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This has always reminded me of Youth Dew by Lauder, not a flattering comparison, necessarily. It is an overt, creamy, voluptuous fragrance for a man, wonderfully balancing the floral and wood notes. This is definitely a fragrance for a special occasion or date. Not intended for the meek or bashful. Versace's best masculine fragrance so far.

26th October, 2008
Melancholy assemblage of bittersweet citrus, sour green leaves, and damp, wooden timbers... which is devoid of all warmth and projects an image of stark seriousness.
19th September, 2008 (last edited: 04th December, 2009)
I don't think I could live without it. I have being wearing it right from the beginning more thant twenty years ago and since I can record numerous experiences where ladies went totally frenzy over it...I was desperate when I heard last year that it would not be in production anymore and I thought : why is Versace doing this to me ? I'll never find something suiting me that well and i will become a nobody.
Fortunately I discovered that at the airport duty free of Doha I can still find it. But for how long ? How could I find something as good ?
16th July, 2008
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It's that simple......a citrussy opening....a floral heart...and a woody but somehow sweet drydown.

It reminds me of Armani's eau pour homme, but Versace has more facettes. While Armani tends to be "only" fresh and woody, Versace's sweetness makes it more lively and charming.

It was Versace's first male fragrance, and it's definitely the best. After more than 20 years since its release, it still feels up to date.

A classy and very attractive fragrance, that needs to be appreciated as it hopefully finds back his way to the top (where it belongs) !
03rd July, 2008
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United Kingdom
Wore this a few years ago and really liked. I remember thinking it was a bit dark and dangerous and that it evolved into this (amber/patchouli) from a fresh citrusy opening. I love fragrances when they move like this (size of the essence molecules?). It's definitely the best male fragrance imo from what is admittedly a pretty moderate range from this House and I will return to it soon, as it still stands up ok in the 2000's.

14th April, 2008
Armani and Versace launched their first male scents in the same year (1984.). I like Versace’s scent much, much more.
If the ‘80s could have a smell, they would smell exactly like Versace L’Homme. It smells just like sunny Saturday’s forenoon in the ‘80s to me.
It is not just the first but the best Versace’s male scent as well. L’Homme is a very good and manful blend of lemon, pimento, cedar, patchouli and leather.
For me, this scent is a synonym for the happy days of my childhood (I’m pretty nostalgic about my childhood) and I wear it very often at the family reunions.

08th April, 2008
Initially when I reviewed this I was indifferent, leaning towards "Arriverderci Versace!" But I kept coming back to it and over time it grew on me. Although I wouldn't say I LOVE it; I also wouldn't say I didn't like it. It's a good warm weather fragrance, worn discreetly (one spray down the shirt). You can't say it isn't interesting, that's for sure. And it has a citrus/lemony accord that proceeds through the whole pyramid and I love It also has a kinky, golden showers thing going on...
Not that I'm into that or anything!
06th December, 2007 (last edited: 21st May, 2010)
To me, similar to Armani Eau Pour Homme but in my opinion better blended, smoother and with greater sillage and longevity. Very fresh citrus in a sophisticated way, for the office and daytime. Too lively for evening wear but you may disagree. I smelled a new release by another designer today then this later. I sigh at what high quality (in every aspect) fragrances like this used to be. This one included.
01st December, 2007 (last edited: 18th May, 2008)
Something unbalanced and astringent in the topnotes keeps me from loving this one. It does have its own definite personality, though. An interesting work but not good company for this nose.
22nd November, 2007
When the sales assistant at David Jones sprayed this on at test strip, then my arm 5 minutes later, what I got was a delightful and sophisticated "Morning Fresh Lemon and Lime" dishwashing soap.

And I'm not being facetious there - thats what I really got at first - then the jus mellowed down into something that some might consider generically typical of fragrances that contain the word "gentlemen" in there names...

But that has never bothered me one bit - I find this fragrance to be perfectly masculine and refined, sophisticated and unique.

