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Neutral Reviews of L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

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Soft lemon citrus coco patchouli. Fairly light. Composed and sophisticated. A bit light for my tastes. Lasts quite a while, but softly.
07th September, 2019
Well I've had this for a while now,
This is a nice skin scent, doesn't project off the skin much.... but the pleasant scent is one just for the wearer.
Nice, very different. But nothing to scream about.
So if you want a Scent that will get attention or get you noticed..... you will have to look elsewhere.
Still worth a try tho.
Nice powdery dry down.

Scent 5- 10
Performance 4- 10
Silage 3.5- 10
29th July, 2019
A nice scent that has a refinement to it that makes me only want to wear for more formal events. The cocoa is the main note that stands out to me, but it comes off as a smooth, powdery choco/vanilla. Citrus is just present in the beginning, provides a bit of freshness. After that, it's all smooth, refined cocoa with some patchouli and florals.

It seems to dip its foot into both a mature man's scent and also a modern scent for much younger but still refined guy. An interesting personality on LIDG for sure.

Performance is excellent, not beastly.
10th March, 2017
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Like, not Love. A well done fragrance from start to finish, but a bit of a letdown. It is a bit powdery for my liking. Overall a quality scent for the cost. I find it to be a unique, rather linear fragrance, however it lacks amplitude. On my skin the sillage and longevity were good but not great. I typically don't like to use more than 2 sprays of any fragrance, one if it is good juice. L'Instant is not even noticeable at the end of my day wearing it; you may need to reapply after a while. Key thoughts: unique, versatile, tame, uninspiring.
02nd July, 2016
Only because it's not my type of smell does it get a neutral rating. No doubt high quality formulation, just can't get past the powdery, sweetness. I have a full bottle staring at me right now!!(gulp!).
04th November, 2015
JonB Show all reviews
United States
You need to like gourmand fragrances and sandalwood in order to enjoy this. I am not the biggest sandalwood fan (unless the scent is light and dry). At the open, the citrus top notes counterbalance the sweetness, but upon drydown, there is only very sweet musk and strong sandalwood. This combination just is not attractive to me. One thing I've got to admit though is that this is a masterful, smooth concoction. Longevity on me is more than adequate; it's just that I sometimes wish it would go away. I am going to be generous and give this a neutral rating.
29th August, 2015
Lots to like here, especially the topnotes--and it's a fragrance that oozes quality. But though it sticks to clothes for days, I felt it had miserable sillage on my skin. And the powdery drydown elicited a visceral and vocal dislike from my better half, who is usually tolerant of anything I wear. Too bad, as it has to be one of the best bottles in modern men's perfumery. I made a present of it to a friend.
12th July, 2015
First time I smelled this... I didn't get it so much. I didn't warm up to it. Even though I love Guerlain very much. But I will say that L'Instant pour Homme is definitely an interesting one. There is a lot going on and it does smell extremely nice.

Describing this one is interesting... It is supposedly inspired by the food of North Africa and the Middle East, with the honeyed, caramel chocolate and the strong anise liqueur vibe, hibiscus flower, and strong tea aroma. It is definitely interesting. As always I do love the 'Guerlainade' (Guerlain's signature) dry-down of Rose, Jasmine, Orris Root, Tonka Bean and resin. It's still somewhat appealing and I certainly give them credit for it.

However, again I must say that the first time I smelt it I thought it was a little generic, and the notes didn't really sit well with me, kind of like a clash between cocoa and citrus. Strange as this may sound, I was also instantly reminded of Coca-Cola (I'm not sure if I'm the only one who has this impression). Even now I still don't love it all that much.

But, I will admit that I completely respect the quality here and I love what the late Béatrice Piquet has done here (it won an international award after all!). I read that she tried to evoke an impression of 'cold light' or 'luminescence', and I totally get that from the combination of bright citrus and the creamy sandalwood/cocoa. I do both appreciate and understand the concept, and respect her for doing that. I also really think this could almost be like a modern, updated 'Habit Rouge' for the 21st Century, as I definitely think it pays homage to that creation. I must also say that I really enjoy the bottle, with it's Art Deco style. Very nice touch.

