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Beautiful, sweet, plastic-y top. Hard, to describe. Almond-y, old marzipan smell. Cookies?! I think of dainty, faery wings colored in pink and lavender. The flowers, just rock! Bergamot seems sweet and juicy here. I don't have great luck or admiration for Lalique perfumes -- I love this one! It's a powdery, almost honeyed thing, with ultra-femme flowers. It has a marvelous base with its notes all melded together in even more femininity.

Let's just state that this, is a greatly combined note concoction. Not quite run-of-the-mill -- not overdone, in its genre, of mainstream or designer. Very nice, indeed!
11th November, 2019
Oh my, I didn't know I like that medicinal Indian bay that much! It was the delight like finding something forgotten deep in the drawer. During the opening, bergamot is also easy to be detected.

Then I smell a whiff of vanilla and tonka beans, then another whiff of aromatic spices, then another whiff of vanilla again, like they're battling. This stage makes me confusing.

However after 1 hour, it calms down. I can easily smell powdery jasmin and helitrope. The patchouli is also there, but very subtle. The sandalwood becomes prominent after 5 hours but in the end it mellows into a vanilla base.

The sillage is moderate and the longevity is at least 10 hours on me.

Originally written in 2013
15th January, 2018
This Le Parfum reminds me strongly of Angel from Thierry Muglar. Le Parfum is less darker.

I can also link it to Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, i was pleasantly surprised to see they are from the same nose.

It could be a very female family member of Chanel egoiste platinum.

Love the perfumes of Lalique always high quality on all levels. And le Parfum is no exception.

Wears long, has a decent sillage.

Nice for winter shopping finding a sweet alluring mystic shop with nice velvet red curtains, that let an ice wind play with them occasionally.
Inside you find a warm cosy welcoming lady that smiles and arranges fresh flowers.

Or an autumn high tea in a tea garden at a clan castle overviewing a Loch. Richly surrounded by all the autumn colours there can be.

It's a perfect scent for a devoted teacher in arts or literature walking through the classroom inspiring the future,

Just love it
25th January, 2017
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I have grown the evergreen pepper tree, 'Schinus molle', in my garden and have occasionally broken a glossy serrated leaf for the fragrance that released. It is exactly this smell that I detect for a short time in Le Parfum in concert with the Bay, 'Laurus nobilis'
I enjoy this phase. The undertow, the heart of the perfume, is Shalimarish and is, in my opinion, the reason that Luca Turin despised Le Parfum. He dismissed Or des Indes in the same way, saying
"MPG does Shalimar, buy Shalimar" Well, he could have just chanted "Copy cat, dirty rat, we can't have the Hoi Polloi imitating the sister of Guerlain's 'Mitsouko' when I just declared it the most world's most beautiful perfume" Oh, whatever, it's just a bit of fun.
I purchased my 100 ml bottle for around $40 USD, postage paid; I am well pleased with Le Parfum, it's really very nice without being groundbreaking. For those whose Mother, Mother in law, may have staked their claim to Shalimar, this is one you can call your own. Peppered Shalimar? What else? Le Parfum-I thought it had a touch of Euphoria to it but perhaps that's because I know Dominique Ropion was involved with E and composed Le Parfum. The bottle is easy on the eye, it can sit alongside my bottle of Ivoire as a sort of Flamenco version. My cheap thrill, my tasselly Flamenco peppered Shalimar, now all I need is a fine glass of Syrah.
09th September, 2014 (last edited: 13th September, 2014)
Interesting. Starts out with a minty-basil note, then the sweet and heavy vanilla-balsam notes kick in. I agree that there's a distinct nutty-biscotti note to this, too: so much so that it calls to mind Parfumerie Generale's Praline de Santal, which I find too dry and cloying. Fortunately for me the nutty note is tempered by the florals, which are subtle but just present enough to lift this out of gourmand territory. The bottle and packaging as a whole is very nicely done, too. Am pleased with this bosomy oriental.
11th March, 2013
Some people hope to live long enough to witness the abolition of capital punishment and a moratorium finally placed on the highly objectionable practice of summary execution of suspects by Predator drone. Others hope fervently for the discontinuation of Lalique LE PARFUM.

Well no one claim that "The Guide" has decreased global sales of perfume, at least if I'm any indication of its marketing effects. I purchased a 100ml bottle of Lalique LE PARFUM, scent unsniffed, on the strength solely of the invective heaped upon it in "The Guide." What, I thought to myself, could possibly inspire such an outpouring of vitriol? Honestly, I was very excited to find out how and why someone could actually detest a perfume as much as I detest Predator drones.

I have to say that, having now worn LE PARFUM a few times, I find myself disappointed and a tad bit confused. This perfume is so utterly inoffensive and eminently wearable in social gatherings: a light floriental with a touch of strangely minty pepper. This is not all that sweet, not very loud, not very anything at all. Now I am seriously wondering whether the anger directed at this composition might be displaced leftover emotions from AMARIGE, also created by Dominique Ropion.

