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I remember the first time I was made aware of Vetiver was a few years ago... some Esquire or GQ or other men's mag article mentioned that the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger used Vetiver as his signature scent.

The was pre-scandal Arnold who was acting governor of California at the time so it was a compliment paid to Vetiver. And while I didn't rush out and buy a bottle, I made a mental note.

A few years later, after tiring of dumb grab fragrances I decided to build out a more sophisticated collection. The memory of Vetiver bubbled to the surface and I decided to find it and figure out what it was about. I had expected a fairly expensive bottle, after all my intel was on a guy who rocked Patek Phillipe and Audemars Piguet watches so I expected his fragrance to be Creed, Penhaligon territory I was pleasantly surprised by the modest price tag and snatched up a bottle of the modern formulation.

I wasn't very excited on first exposure. I got a bug spray vibe from it the first time I tried it and after a couple of attempts was going to write it off.

But 3rd time was the charm... After I hopped out of the shower, with the air still steamy I put a couple blasts on my arms and a couple blasts on my collar bones and started getting a better picture... There is this synthetic compound in Vetiver that can sometimes spoils the opening for me, like I said, kinda like bug spray but I don't always get that. .

It has a green grassy, citrus opening that almost immediately disappears, after which there is this savory herb note for a moment before the spice takes over. The spice is unusual in that it doesn't have any sweetness to it. It has the spice of something like cinnamon without the sweetness you normally encounter. It implies sweetness it just never manifests and there is this almost black pepper note that I think may be like the peppery part of a tobacco.

And that is pretty much where it stays.... Essentially it is a spicey, peppery tobacco wood (that is the best I can do using words to recreate a scent).

It doesn't really project and isn't a compliment monster. I also found that if you reapply a couple 2 or 3 times throughout the day, by the end, the dry down becomes less pleasant, almost like pickle brine... for lack of a better word, so it's best to apply once, maybe refresh a few hours later and call it good.

Certainly not an everyday thing for me.... I do wear it at work sometimes and I think it is a good warm weather scent that I enjoy after a shower on the weekend but it's more of a specialist than an every day generalist fragrance.

24th June, 2021
Beautiful citrus opening that settles into that lovely fresh vetiver. So much has already been written about it here. I would say that for me it is a comforting fragrance that reminds me of my older generation. Yet still a fresh and well crafted fragrance that can hold its own among contemporaries. It lasts a long time on my skin, however I have not worn it in hot, humid weather. It also projects very well.
07th May, 2021 (last edited: 18th May, 2021)
Review for the vintage Eau de Cologne (green cylindric plastic bottle with round 'window' in the middle from the early 80's, according to the seller):

In the top, I get a blast of citrus, that will swapped shortly after for a mix of aromatics (probably petitgrain, basil and tarragon, but possibly also artemisia and/or rosemary) and spices (mostly a dry nutmeg, but also coriander and black pepper). Only in the base will the vetiver go a bit more in the front, supported by moss and labdanum, that will give an overall impression of tobacco - with the aromatics still clearly present.

I was expecting a 'dated' version of the current juice, but what I got here is a citrus/aromatic chypre, that stand way closer to L'Homme de Gres, than to current Guerlain Vetiver EDT. In the vintage EDC, vetiver is not the star, but a noticeable note of a perfect blend. Only in the drydown will it start showing similarities with the current EDT. If anything, this one stands as the grandfather of Vetiver Extreme, more than Vetiver.

Guerlain never disappoints. This one is no exception. Unfortunately the price resulting from its scarcity prevents me from buying a full bottle, but alternatives navigating the same waters are gladly still available for decent prices.
28th April, 2021
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Textbook classic vetiver, of course.

Guerlain wraps their vetiver in a full green chypre, mossy bergamot, galbanum, and grassy patchouli. They add a pinch of something bleachy to play up the vetiver's natural iodine quality, and some cinnamon/mace spice notes to amplify its nutmeg nuances as well. There's a time, hours in, where a spicy, doughy gingerbread sneaks in under the vetiver which is my favorite part. Though I must admit that the bleachy iodine element has always kept me from falling truly in love with this.

