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the perfect unisex clean scent. This truly smells like a shower. I don't find the vetiver to be too intense. It is probably one of the lightest vetivers. It starts out very citrus but dries down more aromatic soapy.

Perfect for super super hot weather. As a female, I would not wear this many places as it just doesn't suit me (I live warmer chypre or orientals) however, when I want a light clean scent in the summer(for daytime) this is where I go. If you are looking for something similar to DG light blue without smelling like everyone else you should look to this.
22nd July, 2020
Undoubtedly lovely, if a bit lacking in longevity. Definitely crowd pleasing and well crafted.

The initial feeling I get from the opening is grassy - the neroli has been beautifully dialled down to give an underlying current of juiciness and the bergamot and petigtain are both really light and upliftingly green. The bergamot especially is not heavy handed, dry or bracing.

There's an extra something there as a ghost note that I think a lot of people are picking up as vetiver leaf because of the similarity between Mugler Cologne and Oritginal Vetiver. I don't know that I get enough of the sharp, vegetal or earthy qualities to make that leap myself, but I can definitely see the possibility. It could be the impression gets created by basil and other herbs, I just don't have an educated enough nose to make a definite call.

The overall impression is undoubtedly pleasant, especially when that lovely waxy soapy note hits in the heart. This is my new desk drawer favourite - on a hot day I can smell fresh, clean and bright in an instant.

As a comparison to Original Vetiver, the two scents are quite different. Yes, they both have orange blossom and a green, clean and soapy vibe, but the Creed has its vegetal bite, the ginger out front and much more heft from the woods, base and concentration.

Thumbs up for sure.
01st February, 2020
Grassy green scent, vetiver, cologne style alcohol.

Only smells soapy to you if you know the Savon de Marseille vert, the green one.

It's not barbershop-soapy, like JPG Le Mâle. Which is more complex, a level Mugler cologne is not at.
06th December, 2019
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Got to be up there as one of the best vetiver and best office fragrances around, especially for the money. Not too bitter or earthy, and nicely balanced with the bergamot and neroli. It’s worth checking out a few alternatives though that each have a slightly different vibe - vetiver fatale that’s less floral, colder, more metallic and more refreshing on hot days; Timbuktu that’s a warmer and earthier scent, and of course Terre d’Hermes Parfum that goes in a citrus direction.
11th October, 2019
For the life of me I cannot understand the hype surrounding this. It's as bland and inoffensive as it gets. If the goal was to create a scent that is reminiscent of soap then the brief has been fulfilled as it does. It's almost like the Lux bars that I remember from my childhood. It also smells variously of shower gel, air freshener and clean laundry. It's not groundbreaking or distinguished in any way. The neroli component is virtually non existent and is swamped by the citrus, making a fleeting appearance in the drydown. It has virtually no lasting power or depth. Sillage is thin and one dimensional and the comparisons with Neroli Portofino are risible. NP is a masterpiece full of depth, strength and nuance. It also does the clean laundry note so much better and you can actually smell the Eau De Cologne lineage within it. Mugler cologne smells cheap, is cheap and certainly isn't something you would wear for anything but casual loafing around during the summer. It's an air freshener masquerading as perfumery and was one of the biggest let downs for me.
09th July, 2019 (last edited: 12th July, 2019)
Got a compliment from a stranger, at lunch, after the 6 hour mark, outside, in SE Texas heat and humidity....only used 4 sprays- front neck, back neck, and both forearms. Heard her exclaim to her husband or boyfriend as I was walking past, "I love that smell!".

This is great for work, very pleasant, very soft yet interesting, not too powdery or feminine, not too floral, not dated. Just a great fresh & clean scent that doesn't smell like AXE.