I understand how someone who dislikes the overall composition of AMARIGE might develop a downright aversion to that perfume: it's true, the stuff is so strong that it rivals only the nuclear garlic imported from China which I procure from my local purveyor of produce. That (pre-peeled) garlic is so frighteningly potent that its "parfum" actually penetrates not only the plastic container in which it is housed, but also three layers of extra plastic bags! Same story for AMARIGE. I myself happen to like AMARIGE, so it's actually good news to me (and countless others) that a tiny bottle—even a mini!—can suffice for one's entire perfumed life. But I at least can understand how someone who does not like AMARIGE to begin with might have developed a decidedly violent aversion to that über-powerful perfume.

Lalique LE PARFUM, however, displays none of the objectionable longevity and sillage of AMARIGE, and the notes seem perfectly harmonic, if unextraordinary, to me. I wouldn't say that this is a great perfume, but it's certainly wearable and has now joined the ranks of the many bottles which I can reach for mindlessly as I rush out the front door—without needing to assess the possibility of offending people in my environs when I wear it. (LT apparently no longer lives in Somerville...)
09th October, 2011

Opens rather unspectacularly with a green / bergamot accord. There is nothing wrong with this introduction except that it seems a little too much “been there…” As an admirer of many Lalique fragrances, I was disappointed by the genericness of the opening. The laurel green of the opening is okay… it borders on being synthetic. I do like the fact that the opening is not typically sweet. The floral middle – primarily a pleasant jasmine assisted by a clear heliotrope – is also not exciting but it is more than pleasant enough to be satisfactory: it’s fetching, refined, comfortable, and feminine, but then I’m a easy conquest when it comes to a good jasmine accord. The base is a winner: it’s a feminine sandalwood / vanilla accord that gently presents its unassuming and competent oriental character. Le Parfum does not have strong sillage, but it’s longevity is pretty good.

Lalique le Parfum presents a more traditional character than its 2005 introduction would indicate, but it is certainly not outdated. It is a little too flat at first, but then continues elegantly and prettily. It is not very unique or challenging, but it does what it does with a noticeable competence, a bit of sophistication, and a solid core of sensuality. Beautiful bottle and I guess that that is to be expected from Lalique.
09th December, 2010
I think this is just delicious.
The drydown is warm and sweet and perfect for this time of year when the leaves are changing color and the days are getting shorter.
After an hour it's just about melted into my skin creating a sort of olfactory glow...

I don't think I'd wear it every day (certainly not in the summer) because it can get a little much and the top notes are a wee bit cloying. But for cool weather when all is grey, this one is like having a brandy at a ritzy low-lit bar while the leaves (or the snowflakes as the case may be) swirl around outside.

The bottle is a thing of beauty not only for its heft and the regal little red tassles, but the spray mechanism is the most perfect I've ever had the joy of using.
29th September, 2009
I think it's a lovely scent, very womanly and mellow. So it's a little average and run of the mill. It still got a few compliments from people around me when I tested a vial out at work. And I did enjoy it. So did others, and what else can you ask for really? Not ground-breaking, maybe, but still a lovely and traditional oriental/flower scent for the masses that doesn't freak anyone's olfactories out.
21st January, 2009
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United States
LaLique Le Parfum is surprisingly gorgeous. I have not been amazed by anything from LaLique until I bought Le Parfum which is a "real" full-bodied and sexy fragrance. Most describe Le Parfum as a fl-oriental but on me it wears like a vanilla-oriental with tiny dashes of patchouli and pepper. After a full day's wear I smell a soft marshmallow-y scent on my skin.

I imagine someone like Marilyn Monroe wearing Le Parfum. It's voluptuous, fleshy, sexy and unabashedly feminine but in a soft, gentle and old fashioned way. To me, "old fashioned" is not an insult but instead a compliment, because I prefer complex and full fragrances over the more sparse & modern style.

And, not that compliments are the best judge, but Le Parfum gets loads of compliments - everyone thinks this stuff smells wonderful.
31st December, 2008
Lalique's Le Parfum is a classic 80's style of a loud floral perfume in the tradition of Giorgio, Balenciaga's Rumba (JCE- what were you thinking??) or perhaps Chloe's Narcisse. Upon application, it was a loud floriental that shrieked "I am perfume!" Okay, already. However, just as I was seriously contemplating scrubbing it off my wrist, Le Parfum mellowed into a passably pleasant scent.

Personally, I think Lalique should just stick to glass-blowing.

01st July, 2008
I really like this one! It's a floral-oriental , heavy on the "oriental". Elegant and voluptuous, it's a rich ,confident lady scent. Great heavy glass that says it's expensive and cool packing. The best is the drydown: vanilla and patchouli in a bed of musks that are not heady, nor animal-like. A bit powdery but very comfy to the nose. Smooth yet spicy, it's a winner for me. Great lasting power. I believe it's the older more world-travelled and sophisticated sister to Lalique for women (2001), wich i also happen to like a lot.
05th February, 2006