Thumbs up, of course, but with the caveat that there are so many good vetivers out there that it's worth the effort to be picky and find one that's perfect for you, and this may not be it, despite its iconic status.
18th November, 2020
This hardly needs my commendation, but it's indisputably the greatest of the great vetiver scents. A perfect embodiment of 1960s manly man masculinity (Connery might have worn Jicky in real life, but his James Bond would undoubtedly have preferred the more direct and bold Vetiver), it's a study in how to make a fragrance that is both straightforward and dazzlingly rich.
01st November, 2020
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United States
I’m wearing Guerlain Vetiver Eau de Cologne (from a 5ml atomizer decant) for the second day in a row – full wearings (previously, Friday evening, I had given it a little test run to get an idea of what it might be like). Here are my brief observations – not a review, per se, but more of initial impressions:

I’ll state up front that I totally dig Guerlain Vetiver EdT – it’s the benchmark vetiver that I judge all others (and I have tried/sampled more than a few). So I was really stoked to try the vintage EdC, which I didn’t know was an earlier offering until recently.

When I had given it the little test run the other evening (only 1 spray to my forearm), I thought it seemed more like a weaker version and not as long lasting as the EdT that I have (my EdT bottle is not the current version/bottle in the stores now, but I’m guessing the one right before it – I think I got it about 7 years ago). Fast forward to now, after two full wearings. (Day 1 was 5 sprays; Day2 was 3 sprays @ 4:00am, but then a couple for refresh at about 3:00pm)

OK, this EdC is certainly not a weaker version of the EdT – it’s got plenty of longevity for me – most excellent! (So much for first impressions, eh? Although, I shouldn't be surprised with just one spray on that test run.) Both yesterday and today it lasted for at least a solid 8 hours, although not a big projector, but it doesn’t wither completely away either. Note-wise, overall, the EdC has a more citric opening to me than the EdT, specifically a lemon note, which is wonderful. The vetiver is clean and wears comfortably. The most distinguishing difference to me is that the EdC does not have the EdT’s tobacco note in the dry down – at all – none. So basically, to sum up, I could say that the EdC is the EdT without the tobacco. That actually isn’t a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact, I could see wearing the EdC year round, and perfect for an office/work situation. One can also be quite liberal with the number of sprays with the EdC – I don’t see how it could become cloying.

Bottom line: I definitely dig it! Do I like it more than the EdT? Hmmmm, hard to say after just 2 wearings – certainly as much - but I think that I could easily be swayed to favor it. Do I like it enough to pay for a full bottle with “the bay” prices that it’s fetching now? Only if I didn’t already have a bottle of the EdT. But then again……hmmmm.
25th May, 2020
I bought the new version of Guerlain Vetiver a week ago. (Green cap)

And i think i know now where the "Sauvage" went in Eau Sauvage!

Off course these are not exact similar scents throughout all the different notes.

But there is something really classy in Guerlain's Vetiver that could easily be just as badass at the same time.

And that feeling is what's lacking in Eau Sauvage. It's just citrussy classy and light.

I bought this because it's a iconic versatile and classic quality scent, i found it cheap on the internet and i paid 52 euro's for a 200ml/6.7 oz.

That's bang for buck!

It's not a projection monster with complicated notes throughout it's longevity, but that's not what this scent is about.

I get a really good performance out of this new version, if you want to go normal go for 3 or 4 sprays in total. If you want it to last from morning well into the night double that into 6 to 8 sprays.

And i think this one is very good for warm weather because the scent amplifies itself again when you get sweaty or wet from walking in the rain.

A Masterpiece!

10 out of 10!