I'm gonna need a bigger bottle....
20th June, 2019
Influenced by my frugality, I was so excited to have many people tell me to try less expensive Mugler in place of Creed's Original Vetiver. Well, don't believe it. Both are "clean" scents, but the similarity stops there. You get vetiver with COV, not with Mugler. And Mugler suffers from weak longevity and sillage issues. Mugler is listed as "...for women and men." Well, here's some proof that Mugler is more for the former. After I'd sprayed some on, my wife say,"I like that one. It's clean, nice." I state I don't care for it and she chimes in, "give the rest to me." Done.
04th April, 2019
First, let me just say that if you want a good technical breakdown of Mugler Cologne (2001), you can find it in the myriad of reviews that predate mine (Zealot Crusader's is particularly good -- all of his reviews are good and entertaining, for that matter). I'm going to touch on a few points and thoughts, quite possibly with no method to my madness; let's see how this pans out.

If Mugler was trying to recreate a bar of luxury soap, then he did a damned good of job it, with due credit to Alberto Morillas. I can tell this is a Morillas creation because like cK One (1994) -- another of his works -- it is a completely inoffensive and benign scent that seems like a mess of notes, but it keeps you sniffing at your wrist (or other organs/appendages depending on your freak level) non-stop. It's so inconspicuous that it stands out. That's because it's an old-fashioned-style cologne that instantly reminded me of another -- as Zealot Crusader pointed out correctly -- Number Six by Caswell-Massey (1789). This is basically Number Six, given a musky base to amp up the longevity (Number Six practically requires hourly re-application). It's a classic smell, and I mean in a "Continental Congress-Classic" kind of way. For those of you who would need a simple description, as another reviewer posted below, it's basically a long-lasting, turbo-charged version of a high-end hotel soap.

And that's the twist that I love. Mugler wanted it to smell like soap, and I think you almost need to know the backstory of Mugler Cologne in order to truly appreciate the scent for what it is. Tell someone who asks what that fragrance your wearing is and answer "high-end hotel soap," and they'll look at you like you've got seven heads. When I was a young kid, I collected soaps. Really. I liked soaps that were shaped into animals, objects, weird shapes, whatever. This is a perfect scent for me to have on the shelf, and I do. It's great at what it does and it does what it is made to do, and that's "smell like some high-end soap." And honestly, that's a nice break from oud-laced orientals, shrill aquatics, and powerhouse fougeres. This is a pair of white linen pants, a white t-shirt, and white slip-on loafers. You could say that it's boring and without flavor or panache, or you might say that "lack" of flavor and panache -- the classic simplicity -- is actually what makes it elegant. I go with the latter, for sure. Some other reviewers have compared it to Creed's Original Vetiver (2004). I agree that there are some similarities, but they smell different enough that I wouldn't be confused. To me, someone saying that Mugler Cologne smells like Original Vetiver is like someone saying that Coke tastes like Sprite.

Projection and longevity are truly a mystery to me. I smell it upon application, and then I can barely smell it ten minutes later, even if I hold my wrist to my nose. Yet, I'll get occasional wisps of it that I pick up when I'm doing nothing. I'm not sure if I need to apply more or whether I've got enough on. I'm going to say that sillage and longevity on this are fair, although traces of it will stick close to you for hours and at other times you will smell nothing; it wears very bizarrely on me. Mugler Cologne is good stuff, and with its ease of availability and relatively low price, this is a safe blind-buy. Read a few reviews here and you'll know what you're getting into. If you like what you read, you'll enjoy what you get. Mugler accomplished his mission with this, and I give it a thumbs-up.
20th March, 2019 (last edited: 26th June, 2019)
Mugler Cologne has a citrus opening and I almost smell something like ginger. There is also some subtle sweetness coming from neroli and orange blossom. Towards the drydown, the citrus aroma is always there, but I also smell something reminding me of vetiver, though it's not on the list.

Overall it's green, fresh and a little soapy. Very pleasant to sniff but not something plain and dull. The sillage is close to skin but the scent is persistent during the wearing. The longevity is at least 6 hours.