Overall, although I commend Guerlain for this interesting creation... I feel I may like the Eau de Parfum version a little better. Still a solid fragrance though. This is no disappointment either... and I still believe that everything Guerlain does is very enjoyable and exquisite!
30th April, 2014
Strange surprise

I just make a blind buy of this fragance based in the positive reviews. I kinda like but my wife and my 10 years son get a smell of urine or piss. I can't get that urinal vibe, to me smell citrus in the opening and then a cacao / woody.

It's weird cause nobody comment any similar before in the reviews. Which note can possible give that strange smell?

Anyone have this problem with this fragrance (pissy note)? NOTE: I purchased it online from a reliable seller, i don't think that by bottle be a fake (old stock, maybe).


12th September, 2013
It is a OK scent

Sort of a disappointment here. This fragrance has such high ratings that it almost seems impossible to go wrong with it. It obviously comes from an authoritative house of Guerlain and the quality is definitely up there, but its just not a very interesting overall.

For one, I dont really see myself wearing this casually, as in relaxing on a warm summer day or hanging out with my friends. To me it is more of an "official/special occasion" type of scent that would go with a tuxedo or something. I swear, I rarely feel that way about any of the colognes and typically do not differentiate between work and play, but I do feel like this one is far from your everyday "go to" bottle. It is okay overall but nothing to go crazy about, therefore I am as neutral to it as I could possibly be.

17th August, 2013
For something inoffensively clean, and that's about it, this is your bet. I don't smell anything other than a "clean" smell. No sophistication, nothing.
20th April, 2013
I finally got a bottle of this and, like many others, I fail to see what all the hype is about. Granted, it is a pleasant fragrance, but just that. It's a very casual smelling scent and I just don't get all of these silly restrictions people put on it; "sophisticated, mature, suit and tie, for special occasions, not for summer, blah blah blah. Whatever.

Gourmand? Nope - I don't get the cocoa smell at all. Gets noticed? Other people would have to smell it first - it's very light. The strongest part of this is the lemony note at first, and I get the anise for a short while. What follows is a very subtle, feminine, (and people say this is masculine? hah!) powdery scent that I can only detect by jamming my wrist into my nostrils. After that, nothing. It's so disappointing that it disappears before I get to experience what is supposed to follow.

13th January, 2013
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United States
L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme opens with a decent dose of a combination of lemon, bergamot and grapefruit, quickly combining with a large blast of anise. The anise soon takes over and dominates the citrus to the point that the citrus is barely detectable. Joining the still prominent anise, a extremely powdery lavender and cocoa combo emerges in the heart notes, sweetened by a supporting patchouli and sandalwood. The powdery cocoa and sandalwood remain in the dry-down, only joined by a light musk. Projection and longevity are both very good.

I have really tried to like this scent, but as many times as I wear it, it just has not happened. I can certainly appreciate the quality, but I am not a big anise fan and L'Instant has a lot of it. Even worse is the extremely powdery nature of the cocoa and lavender that I just find distracting and uncomfortable to wear. For the same reason why I dislike Dior Homme Intense, the semi-sweet powdery nature here ruins things for me. If you enjoy sweet powdery scents, then this may be exactly what you are looking for and the pricing on L'Instant pour Homme is quite reasonable, but in my case I find it not something I choose to wear. This one was a blind buy gone wrong for me but due to the good quality I'll give it a neutral rating and 2.5 stars out of 5.
10th June, 2012
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i sampled this before, tried to like it but....heh, i'll give it another go later.
too woody? not really sure but i couldn't stand with it too long. not balanced with it's cocoa. i love cocoa smell like the one from kokorico
03rd March, 2012
This fragrance seems to get a multitude of rave reviews. Even Luca Turin, says that it is hard to find fault in this particular scent.

When I first smelt L'Instant de Guerlain I was very impressed, I couldn't stop smelling it. My only gripe is that I cannot remember this fragrance at all. My mind practically records the way something smells like a text-book. I fear that this fragrance wasn't memorable enough for me.