30th January, 2020 (last edited: 04th February, 2020)
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United Kingdom
The vetiver is so missing in the blend and the nutmeg so strong the this should be called "Nutmeg".

Lasts hours with fair sillage and is a great price at the moment. However, I love the smell of vetiver (essential oil) and this misses the mark for me.
03rd January, 2020
Old school in all of the best senses of the word. Quality ingredients, really distinct notes to my beginners nose and very, very enjoyable to wear.

Also a beautiful example of balance - there are a lot of notes used in this fragrance that can be overpowering. The tobacco in particular is beautifully done - I've had a couple of costlier fragrances absolutely bludgeon me with tobacco, whereas in this application it is gently and deftly woven in.

I would have bought this at retail and have been convinced of the price/value proposition - at current pricing it's just stunning value.

It is quite different to most modern offerings, so Zealot Crusader's caveat for younger buyers to exercise caution in a blind buy is warranted, but that is the only hesitation I'd have in recommending it to someone. Thumbs up.
28th October, 2019 (last edited: 05th November, 2019)
What a veritable rape of this former classic vetiver! Also the other scents at Guerlain – see “Habit Rouge”! These “Wasser Spiele” are a horror! This further formulation is a shame! Since the 1970s meanwhile the fourth! And getting more worse with each version! I had this fragrance as the main perfume for almost 35 years. It's over for me with that Vetiver! Thank God there is Tom Ford's Vetiver and Givenchy's Vetyver. In fact the new one are an abomination, ultra-overprices but in fact cheap and ordinary. A real drugstore caliber – nothing more!
28th October, 2019
This is a great time to buy a bottle of Guerlain Vetiver. The current iteration is fantastic--a robust, effervescent, green vetiver with spicy, sassafras-like accents, a clean, grassy heart, and a balanced, substantial vetiver in the base. It begins bold and crisp, bubbling with a sort of fizzy spiciness, a distinctly green vetiver embellished with nutmeg, myrrh, and pepper. It's more complex than you might imagine, and after an hour or so, some transitions occur and the scent subtly develops into a fresher, "soapier" version of itself. Some of its spice recedes, and in its place subtle florals create a cleaner, out-of-the-shower impression. It feels its most classical and polished during this stage and seems designed for the man who is well-groomed, but not extravagant or ostentatious in any way. It's a sensible heart, and pragmatic as far as its function. Wearing Vetiver during the day, after being greeted early with its vibrant, spicy punch, its cool, clean middle carries me the rest of the way, and it's especially appropriate throughout the late morning and early afternoon as I go about my business, keeping me feeling clean and composed with few olfactory distractions. In its final stage, Vetiver becomes more woody and less grassy--its rootier qualities emerge, along with some earthiness. Here, it presents a balanced and well-done middle-of-the-road vetiver supported by notes of soft amber and sandalwood. Overall, this is just a great vetiver experience in a bottle. You get its various facets at different stages, and while Vetiver never really delves into the much darker, earthier side of the plant, it presents enough variety to remain interesting and compelling. It's also very functional, and is something that can be worn easily during the day, keeping you feeling sharp and put together. While vetiver is a distinct smell, and somewhat rare as a dominant note in popular, mainstream men's perfumery, Guerlain has presented it here in what, in my opinion, is its most palatable, widely appealing form, making this an excellent choice as one's first vetiver fragrance, or as a more useful component in any vetiver-lover's wardrobe. Considering it's current price of about $35 for a large bottle, Vetiver is a great deal and recommended as a blind buy to anyone who is familiar with how vetiver actually smells. If you've never smelled vetiver before, then I certainly recommend sampling this one (or any vetiver based scent), as it's a fairly distinct note. Thumbs up. Final rating: 9/10

