lavender and patchouli dominate all within the first 30-40 mins. It's only until later that the coffee, chocolate and caramel blend into the composition beautifully, leaving a wonderful chocolate skin scent by the very end.

Angel Men/A*Men is a fragrance which takes you on a journey. It's not always apparent from the start where you will end up, but it's worth the wait. I would say if you are trying this for the first time, then please give it time to develop on skin. I think you must like chocolate or gourmand fragrances to warm up to this one. I am impressed and I think it's good value for money. Maybe don't overspray but nevertheless the coffee & chocolate caramel drydown at the end is irresistible and well worth the patchouli and lavender phase in my opinion. Great overall fragrance and one which was a trendsetter in perfumery. Definitely worth a try.
15th March, 2016
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United Kingdom
This has been a strange one for me. When I first sampled it I concluded that it was a foul mess. I thought it was an example of throwing together a bunch of ingredients that do not work together in a quest to be unique. The mistake I made was that I used a sample card and only got the top notes. That is exactly what not to do with any fragrance, but especially with this one. As has been said many times the initial blast can be offputting. The magnificence of A*Men reveals itself through evolution. So I revisited and sampled this on my skin. Then I bought it.

It is no secret that A*Men has great sillage and longevity. My wife complimented that I smelled great approximately 12 hours after spraying this on. It is subsequently her favourite scent on me. On my skin the initial harshness only lasts momentarily and then the longer this stays on me the better it seems to get.

So from initially hating this, I have found it to be almost like my perfect scent. I have a taste for gourmands and in hindsight I could have missed out on an essential addition to my collection. I can see why this garners polarised opinions because it represents an extreme of a fragrance genre. A lot of men, (some would say the majority) currently have a preference for fresh fragrances. I can appreciate fresher fragrances but stand firmly in the gourmand camp so this works effortlessly for me. A classic.
02nd March, 2016 (last edited: 24th May, 2016)
3rd time owning...seems to smell different each time. Formally more chocolatey, now seemingly more tarry? IDK. Still good though. I don't know if I want a 4th. Probably another flanker first.
16th February, 2016
This fragrance has hands down proven two basic facts for me...." Never Judge a fragrance in a single wearing" and "our nose change with time and age". When i first tried it in 2004 i discarded it immediately and thought of it as SHIT. those were the days when i was in love with Cool Water and only preferred fresh aquatics. Today in January 2016 this smells like heaven to me. I bought it in December 2015 Christmas and have enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a fragrance best experienced in Cold weather. It warms you up and makes you feel cozy.
Another thing about this fragrance is that it grows on you. First wearing it was ok, Second time it was Above average, third time it was good and now after a dozen or so wearings i absolutely love it. I even enjoy the harsh opening tar note to the fullest. Its to the point of being addictive now.
As a fellow member wrote this fragrance is almost like a living being. It evolves on your skin and smells different upon each wearing.
The honey and chocolate in the drydown are amazing
The coffe in the middle is spell bounding.

A true masterpiece.
14th January, 2016
This is one of the most complex fragrances i have ever come across.
It behaves differently in different conditions & keeps you guessing all the time.
The dry down after 2 hours is simply amazing, smells like a chocolate cake + cookies + rose & jasmin.

Sometimes smells like chocolate cookie dipped in with milk & made a paste of. (Real gourmand)

Projection: Excellent
Longevity: 16+ hrs

18th November, 2015
Well, as modifications go, it starts out very interestingly. The high note blasts of the original Angel (Harold Hill's Brass Band) are "subdued" by a dark, spicy woody affect that won't frighten the horses and that makes the original Angel, lurking in the background, snorting, pawing the ground, feel a bit sleepy.

No fear. In about half an hour, the dark, spicy, woody affect has disappeared and we are back to the original Angel, all the louder for the nap it has taken. Actually, I rather liked the new notes and sort of wished the original Angel had taken a powder after introducing them.

Love the original, but no need to seek out this variation, unless you want to keep spraying it every half hour. Pleasant, but so wish the new boy on the block had stayed longer.
07th November, 2015
This is bad. Just very, very, very bad.

An an experiment, or some kind of joke, then go for it, but I cannot see how anyone smelling of this can be taken for less than an attention-seeking know-nothing. I feel embarrassed for the wearer when smelling this on others.
01st November, 2015
I blind bought this over Bvlgari Black some time ago... I regretted the purchase immediately as I found out that the local retailer was not going to bring BB back ... Even though later still got the latter fragrance, I still cannot understand the hype for A*Men ... My bottle is still full and somehow feel like its going to remain like that ...

29th October, 2015
I got this in 2012, before it was re-formulated? I'm guessing. It has remained one of my powerhouses and has never let me down as a fragrance. It does its job.
It's one of my favourite scents although not versatile, only wear it on Cold Winter nights and days that require a sense of warmth in your life. It's a fragrance that gives you that warmth effect accompanied with good winter sense of fashion. I'm a huge fan of the tar, coffee and chocolate vibe to it.
I wear fragrances because it makes me feel a type of way, and how it correlates to my fashion. Compliments come after.
I don't really get compliments on this one however I do get asked what I'm wearing. So it will get you noticed that's for sure if that's what you're hoping for

Scent - 8 personally. 6.5 general consensus
Longevity - 10 preformulated
Sillage - 10+++
Versatility - 2
04th September, 2015
Angel Men was too sweet and synthetic for me to appreciate. I can understand it getting better reviews from the younger audience but its not for me.
20th August, 2015