It's a fragrance that I'll reach out on a sunny day in spring or summer, when I don't have a particular desire for 'fragrance', but still want to smell good.
16th December, 2018
Blossom by Gunning King
24th October, 2018
Green, soapy, fresh, clean, fun.

Awesome sauce. A very fine rendition of what many consider to be the traditional eau de cologne- but playful, versatile, modern and very appealing to everyone around you. May have to reapply every few hours but it is truly confidence and freshness in a bottle! An absolute must have. 9.5/10
01st October, 2018
Thierry Mugler did a 180 turn from his A Men (1996) and went away from the aromatic gourmand prototype which was that scent, making what is literally a modern take on a classic 18th century cologne. He didn't reinvent the wheel here, and instead just added a few modern twists to the citrus/flowers/herbs formula that eau de colognes always used going all the way back to Farina and 4711. The story has it that Mugler was trying to duplicate an ordinary bar of soap imported from Morocco that he liked, which was itself based on a traditional cologne fragrance. He wanted something different, something special about his cologne, so there is a purported "S Note" in the pyramid that remains unidentified as an ingredient. I'm going to be honest about this: It's really difficult to do a full thorough review about something that is just meant to be an update to a traditional and well-worn design. This is an eau de cologne with a little more beef than traditional varieties since it uses an actual base note to keep it on skin, whereas the older ones were just assorted smell-goods suspended in alcohol. Mugler does a good job with making something that can last as day wear better than anything actually from the 18th and 19th centuries in this category, but that's about all the kudos I can give.

You have to like traditional colognes to like this, and with much better options in both the niche realm and in higher-end designers, this just becomes more like the option for people who can only buy fragrances from Macy's. Mugler Cologne opens up with bergamot, lemon, neroli, and petitgrain, which is nothing out of the ordinary for this style. The separation from other colognes begins with the magical "S" note, which I can only denote as "savon" or soap, a waxy, kinda rosy, floral, round smell that you get from classic aromatic fougère compositions throughout the 70's and 80's, just dialed way down low so it doesn't disrupt the classic cologne vibe. The Orange flower and assorted herbs like sage and basil do the rest of the "greening up" of the scent until the white musk base comes in at the end, not too dissimilar to Caswell-Massey Number Six (1789). The overall vibe achieved by this combination is a classic cologne opening that merges with the soap and ends in the musk, so it's clean, very old-school, rather unisex as expected, but with a little more beef than the usual cologne, although that isn't to say it's long-lasting. One trick I do like is rubbing the area where the cologne is applied will reactivate the scent, so I guess the secret "S" has something to do with that, or does it?

All told, this is as good of a modern take on a classic cologne as can be expected from the designer realm, and although more expensive than a traditional cologne, isn't beyond the realms of attainability for the average stiff who likes this sort of thing. Alberto Morillas probably had fun being assigned to do something so prescribed and traditional as this, and there is a bit of that indescribable spunk you get from a "cover version" of an old song that I find here. I'm not super impressed by it because it's not distinctive besides the soap and musk additions, but I like it enough that it might one day find it's way into my collection, so it gets a thumbs up for me. I'd honestly view this as a slightly longer-lasting, and slightly soapier replacement for something like Farina or 4711, and although Atelier Cologne or anything from the Guerlain Imperiale line bests it, none of those will best it in price, which is where it counts for something this simple. Spending a lot of money on a good cologne just isn't necessary in the 21st century, and Mugler gets that, so this came along to provide the same, if not better level of performance that the old dogs from centuries past used to provide to nobility and the gentry classes. You'll find this in any good department store and where you use it doesn't matter, as it's just basic freshness in a bottle, pure and simple. Nice bottle too, I might add.
18th June, 2018
Just remember it's a cologne, not an EDT, and adjust longevity expectations accordingly. Spritz it on and dash off to Costco, get the car's oil changed, run into Home Depot. Get home mow the lawn, spritz some more on for the afternoon cookout. You're clean and fresh; everyone loves you.
25th May, 2018
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This was my first exposure to neroli/orange blossom and I'm absolutely amazed. The inspiration behind this fragrance was apparently Moroccan soap - and indeed it smells like a very green bar of soap. This fragrance starts off with lots of bergamot and neroli, with neroli being the main note. If I could describe the scent it sort of smells like a green lime to my nose; and I'm a huge fan of it. The bergamot is very noticeable in the opening. As a person whose favourite scent in the world is the smell of limes (and who owns a bunch of lime colognes and aftershaves), this definitely counts as the bergamot here is a very green and potent variety that smells similar to limes. This fragrance is totally unisex and could be worn literally by anyone. On drydown it smells the same as the opening but with less citrus and more white florals. It is extremely pleasant. Sillage is moderate leaning and longevity is extremely good (if I use moisturizer beforehand), running at over 12 hours on my skin and projecting to my nose even without me having to sniff my arm. This is unbelievable for a fresh fragrance. Overall this is a masterpiece of a cologne that I adore quite a bit as it makes me feel fresh, clean, and "limey" with better longevity than a lime fragrance - in fact the liquid being green is very apt. This is easily within my top 5 fragrances of all time.