Side note: I don't like to ascribe age ranges to scents as I feel there's little truth to the reality of what something smells like and what age it is best for, but I would advise younger men to sample or at least sniff this one out before blindly buying a bottle. That's mainly because vetiver is no longer the ubiquitous, widely-popular note that it once was. While it's often listed as a note in contemporary men's releases, that doesn't mean that it's featured prominently in any of these scents. On the contrary, more recently, it's most often buried in the base of scents, blended in among other vaguely woody notes and/or appearing so late in the dry down as to be an afterthought. So if your'e a young guy it's possible that you've never really smelled vetiver itself as a note. And because it's a very distinct note and smell (quite different from other woods and plants you may have smelled before), I recommend sampling it first.
13th August, 2019
Vetiver is a clean, classy, fresh fragrance that excels at being both masculine yet inoffensive - and thus appropriate for any occasion - work included. It reminds me somewhat of a freshly cut New England lawn in spring; a very fresh, green experience. After a couple of hours the sillage drops to personal space only, but that’s fine with me because I do often wear it at work. However, if one wished, one could sparingly re-apply this mid-day without it becoming cloying.

The wife absolutely loves it post dry-down after it jettisons the soapiness. Vetiver puts me in a better mood every time I wear it. This one was a blind buy for me based off reviews.

Scent 9/10

Longevity 7/10: lasts 8 hours but requires 5 or 6 sprays to account for loss of power as it transitions throughout the day if not re-applying.

Sillage: 7/10 for 2 hours then drops from there to 2/10 after 8 hours.
10th August, 2019
A few weeks ago, I awoke on one of the first days of a summer vacation and remembered that we were heading for the beach that day... a breezy beach near a conifer forest, with sand that stretches way out into shallows for ages, with tall, coarse grasses and soft grey sand. I had a sample of the silver-cap formulation of Guerlain Vetiver that had been sitting in my sock drawer and decided to wear it because vetiver often reminds me of the scent of driftwood. Vetiver and I have had a complicated relationship... I am emphatically *not* one of the people on whom vetiver lasts forever – on the contrary. There has also been something in various vetivers I’ve owned decants of (Encre Noire, both 'gold cap' vintage and recent-ish formulations Guerlain Vetiver, Vetiver extreme) that gives me headaches. I’ve admired vetiver objectively but never really had it work with my chemistry... so much so that I’ve never bought a bottle of Guerlain’s classic Vetiver, despite being a fan the both the house and the era.

Nonetheless, those mingling notes of neroli and liquorice, spice and woods wowed me that day, so I took a flyer and ordered a bottle...Headaches be damned. The bottle that arrived was the new version with the green wooden cap, batch code June 2017. A few notes:

Firstly, and most emphatically – no headaches! Something about the new bottle has been changed, for the better in my case.

Secondly, this vetiver seems (to me anyway) to be a little less smoky than the silver capped version; possibly a little less nutmeg as well? I like both smoky notes and nutmeg, but sense that the newest bottle is more balanced towards fresh aromatics (I pick up more citrus, and possibly more coriander as well). This is less the case of something conspicuously missing than a variation of interpretation.

Thirdly, performance (again, on me, pretty subtle) is similar or better to other recent (circa 2014/'silver cap') decants of Guerlain Vetiver I’ve tried... I get a great couple of hours of tasteful arm's length projection, then a subtle sillage that gradually settles down, the overall composition being mostly undetectable save as a (lovely) skin scent after four or five hours. I had a decant of the gold cap version that probably had a touch more endurance, but the difference between the product then and now was not enormous. It does reapply exceptionally well, however, never seeming cloying or top-heavy when reapplied midway through a hot afternoon.

There is a beautiful combination of bright neroli and bergamot up front, an orangey bloom both sweet and subtly sour, with the vetiver’s grassiness emerging with its keen edges brought out by very discernible notes of coriander, nutmeg and pepper. Waiting in the base are a sweetly woody blend of myrrh, tonka and just a hint of a light tobacco. I think this famous ‘cut hay’ drydown layered over warm skin might be one of the pleasant things I’ve ever smelled; the layers – soft and faintly mobile, exerting a textural effect that though subtle is very comforting.

