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Negative Reviews of Hermèssence Osmanthe Yunnan by Hermès

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This review is from 2017:

I have to put my foot down here and call a spade a spade as I just wasted $250 on a blind buy of Osmanthe Yunnan. First of all, take all the high praise this has received and push it to the side, because none of it matters when YOU CAN'T EVEN SMELL THE SCENT 10 MINUTES AFTER APPLYING IT! This is one of the worst examples "transparency" I've come across in perfumery. It is so light as to basically be imperceptible. Even as a skin scent it is extremely light. And it's BORING. It's highlight is a 2 minute flash of a juicy orange and apricot smell, and that's the extent of anything remotely interesting about this scent. The juicy orange quickly dies down, and now, barely breathing, emanating about 1 millimeter off of your skin you may smell a vague, floral apricot smell. It gets even quieter and then Osmanthe Yunnan turns into what smells like a dull piece of suede leather or very bland, unremarkable "tea." As I've mentioned, all of this occurs on the skin, but not a millimeter beyond it. Well, it's a personal scent. NO, It's not. I can't even smell it for my own personal enjoyment. And when I can smell it it's all so unremarkable. Really, this was a huge let down. If you absolutely need to get your nose on this, make sure to sample it. It is not a safe blind buy. I've heard so many euphemisms used to describe OY: 'sheer,' 'transparent,' 'gossamer,' 'like silk' and I have to shake my head and ask "why?" Just be honest with yourselves and the public--this stuff is WEAK. No way around it. Thumbs down.
13th August, 2019 (last edited: 03rd January, 2020)
An interesting first minute-or-two of juicy mandarin, light peach, vodka, and fennel all very quickly settle into a dull smell that reminds me of a vaguely peppery sheet of blank paper, or possibly the vegetal smell of a flower without an odor.

Besides a belabored metaphor or a modern art piece about the smell of unscented things, I don't see the point of this. The opening citrus is done better in Eau de Mandarin Ambre, and the odd peppery vegetal paper smell is fully fleshed out and better executed in Eau de Gentiane Blanche. The osmanthus is barely more than a wisp of peach. If this had been anything other than a Jean Claude Ellena, I wouldn't have spent so long trying to convince myself to like it.

EDIT FOR 2018:
A few years later, now that I'm familiar with osmanthus essential oil, I recognize that it's definitely there in the faded, unremarkable drydown, giving a tea-ish quality. That improves my opinion of this a bit, but for lovers of that tea/osmanthus smell, I'd highly suggest Jo Malone's Silver Needle Tea over this, as it's similar, but better concentrated and with much stronger osmanthus focus.
07th February, 2015 (last edited: 29th July, 2018)
Osmanthe Yunnan is a nice subtle scent that will not offend anyone. It starts with a nice fruit smell of sorts, apricots & oranges pave the way with a lingering note of tea. Leather??? HA! This is a very nice aroma that conjures up memories of sitting in my great granny's backyard looking at the garden where she grew fruits & things as such.

The problem that I have with this fragrance is that it does not project much at all, nor is the lasting power good. It is almost average... I can say that this is one of the fragrances I do not care for from this line, while being nice & inoffensive, it lacks the POWER I would like & appreciate with a fragrance. Natural smell, great ingredients all creates a piss poor longevity concoction. Not full bottle worthy, I'll pass.
16th July, 2012
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I have to register a negative vote, not because the scent is unpleasant but because it is so subtle as to barely register. I have a sensitive nose but this is beyond subtle, into the "attenuated" category, or almost invisible.
The opening has promise: a somewhat substantial fruity apricot with some respectable orange blossom notes. Other florals of a delicate nature appear. As is typical with orange blossom, sometimes there are creamy notes and sometimes there are woody-stalky notes. The tea note is so subtle as to be non-existent. The scent is not sweet and certainly not heavy. The apricot, as is so often the case, has a slight metallic tinge.
Poof! The scent recedes into the background and one is left sadly searching for even a ghostly impression of what had been.
When it was present, it was mildly pleasant but not compelling. When it is absent, it is ... absent.
18th January, 2012
I was eager to try this since Luca Turin rated it a 5 star fragrance. I do have a 5 % osmanthus solution at home and honestly, I could only for a short while detect a faint idea of osmanthus in this. A fresh fruity opening that I am not even tempted to think about its notes. After 15 minutes Osmanthe Yunnan is a mere skin scent. I have come to the conclusion that Jean-Claude Ellena is not my parfumeur at all, sorry, 'eau-de-toiletteur'. Are you willing to pay 170 Euros for 100 ml of a watery vanishing Eau de Toilette Hermèssence fragrance like this? I am not and I would advise against. I kind of last minute changed my rating to a 'thumbs down'.
06th August, 2010