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A hidden gem and one of the mature fragrances that deserve a bigger price that those few bucks is sold for.I didn't care too much for it few years go when I tried it but now the things have changed...
I have a 1.7 oz of the recent formulation and I like it pretty much for what it is: bitter-lemony-alcohol opening that morphs in about 10 minutes into a wonderful fougere-musky-sweet-leathery combination of notes.
Strong sillage, very good longevity (one squirt on my arm lasted more that 8 hrs.), complex development.
I'm glad I rediscovered this because I think that sense of smell as the sense of taste is evolving if you train it enough. My humble rank 8.5/10.
31st July, 2012
There is no doubt that this is a very powerful scent. With its ever so classic fusion of woods and leather; it embodies what a man should smell like, what a profesional man should smell like. Unfortunately, it also embodies what and OLDER, professional man should smell like. And it is for that reason that i will never wear this scent. Maybe if I had been several decades older, this would have been for me; sadly, I will never know because Versace discontinued it.
01st May, 2012
It seems to me that whenever a name brand decides to release their first fragrance it usually ends up being their best as I feel this is the case with L'Homme. It may not ever become a timeless classic but it sure isnt ar from it. Even if you don't like it, it should serve as a reference as to what well made perfumes should smell like. and be made of. Reformulations often kill the legacy of great perfumes because the new commer cannot ever connect with a scent of yesteryear for the lack of living samples so they only have the elders points of view.
05th January, 2012
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Know anybody who wears this? Yeah, me neither but that's not to say they shouldn't be as L'Homme is a splendid and unique but not compelling fragrance. Soft with ginger and citrus, L'Homme is not as hairy-chested as most make it out to be. Sure, there's an unidentifiable note that pokes like a thorn but it gives L'Homme some character. The ginger is also unique as I'm unaware any men's fragrance that built its foundation on ginger prior to '84. My only issue with L'Homme is that it doesn't progress much and one can get bored by it if you have a short attention span. Gucci Envy for Men followed in L'Homme's footsteps and has since outpaced L'Homme. Still, L'Homme deserves respect for being the first.
09th November, 2011
One of the most alluring, sparkling and charismatic fragrances out there. Versace L'Homme is a classic and it has deserved this status along the years on the side of fragrances from the same age as Armani Pour Homme or following as Boucheron Pour Homme, Egoiste and others. In the same league as the more hesperidic Boucheron Pour Homme, Gucci Envy (but less sugary and more balanced), Photo Lagerfeld (but denser and more complex), Equipage (but less leathery), Parfums de Nicolai  Baladin (but less aromatic, sharp and leathery) and Askew by Humiecki & Graef (but less pricey, fruity-laethery and synthetic), Versace L'Homme is a complex daring fragrance that shares some characteristics with the aromatic fougere, several with leather-chypre and finally further with the woody-oriental scents. It's a stiff, surly and fascinating chic juice (masculine and autoritative as an High Court's Judge) but at same time wide, outgoing, alluring, contemporary and sensual as many modern bold versatile creations. The juice itsel, in its final outcome, smells as an oily, grassy-lemony, musky, incensey, slightly leathery and aromatic fluid with mild features of amber,cinnamon,rose and vanilla and the woodsy restrained consistence of cedar and carnation. The opening is in line with the green aromatic from the 80's and is strong on herbs, ginger and citrus with an initial earthiness and dustiness from patchouli and frankincense and the indolence of the rose jumping up from the middle. In this phase the fragrance is kind of " classically fornidding". The smoother character in the meanwhile is ready to stand, waking up some softer musky mildness. Cinnamon starts sweetening the elements together with some woods, white musk and florals. The note of jasmine starts soaring in the air in the middle of the dust while balsams begin to envelop the elements in a dense and silky embrace. The general ambience is musky/woodsy because of the further soothening note of moss and due to white musk and cedar. I detect hints of mild tobacco as well. The silkiness of the blend is enhanced by that sort of shadowy and opaque touch proper of leatherwares and suede but dry down is more properly boise, musky and incensey and just in part (just vaguely) leathery. I've heard the fragrance is now discontinued and eventually it would be a great pity. This scent could even smell to some oppressive in certain stages of the development but it remains a classic and a serious piece of art from the glorious 80's. Any dispute about.
11th October, 2011 (last edited: 28th July, 2019)
I rememeber when this scent came out- the roaring 80ties and Gianni Versace at the summit of his fame.Warm, sensual somehow sweet and soapy.It opens quite fresh (lemon!), in the middle notes you feel sandalwood, cinnamon, cedar and patchouli and the base notes include oakmoss, vanilla and leather.The ingredients a very well put together.
The fragrance is a classic and good but I personally dislike the soapy warm part of this fragrance-it´s not edgy, not weird- cedar, patchouli, amber etc. ?! at a certain point give this scent a soft, sticky, smooth and a bit greasy touch.The opening already gives you a sign : it´s fresh but quickly turn into this mellow, soapy sweet and slippery something and I see these vain, too good looking and slipper as an eel adonis types of the typical Versace advertisments in their colourfully painted´s their scent and it belongs to a certain era and a certain type of man.Versace realized perfectly his vision and it´s his signature and this I appreciate-the scent bears his hallmark! But nevertheless the scent meanders along and the rough edges are missing......
28th August, 2011
This is the only fragrance by Versace that I have tried that I actually like...And I like it alot. It shares a lot of similarities with the magnificent Chanel Egoiste (NOT the Platinum version). Versace l'Homme was released in 1984 and Egoiste 4 years later (1990). Might the perfumers of Egoiste been influenced by this fine frangrance? Both share a citrus opening. Both have spicy cinnamon and rose in the middle. And both have a drydown consisting of vanilla, amber and sandalwood.