The coherence of the overall composition is fascinating to me, as it is on the one hand simple, unpretentiously wearable and broadly appealing, and on the other somewhat mysterious, impenetrable and self-contained in its tact and composure. I think this contradiction is best explained as being the way that the composition simultaneously smells like a clearly discernible material (vetiver) while functioning like a masterfully crafted abstraction... How it can be both – authentic and artificial, simple yet highly articulated, is, to me, the ‘art thing’ with this fragrance... a totally fresh and convincing expression, every time I wear it.

P.S. I’ve commented on this before, but I still do not understand the ‘old man’ remarks... How could a fragrance that was created by a twenty-something smell geriatric? This stuff smells thoughtfully distinct, refreshing and uplifting, with none of the heavy accords that might be put to service to mask old smoke, stagnant grooming habits or general decay; nor does it smell like a generalized idea that has become ubiquitous in knockoffs and cleaning products. There is nothing try-hard or striving that suggests somebody’s long-since-lapsed impression of success. Simply put, it does not smell like a cliché – it smells like a miracle.
27th July, 2019
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This is the 60´s for the suit man: Bond (Connery of course), Sinatra, etc.
Not High Ashbury.
Like Dior Eau Sauvage with a cigarette.
The music? Lalo Schifrin, Henry Mancini.
Guerlain Vetiver is the perfect parfum.

23rd July, 2019 (last edited: 24th July, 2019)
Nice clean vetiver. A bit earthy with tobbaco and corriander. Classy, clean, and refined. Restrained in a buttoned up way. I dont find it too old or old fashioned. Thumbs up.
18th July, 2019
Always gives me the aroma of classic men's tailors, most notably around London's Soho and Mayfair. A piece of art in a bottle. I have had a few ladies swoon over this when I have worn it, and that must count for something!
09th June, 2019
This stuff is amazing! Very impressed, not what I expected at all. Great longevity and moderate protection. It starts off very strong, but in a few minutes that settles into an incredible authentic tobacco and woodsy scent nuanced with bright lemon and grassy notes.
I think to others it smells different than to the wearer. My girlfriend loves it, which also shocked me, since she seems to like the sweeter scents (Spicebomb, La Nuit De L'Homme, Code Profumo, Pineapple Vintage Intense, Le Male). She described it as spicy and masculine on me, she said it smelled like walking through a field. Thumbs way up for me. Great for daytime wear and really good for all occasions and all seasons I would say. Casual and dressed up. Very modern feel.

Scent 9/10
Longevity 8/10
Projection 8/10
Versatility 10/10
03rd February, 2019
Just about a thumbs up for me.

A nice and pleasant vetiver which is quite safe. Classic and comforting.

03rd December, 2018
Excellent citrus on top.
Great lemon.
Humble Neroli.
Touch of coriander.
Good, solid vetiver. Whiff of tobacco. Smattering of spices. This one's been on my radar for years. Thanks to a buddy here, I received a sample to try. As a chick, I can easily wear this and be comfortable about it.

I get a slight bell pepper note, much later on.
17th November, 2018
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
I cannot outdo valkilmer's spot-on review. Despite the plethora of notes listed, this is a straight-up vetiver fragrance that lasts all day. You must love vetiver to wear this often, but the note doesn't get much better than this if you're a fan. A classic.
31st August, 2018
This is a powerful, shimmering, unrelenting vetiver fragrance. One spray on my chest steamrolls through my shirt like angry Lou Ferrigno through drywall. Very little evolution over its lifespan on my skin and it is an absolute marathoner---we're talking all day at the office and through the night. It persists noticeably through an evening scrub-down with Ivory soap in a hot shower and is undeniably still lingering on the skin the next morning. The aura this stuff sheds around you is pure and outstanding vetiver. Sniffed up close to the skin (by someone who can stand to approach the blaze), there is depth to appreciate. I mainly appreciate a peppery cedar that stands out in the background---Guerlain did well to set of the strength of the heavy vetiver dosage with something that can at least try to compete.