From what I jotted down on a piece of paper shortly after testing, I remarked at how woodsy and formal this fragrance seemed to be. It had a nice, almost refined approach that is always refreshing to find on a man.

There's a touch of earthy vanilla in there somewhere, which is wafting up to my nose from the scented card, in which the scent has almost all but vanished. I didn't get any of the cocoa that some have mentioned here.

This fragrance didn't last too well unfortunately. However others have found the complete opposite, so I may be re-visiting this fragrance again and quite possibly editing this review in the near future
25th November, 2011
It's unique and projects well but some women find it too mature. Some said that it smells like an old man. I don't recommend it for the heat because it's a sweet frag.

I don't really get the hype about the cocoa in this one. For me, cocoa seems
a bit cheap and powdery. Personally I would love to smell a coconut there.
23rd October, 2011
The opening and middle is nice but the ending is poor. To describe it, the Bitter Cocoa Bean vanished and replace with light powdery ylang-ylang. Some people say this is suit and tie or elegance but to me this just a casual fragrance.
08th August, 2011
I like this scent but it frustrates me. I bought it blind off, so I guess I can't really complain... I read reviews and it had been compared favourably to other scents I enjoy, so I decided to take the risk. Buyers beware!

It is undeniably pleasant, a cocoa-dusted warm sweetness, a citrusy blast at first, but that soon fades... the drydown is inviting, woody, elegant but just too elusive.

The problem for me is that overall I find it quite flat and (though not exactly one-dimensional) it doesn't seem to change very much over the course of its visit on my skin. As well, it just doesn't last. After an hour, I can't detect it unless I push my nose into where I've sprayed it earlier and then it's still faint. I don't mind scents that aren't choking everyone else in the room, but I myself forget it's even there! Could be that it's turning "invisible" to me and I do know it's there if very lightly, but I generally have a sensitive nose and this disappearing problem I noticed on the first few days when the scent was still new to me. Frustrating.

I have a 125ml bottle for 3 months now and it's already 3/4 gone, because I have to apply liberally to get anything out of it, and I'm not even that entranced by it! Sheesh.

I wondered if it was maybe a defective bottle, but the seller was reputable and the bottle is legit. I tried some l'Instant from a store's sampler, and it was the same problem. Maybe others have better luck with it.

I do enjoy the scent, I just wish there were more going on, more dimensions, and that it had better longevity. Just keep that in mind if you're buying blind. I won't buy it again, but others might better luck.
06th August, 2011
This is the instant smell I get when entering a perfume or gift shop. I don't know exactly why. Is it the dark vanilla ambiance spray? The cocoa/chocolate, a smell imprinted so deep in our brains it's almost archetypal? Is it because the assistants keep spraying A*Men in the air showing the average costumer a new exciting path out of the beaten path of his beloved but overused Hugo? Or, on the other hand, is it actually the combined smell of the whole Boss and CK sections at once?
Anyway, it's a smell saying "I'm not in the drugstore anymore"; an instant sign of quality perfumery which, however, lacks any personality. You could recognize some Guerlainesque boozy-gourmand accord in the heart but only if you're looking for it and I also doubt that this is the point. There's a perfect green accord somewhere there as well but again you have to force yourself to appreciate it. There are many other things actually, none of them brave enough.
Without being cheap or trivial, L'Instant just escapes from the radar, setting a new definition of "generic". And it is perfectly wearable, as is cocoa butter lotion.
27th December, 2010 (last edited: 27th November, 2012)
I first sampled this cologne only a few months after I started getting into fragrances and I hated it. I was primarily using Versace Eau Fraiche and Allure Sport at the time and this was like a complete polar opposite from what I wanted.

About a month ago I decided to get a small bottle of this for the hell of it. After experiencing several other scents over time, I thought this might be a good change of pace. Although the scent itself is fairly appealing, it still smells a little too mature for my taste. I say if you're in your early 20's, give it a shot. If you're 25 and up? Perfect.

