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Really 'nice'. Absolutely no rough edges, fresh and a bit refreshingly clean and 'minty'. Christmas gift, or for a boyfriend gift galore, hence it's a bit of a 'faberge brut' but for 90s kids. I would never feel comfortable wearing this, now that i have turned 60, unless the shower broke and my cheap deodorant ran out.
04th July, 2021
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United States
In the year 2021 and possibly after many reformulations since the late 80s, this concoction smells literally like a cheap fabric conditioner or dryer sheets. There is no class, no sophistication, just one ozonic, soapy smell that lingers. You can find it at the discounters at a ridiculously low price but it ain't worth it
20th June, 2021 (last edited: 24th June, 2021)
It's an excellent scent, well crafted by master perfumer Pierre Bourdon and it was a genre defining fragrance. You should buy this fragrance if you want to smell like generic fabric softener. Herein lies the problem, Cool Water has become a victim of its own success. So many manufacturers of scented products have emulated the scent that it now smells just like so many shower gels, soaps, ironing sprays, fabric softeners etc.. Because it is a classic fragrance many collectors will want to have it in their collection, as I currently do. But these days there are aquatics out there that are more fresh, distinctive and modern than Cool Water. If you're looking for an aquatic cheapie it's fine, but even then I would suggest that you give Nautica Voyage a try for something more fresh and contemporary. So overall a great fragrance that in the late 80s or 1990s I would have given a thumbs up. But now I feel more neutral about it. Great in it's day but better options out there now.
09th June, 2021
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I traveled to Vietnam in 2008 with two of my friends, and we were going out one night. I hadn't thought of bringing any fragrances on that trip and, to be honest, I really wasn't into fragrances at that time, as I only owned Acqua Di Gio and Code from Armani. As we were about to leave the hotel, I could smell this fresh, somewhat aquatic scent on my friend, which I found quite noticeable.

I asked him for a spray, and liked it. It performed quite well in the super hot, ultra humid Vietnamese climate. When I flew back home, I got a bottle of this, and was surprised at how low the price was. I wore that fragrance for some time, especially during summer nights. It did not seem to perform nearly as well as it did in Vietnam, though.

Cool Water has good sillage for maybe an hour or so, but it quickly becomes a skin scent. Its longevity is below average, which usually had me use another spray during the night.

It’s a pretty bread and butter fragrance, which may come in handy every now and then. I don’t wear it anymore, but honestly, I still have to give this one credit for being one of the first few fragrances that I ever bought and enjoyed.

It is a cheapie, and I suppose for anyone who’s just a casual user of fragrances, looking for a good value, this is a blue scent that you can wear occasionally on summer nights. It is not particularly refined and it definitely smells somewhat dated. Therefore, I'd probably say this is better suited for a middle aged man at this point, meant to be worn occasionally.
12th May, 2021
Cool Water was released the same year I was born (1988). And, of the handful of scents that was omnipresent (especially growing up in the 90s), Cool Water was always at the top of the list. This was one of the first scents that I remember absolutely falling in love with when I was a young lad.

Cool Water was one of those scents that I didn't identify by name until my adult life. But, after buying a bottle recently; I recognized this scent immediately, and fell in love with it all over again. So, a part of my verdict will be coming from a place of nostalgia. Nonetheless, I will be as objective as I can be.

A few sprays of Cool Water, and you're greeted with a tsunami wave of pine tree and moss. Along with the wave evergreen, is the smell of an early-spring seaside breeze and a pleasant soapy fresh scent. Add a pinch of lavender and that's pretty much the top notes of Cool Water. Even though "orange" is listed as one of the top notes; I don't detect any citrus note. Maybe, it's just me.

Cool Water has been around for over 30-years, and many people have made the observation that it smells very similar to many men's bottled bodywashes. I will attest; to me, it smells like a combination of Irish Spring bodywash mixed with Old Spice Pure Sport deodorant. That description might sound unholy to some - to me, it's simple and refreshing. But, it's not necessarily the opening notes that made me fall in love with this scent.

Top note projection lasts roughly 1-1.5 hours. But, for me, the real magic happens after this period - where the the top notes begin to peter-out, and the mid/base notes start to emerge.