03rd May, 2018
Not horrible. Not interesting. As others have noted it starts 4711 and quickly progresses to an alkaline musk. Soap.
30th March, 2018
Smells exactly like Irish Spring Soap.
05th March, 2018
Mugler Cologne is nearly the perfect cologne for me. It's got neroli, but is not overloaded with the stuff. It's a classic recipe, but is very modern and has none of the stiff conservatism found in some other traditional colognes. It has bergamot and petitgrain, but everything is blended together to arrive at an accord that is pure pleasure - reminiscent of soap, and is fresh, refined and incredibly clean. Mugler Cologne does have a base, which is a very careful dose of clean, fresh white musk. It has just enough of the musk so that it lasts much more than traditional colognes, but never becomes grating. The projection is calibrated immaculately so it sits close to skin, but emanates a lovely waft every now and then. The sillage is just how it should be. Duration is more than adequate at around five to six hours.

Mugler Cologne is living proof that there can be a light fresh perfume that is distinctive, beautifully androgynous and bottleful of fun. Hats off to Mugler and Alberto Morillas for this. Bravo!

27th November, 2017 (last edited: 12th December, 2017)
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United States
Mugler Cologne is a wonderful take on traditional eau de cologne, such as the classic 4711, but with a distinctly Mediterranean feel to it. Where 4711 evokes Germanic baden and an alpine cleanliness, Mugler Cologne smells of warmer oceanside climes, in much the way Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino does. I can well imagine Mugler's childhood soap being the inspiration for this--I feel that I have used this very soap in several French-speaking countries. The other big difference is that classic eau de cologne can smell slightly antiseptic and clinical but Mugler Cologne, due to the soft musk in its base notes and the mysterious S-note, smells more of humanity. Clean humanity, to be sure. If an eau de cologne can be sexy, this one it it. This an amazingly versatile fragrance especially good for warm weather and warm climates, about as far from Mugler's other fragrances as it is possible to be! The grooming products are excellent.
29th September, 2017
Fresh, soapy and clean. Not something I would wear to the office or to dinner, but great for a weekend of running errands. This is on the opposite spectrum of what you'd expect from A*Men and its recognizable DNA. Still glad to have this as part of my collection, especially at the price I got it ($38 for large spray and shower gel gift set).
09th August, 2017
Very versatile, clean and fresh. Really good vetiver and neroli scent that is crowd-pleasing and easy to wear and enjoy in many temps and different events.