I feel like I would never want to be without a bottle of this, but it gets tiresome fast. It's not the sort of thing I'd want to wear routinely.
05th August, 2018
hcr Show all reviews
United States
I'll be curious if my opinion on this will change in years. "Hospital soap" is really all I can think. This just isn't pleasant. Kind of disappointed, guess I don't like vetiver...

July 7, 2019 edit: changing from thumbs down to neutral. I've worn this a few more times in the last year, and have sampled some other vetiver fragrances. I appreciate it more now, but I feel like it takes a hit being used in so many hand soaps/cleaning products.
30th June, 2018 (last edited: 08th July, 2019)
The newest version (green wooden cap) is the best. The performance has actually improved since the silver cap, which is unheard of these days!
Guerlain Vetiver is clean, cheerful, and masculine.
Great, classic scent.
11th May, 2018 (last edited: 13th May, 2018)
This is a classic masculine fragrance first created in 1961 by Jean-Paul Guerlain, the last namesake perfumer of the Guerlain house, which is a very old one having roots going back to the 1800's. It was meant to smell of damp earth mixed with the smell of tobacco. Apparently it was worn by Harrison Ford, Paul McCartney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and President John F. Kennedy of the United States. Vetiver is a grass that grows native to Haiti, India, and Indonesia. Guerlain Vetiver smells of a very green Haitian vetiver grass mixed with tobacco and a lot of woody notes. It smells really like a walk in a forest, in a fresh but somewhat dark style that evokes masculinity. It is perhaps the reference vetiver fragrance, and in my opinion the greatest one (followed by Encre Noire) - and I've tried quite a few vetiver fragrances. As for performance, even the modern iteration of Guerlain Vetiver is very solid, giving me 3-4 hours of strong projection, and 6 hours of longevity overall (which is very good for an eau de toilette). Overall this is an absolute masterpiece, not because it does anything groundbreaking but because it just smells extremely classy - and is totally different from modern 'fresh aquatic' colognes.

09th May, 2018 (last edited: 10th August, 2018)
Love this. I first got a sample of the old ribbed bottle from a Sephora in Manhattan and was blown away. Masculine, fresh and long lasting. The current formulation is good but not as good as the wide bottle, I'm always on the lookout for that one.
05th May, 2018
Study for Head of George Dyer by Francis Bacon 1967
18th April, 2018
Vetiver is a very common note in men's fragrance, and it's no surprise that it eventually got it's own mostly single-note dedicated creation. Guerlain was not the first to bring a Vetiver cologne or EDT to market, but they already had the years of expertise with selling vetiver extracts long before they composed a scent featuring the note that theirs is often considered the reference vetiver scent. The story goes that Jean-Paul Guerlain was tasked with making the scent as the company's first exclusively male scent since Mouchoir de Monsieur way back in 1902, since the Belle Epoch was long gone and men with Victorian sensibilities weren't really walking the earth. The modern mid-century man had a desire for fragrance that he hadn't possessed back then, and it wasn't just dandies or dignitaries wearing this stuff, so something unmistakably masculine was in order. It's really no surprise then that this scent was based on Jean-Paul's impression of a gardener kept by a family friend, fusing vetiver with tobacco in the base to make something rich and earthly, very salt-of-the-earth. Vetiver scents in general are sometimes said to be an acquired taste, especially in areas it's not common (like parts of Europe and in North America), but Guerlain's take on the scent is often called the reference by which all others are judged.