After the piney, ocean/mossy opening; gradually, we are greeted with the arrival of amber, musk, and sandlewood. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a complete sucker for those three individually in a fragrance, let alone together. But, it's the addition of the cedar and pepperment that makes me love this scent.

I absolutely love the woody smell of ceder. And, the pepperment in this smells like sniffing a fresh tin of Altoids, or the minty smell of spearmint Extra chewing gum; before you chew the gum: it smells like the gum still inside the paper/aluminum sleeve.

Like many older fragrances, reformulation hasn't been too kind to it; on me, Cool Water is a 6.5hr fragrance at best. It's a shame, really. Cool Water is like that 2 1/2 minute catchy pop/rock song that you'd wish would go on longer...but, doesn’t. It's there, and then it's gone. But, the memory of it lingers with you for the rest of the day.

Who would I recommend Cool Water to? Well, that's kinda tricky. Normally I would say this scent covers a very large age-range. But, times change. Trends change. Cool Water might not appeal to young noses; they may associate this scent with guys who are old now: Fathers. Older male relatives. Teachers. Colleagues. Bosses, etc.

It is cheap though; you can get a 4.2oz bottle on discount fragrance sites and Ebay in the low-mid 20$ range all day long. Testers and smaller bottles go even lower.

Due to its aquadic/fresh nature; Cool Water is a daytime scent I would wear on spring/early-summertime day, particularly near a beach or a seaside coast. But, because it's such a versatile scent, you can throw this in your gym bag or wear this at formal occasions.

If Cool Water was a car, it would be an old, well-preserved Toyota Camry: Unassuming. Kind of boring. Simple. And, many have used it.

But just like a boring old Toyota Camry: It's cheap. It's reliable. Many people used have them; and a lot of great memories were made with them. And, it works.

It still least it does for me. Maybe I'm just a rube.

4.25 out of 5.
21st March, 2021 (last edited: 16th April, 2021)
Fresh and blue, absolutely perfect and beautiful.
I am incredibly biased when it comes to Cool Water. I love this unabashedly and will defend it's greatness whole heartedly. I wore Cool Water circa 1990- it was really my third fragrance I ever wore after Brut/Brut 33, Polo, and Drakkar Noir. I'm 50 now and due to too many factors to explain I wasn't into fragrances from the mid 1990s until last year. I don't know what kind of 'game' I have now, but there was that time in my early 20s that I seemed to have a little and Cool Water never let me down. Current formula may smell more like a 'knock off' of the original but it's insanely affordable. When I bought this the first time the guy at the fragrance counter kept referring to this as "LPR(liquid panty remover)" and as pathetic and cheesy as it sounds now, 21 year old me sure believed it to be true. I never was victim to the overuse of this and although I think I tired of it in the late 1990s, fast forward 20 years and this is still a revelation. As one of the most important fragrances of all time it must be experienced. Blind buy worthy for that alone. Thumbs UP.
19th February, 2021
A fresh classic. Still, in 2020, this one does not smell dated to me. Sure, nothing super special about it - just a nice, clean every day fresh scent.

Low priced and long lasting. I get longevity of a full work day (8 hours) and above average projection for close to 2 hours.

No wonder it has been a top seller for decades.

The scent 8/10
Projection/sillage 7/10
Price/value 9/10
11th September, 2020
Ohhh Cool Water. My high school scent of choice brings back nostalgic memories related to chilly football games, pickup trucks, and a complete lack of discretion for cologne projection.

Blast 2 or 3 (or 6) sprays of this dark blue magic and the soapy clean open slowly turns into a synthetic hot mess of musk and aquatic-ey woods recently described as "Most Mens Bodywash".

While you could do much worse, I think my biggest hangup with Cool Water is how generic it smells these days, similar to those $1 sprays you could buy in a mall bathroom. While it may have been trendy and cutting edge upon debut (was it?), nowadays you have smelled Davidoff (or its dozens of knockoffs and inspired-bys) on dozens and dozens of gentlemen in various different inexpensive soaps, sprays, aftershaves, etc.

Not bad, not great, too forgettable to put in the "Nostalgia" pile, but maybe best as an inexpensive weekend scent that doesn't take much thought.
02nd September, 2020
Big thumbs down, I literally hate this stuff on my skin that’s the problem. Smells good on my brother so I gave it to him.