Projection is good and longevity is even better on me. Still going after 8 hours. It's EdT strength so don't worry about the Cologne name.
02nd July, 2017
This reminds me of the citrussy vetiver sweetish cologne smell that wafts around warm places, and it's said to be based on a hotel soap from Morocco, which I can well believe. One of the first things that hits me when I land in warm places like Spain or Morocco is the smell of cologne rather than perfume everywhere you go. Here in Ireland I smell more traditionally feminine perfumes on the streets, but in Spain it's cologne, often sold in huge bottles in Spanish supermarkets and shops, and there's nothing more refreshing that splashing some from a bottle in the fridge when you crawl in after working on a hot day.

MC opens sweetly citrus with quite a bit of orange (neroli and petitgrain) rather than lemon, more Moroccan than French, and less 'flinty' than some of the sharper colognes I love. It is almost a generic clean smell but has a slightly quirky personality of its own which lifts it out, gives it depth, and makes it very attractive, particularly once some nice juicy vetiver kicks in. I've read reviews talking about a steam or barbershop quality, but for me I get something of that slightly chemical whiff of clean that you find in laundry/dry cleaner shops, where something from the dry cleaning fluid or indeed from steam generated by the process adds an edge to the sweet citrus, herby, musky laundry smells.

I like it very much but can find the neroli a little too sweet at times, but it always feels summery and I enjoy it on hot days or indeed in winter to remind me of warm places.
26th May, 2017
A great, green herbal scent that simply doesn't last long(not just on me, as is evident in the reviews!).
Slightly reminiscent of 4711 and others in that genre.

29th December, 2016
It's lucky it's getting a neutral from me. I get it, it's based off of a soap. That doesn't mean it has to have the longevity of it! Two sprays gets you nowhere with this (I usually stick to one), and I doubt adding more would help. I'm extremely disappointed in this regard.

That being said, it is a nice scent. I smell pickles at first (weird, I know), but within a minute I get the soap. It's a really nice, sour citrus, though it reminds me of Irish Spring in the dry down.

I can't recommend it simply because the price and longevity don't match up. If they can come out with a higher concentration version, then I'll consider grabbing it again.
20th December, 2016
Mugler Cologne is one of my favorites. It is clean, smells great, and is fresh. The only downside is that on my skin it only lasts 4 hours. If only they made this frag in an EDT or EDP.

Overall: 8.5/10
Longevity: 4/10
Sillage: 3/10
14th August, 2016
It is a blind buy with high hope after reading so many good reviews. But I am quite disappointed with its longevity and projection. The fresh scent lasts about 10 minutes on my skin and then it turns to soapy after shower scent. It is nice, but thats all, nothing special. And this soft fresh skin scent fades away in about 2 hours. Its really not worth the money.
13th July, 2016
Well as per Cologne it's great. Nice Scent, not to fruity yet Fresh. I am a Thierry Mugler fan and Longevity is not the best but Surely not disappointing.
14th June, 2016
One of my favorites from the Mugler line of scents. Very nice spring / summer scent for men or women. Citrus and zesty to start with a minimal musk dry down. A true skin scent within a hour or two depending on the temperature. Worth a buy for the price. A quality scent. Enjoy!
25th May, 2016
Simple inoffensive classic cologne.
21st May, 2016
Big thumbs up for Mugler Cologne! Such a fresh enjoyable scent that is a real joy to wear. Longevity and sillage are excellent and I enjoy it all day long as the freshness wafts upward. A perfect spring and summer fragrance!
20th April, 2016
BLUF: A nice clean, soapy, neroli-centric fragrance. It smells like an expensive soap. Yes, it smells nearly identical to Creeds Original Vetiver. A perfectly capable, far less expensive alternative to OV, IMO.

I own this and Original Vetiver. They smell nearly identical in the opening and into the initial stages of development. OV, being an EdP, stays potent much longer and does have the typical “refinement” of a Creed. As others have said, MC smells like you just got out of the shower.

A “hard-to-go-wrong” scent that is among the most refreshing out there, to my nose at least.
04th March, 2016