Definitely a classy, luxurious scent. This is something I would wear with a suit or if I were to dress up nicely.
17th October, 2010
I want to love L'INSTANT DE GUERLAIN POUR HOMME as the bottle design is indeed splendid. I just wish the juice is equally so. While the scent is pleasant enough, with a nimbus of citrus over chocolate-laced vanilla, it fails to move me the way Guerlains usually do. And there is a noticeable synthetic gourmand quality that irks me somewhat. Perhaps I'm just guilty of holding the esteemed Guerlain house to a more exacting standard than I usually would.
27th March, 2010
Whilst this is unquestionably made of quality ingredients, this Guerlain release leaves me feeling somewhat unfulfilled. I smell the rose, the bergamot and the anise, but the overall effect seems dated and stuffy. If you like Habit Rouge and want something flatter and less impressive, this one is for you.
12th May, 2009
An adequate modern day fragrance, that just kept its nostrils above the water level of mediocrity. The opening swept in a Germaline and oranges blend that was thankfully short-lived. An hour later it had softened into something more pleasant and amiable, but there was still very little to find remarkable in something so powdery and vague. Certainly not the worst of its type, but I can imagine only purchasing this at gunpoint.
27th February, 2009
Aiona Show all reviews
United States
This review is for the Eau Extreme version. A very foody scent! Along the lines of Angel (patchouli and chocolate) or L by Lolita Lempicka (patchouli and anise) or possibly a more quiet version of A*Men (patchouli, chocolate, incense). Although the name has "pour homme" in it (French for "for men"), it is still wearable by women -- especially those who like gourmandy scents like Angel.

The opening is kind of lemon-powdery-berries, which is nice. And the anise (licorice-like) smell comes shortly after! But, I don't care for patchouli, and that is predominantly what I smell on the drydown -- powdery patchouli. Some say it smells like chocolate, and I guess I do smell a little chocolate under the patchouli. Longevity is good on me. Over 6 hours later, I'm still giving off waves of powdery patchouli. Sillage is moderate. Not as in-your-face as A*Men, but not close-to-my-skin either.

A very distinctive, recognizable scent. I would know this immediately if I smelled it again. It's very different from a lot of the cool aquatic fresh things that are being put out lately.
21st February, 2009
Do I detect a slight hint of a leather/velvet vanilla? Well, it's good. Mostly a very smooth sandalwood and green citrus.
31st May, 2008
I like edible smells and gourmands in general, and L'Instant de Guerlain is one of my faves.

Once I sampled Tom Ford for Men and liked it. In a search for a cheaper alternative, I stumbled upon L'Instant. Funny enough, when I later purchased Tom Ford for Men as well, I found out that it was actually L'Instant that had the smell of Tom Ford for Men in my memories! And instead, Tom Ford smelled too fresh and calon-ey.

I don't like L'Instant's topnotes. I think the anise and bitter cacao beans are a bit weird and don't particulary smell nice. But it's very original, compared to all the citrus openings of other scents. The middle and basenotes are what I love about L'Instant. A very refined, warm, distinguished scent, suitable for a dinner, a date, a party, the theatre and well, even the office, actually.

Nice one.
26th May, 2008
If you're looking for something subtle, L'Instant might be your thing...

Not a bad scent per se, but indeed very light. A 1.5 ml sample bottle was good for about two wearings and even then, the scent was detectable only an hour or so. It lingered really close to the skin. But it was very nice while it lasted. For what it's worth, it remotely reminded me of Antidote by Viktor & Rolf.
07th February, 2007
Partly exquisite, partly campy as a row of tents. An usual combination between the most exclusive, ridiculously expensive fragrance notes and some very cheap ones, reminding me of the affordable candy I ate during my childhood: a pink-colored combination of liquorice and cinnamon, made out of lots of sugar plus a hint of artificial, synthetic spice...
A typical postmodern scent- one of the few both suitable for formal wear and a night out in a flashy, bling-style clubbing. Half a conservative, French-Made Oriental, half a post-post modern, nonstructural, outlandishly modern synthetic.
14th August, 2006 (last edited: 25th September, 2009)
I truly love the the exotic/ spicy fragrance, just wish it lasted longer.
19th October, 2005
I felt that it was quite similar to Baldessarini without the mint and more woodiness and a rich vanilla basenote.
29th September, 2005