Aspen and Tres Nuit are so much closer to GIT. I do not detect any grassiness in CW. Smells cheap and bland on my skin. In a word, literally, yuck.
15th June, 2020
hello, I am new here and new to collecting fragrances. Good to be here and it is really good to hear that I am not alone on my review of cool water.
I have been saying for years to many people that as I get older I really love nice smells. I appreciate all the good scents! Of course, we are all human with a nose, right? Although as I said as I have grown older I really have become fond of good scents of all kinds and forms.
I have been studying fragrances online and Utube for weeks now. I spent 400 dollars on fragrances and really like all of them. I have been buying a bunch of mini bottles and sets so that I can explore.
I decided to buy a 4.2 oz bottle of Davidoff cool water because of all the positive professional reviews. I figured that if it is not great, I can spray it on my towels and bathroom fixtures as I have done with bargain basket fragrances in the past.
I opened the bottle of cool water yesterday for the first time. I sprayed my arms one time each. I could not believe that I have heard, seen, and read so many positive reviews on this fragrance. I even did not want to waste my time keeping it and spraying it on my bathroom fixtures. I put it right back in the box drove to the post office and shipped it back, because the company will accept products that have been tested. I wasted the price of shipping which is close to a third of the cost of the bottle.
I have no problem with not liking this fragrance. My problem is, why so many fragrance experts have said great things about this scent? It is nothing special and it did nothing what so ever for me. Now I can not take the word of all the experts, because of this and that stinks.
From now on I have to sample products before I purchase. This was not much of a waste of money, but a good lesson. I will spend the money on a sample before I buy a product. Maybe someone is being paid to say great things about this product. It is nothing special what so ever. I purchased it from a reputable company, so it had to be authentic. Would anyone spend the time on making a fake Coolwater? lol, I really have a problem understanding why so many people have boasted about cool water being so great? Tobacco note? yeah really.
13th May, 2020
32 years after it's debut, and this Godfather of the aquatic-freshie genre is still a very popular best-seller, that transcends generations with it's winning, timeless fragrance!

Jasmine, lavender, peppermint, sandalwood, oakmoss all combine so nicely in a fresh symphony. Straight-forward yet multidimensional in it's development, with various aspects of the fragrance delightfully returning in gentle wafts hourly during its dry-down! And so affordable! You just can't go wrong with this.
03rd May, 2020
This fragrance turns some heads in Kochi, India but they don't stay turned the way Boss Bottled and CK Eternity turns heads.

Smells of deodorant and EDT fill up the house after spraying on in the bathroom within the first few weeks after opening so be careful with this scent if you have sensitive noses in your house.
28th April, 2020
I don't think anybody who is familiar with fragrances at all doesn't know what Cool Water smells like. It is just part of the human DNA now. Clean and powdery. Modern fougere. Will be recognizable to most, and will seem a bit low class because of its prior ubiquity, and its immediately recognizable profile. It is a good fragrance. Usable anywhere anytime.
07th September, 2019
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Cool Water wasn’t the first aquatic on the scene but it was the first to make it big. And to find out why, we can compare it with Pierre Cardin's Bleu Marine which came out a couple of years earlier.

Bleu Marine was basically a fougère touched up with salty-aquatic and tree fruit nuances. In 1986 the aquatic had hardly been born and this was all very new; little surprise then that the aquatic element in Bleu Marine was rather tentative.

Although Cool Water's message was very similar, it delivered it in a much bolder and legible way. Here the salty-aquatic and tree fruits are pushed right to the fore, and the fougère sits at the back. It's as though they are both saying the same thing but Blue Marine is talking out of the back of its head.

Cool Water was a winner; not because it was a novelty, but because it was on trend, daring, and spoke with perfect diction.
20th August, 2019 (last edited: 12th July, 2021)
I cannot believe that this monstrosity and Eternity are the top 2 best selling Men's perfumes of all time...

I never smelled this back in the day when it had debuted, maybe because I was only 7 and better that I hadn't because now, now that my nose is honed to a razor from decades of smelling good scents and horrible scents, my God this is absolutely disgusting. I would hate to wear this. I did a sample spritz on my arm and couldn't even hack a whole hour. This hurts my mucous membranes.