And the sales assistant was flabbergasted when I said "I'll take it", after she spent and hour shoving generic pop-culture driven crap in my face. All I wanted was something simple, fresh, clean, masculine and sophisticated - expensive smelling, without breaking the bank.

Thumbs up from me - and I give this fragrance, after some very careful deliberation - 6.9/10.
03rd July, 2007
Foetidus´s review is very accurate. Versace´s l'Homme really epitomizes how brilliant mainstream designer fragrances once were. This is so well blended that it is hard to pinpoint the individual notes.

It does start with some pleasant citrus and eventually settles down to a semi-sweet, mossy, herbal and highly masculine base. Lasts forever and the progression is flawless, with each hour a new great nuance of the scent is revealed.

L'Homme slightly reminds me of Dunhill Edition, but less sweet and superior overall.

Balanced, full of character, subtle yet decisive - this IS bottled elegance. Do get it quick before it dissapears completely. 10 out of 10.
04th May, 2007
Ah, the 80's, when men were men!
--Unless they were ferns . . .

As noted, this is rich, freshly cut garden grass-- and without any medicinal-herbal notes--which I happen to dislike. Great for the outdoors.

It's an uplifting, almost heroic scent.
Perfect for either tough self-made millionaires, or starving artists who fight alone against the world!

Anybody got a copy of The Fountainhead?
17th April, 2007 (last edited: 03rd January, 2012)
In 1985 I was devoured by the designer Gianni Versace. This was at a time when the name Versace stood for creativity, exclusivity and glamour. When I came in contact with this fragrance, it so epitomized his genius as a designer and I was enchanted by it all…! But after the sad turn of events, Vampirella Versace showed up, and what once was something extraordinary, is now the staple goods of the Balkan markets and a mere sign of poor nouveau riche-taste. But when I revisit the fragrance once again, I still maintain that this is a truly masculine, woody, desert dry and handsome fragrance. The mix of spices is brilliantly balanced, the sillage and longevity incredible. But would I wear this fragrance again? –To be 20 years, standing on the Spanish stairs in Rome, head over heels in love, is what this fragrance brings back…passed times are passed times, and so are passed fragrances…but so nice to revisit on occasion.
13th April, 2007
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A MASTERPIECE -- really. Keep thinking that Versace's idiotically discontinued this, then I'll see it online or in perfume shops and realize that this is, in fact, not the case.

As with Versace's Dreamer and Versace Man, be advised to take it easy with this stuff -- a little goes a long way.
02nd October, 2006
Often compared to Armani pour Homme, i would rather see it even more similar to Drakkar Noir, Salvador Dali- two very 80's style dark, leathery creations and even a hint of Le Male - minus the edible, more experimental and contemporary notes. Even more, this scent is like a male version of the female scent Ispahan by Yves Rocher which is a good thing for me, as i was disappointed that it wasn't a male scent- as it smelled almost masculine and i craved to find something quite similar.
But enough comparing...What struck me most about this scent was the exquisite touch of Tobacco, literally smelling expensive and luxurious, faintly resinous and smoky towards the end. Oriental touches and a generic influence of the 80's preference for leathery and chypre notes.
Dark, sophisticated , not dissimilar to the woody-spicy-yet more casual- underrated Black Jeans and even anticipating the lush, rich yet clean( subtle, powdery, balsamic-watery, not overdone) sweetness of Metal Jeans.
Make way for a true classic!
29th August, 2006 (last edited: 24th August, 2009)
This fragrance came out not too long after I was born, so I expected not to like it. I expected it to feel dated and smell like a lot of those older, spicy-powdery scents from the 1970’s and early 80’s (like Armani’s original men’s scent). However, this one is still a great fragrance. It certainly is different from the current trend of bland, sporty detergents being put on the market, but when YSL Kouros is still a best-seller, I don’t understand why this one isn’t more popular. It is spicy, soft, and a little powdery, but dries down to a great masculine scent for spring and summer. Wearing this, I always feel like I should be in a pale pink tshirt under a white sport jacket and watching episodes of Miami Vice. It is almost completely different than the newer Versace Man, which Donatella put out a few years after Gianni’s passing.
24th July, 2006
A masterpiece!
It reflects the true genius that Gianni Versace was.
Its a gentlemens fragrance but not the boring way. Its joyful, sparkling, bright and luxourious.
For me its a spring and summertime one because of some nice memories combined with this scent.
Fortunately the leather base is not strong at all and the spices mix to a wonderful, long lasting experience.
The first impression is ginger and lemon and spices.
Is standing the test of time!
05th May, 2006