When Versace l'Homme enters the middle to base phase, it begins to remind me quite a lot of Escada Homme (1993). Escada is less spicy (much less cinnamon), but the common base elements of vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and musk makes me wonder if Escada wasn't also influenced by this fine fragrance.

I enjoy wearing Versace l'Homme. It has decent sillage and average longevity. Although Versace l'Homme is very similar to Egoiste, it does not match the masterpiece created by Chanel. Still, it is a wonderful fragrance and regular part of my rotation.
25th June, 2011 (last edited: 30th July, 2011)
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United States
Some claim there was a very bad reformulation. I think I have the original formulation, if there are two or more. The problem with it, for me, is that it has that patchouli/amber/cedar combination that just seems to destroy my sinuses. There are a number of fragrances like this, and perhaps the most popular is Envy for Men. Anyway, I do like how the ginger is handled here, and if that combination was just toned down I might like this one, but as it stands I can't tolerate it. It has a bit of a creamy quality, for those of you who would like to know. It is natural smelling and strong. It may lack some dynamism, but it's hard for me to say for sure because I find that combination so offensive and difficult to endure. I'll have to stick with my diluted version of One Man Show for this kind of green fragrance. Green Jeans is different, though. There is no patchouli or ambery quality, nor is it at all creamy (OMS isn't creamy either), nor is it spicy. The focus in GJ is on the herbal and red pine notes. It's a bit synthetic at first but the drydown is quite nice. I'd say you can think of l'Homme as a woody version of Envy for Men.
18th April, 2011
This is the cheapest bar soap smell ever. Someone actually bottling this is mind boggling! *growing eight additional thumbs for the sole purpose of giving this 10 thumbs down*
28th March, 2011 (last edited: 31st March, 2011)
It's soapy and slightly citrusy, but only at the beginning, then - leathery with a big "L". There's also a touch of sweetness and spice. Overall impression makes me think of Abraham Lincoln's leather chair. ;D

This is a fragrance for men who have to shave hair on their back, but, frankly, I like it very much. Does it smell dated? Well, I guess it does, but I don't care, it doesn't bother me at all. Great stuff!

Longevity and projection are both excellent.