After 10 minutes this goes directly into an overpoweringly strong, metallic, aquatic musky think that reminds me 'strongly' of Animale for Men. Not Animale Animale, 'Animale'.

This just goes to show that the majority of humans don't know shit about a proper perfume because it is far beyond my comprehension how this nasty chemical soup is still a best seller.

By the way, the flacon that I had picked up is from Lancaster with the cursive writing on the front.
03rd August, 2019
When I spray this, I wonder if my olfactory system is incorrectly wired. To me, it smells entirely unlike the usual descriptions. I don't find it even remotely "fresh" (citrus, lavender, herbs, marine...): rather, it's almost immediately sweet (amber? musk?) and vaguely spicy (coriander? sandalwood?). It's not unpleasant. But it's definitely not "fresh" to me. Maybe my nose is broke.
27th June, 2019
This rating is for the vintage, original Script-Logo version.

I had the original in 1988, and outstanding memories of it. To me, it always smelled slightly different, but complex, depending on the day, weather, etc. I only recently rekindled my interest in fragrances. So I got a bottle of the current issue and tried it--nothing like I smelled mostly like Windex. I wondered what happened? A little research led me down the path of the IFRA regulations, and the supposition and general consensus that CW was ruined by reformulation.

I tried to buy a vintage bottle from eBay, but the first one that I got was a fraud--smelled rotten, not even a nice Windex smell, lol. I returned that and did more research. The vintage bottles are the ones where both "Davidoff" and "Cool Water" are in a script font (like an original MXR Phase 90 if you are a guitarist)...found one from a reliable seller, and cracked it open....

And there it was, the memories of being at the beach or always wanting to be there, the lavender, the complexity, the slightly-different each day morphing of the scent, of a nicer time, when things made more sense and there was a world of possibilities. Yes, I paid a bit too much, but it was like a time machine in a bottle, and it reminded me that I still have roads and beaches left ahead of me and the drive to make things happen. Too much to expect of a fragrance? It's the power of olfactory nostalgia. That's what I paid for, and why it's the number-one-of-all-time item in my fragrance collection. It makes me happy, and I am glad to have it back. I missed it...and only the real thing would do. It reminds me of who I am. The current version is nothing like the original, and the original is amazing--just be aware of the difference.
12th June, 2019
What can I say about Cool Water that hasn't already been said?

Let me get a few things out of the way, first. This actually came out (1988) after Green Irish Tweed by Creed (1985). It's just that most people hadn't heard of GIT due to its extreme price tag and limited availability, and the fact that Cool Water was nothing short of being rife among the general public when it was released. I bring this up because Cool Water is often compared to Green Irish Tweed, and there are definite similarities. This is most likely due to the fact that Pierre Bourdon was perfumer on both scents, so you're not getting a "cheaper" version or "ripoff" of Green Irish Tweed, so much as you're getting a variation of it.

I'm biased in my review of this as I associate this fragrance with the time that it came out and for the unfortunate fact that when I was in high school, Cool Water became the alternative for a shower after gym class, or for some people, bathing in general. When I smell Cool Water, I inevitably brace myself for the base notes of armpit sweat and BO that I for so long associated with this fragrance. It is what it is, and I doubt I'll ever be able to break the association.

That said, Cool Water is the grandaddy of aquatics (though this is a fougere), as this is really the first scent I can think of that legitimately smells like a take on water. This is a daytime scent that works well during the spring/summer and is safe enough to be worn anywhere. This is the true definition of a dumb-grab. It paved the way for hundreds of derivative scents and on its own merits, it's hard to dislike. Of course, if you remember the times when people seemed to essentially delouse themselves in this stuff (along with Drakkar Noir (1982) and Eternity for Men (1989)), it may skew your ability to have total fondness for it. When thinking about this scent in an agnostic way, focusing strictly on its physical qualities, it's hard not to like it.