Versace L’Homme is a wonderful '80s fragrance that has weathered old age quite well. Genuinely Italian, it opens with an superb basil / citrus opening—the basil is so strong that the citrus merely plays a supporting role. I love the opening—so fresh and aromatic—absolutely addictive: it is a bit 80’s, but it’s top of the class 80s. With the heart notes, the fragrance takes on more of a darkness. I imagine that it’s the patchouli, rose, and sandalwood that move it in that direction, and they do a good job of it. Here is also where it becomes obvious how complex this fragrance is. Poised against the dark patchouli / rose accord is the greenness of cedar and fern spiced up with cinnamon and carnation. The lonely jasmine provides what elements of smoothness there is in the middle. This is a serious turn the fragrance has taken. And the seriousness continues through the base. I don’t get much leather; thankfully. I get moss, musk, and incense; the amber, tonka, and vanilla provide only enough sweetness to make the darkness tolerable. In fact, on my skin, the incense dominates throughout the dry down. This is an impressive fragrance and I wonder why it doesn’t get the respect it deserves on the boards. This deserves its place right up there with Polo Green, Aramis, and Drakkar as a bellwether of the 80s. A masterpiece! (Edit of 25 February 2006 review.)

25th February, 2006 (last edited: 27th July, 2009)
On second sniff, yes, it is very similar to Photo by Lagerfeld, but I think it's even more similar to Ricci Club by Nina Ricci. How about Tiffany for Men? Anyone agree? Nonetheless, I love ALL 3 OF THEM (as I shake my feather boa at you!!!). If I had to choose though, I would take Ricci Club over Versace L'Homme, and Versace L'Homme over Photo by Lagerfeld. I would, however, LOVE to see Tiffany for Men re-launched as I miss it dearly. Don't get me wrong, I love them ALL, and each has its own (tiny) little difference of a nuance. Ta-Ta!
26th December, 2005 (last edited: 02nd December, 2017)
a good fragrance, typical 80-ies....seems to me that in that period, u could easely know who's wearing what..they were all different..nowerdays, most of the perfumes look alike
21st March, 2005
What a peculiar dream! I was in the Botanic Gardens, crashing through what appeared to be acres of laurel bushes, surrounded on all sides by the sharp, pungent smell of exotic grasses. Suddenly my friend Marcel materializes and hands me a tablet of clean-smelling soap. I promptly drop it among the grasses. Behind us, the Baron de Charlus appears and makes a strange gesture of benediction. 'Go gently with this juice,' he whispers dramatically, 'or its bittersweet alchemy will bury us all in its vegetable depths! Implacable liquid, O Versace l'Homme: funereal, romantic, distinguished, mysterious one!'
22nd February, 2005
A really nice, long-lasting fragrance! It is such a warm scent which draws compliments from others. It is in the same fragrance note class as Gucci Envy, though a bit muted in comparison. It's atypical of the Versace line, having a more classic and simple vibe to it, and yet fit for the modern man as well. Glad to own a bottle! :-)
29th January, 2005
Excellent. Very masculine. Not for the kids. Its like a drier, less sweet Gucci Envy. Excellent drydown. It's withstood the test of time well.
17th December, 2003
I don't like the top notes smell like an old fragrance,but the drydown is wonderful a little sweet,woody,ambery.
18th November, 2003