Vetiver in any vintage ends in roughly the same dry-down, but older versions do take a rounder more tree-bark route to the destination than newer formulations, which mostly place that smoky and grassy vetiver note front and center for much longer before reaching the tobacco at the bottom. Spend your money where you like I say, as all different vintages will get you besides a different bottle is a different path from top to bottom, with the oldest incarnations before 1988 actually being lighter since they were originally made at eau de cologne strength. The bergamot, lemon, neroli, coriander and mandarin top is barely perceptible above the vetiver and cedar middle, while the earthy base is uncommonly dry for containing the fougère staple of tonka. Ultimately, you have to like grass and tobacco to dig this, as those are the two loudest notes. There is literally no way around the vetiver, which itself is more smoky than green, and provides that quality in any number of scents containing it that you have already smelled. Guerlain sought to isolate that herbal smokiness and build a scent up around it, epitomizing the working man's smell in the process with tilled earth, verdant freshness, and the lingering ash of ground-in dirt. The secret to making pleasant what must all sound unappealing by description was the use of citrus and spices to lift and zest up the hard-edged core notes.

The best way to describe this to somebody needing a comparison to another scent would be an aldehydic leather fragrance made without leather, or a tobacco scent like Tabac without any oriental sweetness or amber; vetiver is pleasant, verdant, fresh, but not light, airy, or soft like most green scents that toss in flowers or fruit somewhere for an approachable feel. It opens very similarly to vintage English Leather (1949) in the very beginning, but has no point of relation otherwise. Folks who also love a leafy tobacco note should also look this one up. Vetiver is a proper man's scent for the man that doesn't want to smell like he's going to a high society function, but still wants to be pleasant company, even if he's turning a wrench instead of the dial on his dress watch. Vetiver is the ultimate work scent as nobody would ever find it offensive, but neither is it in the least bit suggestive, unless somebody finds rugged no-nonsense masculinity attractive. It doesn't overbear or flash a ton of sex-driven animalic notes your way, as it doesn't have any, nor does it try to be gentle like the lavender-based fougères or the lemony chypres making the rounds in the day of it's release. Pure vetiver is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of vibe, but if you want to smell it dressed up just a tad, this really is the fragrance for you that should come before any others bearing the name.
28th November, 2017 (last edited: 28th April, 2018)
After wearing Tom ford grey vetiver for a year... which I really like (edp) I bought a bottle of Guerlains as this is really inexpensive and to many reviewer's the superior scent. With this scent I find it more organic and grassy but extremely simular (I think I purchased these in the wrong order) has the same sort of lemon vetiver combination but emphasises the root of vetiver and it's natural odour a little can tell it has a vintage feel to it with the nutmeg and such in the construction but that's fine with me as it's got that classic appeal so many oldies have like pour monsier etc. It reminds me of a grassy version of dior eau sauvage at times, I do pick up a smidgen of Tobbaco which is nice.
If your after a more modern take on this genre then Tom Ford's is an excellent more wearable choice, but if you prefer the original of ideas and a classic more green approach try this or just have both. Its like comparing dior eau sauvage with dior sauvage. One thing I'll say about guerlain is they certainly know how to create a well constructed fragrance ..sometimes it's worth just having a spray and relaxing and smelling your hand every ten minutes to see where it's at. The final act in this fragrance is in the far dry down when it's a skin are left with the faintest citric woody smell that oozes class and sophistication.
18th July, 2017 (last edited: 21st July, 2017)
TooBIG Show all reviews
United States
Bought this on a blind buy because of the reviews and how talked about in the frag community.

I'm still on the fence. Smelling it right after applied doesn't smell very appealing to me. After about 20-25 mins it changes but I still don't know if I love it.

Definitely not an everyday ware for me. I like Veitver in other fragrances but this one is a little different to me for some reason.

Jury is still out. Maybe it'll grow on me and I'll be back with another option.
24th June, 2017
Based on latest version

The opening & mid of this fragrance strongly remind me off a mopped floor (with disinfectant) at a hospital. Perhaps the lemon/lime/ginger scented disinfectants were inspired by this fragrance. This association ruins it for me.

The dry down is basic green earthy vetiver.

Projection - 7/10
Longevity - 6-8 hours

20th May, 2017