If you're looking for a good warm weather workhorse, pick up a bottle. It's inexpensive and you can find it anywhere. If you suffer the illness that many people here -- myself included -- have that causes you to collect bottle after bottle of fragrance, you should buy this and have it just for the sake of reference alone. It is an icon, a legend -- slice it however you want -- and it's earned its fame and stature. Thumbs up, without hesitation.
29th May, 2019
An unqualified legend. Cool Water is a fresh, green, somewhat aquatic scent that is notably reminiscent of Creed Green Irish Tweed (GIT). I liberally use Cool Water when I don't want to tap into my prized bottle of GIT. Less-sophisticated noses would probably be unable differentiate Cool Water from Green Irish Tweed within 30 minutes of application.

Overall, Cool Water is an extraordinarily easy-to-wear fragrance that is suitable for casual or office use. Davidoff created a fragrance that lives up to its name. Cool Water is a wet, fresh, woody fragrance with a light floral note (germanium). On the other hand, GIT is a dry, fresh, woody fragrance with a light - albeit different - floral note (violet).

Cool Water opens with soft lavender mingling with orange and mint. The rosemary top note - while well documented - is muted. The opening is fairly germanium-forward. This floral note tempers the dry oak moss middle and lends an overall softness and "wetness" to the scent. Conversely, GIT's oak moss teams up with ambergris, violet, and iris to create a much "drier" feel. Cool Water's dry down is heavy on sandalwood and musk. The drydown is somewhat linear and decidedly more floral than GIT. GIT's drydown is a rich and complex combination of ambergris, iris, and sandalwood.

Cool Water is a complex scent for a department store staple. It is a safe blind buy and an impressive alternative to its far pricier Creed peer. In a crowded room, many folks would be unable to detect much of a difference between Cool Water and GIT. However: the beauty of Creed is what happens to your shirt 24 hours after wearing it. You'll know what I mean after trying both. If you enjoy Cool Water, I guarantee you'll enjoy Green Irish Tweed. If you enjoy Green Irish Tweed, you *probably* won't be disappointed with Cool Water.

07th April, 2019
Undisputed living legend of a fragrance (it's #9 on the "Top Reviewed Men's Fragrances" list). Davidoff's Cool Water - like it or hate it - is everywhere from department stores to discount marts and a true classic.

Cool Water is a fresh, spicy aquatic scent that can be compared to the uber-cologne Green Irish Tweed by Creed: Tart, rich with spiciness and a slight sweetness. The sea accord plus calone (environmental fresh note) bring a delightful outdoors casual vibe. Cool water is simple and satisfying for everyday wear.

29th August, 2018
It's nice, cool, clean and familiar. Not as green as GIT and not as rich but this still gets compliments and is enjoyable to wear. Also, there is something about it that makes it stand apart from GIT so that you know which is which when comparing side-by-side, might be the mint.

Leans a little old school but completely inoffensive. Great for work.

Good projection and lasts all workday.
23rd April, 2018

It smells like Davidoff copied elements from Ice Blue by Aqua Velva and transitioned it from a nice scent to annoying. Lighter on peppermint yet blended with a marine note that makes it smell odd. A very screechy effect from an overdose of sharp lemon carrying the soapiness from lavender. Some musk but it's awful blend just drowns it out.

Cool Water smells like cleaning chemicals were mixed together. It's one of the most harsh smelling fragrances on the market and I'll always hate it.

