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Negative Reviews of Premier Figuier Extrême by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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I'm with Asha. The topnotes, sure, quite lovely and green and interesting. Everything else? Sheesh, enough already with the coconut and the Iso E! Why so much coconut? It's really the only noticeable thing one smells after the topnotes have faded. A full day in this would kill me dead.
24th August, 2010
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United States
L'Artisan Premier Figuier Extreme

Notes: fig, fig leaf, milk of almond, sandalwood, coconut (from

Observation #1: Premier Figuier Extreme is one of the better constructed fig scents on the market, with bitter green leaf and stem notes balanced in combination with fresh, sweet fig fruit, a touch of coconut and sheer woods. The opening is magnificent, reminiscent of a mediterranean garden in summer.

Observation #2: If you don't like the smell of figs or Iso E Super, then seek elsewhere. The linearity of PFE is nauseating after the first 2 hours, and the Iso E is scantily supported in the base. It really wears thin after an all day outing.
27th April, 2010