07th January, 2011
A fantastic scent. Had it at the end of '80s, then gave away my last bottle to a friend in college... Big mistake, never to be repeated. A beautiful and underrated creation that became a classic for those who know.
02nd July, 2010
Power and grace personified. This cologne exudes a mountain of sexual tension to the olfactories of those who encounter it every time. Nothing prepared me for the tremendous accolades I would get when I discovered this timeless formula in England in 1986. I have held him close to me ever since. A superb combination from one of the world's greatest innovators. I will forever raise a glass to my champion Gianni!
17th May, 2010
Powerhouse classic of that similar vibe that Azzaro PH, Paco Rabanne PH and YSL Kouros have. Strong, masculine, potent, sharp with great projection and longevity. Scent for real men, not for teenagers and metrosexuals, or emos.
17th April, 2010
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Lovely. If Versace Green Jeans is juvenile, then this is a proper grown up. Gright, green opening, yet the zeitgeist leather/bergamot combo (smells like it anyway) is there to keep you incheck lest you think this is some kind eau de cologne. Must have been somewhat deviant at launch I guess. Still relevant today...I can rock this in a grown up atmosphere in the summer (lounge in the UK?) without feeling out of place. Old meets new is the new wave i see coming, and this l'Homme was that back then.
16th March, 2010
Originally there was an after shave and a cologne. The cologne is rough and harsh -& no good as an after shave, it stings! The actual after shave was superb. Sadly, it looks like Versace have stopped making the after shave and now only produce the somewhat tacky cologne (the after shave was never available as a spray). A crime and a loss.
11th March, 2010
The fresh and spicy combination of lemon, bergamot, petitgrain, basil and herbs in the top note sizzle and give way to a still spicy but woody floral center note of carnation, cinnamon, cedar, patchouli and assorted floral components. Eventually the dry down gives up the spice and reveals a powdery sweetness of moss, amber, leather, labdanum and incense. This is one of the few Vercace men's fragrances I really like. The secret to wearing this one well lies in the application: less is more. L'homme is a very satisfying dark leathery chypre indeed.
29th January, 2010
Certain frags that I wear constantly surprise me. I unexpectedly catch a whiff and think "who smells so good?" Then I remember it's me.

L'Homme does that to me every time I wear it.

The opening notes while brief, are amazing. Like fresh cut grass. But I can't break down the notes any further than that. I find this to be masterfully blended, somewhat like Caron's Third Man or PdN New York Not that it smells like either; it's just transitions so smoothly and everything is working so well together, no one note dominates for me. It's also deceptively strong and masculine. A borderline power frag from the 80s. It smells a bit like Santos de Cartier to me, but has more presence.

I've seen several discussions of the reformulation and have a fair amount of confidence that they haven't totally screwed this one up. It's one of my favorite discoveries since joining Basenotes. Due to the number of Versace scents with somewhat similar names (Pour Homme; Man; Uomo), I think it's often overlooked. I hope they keep making it and people overlook it just enough so I can always get a bottle.
18th January, 2010
I'm writing this from memory so I don't have to subject myself to it again. I liked this at seemed like good old-fashioned lemon transitioning into dry but smooth woods with some leather. Somewhere between Zino and a garden-variety 80s scent...a middle-aged, conservative Zino. I thought it was free of the powerhouse stank. But then a number of things went wrong. First of all the juice is really yellow, which annoys me because I have to splash out of the large mini bottle I got. But more important is the urinal. The scent puts up red flags for me signaling the dreaded urinal pad/cake/tablet/what have you. The late midnotes and onward smell more like a men's room to me than anything I've encountered before, including a few testings of Kouros. Probably a little of that is some animal secretion like civet giving it the stale piss element, but moreso it's just the misfortune of having the right combination of spices to match a lot of the urinal pads that I've known in my life. So the color is in fact poetic justice. Now granted, my bottle is old enough not to say much on it (volume embossed in the glass on the bottom rather than stamped on the side with the lettering) but it arrived in a mini box, so I don't think it was sitting under direct light for 10 years. While riding in my coworker's car with it one day, I swore I must have smelled like a janitor who had been mopping below the urinals all day. On his hands and knees. I couldn't possibly wear this stuff again. Off to the thrift store!
19th December, 2009 (last edited: 06th March, 2010)
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United States
An all time classic that will never die in my mind... as well as the ladies noses and hearts. A sure fire hall of famer.
19th August, 2009
Quite remarkable, but it doesn't work on me as well as it could have I feel. Still, I enjoy the scent. Cannot really stomach the first minute of the opening - too lush and supple in its greenness for my taste- but after about 3 minutes, it does smell like heaven. Masculine, yet fragile. Metallic, yet familiar. Sour, but also really fresh.

I like Versace L'Homme as a scent, but I feel like I am the wrong canvas for the cologne to unravel all its mysteries and magic on. More suitable for winter, even though it is quite green which is usually associated with summer. Great silliage, and exemplary longevity. And it still doesn't come off as dated, after all these years since its creation and long-term popularity.

Try it: you will not regret the experience.