13th March, 2018 (last edited: 06th October, 2020)
Starts off with strong notes of lavender and calone aquatic, along with hints of citrus and a tiny bit of mint and rosemary. The aquatic notes are actually in the background in this fragrance; the fougiere is dominant. There is a synthetic feel to the whole thing but it still smells pleasant. This perfume is squarely a masculine one. During drydown the calone/aquatic scent disappears and is replaced by a green sort of soapy scent with floral tones. I'm guessing this is the geranium and neroli that are predominant, since I smell very little jasmine or sandalwood. Basenotes smell similar to the drydown, i.e. a very pleasant fougiere scent with mild hints of mint and calone/aquatic scent as well as neroli. Sillage is moderate (definitely could be better) and longevity is moderate on my skin; it lasts about 5 hours. It isn't very reminiscent of the ocean at all though, and just has a calone scent in the background; it's more of a fougiere scent. I quite like this fragrance; it is unoffensive and a very pleasant masculine floral/herbacious perfume for men with a "clean" scent.
04th March, 2018
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United Kingdom
I never liked it or disliked it
I first came across it in 1994... This is a fresh, non citrus smell, not sweet, very inoffensive...
Smells like deodorant sprays in a gym changing rooms
It is ok for casual day-time wear, particularly in the summer.
I bought it again in 2017 and guess what? It is in my gym bag and I sometimes put on
06th January, 2018
Fond memories of this one. Back in the mid 90's when I first started wearing it I thought it was the business. Women loved it and it was instantly recognizable. I tried it recently and of course it doesn't hold the same appeal at 40 years of age as it did when I was 19. Saying that.....If you are 16 - 18 and looking to get into fragrances you could do a lot worse than Cool Water. It actually beats some of the new cheaper releases nowadays. Gotta give it the thumbs up!!!
29th November, 2017 (last edited: 05th November, 2018)
Get it. I get compliments all the time, good sillage, and decent longevity. If youre not a perfumist, you'd have a hard time telling this from one of the greatest fragrances of all time, Green Irish Tweed. For $30, even for $60, I'd buy this every time. I always have some! Great for summer, and once it dries down, great for night as it's just a classy, somewhat mysterious scent. Love it!
08th November, 2017
Poppinj's review is pretty on the nose. At the time, Cool Water sent everything that came before it to the old folks home. But now, despite Cool Water still having a "freshness" to it, it not longer feels new.

Supposedly this has quite a bit of Dihydromyrcenol in it. I guess that's why it attacks my sense of smell so sharply, and gives me a headache.
This is a wonderfully unique style of fragrance (if you don't count GIT), but it's far too sharp for me to enjoy it.
I think it's something to be enjoyed in the context of the era it came out. It was a great response to the typical men's fragrances at the time: Polo, Quorum, Drakkar Noir, etc.
Today though? It's like it's trying to beat you over the head with how fresh and water-like it is. It's an overly strong aquatic.
18th September, 2017 (last edited: 07th October, 2017)
Sniffed this in passing at a perfume store earlier. It's probably a very great frag, but unfortunately for that sales lady, I'm a proud owner of Creed GIT and although I can understand the comparison, this just doesn't even come close to GIT in terms of quality and sophistication. It comes off as cheap, synthetic, and kitchen cleaner -esque to my nose. Call me a pretentious Creed fanboy if you want, I just really wasn't impressed by this.
22nd August, 2017 (last edited: 07th September, 2017)
When I smell a frgrance I'm immediately transported back to that time and the memories they invoke. I was introduced to Cool Water while living on the Gulf Coast around 1992. My friend had it and one day before going to the beach I spritzed some on. The love affair was instant!!! It smells like the name. It has that seabreeze scent too it, open,airy, fresh and clean.
Unlike the powerhouse fragrances of the 80's this was the first in the aquatic frangrances for me. It's like walking on the beach on a sunny day with a good breeze coming in off the water. I recently purchased a bottle again about a year ago and wear it on occasion. It's one of those fragrances that get better the longer it is on. At application you get that blast of the top notes of lavender and peppermint mixed with the jasmine and hint of rosemary. It slowly evolves with the sandalwood and musk notes coming forward as the floral notes go into the background. It's one of those fragrances that are not overbearing even if over applied as many guys tend to do with frangrances. The sillage is respectable enough to catch ones attention but not to the point your a walking room freshener. I'd like to say it's very alluring as in the situations I've smelled it on others made me want to get closer. Ironic thing is I've had a couple friends in my life and the mere mention of this fragrance they ran out and bought it just to wear around me. It was like a silent communicator of their feelings and both very rarely wore colognes. Like them saying you told me you like this stuff now come and get me sort a thing.
This is a great fragrance to wear in the summer or any situation where your going to be warm and work up a sweat. Working outside, the gym, at a barbecue or the beach. It really stands up well to one sweating where it doesn't mix with the sweat to become some horrible abomination like some fragrances can. It just keeps you smelling clean and really does have good staying power.
16th May, 2017
A somewhat "clean" scent straight from the '80s, sadly overused today but still very enjoyable in his freshness.

Today is a very affordable fragrance (online, not in stores) and thus very recommendable.
Probably one of the fragrances that someone should always have in his arsenal.

It's a shame that this is the last really good scent still on sale from Davidoff.
19th March, 2017