14th August, 2009 (last edited: 06th September, 2011)
Don't fall for the intial aromatics hype about the basil unless you love harsh soaps and detergent... or that this is up there with Polo or Aramis (which is not really an 80's scent anyway). A lot of the talk is livin' for the drydown: fairly stark incense with some hints of brightness. Really walk this one around: the ride is really not that happy, IMO...though it starts with fake sun and lemons...and a few cookies...perfect for a "love" that will never last (3 days left in the vacation).

A scent not better because of the 90's...and I fail to see the "gentleman" in this stuff...and it leads me to believe that "typical 80's scent" is a green light to saying many crazy things.
06th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th January, 2015)
The minute I smelled this I knew Versace had a winner. This one stands out. It kind of reminds me of Givenchy Gentlemen in a roundabout way w/ I'Homme having more lemon in it.The new Versace pour homme doesn't stand up to this one at all.
If you're sick of clean blue scents give Versace I'Home a try.
21st July, 2009
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United States
an evening/formal scent for the over 40 crowd. opening is a hint of citrus that drys down to masculine woods that dominate for i said a bit old smelling but still a classic nonetheless.
20th May, 2009
Here is a well made fragrance - a classic!

This fragrance is very manly / masculine and it makes that machismo be known to all who encounter it's sillage. What I find so wonderful about this fragrance is that is multifaceted it is fresh and Mediterranean with its citrus and herbs then can also be oriental spicy and rich with woods. This scent will juxtpost between fresh and spice like a chameleon easily changing it's color and I have yet encountered a fragrance that can do this like l'homme so effortlessly.

A classic to Gianni's name!
14th March, 2009
This is definitely a big scent, spirit of the 80-ties in abundance. When I was in a shop, I sprayed Versace l'Homme on my right wrist, Cerutti 1881 on my left and spent the next couple of hours in the shopping mall, sniffing both of them every now and then. For some reason, I did not like the opening of Versace l'Homme. Too harsh to my nose. At one point, some 60 minutes later to be exact, it turned into a Kouros clone which was quite a surprise to me. Ok... I am one of the Kouros fans, I like its originality and bold character. However, buying this Versace sounded as if I am buying a replacement for the original. Having said that, I admit that I wanted to like this one. Sadly, I am not so impressed. I ended up buying the Cerruti 1881...
23rd February, 2009
Probably the best eau de toilette which could be bought in the 90es! It is more actual that Giorgio Armani, very classy, with a persisten bulk very varying depending on the skin, after a vibrant opening. I had to leave it because my girl didn't like it, in favour of more fashionable, vanilla based eau de toilette (Hugo Boss Bottled), but in my idea of gentleman and seducer, Versace l'Homme stay first, together with Gucci Envy.It's one of this perfumes which make you feel at ease with yourself. Only one thing has to be considered: the different scent it leaves depending on your skin and on the part of the body you spray it on.Better suited as a body spray, in my opinion (more persistent and sensual, less fresh) and for mature man sure of its charme. Probably it doesn't performs o well on very young skin.
06th February, 2009
To me much more a woody-oriental fragrance than a leathery chypre.

Bitter citrus opening, changes into a nose tickling cinnamon with sharp cedarwood.

Base is controlled by patchouli and smoky vanilla note. I could swear there is a benzoin in this although not listed anywhere.
I definitely smell benzoin.

Not too bad, but not that interesting or compelling either and definitely outclassed by hundreds of better fragrances.
03rd February, 2009
This is some serious fragrance.
Where Armani pour homme fails Versace comes right, very right.
This fragrance is very sophisticated , every time I wear it I feel invigorated, it smells expensive and classy.
Light, citric and somehow powdery. L´Homme is a blurred fragrance because, at least to me, identifying he different notes is not easy , must be because they are perfectly blended and well balanced. I love it.
This is a mature juice and yet playful . A winner, in the morning, in the afternoon , in the evening , at night and after hours, it wont let you down.
22nd January, 2009
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United States
A leather chypre from way back, when these things were still pretty robust. This one is pretty well-balanced, however, and not at all overwhelming like some of the scents from this era. The notes are pretty standard, with a bit of floral (rose, jasmine, carnation) buried in the heart and not given too much chance of poking out very far. Still a nice scent for day or evening wear; modern taste might see this as too forceful for the office. A light hand should compensate for any disquiet on that score, however. Maybe not a deathless classic, but still holds up pretty well on this old dude.
28th November, 2008
Ugly green citrus fragrance. Not very pleasant for me.
17th November, 2008